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You are on a cruise having the time of your life but then you go to bed and suddenly when you wake you are on an island no cruise ship in sight you must find help so you get up and head inland hoping to find out what happened and where you are and most importantly how to get home.

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Zaiquiri had become familiar with surprises. Shocks. Dealing with anything and everything unexpected, really. It was just a part of her spontaneous nature— with spontaneous decisions come equally spontaneous reactions. She decided to quit highschool and become an assassin-for-hire, she ended up making friends with a snake in the Amazon that now followed her everywhere, things like that. And now, it seems, not long after her forced retirement she ends up stranded on a random-ass island in the middle of her vacation.

Well, the vacation was nowhere as exciting as that job in the Amazon that had given her her snake friend Seimei so the change was somewhat welcomed.

The woman slowly pushed herself up into a sitting position after an hour of staring at the sky, looking around herself to find Seimei lying still on the ground a few feet away .

She froze. Fear sparked through her body like electricity, making the girl hyperventilate as she hurriedly clawed her way over to her pet and best friend on all fours, wildly kicking up sand with her movements. She almost collapsed in relief upon seeing the large snake’s body moving with her breaths— just asleep. Good.

Of course, it would take a hell of a lot to kill the wild Green Anaconda, but a shipwreck could have done it. Zaiquiri was just glad Seimei was alive. She reached up, petting the snake’s head without hesitation. She ran her hand down, taking comfort in the familiar feel of the animal’s smooth scales and memorizing her patterns of green and yellow. The woman felt her heartbeat slowly calm. It was almost ridiculous; Zaiquiri could slit a man’s throat and get covered in blood without even the slightest reaction, but the slightest indication that Seimei might be hurt and she panicked.

The reptile slowly woke up, lifting her head above the ground and turning to look at her human friend. Zaiquiri smiled at the show of lucidity, and gave the anaconda another form pet before stand up.[+purple “Looks like our schedule got shaken up. Wanna go explore?”] She asked the snake, who bobbed it’s head up and down before stretching out on the ground so her head was only slightly raised above the ground. Zaiquiri laughed.[+purple “Read my mind! Lazy way it is for me,”] she laid herself down on the back of Seimei’s strong body, propping her hands under her chin as she felt the snake slither across the sand under her, moving them both easily across the beach. [+purple “Have I ever told you how much a I love you, Seimei? Because I love you. Best snake ever, 10/10 would kill for you,”] Zaiquiri’s voice grew lazy, and she closed her eyes to recover from the sudden onslaught of exhaustion that decided to follow her earlier panic.
  Zaiquiri K. Dysuri / catthhay / 1y 207d 8h 12m 16s
{Back on the ship}
A girl sat on the toilet in her cabin her head in her hands she had been feeling sick for the past couple days and so heading to the ship's little store she bought something she thought she would not have to deal with at least for another decade at least, a pregnancy test. Sitting up the girl glanced over at the small stick sitting on the sink and her throat constricted it was positive. The girl's eyes watered as she gripped one arm in the other and started sobbing.
The girl cried for a few minutes as she tried to figure out how she was going to deal with this when she was in the middle of the ocean when there was a knock at the door. [#C43100 [b "Hey Becks you've been in there for like 30 minutes what the fuck you doing in there?"]] a male voice called out and at his voice the girl paled how could she tell him? Getting up from the toilet Becca walked to the door and opened it only enough that she could peek out. [#FF59FF "Sorry Babe my seasickness seems to be acting up again you can go on without me."] she said and the boy looked down at her his eyes sharp then suddenly he slammed his fist on the door causing Becca to jump back and the door to swing open and the man's eyes instantly found what Becca had tried to hide and Becca flinched as his eyes turned back to her. [b [#C43100 "You are Pregnant!? Are you fucking kidding me?"]] he yelled grabbing the girl by the throat and slamming her against the bathroom wall. [b [#C43100 "I already have to deal with that pest you call a sister and now your going to force a child on me?"]] he said and Becca shook her head the best she could as she clawed at the man's hand to try and get enough air to speak. [#FF59FF "Ralph...please... I... will... destroy... it... just... please... let... me... go..."] she gasped but the statement only made the boy push harder. [b [#C43100 "And just where are you going to get an abortion in the middle of fucking nowhere there's at least another week until we hit land and I am pretty sure the doctors here do not do abortions... you stupid bitch!”]] he growled before finally letting Becca go and throwing her onto the ground in which she hit her head on the shower and began coughing. [b [#C43100 “You are pathetic. I need a smoke then maybe I will go find that precious little sister of yours and teach her how to be a good woman.”]] he growled before walking out and Becca's eyes widened as she tried to stand and go after him, she had to protect her sister, but the sudden movement mixed with her head bump, the near choking she just experienced, plus the pregnancy caused her to become dizzy and she fell back onto the floor and into darkness.
Ralph went up to the top deck and lit a cigarette looking out into the night sky he was angry really angry he don't know why he let the bitch sweet talk him into coming on this damn cruise. Ralph looked around at all the others on the ship in their own bubbles and he sneered hissing at all the happiness but then he spotted a girl across the ship staring at him and he smirked, tossing his cigarette into the ocean, and walking over deciding to pretend his bitch of a girlfriend and the bastard she now carried did not exist.

