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I'm just going to drop this here since a lot of old friends on this website would attack and villianize me for this shit
  bb / Gwenpool / 57d 6h 34m 17s
So my Cosmo kitty sold fast as hell
The buyer wanted my permission to use in their visual novel dating sim they're making
I said fuck yes just credit the species to my Twitter

Made another she is $10
I wanna make a Saturn one next
[pic https://i.imgur.com/9cXeFvV.jpg]
  bb / Gwenpool / 69d 2h 57m 33s
This baby is $15 PayPal or cash app lmk

[pic https://i.imgur.com/YabdRzw_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium]
  bb / Gwenpool / 72d 5h 16m 45s
Group interview with 15 people
Only 2 slots open
Here we go
  bb / Gwenpool / 78d 6h 48m 9s
So like someone started throwing fits on my Facebook because I said I don't like to be touched so they're all "UR THE WORST I HOPE U DIE ALONE" AND I blocked them cause who the fuck and why and now they're jumping on multiple accounts to bitch like damn boo I don't even know you but fuck off
  bb / Gwenpool / 81d 5h 13m 8s
I have a Twitter for art purposes and I will be posting tons of Adoptables
Check out @Dr4gonWaifu on Twitter

Also got a dog trainer interview I'm super psyched
  bb / Gwenpool / 85d 8h 27m 15s
I'm super proud of myself rn
I'm going to do a husky dragon next
I posted it in a digital art group asking for price suggestions and some said 100$ and I nearly pissed myself

[pic https://pre00.deviantart.net/20a5/th/pre/f/2019/082/5/3/53d5f39506ffd5978ada63b0b0e7c920-dd2smkm.png]
  Gwenpool / 265d 21h 13m 15s
What can I say except
[pic https://i.imgur.com/18mmgrh.png]
You're welcome
[pic https://i.imgur.com/2abiOJY.jpg]
  bb / Gwenpool / 276d 8h 16m 8s
  Я∑∂ ㄅㄕⅰи∑レ / Gwenpool / 289d 1h 50m 3s
  Я∑∂ ㄅㄕⅰи∑レ / Gwenpool / 289d 22h 48m 18s
      ρłє∂gє's αρρłıcαтıση
         ───× ·★· ×───
||naмe: Demetrius Thanatos
||ѕeх: Male
||age: 17
||race: Mutant / Human with X Gene - Class 3
||perѕonalιтy: A bit careless / clumsy at times as his powers randomly come and go for now. He's introverted, and dislikes being harassed by the undead who he has the unfortunate ability to hear and see. Nonetheless he's shown to be empathetic because he helps them pass on if he can. He's a very spiritual person because of his link to the darkforce demension. He tends to read a lot and likes to hunt down ancient scripts and books that will help him hone his abilities. He's pretty approchable nonetheless and easy to get along with. He definitely leans in the chaotic good side.
||ѕeхυalιтy: undetermined
         ───× ·★· ×───
||ғaмιly: Mother, plus some rich relatives.- Alive. Father - Unknown.
||lιĸeѕ: Studying Darkforce, finding odd trinkits, and enchanted items. Meditating. Helping the deceased find rest/pass over. Planting, reading, Dr.Strange, ECT.
||dιѕlιĸeѕ: Ghosts harassing him / negative entities, losing control over the darkforce, his family, humans racist against mutants, ECT.
||нoввιeѕ: Training to master darkforce, planting, acting as a medium of some sorts at times.
||тalenтѕ: Natural ability to use Darkforce energy/black matter manipulation, and ability to hear and see the deceased, as well as astral traveling which he refrains from doing because it makes him feel drained ASF.
||нaвιтѕ: accidentally summoning darkforce tendrills or opening portals at random times.
         ───× ·★· ×───
||нeιgнт: 5'2
||weιgнт: 210
||вody тype: Average
||нaιr: Blonde
||eye coloυr: Pink
||тaттooѕ: None
||ѕcarѕ/ιnjυrιeѕ: None thus so far
         ───※ ·❆· ※───
||cloтнιng: A black jacket with a purple trim, and a purple crystal as a zipper. His jacket has chibi like skeletal features on it. He wears dark purple jeans with a loose black belt. He fancies chokers and other random gothic accessories like an edge boi.
||тrιnĸeтѕ: A few crystals that help him meditate
         ───※ ·❆· ※───
||weaponѕ: Dark force tendrills that can lash, stab, or pick up and throw objects.
||arмoυr: Sometimes the thick ooze of the black matter can act like a shield if used properly which is hard to do because dark force is extremely hard to manipulate.
||ѕelғ-deғenѕe: Obviously? Dark force.
||aвιlιтιeѕ:... Must I say it? Darkforce. As well as a vulnerability / connection to the spiritual side.
||мecнs/вoтѕ: None
         ───× ·★· ×───

