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Name: Kalani WhiteFang


House: Slytheirn

Rank: Pureblood

Magic: Wandless Magic

Likes: Food, Sweets, Reading, Exploring, and Singing

Dislike: Sour things, liars, people who her hurt friends and family

Personality: Kalani is nice and always willing to help people who need it. Unlike most purebloods but piss her off and you'll wish you were hadn't. But Sometimes she can be clueless and reckless. She very smart and catches on fast, but when it comes to people Kalani still has a lot to learn.

Bio: Kalani Whitefang isn't your average girl. Born as the only child, of the rich and powerful family of the Whitefang household. A pureblood family in the Wizarding World. Due to the fact that her parents are very talented wizards, able to use wandless magic and not have to having to verbally cast spell all the time, that and her mother specialize in training and protecting dragons and her father working in the Ministry of Magic. All eyes were on her. Every second of everyday. Especially she she started to make a name for herself as her magical talents started to reflect her parents and even surpass them.
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