{Present Day}
When Ralph woke the next morning he was confused as he was laying on sand and not the bed of the girl he had taken to bed. Looking down at himself he found he was still naked but now had cuts, bumps, and bruises as though he had been tossed around in some kind of rock tumbler. Shaking his head to try and clear it Ralph stood up and looked around finding the beach empty and quiet and he cursed before deciding to walk the perimeter of wherever the hell he was to see if he couldn't find at least some clothes.

Becca on the other hand woke to the smell of something cooking and when she opened her eyes she found herself in some kind of simple hut that seemed to be made of sticks and palm leaves. Forcing herself to sit up she winced at the pain in her head and neck and reached up to check the damage only to find both her head and neck were wrapped with ace bandages. After feeling as though she had enough strength to move Becca crawled out of the small hut to what looked like a beach and a few feet away she saw a small fire that had fish on sticks cooking around it and she walked over to it confused. [#2B00FF “Oh good your awake how are you feeling?”] a voice asked causing Becca to jump and she turned around to see a man with long black hair and beautiful gray eyes walking out of the forest area with a stack of sticks and rocks. [#FF59FF “Oh I... I am fine... um I am sorry if I come off as rude but who are you and where are we?”]

Kyon worked on the cruise ship as the daytime children attendant caring for babies and kids between the ages of 5 months to 10 years while their parents enjoyed some alone time, so it was a big shock to him when he had gone to bed one night only to wake up on the beach of an unknown island. Of course being a former scout he immediately set up camp before setting out for food and to look for others, but it wasn't until 3 days later that he found someone, a woman laying unconscious in the sand and though she looked as beat up from whatever ocean current had brought him here a quick medical evaluation told him she was the victim of domestic abuse and worse she was 15 weeks pregnant. Kyon scooped up the woman and carried her carefully back to his camp and set out to tend her wounds using a large medical kit he had dug up from the sand, that for some reason also had a pocket sized fetal heart monitor which he was now thankful for as he used it to check on the growing fetus but was surprised and a bit frightened when he detected two separate heartbeats which was an indicator for twins. Kyon shuddered at the prospect of the woman giving birth to twins out here on an uncharted island with no hospital, but that just made it that more important to try and find a way home, so for about an hour every day Kyon walked the beach in hopes to find a radio all the while collecting suitcases and anything else he could find before returning to his camp hoping to find the woman awake, and it wasn't until 4 days later that she had finally risen and he approached her slowly making his presence known through speech saddened by the fact that she was so on edge, but he kept his face neutral but could not help but smile gently when she answered him and asked who he was and where they were. [#2B00FF “My name is Kyon Markus I am 22 I worked on the cruise ship caring for the children, as for where we are I am afraid I do not know as I do not have a map or a way to calculate how far from the cruise route we strayed, but as I have worked that cruise for almost 4 years now what I can tell you is this island is new as we have never come across it before and from what exploring I have managed to do there do not seem to be any natives or animals on the island.”] he said as he walked over to put his things down then checked on the fish to make sure they were cooking alright. Looking back up at the girl he noticed she was starting to cry and he stood up holding his hand out to her, but not moving closer. [#2B00FF “Miss? Are you alright? I know that sounds bleak but I promise I am working as hard as I can to find us a way off the island.”] Kyon said panicking slightly and Becca sobbed shaking her head. [#FF59FF “I am sorry it is not you it is my baby sister she is the only family I have left and now there is a good chance she is being hurt because I am not there with her and it is all my fault if I hadn't suggested we come on this stupid cruise... I just wanted to give her something nice for her birthday... she is only 15...”] Becca sobbed and though he knew he should not Kyon walked over and wrapped his arms around the woman pulling her in for a hug. [#2B00FF “It is alright hush now I will find a way to get you back to her I promise please trust me I will take care of you all and I will get you off this island.”] Kyon said and though she flinched initially at his touch Becca soon wrapped her own arms around him and hugged him back sobbing into his chest.
Becca calmed down a few minutes latter and finally introduced herself to the man and the two sat down to eat only to be shocked by a voice and they turned to see a girl running towards them and Kyon stood and walked over to her as she ran up to them and he put his arms out to catch her if she fell since she looked tired and in pain. [#2B00FF “Um... we got shipwrecked I think?”] Kyon answered to the girl's question to shocked by another person's presence to once again explain what he could. [#2B00FF “My name is Kyon, this is Becca. What's your name Miss?”] he asked as he lead the girl over to the fire to help her warm up as he prepared another fish.
  Becca and Ralph / PeppermintPrincess / 1y 211d 7h 28m 47s
[center [size11 The sounds of cheering and laughter filled the humid air. People were dancing, off beat, to some electronic music, striking up conversations with new people, drinking poorly made martinis and eating chocolate covered strawberries till they were stuffed. The ship rocked slightly back and forth, crashing over foamy waves and stirring the water around. Celisia stood at the ship's edge, leaning over the railing and emptying the contents of her stomach into the murky blue water. She reached up a hand and wiped the spittle from her lips before returning her gaze on the beautiful pink and orange sky. The sun shimmered through hazy clouds, casting a beautiful glow on her pale skin. If only she didn't get sea sick so fast, she might've actually enjoy the gorgeous breeze and watercolor sky.]]

