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Vance went to his car sitting down and relaxing. "hopefully we arrive soon."
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 99d 2h 46m 12s
She nodded and walked quickly with him. She noticed how tense Ghost was and hurried onto the train.
  Ariana Whitewulf / wingedwolfy120 / 99d 5h 32m 41s
"but that'll be the most fun." he said and froze sensing a presence nearby and turned. there was no one there. "let's hurry." he said speeding up.
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 99d 5h 48m 32s
She rolled her eyes and said. "yes, but you shouldn't piss them off to the point they'll eat you."
  Ariana Whitewulf / wingedwolfy120 / 99d 6h 8m 39s
"Oh come on. Ive heard that alrge wolves are excellent sparring patners especially when they go all out." he said.,
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 99d 6h 16m 4s
"that'd just piss them off and they'll bite your head off." She said and nudged him gently.
  Ariana Whitewulf / wingedwolfy120 / 99d 6h 20m 32s
He smirked. "flicks on the nose ok then?" he asked smirking.
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 99d 6h 50m 55s
"no." She said and nudged him. She smiled at him and said. "If anything, they'll just try to scare you and test you."
  Ariana Whitewulf / wingedwolfy120 / 99d 8h 50m 29s
"should I be afraid that ill be torn limb from limb?" he asked.
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 99d 21h 22m 23s
"not too much.... You'll get to meet my other brothers though." she said and smiled at him.
  Ariana Whitewulf / wingedwolfy120 / 100d 42m 34s
He nodded and followed her grabbing his usual stuff but decided to leave others. "I dont think we will be staying too much in iron town."
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 100d 4h 16m 51s
"let's go." She said and tugged on his hand. "Let's grab our stuff and get on a train."
  Ariana Whitewulf / wingedwolfy120 / 100d 10h 23m 56s
"I see. so it wasnt the iron it was the hate. maybe its something else." he said shrugging.
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 100d 10h 44m 27s
"yes but she made the iron with hate, that corrupted all the animals and spirits of the forest...." She said and frowned.
  Ariana Whitewulf / wingedwolfy120 / 100d 10h 49m 44s
"It might not be here. if I remember the story correctly she only mined the ore and made use of it. the ore produces naturalley. a vein could have been uncovered and it might be the issue." he said.
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 100d 11h 10m 12s

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