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A tall woman walked leisurely down the street, her long black hair pulled back into a half-ponytail and swishing with every step. She was bundled in a warm sweater and long jeans, with brown boots reaching halfway up her shins. Her eyes were closed as she walked, sipping from a thermos that let out a steady stream of steam. The scent of cinnamon was heavy around the thermos, giving away the flavor of the contents. Hearing the gentle footsteps of somebody else, the girl cracked her eyelids open to reveal clear, crystal-blue eyes.

She registered the form of a boy eating chips in front of a vending machine, and tilted her head as she vaguely recognized him from school. Her eyes almost instinctually darted to the briefly visible bandages, and though she frowned she did not do anything else. She had observed that bandages were not uncommon with him... which was an odd observation to stick in her head, considering she barely knew his name.

But Chrys was not a super social person. She hadn’t had a single friend during the four years she had spent at high school, and most people assumed her Potential was Locked considering she never made any indication that she had one. Of course, she was eager to get out of school and move on to doing something more worthwhile and exciting, preferably without too many people to talk to.

Taking another deep sip from her thermos, Chrys decided that even a hermit like her would benefit from social interaction, no matter how big of an aversion to it she had. So she walked over to the same vending machine, digging her hand into her pocket to draw out a bill and insert it into the thing. With a pack of cookies in hand, she moved to sit on the bench with the boy— but not too close, she still wasn’t very keen on close proximity to others. Another thing to work on.

And there was the stalemate. She didn’t know what the hell to say. Annoyed at herself, she bit into the first cookie she pulled out a little bit angrily— what kind of eighteen year old didn’t know how to talk to their peers? Chrys. Chrys was who.

[+teal “Morning.”]

There. She said something. Did that count as success?
  Chrysanth "Chrys" Ocha / catthhay / 1y 173d 3h 29m 20s
A sigh of relief escaped his lips as Jherrichho walked out onto the sidewalk. He looked back at his home for a moment to make sure nothing was amiss before starting on his way to school. [i Just a few more days and we’ll all be starting our careers, our lives], he thought to himself as he took slow steps one after the other. He could see others making their to school way as well and couldn’t help but smile. Despite all of everyone’s hardships and trails they’ve made it this far, and that was something to be proud of.

He looked up at the sky for a bit as the grays and blues mixed with the sunrise, painting a picture right before his eyes. [i I guess I can enjoy myself for a bit], he thought as he turned off his normal path and stopped by a vending machine. He had more than enough time to stop for a snack so he slid a few coins into the slot, pressed a few buttons, and reached down to grab a small bag of chips. Jherrichho sat on a nearby bench and opened the bag as a frown etched itself across his face. [+maroon “It has really been a hard year”], he said under his breath before throwing a chip in his mouth.

His hand dug back into the bag for another chip as his other hand adjusted his scarf. It always had a tendency to fall off so he did as much as he could to keep it in place. He alway wore a long sleeve shirt to cover up his arms and a beanie to cover as much of his messy hair as he could, or at least what didn’t stray down to his eyes. He looked down at his hands, his left finally getting his scarf to rest while his right emerged from the bag covered in bandages. He couldn’t help but think that life would be so much better without his potential, but he’d just have to live with it. He shuffled in place a bit to lean back a little and look up at the sky once more. [i It really is nice today].
  Jherrichho Einjhord / Doburesu / 1y 173d 6h 19m 17s
[b Chapter 1: An Introduction to Justice]

The Moving City, home of those touched by the gift of potential. A massive dome that moves along slowly on metal legs, keeping those on the outside from seeing in but allowing those on the inside to see outward and benefit from the sunlight. When the legs adjust to changes in ground level it sends small tremors through the city, but not strong enough to knock someone to the ground. The buildings and homes within keep a simple modern design except for the frames and foundations which are made to keep them upright in the event of larger tremors, although they haven’t had any. Most homes are made from wood while larger buildings are made from strictly brick and concrete, and although it’s within a dome they have managed to keep everything that isn’t road or sidewalk covered in greenery and nature. Any child who wasn’t told about the dome wouldn’t be able to tell the inside from the outside. It’s a haven for those who wish to live peacefully.

Yet, as with all things, there is always injustice. Thieves, murderers, kidnappers, the city isn’t without its fair share of crime. To counteract these instances the Legion was created, a military group of people with and without potential who have the single purpose of protecting the inhabitants of the city. They are the only people given permission to leave the city and they patrol the skies around it as well as the streets within. There aren’t many jobs within the city so after graduation those who don’t become legion will normally either open a shop of their own, work in the offices, or become one of the engineers or scientists who work to keep the city moving and improving. A system that will always keep the city growing and safe.

The year is split into four seasons, the green season, the yellow season, the red season, and the blue season, all in order from be beginning to the end of the year. It’s currently mid blue season which marks the end of the school year. It’s the same as any other day, of course. The birds are chirping, the slight breeze kept the air cool and the streets are filled with people going about their daily business. Parents driving to work and their children making their way to school as the light from the sun barely peaked from over the horizon. It always manages to be peaceful around that time of the morning, even with the tremors every once in a while. Still, that’s what the Moving City was like all the time.

And so the story begins...
  The Voice / Doburesu / 1y 173d 6h 20m 39s

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