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Kalani looked at him sadly as he took her hand and kissed it softly. She stopped in her tracks, but didn't let go of his hand."Newt...i know you've been through alot and I'm sorry. I wish there was some way take your pain away ..I do... but we're a team now. I don't want you to feel as though your alone...I'm here and I love you." She told him.
  Kalani Whitefang (Older) / AvaX34 / 186d 3h 58m 33s
Newt nodded, "I know, just I'm afraid to lose you and our baby... I've already lost too much." His heart broke, he had lost his best friend and many other friends in the war against Grindelwald. "I'll let up some, I'm sorry." He held her hand and kissed the back of it. Soon they were in Diagon Alley and it was bustling with witches and wizards alike.
  Newt Scamander / polkadotrocker / 186d 4h 39m 52s
Kalani bit her lip lightly as Newt mentioned they could go out more, which meant he hear with she said.[+red “Newt, none them would ever hurt me. You told me that yourself…in fact I think they’re all starting to warmup to me!”] She smiled as looking at the round.[+red “I know you want me and the baby to be safe and we are…you’re doing an amazing job too…I just miss traveling and doing things with you…I’m starting to feel a bit useless…I’m not a fragile doll.”] She told him hoping he’d understand where she was coming from.
  Kalani (4 months) / AvaX34 / 186d 22h 21m 28s
"Rowan... if its a boy." he said looking to her. Rowan Scamander had a nice ring to it. "Do you like it?" He asked nervously. He was always afraid she wouldn't like what he did... even after being married. "Sweetheart..... we can come out more, I know you hate being in the house. I'm just scared to have you with the beasts since your pregnant."
  Newt Scamander / polkadotrocker / 187d 5h 27m 18s
[+red “That is true…but soon or later it will.”]She told him. Kalani brushed some of her hair behind her ear. [+red “Um, and yeah. I want to see if I see anything before, I get too big and I get put on bed rest.”] She told him softly. [+red“I’d like to be out the house for a while…it’s a bit suffocating.”] She said quietly as she looked around, she hoped he didn’t hear that. She it was a nice to be out and about with Newt. She didn’t want to ruin it. [+red “Have you thought of any name?”] She asked him
  Kalani (4 months) / AvaX34 / 187d 14m 30s
"You can still apparate, that won't harm the baby." He said as they walked out of St. Mungos. Diagon Alley wasn't far and they could enter through the leaky cauldron. He held her hand as they walked. "What did you need to pick up? Or are we just looking for things for the baby."
  Newt Scamander / polkadotrocker / 188d 3h 16m 29s
Kalani nodded slightly. [+red "Understood. Thank you."] she slipped her coat on thanking Newt in the process. Who knew carrying a baby would be so much of doing nothing? She hated doing nothing. Kalani was one to always be doing something to in her spare time. She liked to keep busy, if she didn't… she thought she would go insane, but she was happy the baby with okay and they both got a clean bill of health. [+red “I guess I’m walking place to place after today.”} She told Newt with a smiled.
  Kalani (4 months) / AvaX34 / 188d 3h 19m 32s
After the appointment, the baby had checked out and Newt helped Kalani with her coat and things before the nurse spoke, "traveling by floo is unsafe after today so use it to do what you have to today but the baby will be in danger after."
  Newt Scamander / polkadotrocker / 188d 3h 33m 14s
Kalani smiled at him. [+red “That sounds lovely”] She smiled as she laid her coat and dress on a nearby chair. “Hopefully we can find some things for the little one.” She said rubbing her belly as she laid on the bed, waiting on the nurse. She looked at Newt, remembering the first time they met, and now look at them. Married and starting a family of their own. She smiled softly, wondering if he had thought of any names. She opened her mouth to ask him, but soon the nurse walked in.
[+blue “Mr. and Mrs. Scamander, Welcome back.”] She the nurse smiled as sat her clip board down and started putting on some gloves. [+red “Hello Ally”] Kalani smiled a bit as she held out her hand for Newt to take. She liked having him by her side for things this.
  Kalani (4 months) / AvaX34 / 188d 3h 36m 26s
"Diagon Alley?" He asked looking to her, "I need to pick up a few things and its been awhile since we were out. Maybe get lunch at that new cafe by Olivanders?" He asked smiling. Newt was quiet most of the time but that was just his nature, he was more himself with creatures and not humans but Kalani knew that, she had married him after all. Even if their wedding that been crazy in its own right.