[center [size11 Tearing her amber eyes from the view, she returned to her room and plopped on the pillow topped mattress. [b Maybe I should take a nap and pray my stomach settles..] She thought, leaning over to her side, feeling her stomach turning uncomfortably. [b Why the hell did I get on this ship anyway? I hate the ocean..] Frustrated, she shook her head and pulled the covers over her slim figure. After about thirty minutes, she slipped into a light dream state.]]

[center [size11 [i Waves slapped the sides of the ship roughly. People were scattered around, gripping onto columns, nailed in tables and scrambling towards their rooms in hopes to shield themselves from the unforgiving sea. Screams filled the air as people were ripped from the deck and swept into the ocean. Hands beat against doors in hope to get freed from the pounding ocean. [b Bang! Bang! Bang!!!]]]]

[center [size11 Celisia jumped up from her slumber, confused and soggy. Feeling soft, warm sand in between her toes she glances down and sees her clothes torn and soaked. [b What the fuck?] She put her hands on her head, glancing around her surroundings, trying to make out where the hell she was. [b "Hello?!"] She screamed, her voice rasp and dry. A few minutes passed before she heard murmurs up the beach a ways. Her feet started walking, taking her towards small voices in the distance.]]

[center [size11 Her walk didn't last long before she saw a couple of people in the distance. [b "HEY! Over here!"] She jumped and waved her arms around, before jogging towards them. Her legs were sore and one of her wrists were slightly swollen, but she fought through it as she raced towards them. She probably looked like a fucking crazy person at this point, but did it really matter?]]

