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"same as normal." he said as he looked at her with a glare.
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 311d 23h 33m 36s
"no." she said and sighed. "by the way, how does sex with her work?"
  Ariana Whitewulf / wingedwolfy120 / 317d 5h 44m 10s
"well keep her in line." Lone stated a paw forward. "Anything else?"
  Vance Silvertongue / Ganondorf / 317d 6h 28m 48s
She growled at him and said. "Fine you can have her.... But she can't try stealing anything...."
  Ariana Whitewulf / wingedwolfy120 / 318d 11h 13m 1s
"Yes. any problem with claiming her?" he asked getting up to defend his mate.
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 318d 16h 24m 18s
"so you two are mated with her...." She said and looked at vance for help.
  Ariana Whitewulf / wingedwolfy120 / 318d 17h 23m 5s
"duh we claimed her." he said sitting down tilting his head at her.
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 318d 17h 33m 29s
she blinked and looked up at him. she sniffed and said. "you both smell like her..."
  Ariana Whitewulf / wingedwolfy120 / 318d 19h 36m 41s
He tilted his head. "Oh her she's mine." He said with a toothy grin.
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 318d 19h 39m 7s
ari smiled at her brother but froze seeing the kitsune still around. "why is she still here?"
  Ariana Whitewulf / wingedwolfy120 / 318d 19h 41m 40s
Lone smelled his sister approaching and stood up looking at her.
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 318d 19h 43m 12s
suyin cuddled her mate and slept soundly hugging one of her tails.
  Ariana Whitewulf / wingedwolfy120 / 318d 19h 45m 28s
"alright." He said following her putting his mask back on.
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 318d 19h 47m 43s
she nodded and walked back to where they had left her brothers. "yeah, we'll bring my brothers."
  Ariana Whitewulf / wingedwolfy120 / 318d 20h 1m 8s
Meanwhile Vance yawned loudly. "Home we go?" He asked Ariana.
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 318d 20h 8m 19s

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