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Vance nodded and let her lead the way.

"Thats why you thought you could just get vance. it takes a long time to win his trust. he is critical of alot." he said.
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 11d 6h 55m 36s
Ari smiled and got up. "You want to go?"

The kitsune calmed slightly but kept her guard up. "I've always gotten what I wanted..."
  Ariana Whitewulf / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 6h 58m 28s
Vance nodded getting up.

"Not this one." he said and sniffed at her. "your not used to rejection."
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 11d 6h 59m 57s
"it's from Dio. He wants us to visit." She said and looked up at him.

The kitsune watched him suspiciously and growled. "Why should I? You wolves only like hurting my kind."
  Ariana Whitewulf / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 7h 1m 45s
The hawk delivered the message before flying off.

"hey calm down." Akitakka barked revealing himself.
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 11d 7h 4m 32s
She nodded and cuddled his lap. She paused seeing a hawk land nearby and saw it had a message.

The kitsune looked and bristled growling.
  Ariana Whitewulf / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 7h 5m 58s
"it's fine." he said an smiled soflty. "again sorry for not believing you."
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 11d 7h 8m 29s
Ari kept nuzzling him and said. "I'm sorry I got jealous..."

The kitsune sniffled and froze hearing a twig snap.
  Ariana Whitewulf / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 7h 12m 21s
Vance stretched lightly and sat back down. "next time ill trust you."
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 11d 7h 13m 40s
Ari looked up at him and nuzzled him trying to get more of her scent on him.

The kitsune sat on the river's edge and sniffled sadly.
  Ariana Whitewulf / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 7h 16m 8s
"how annoying." vance saying making the sword disappear.
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 11d 7h 20m 42s
The kitsune pouted slightly and pinned her ears down. "I'll leave then.,.." she said and stood running away crying. She had never been rejected before and didn't want anyone to see how much it hurt.
  Ariana Whitewulf / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 18h 56m 14s
"my face. if you truly wished to be my mate you woudl have known I hate people i don't trust seeing it." he said and pointed his sword at the kitsune. "I don't know you i don't trust you."
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 11d 22h 58m 14s
The kitsune tilted her head confused and asked. "See what?"

Ari leaned on Vance and nuzzled his neck giving him her scent instinctively.
  Ariana Whitewulf / wingedwolfy120 / 11d 23h 5m 44s
"shut up!" h yelled staying behind arianna his mask back on. "I don't know you you didnt see anything!" he yelled a sword from on his cards in his hand. "and I have to make sure no one else knows if you did see anything."
  Vance Silvertongue / ganondorf / 11d 23h 7m 32s

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