[center [size11 Celisia reached the strangers and gave them a confused and frightened look. [b "What in the hell is going on?"] She calmly asked, hoping one of the strangers knew something.]]
  C. / Reverie / 1y 211d 9h 10m 30s
Logan followed Lizza to find stuff for a fire, but mostly to just be around her. He couldn't believe he was developing a crush, on an island of all places, but here he was, following the female around trying to help any chance he found. It became clear that his strength was brains, not brawn. He knew what plants would be best for a fire, what berries were poisonous and what wasn't, and there was more than one instance where his hand brushed against hers as he pointed something out, but whether it was accidental or on purpose was anyone's guess.
  Logan Wolff / GoldenShadow / 1y 211d 10h 1m 54s
Lizza was embarrassed when she realized the man, who called himself Mute, had been trying to speak in sign language and as she watched him draw out his words into a patch of dirt and sand she smiled. "It is alright I am sure I will find her we found each other did we not." she said then at the mention of fire she nodded. "Alright I am going over here to find Dry grass though we should probably try to find a clearing or head back to the beach so we do not harm the trees with the fire." she said then looked over at the boy called Logan. "Oh I am Lizza age 15 it's nice to meet you." Lizza introduced herself before turning her back to him and walking a bit away to start looking for stuff to start a fire her face red as she smiled then berated herself for developing a crush on someone when she didn't even know where they were or what was happening.
  Lizza / PeppermintPrincess / 1y 211d 10h 9m 19s
Logan sighed. He had his notebook, which would help with the flames,, but he didn't want to let go of it. "Well, since we're all trapped here we might as well know each other's names. I'm logan, and until I saw you guys i thought I was in my own personal hell. But now i don't really think so." he said, smiling kindly at Lizza. Fortunately, his playing games like The Forest was going to come in handy. "Fire, right." he said looking around. "Um... I think we'd need some sticks and two flat rocks if I remember correctly."
  Logan Wolff / GoldenShadow / 1y 211d 18h 19m 22s
[hr ][center [b - Day 1 -]]
[center [b Names ]][hr ]
Her sudden snort made him tense up, but her following sigh allowed him to claim down some and get a hold of himself just in time for the arrival of another person. Some kid with glasses, but not the boss’s kid…

[b [size10 "Thank gods there's other people I thought I was dreaming. Do you guys have any idea what is going on? and have either of you seen my sister she looks kind of like you blonde mister?"] ] The girl asked.

Corteo shifted from off his butt into a squat. He was pretty sure the girl didn’t understand a lick of sign language by her reaction so he naturally dug inside of his jacket to pull out his cellphone. Only the dang thing was still damp and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to risk turning it on for it to short circuit or something; So he put away for the time being. Maybe later he could set it in the sun to dry out or something?

Sighing to himself. Corteo transformed his left hand into a fist with a figure pointed upward. Then he aimed it at the boy and girl then pointed down and started writing in the ground:[#336699 ┋ Not sure, but we might be in a predicament judging by our individual appearances and reactions.┋]

Pulling his finger away he seemed to be lost off in thought for a few moments before he continued to write with- [#336699 ┋ I haven’t seen her. Your the first two people I’ve come across since I woke up on the shore. ┋]

He glanced up at the two. It was then that a gust of wind came through and he noticed the girl tremble. [i [#336699 Looks like we’ll need a fire]] he thought to himself as he started to place a hand on one knee to stand but stopped halfway to write something else: [#336699 ┋ Call me Mute or something short r easy to remember for now┋]

After that he peered around the area. Walking not far off and started picking up some dry sticks. [i [#336699 Fire...]] The thought didn’t mean much for him since he was used to the cold but it would probably help for them to dry off just in case they really were in trouble.

[hr ][#336699 Corteo's [b " Voice", [i Thoughts], and ┋Hand Writing┋]]
  [ Cortoe; Firo ] / Cursethewhitecat / 1y 212d 14h 19m 6s
Lizza had walked for what felt like forever before someone suddenly pushed her to the ground and her whole body went into fight or flight and she was about to deploy the minimal amount of self defense she knew but then the weight was gone and she turned over seeing a blonde haired man wiggling his arms around and gaping like a fish trying to speak or yell and this made her snort as she stood and wrapped her arms around herself sighing in relief that she had found another person but before she could open her mouth to ask him what was going on another boy who looked around her age came up to them and her face went red and her eyes immediately went to the ground. [i 'He's cute oh gods.'] she thought and held herself tighter before lifting her head enough to peek out of her hair. "Thank gods there's other people I thought I was dreaming. Do you guys have any idea what is going on? and have either of you seen my sister she looks kind of like you blonde mister?" she said her body beginning to tremble as a gust of air brushed passed her causing her cold wet clothes to stick to her even more.
  Lizza / PeppermintPrincess / 1y 214d 2h 10m 38s
Logan saw the two and ran over, panting at the exertion. He clearly wasn't built for any type of physical activity, and was slowly beginning to suspect someone had planted him in his own personal hell. At least, that was until he saw the other two and sighed. "Can't be your personal hell if you're not alone." he said under his breath until he caught up to the two.
  Logan Wolff / GoldenShadow / 1y 214d 11h 6m 25s
[center [b - Day 1 -]]

Cruises were usually meant for fun, however Cortoe was their on business. His job to clean up any unexpected messes. While hanging out with his employers only son.

