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Nuu returned soon after being given a directive from the King. With her seemed to be a woman that looked younger than she actually was. Most would have pegged her to be about twenty or so at first glance, but Dom could see many things in the eyes of other people. It was not some kind of supernatural ability either. It was something he had practiced to further his psychoanalysis. The eyes are one of the first features that get noticed by other people after all. It's also one of the first areas of the face to show the effects of aging. The combination of tight or loose skin, weak or strong muscle and tendons, and occasional bags around the eyes are all things that can give away your age. Not only age, but things like lies, attitudes, and feelings were also detectable through the eyes; though some may require the addition body language and the other senses to read further. Anybody is capable of using these methods. There is just not an abundance of people who would bother and it takes a few years of doing to execute these methods as quickly and as accurately as Dom could.

Dominic gave her a once-over and closed his eyes as he pieced together what his senses had taken in. She was twenty-four and smelled of flowers, the hand she waved looked soft with very slight indications of healed pricks or cuts so it must be strong, her eyes were easy overall pointing to a rather unpredictable personality, and her choice of greeting. She had to be some sort of gardener; a sport was probably somewhere in her past complementing her hands for such work. That was all he really got from her, but something else was in her eyes. When he opened his own to meet hers, there was a sort of clash in the air. It was definitely an illogical feeling, but the King did not give him enough time to dwell on it.

[b "How are you? Well I hope!"] The King brought his hand to his chest before speaking again.
[b "I'm the King of this group; the head honcho ya'know."] He moved to place a hand on Dom's shoulder but,
[+orange "Touch me and I'll show you how my grenades feel,"] he spoke quickly with eyes lowered; gaze afixed to the King.
[b "Alright, Alright. Sheesh! Is that anyway to talk to your King?"] He pulled his hand back shifting it to a thumb pointing at Dom.
[b "This guy is [i the] pawn. His name-"]
[+orange "I can introduce myself just fine, thank you,"] Dom interrupted. The King extended his hand with his palm up with a sigh as if telling Dom to go ahead. Dom took off his shades with his eyes still closed before speaking.
[+orange "My name is Dominic, but Dom will do."] He opened his eyes to reveal the scarlet irises the accident left him with.
[+orange "Lemme go ahead and erase a possible question for you,"] he started as he lifted his shades.
[+orange "These, are for these,"] he spoke pointing at his eyes.
[+orange "They are unsightly to most, so I hide them."] He put the shades back on his face.
[b "Wonderful!"] the King blurted out.
[b "Lorelei, you will be paired with this guy for a while, so you two get comfy with each other. I'll have a task for you two in early in the morning; and by that I mean 0200 hours. Got it, ?"] he teased before walking off and waving.
[+orange "What. A. Nuisance,"] Dom spoke before walking off toward the door.
[+orange "Come on. It's lunchtime anyway and I haven't eaten yet. I'll let you pick while I decide whether or not you will get in the way."] It was classic Dom. There was no filter with him.
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/gLykkE7.jpg]]
[center [size11 It had been a bit of a whirlwind of a few months. Lorelei had only just gotten into the groove with her shop recently, finally figuring out how to run it in a way that actually worked. She didn’t exactly have a mind for business, more so a passion for what she did, and a stubborn drive that worked in her favor. Giving up just wasn’t in her bones. Maybe that’s what they saw in her. Maybe that’s why she was here now, in Cascade, as a part of this revolution. Whatever the reason, she was just happy to be accepted somewhere. To possibly belong somewhere again.]]
[center [size11 Sitting where she was left, waiting to be told what to do next, Lorelei reminded herself again and again of what she’d been told so far. The most important thing was her code name, essentially her new name. It was going to be hard for her to remember not to introduce herself as Lorelei, she just knew it. Topaz was the name she’d been given, her designated gemstone. It was kind of cool, actually. Like those spy movies her and her dad used to watch when she was a kid. She definitely got a secret agent vibe from this whole thing. How she could go from playing baseball with a few friends to this was beyond her, but hey, she wasn’t about to turn her nose up at it. Maybe this could be really good for her.]]
[center [size11 [b “Topaz. They’re ready for you now.”] Nuummite’s voice startled her from her thoughts. Lorelei wasn’t sure what it was she was waiting for or what she was walking into, but she tried to keep a light attitude about it. As she did about everything.]]
[center [size11 [#e8862c “Awesome. Lead the way.”] She offered a bright smile as she stood, trying to ignore that it wasn’t returned. Was everyone around here so serious all the time? With her hands in her jacket pockets, Lorelei followed along until she was left in the presence of two men.]]
[center [size11 [b “Topaz, sir.”] Nuummite introduced her, short and concise. It seemed rather impersonal, but efficient. Lorelei was sure that everyone here was busy, you know, rebelling, so she couldn’t judge. She simply looked at the other two, still smiling. Both of them looked a little put out, and she wasn’t sure if that was at one another or somehow because of her. Regardless, she pulled a hand free and waved, her smile becoming an easy smirk.]]
[center [size11 [#e8862c “Hey.”] Was her greeting of choice, for some reason. She chose not to question her thought process. It was always better just to go with it. She didn’t see any reason not to just be herself, especially if she was going to be here for a while. She wouldn’t want these people to think that she was any different than her true self. Even if her true self was so free spirited.]]
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January 6

It had only been a month since Dominic had joined the ranks of Cascade. Thanks to his acquaintance, who turned out to be the Bishop of the faction, he had gotten a quick ticket. Even with as little time he had been there, he had more than proven himself capable. He had become [i the] pawn within the faction. There were four other roles with distinct names that held higher influence and pawns were a dime a dozen, but everyone knew the difference between being [i a] pawn, the proverbial grunts or newbies, and [i the] pawn, a sort of captain among them.

Dom's role had been pivotal to some of the exploits Cascade was able to accomplish. His grenadier knowledge, riot shield usage, and close combat prowess allowed him to simultaneously become a front and backline to raids and invaders. The faction's versatility had multiplied exponentially with him on the team. Even so, he continuously butt heads with the King and other senior members when it came to strategy and tactics. He could count on one hand how many times he flawlessly agreed with the decisions of his superiors, which was why he most likely see the upper echleon of command he aspired to reach in the first place.

[b "Dominic?"] a voice called to him. He was in his workshop with the base replenishing the special grenades and bombs his faction made use of while experimenting with some new ones. He had rubber gloves on as he was in the middle of trying to connect a some wires with his trademark shades on his face, which now grimaced hearing his terrible codename. He set his tools down whipped around on his stool in the direction of the voice. [+orange "Nuu,"] he spoke seeing the frail looking female pawn before him. [+orange "Whatever it is the King wants, can it wait? I'm kinda in the middle of somethin'."] He spoke with clear irritation in his voice. He did not like to be bothered while he was working.
[b "I'm afraid not, sir,"] she replied. [b "The King told me to come get you to so that you might fufill one of your responsibilities."] Dom raised an eyebrow. [+orange "What the hell does that mean?"] he questioned now in the presence of the King. Against his personal judgement he had gone to see him, and his question persisted. [b "You're the head pawn, aren't you, Dom?"] he asked him. Dom nodded slowly. [b "Then you have a responsibility to train the new pawns as well. I'm assigning you a sort of buddy. Until this new pawn is trained, you won't even be consider for a rise in position that I know you're lookin' for."] Dom looked off and sucked his teeth in one motion. The last thing he needed is to be stuck with a new pawn. [b "Perhaps this new recruit could humble that arrogant attitude of yours,"] the King spoke. [b "Bring the new pawn in here would you, Nuu?"] [b "Yes sir."] She bowed and went to fetch the new pawn.
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