Demetrius mother's side was a rather fancy / well off family. His dad? Not so much. Little to his parents knowledge, Demetrius' father carried a dormant Mutant X Gene which became Obvious in Demetrius when he was approximately 5 years old, the toddler had a screaming fit with a nanny, his parents heard a horrid shreik as they approached the room to find their son- black eyed and whipping tendrills tearing up furniture.

They scolded him for this and refrained from letting him out as the privately tutored him treating his powers as a taboo and tried to "pray" to heal him.
Around 8 years old his parents were mortified as they would find their son talking and giggling to things that were not there, the deceased. They told him it was not "proper to talk to himself".

Around 11 years old Demetrius would find himself seeking out crystals as he would sneak outside and try to hone his powers in secrecy. Which went well until a maid found his crystals and some books about Wicca and other "magical" things stored away hiden beneath his mattress.

Again they would punish this behavior, throwing the crystals out and burning the books as they angrily sat him down and would try to "pray to heal" him. They told him using his powers would be sin. And that the "people he saw" were not real. They began to seek therapy and attempted to medicate the boy to "help his condition".

The pills only made him sick so he eventually started to pretend to take him. At this point he knew he could not change their minds about his powers.

Around 13 years of age, the rich family suffered a break in one night. Demetrius father had gone to investigate while Demetrius' mother and him were to stay behind safely in the room. Shots were fired, Demetrius' mother became frantic which allowed him to sprint out despite his mother's pleas.

He reached the room where his father and the burglar we're in, his father was bleeding in the side but he had the burglars arms up with the gun as the two were in a heated struggle.

Thanks to the coaxing of some of his dead friends... Demetrius became so filled with rage from seeing his father bleed that instead of the usual tendrills shooting out he managed to [i accidentally] open up a portal which not only started to engulf the burglar but his father as well. Demetrius' mother came to the scene right after as she witnessed her husband swallowed up by dark matter, the portal disappearing as soon as it opened- she screamed at Demetrius calling him a monster and told him to get out, to this day Demetrius decides he will not go back. And he has made a goal to figure out how to open a portal up again so he can "find" his father and be redeemed.

         ───× ·★· ×───
  Gwenpool / 297d 3h 57m 36s
[pic https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com/intermediary/f/b8108961-30b9-4562-8428-191e9cb6461b/dd067yl-2f00e131-17dd-4a4c-b56a-fd9acefad753.png]

Marvel OC WIP

I haven't really tried to make any Ocs since everything that happened but I'm starting to try again and honestly I'm not disappointed cause while it's not great it's better than 5 years ago

His name is Demetrius Thanatos
I wanted a feminine boy
Hence long lashes and pink eyes
His mutant power is the ability to connect to the darkforce demension. Google if you care to know.
When he's using his dark force his Scleras turn black like Rem's
Gave him his own ghetto but okay custom text bubble
He is the definition of edge
He accidentally sent his father to the darkforce demension as a child and his Bible beating family went crazy
I also gave him the ability to see and hear dead people
Honestly I wanted to name him Necromancer for his hero name / alias
But Stephen strange took that in an AU
He would be a new gen mutant meaning he's younger than the current marvel heros
He settled with Hexe as a hero Alias

That's all I have so far but I love him
  bb / Gwenpool / 297d 11h 1m 40s

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