The two were around the same age and since the family usually brought old geezer with them. It made since that they slapped an bodyguard position on top of a cleaner work. Cortoe couldn’t complain much anyway so he did what anyone involved with the mafia would do. Nodded his head, requested a raise for multitasking and- The rest has been kinda fuzzy since he came to on the shoreline of some island.

Slowly rising to his feet. He dusted off the sand in the wind and took a good look around. It was a clean beach. No sign of shit gone wrong, nor height or hair of the kid he was assigned too.

[b “[#336699 . . .]"] He muttered something before gathered his bearings. Checking his tattered attire which accumulated to: a Striped v-neck shirt, pants, cargo jacket with hood, sneakers, wrist watch, cellphone, liter, a handgun semi-auto complete with silencer, and a tactical pocket knife.

He wasn’t too fond of carrying the gun on board being the kind of guy to forget if the safety was on or not. Sighing he pondered if he had pissed someone off and got tossed overboard?

That was probably in his line of work. Shitty way to go but wouldn’t be the first time either. Shrugging he decided to he a look around the shore line some more for an hour or so just in case, ya know?

Finding nothing. He pulled out his cellphone it was damp yet so he stored it away for later usage. Hopefully it would work then again he wasn’t too sure if he’d even get a signal here. [i [#336699 Where ever this is-]] He thought was suddenly broken by another person voice.

“Hello? Anybody?”

He stood still in his boots. It was somewhat near by and if he wasn’t mistaken it was another males. [i [#336699 Perhaps it was the Boss’s kid?]] the thought sent him sprinting through the brush. Not in a panic but in a mission. If it was the Boss’s kid maybe he’d know, if not he could do what cleaners do best? [i [#336699 No-no]] He shook he head. While jumping up and over a rock only to fumble over a- His eyes widen beneath the bleach blonde hair that covered his eyes as he tumble over a f-female.

[b “[#336699 . . . . . . ?!]”] His mouth open, but nothing came out. All the while he frantically struggled to get off her. . . might of even offended her before fumbling to his feet and back down onto his ass. Things tended to go to hell fast whenever he got involved with females. . ..

[i [#336699 DAMMIT ANYTHING BUT THIS RIGHT NOW!]] He wanted to yelled it, however he couldn’t... Instead he started making gestures with his hands. Attempting to use sign language to apologize and ask her to keep her distance.
  [ Cortoe; Firo ] / cursethewhitecat / 1y 214d 12h 14m 36s
Logan was on the boat with his parents, who dragged him along telling him he "needed to get some sun." Yeah... right. All he wanted to to was write his fantasy stories in peace. He was going to, when he hit his writer's block. Yawning, he put his notebook back in the pocket of his hoodie and closed his eyes, hoping a nice dream would come to him and give him inspiration.

What he got, was waking up on an island with nothing but the clothes he was wearing, his notebook, a pencil, and a swiss army knife his step-dad gave him. "Hello? Anybody?" he called out, deciding to head deeper into the island, hoping he could find some clues as to why he was here, and why there was no apparent wreckage of the boat
  Logan Wolff / GoldenShadow / 1y 214d 17h 36m 45s
The cruise was boring Lizza had been dragged there with her elder sister and her bf who spent most of the day avoiding her and making out somewhere which had left Lizza to deal with herself and thankfully the girl found that the ship had it's own library so she just grabbed a few books and sat down just ignoring the world until she fell asleep on the chair.

When Lizza woke she was groggy and confused her head hurt and it took several minutes for her eyes to finally open and Lizza was shocked to find herself on a beach alone with her clothes torn and soaked. "Becca! Becca!" she yelled for her sister suddenly scared when she received no answer. Lizza forced herself to her feet and decided to head inland wondering what had happened and where everyone had gone.
  Lizza / PeppermintPrincess / 1y 214d 21h 55m 22s

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