  Newt Scamander / polkadotrocker / 190d 4h 59m 59s
Kalani turned around and smiled seeing Newt behind her. She took his hand happily as the nurse started leading them the room. She noticed alot of people staring at them as they walked passed, but it wasn't anything new. She liked the attention. It was the slytherin in her. Once in the room Kalani let go of Newt's hand as she made her way over to the window and looked at the busy streets of Diagon Alley. [+blue "Mr. and Mrs.Scamander it's to see you two again."] Dr. Heilman smiled as he walked into the room.[+red"You as well Dr. Heilman."] Kalani smiled. [+blue "Please undress and lay on the on the bed. And I'll send a nurse in to take your blood pressure."] Kalani nodded as she doctor walked out of the room and turned around as she started to undress, until she was left in her satin slip dress. She smiled and turned back to face Newt. [+red "Sweetheart, Can we do a little shopping after this? I'm dying for some fresh air and a nice walk."] She told him.[+red "Please?"] She pleaded, giving him her best puppy dog eyes.
Newt wasn't far behind. He heard Kalani tell the nurse she would wait on him and smiled, "I'm here darling." He muttered behind her. Most wizards were shocked to see Newt in public. He rarely went out to Diagon Alley anymore unless it was with Kalani or getting supplies for his beasts but many things were delivered to their home now by way of muggle mail.

The nurse led them back to a room and the doctor was in shortly.
  Newt Scamander / polkadotrocker / 191d 2h 24m 49s
Kalani couldn’t help but to smiled as Newt touched her baby bump. This was something she was starting to get used to. He would always touch her belly at random times, not that she minded. She didn’t. It was just strange seeing Newt excited over something that wasn’t about his beast. Don’t get me wrong, Kalani loved his beasts…she really did. She knew what came Newt and she married him anyway. She tucked some of her hair behind ear. [+red “You’re going to be a wonderful father, Newt.”] She told him, placing a hand on his cheek as she stepped into the fireplace and grabbed a hand full of floo powder. [+red “I’ll meet you in St. Mongos.”] She smiled as she threw the powder up in the air. [+red “St. Mongos!”] She called out as green flames appeared and disappeared along with Kalani.
Kalani dusted off her dress as she shook her head a bit getting rid of some on the remaining powder on her. She stepped out of the fire place, making her way into the waiting room of St. Mongos. She looked around slowly half excepting the room to be full, but it was quite empty today. But of course, there were still some people. Mostly sick kids with their parents, people waiting to see their loved ones who were already housed here and few new mommies-to-be along with their husbands. She bit her lip softly as she made her way to receptionist’s window to sign in. [+red “Hello, I have a nine o’clock appointment with Dr. Hailmen.”]She told the older blond lady sitting behind the window. [+green “And what’s your name dear?”] She asked giving Kalani a soft smiled. Kalani smiled back.[+red “Kalani Scamander.”] She said proudly. [+green "Ah, You're right on time dear. Dr.Hailmen will see you now."] Kalani smiled as she looked at the name tag on the desk.[+red "Thank You Mrs. Grace, but i'd to wait for my husband if that's okay."] Kalani beamed. [+green "Of course sweetheart."]
  Kalani (4 months) / AvaX34 / 191d 22h 39m 52s
"Yes Love, I'm sorry, the baby nifflers wanted to come out and play. Alright, we can floo to St. Mungos right away." He muttered helping her back up the stairs to the living room where the fireplace was and where the floo powder was kept. He touched her small bump and smiled. They had been wanting this since they had gotten married and it was finally happening. It was the talk of the wizarding world, Newt Scamander, the man who helped defeat Gellert Grindlewald, was going to be a father.
  Newt Scamander / polkadotrocker / 192d 4h 55m 28s
The sun peeked in the bedroom window, lighting Kalani’s hair like a fiery halo. She groaned slightly as she squeezed her eyes tightly, trying to remain in her sleeping state. When she realized she couldn’t go back to sleep she lifted her head from the pillow, curly brown hair tumbled down her back like a waterfall. The suns vibrant rays sent a glossy, gold sheen all around the room, blending with the falling leaves of Autumn. She yawned slightly as she turn to her, only to finding the person she wanted to see first thing in the morning was no longer there….the space empty and cold. [i ‘I should have known…’] She sighed lightly as she threw back the covers and slid to the edge of the bed until her feet where lightly touch the could floor. She ran her finger through her hair as she stood up making her way to the bathroom, one hand rubbing her growing belly.
[+red “The bathroom first and then I’ll get us something to eat.”] She spoke softly, walking into the bathroom. She turned on the water for the shower before getting down to business.
Once she wrapped a towel around her body and made her way back into the room. She walked over to her closet to look for something to wear for the day. She bit her lip slightly as she pulled out a powder blue dress with ruffles at the bottom with some shoes to match. She looked at the small clock the was sitting on the night stance, it was nine- thirty in the morning and she had a doctor’s appointment at ten o’clock. If she didn’t hurry, would be late…and that was one thing she hate most. Being late.... She quickly got dressed and fast as her belly would allow her to. Once she was dressed she walked in the bathroom, trying to get her hair to dry a bit more. It sucked that she was unable to use magic while she was pregnant. It took up a lot of time and made things a lot harder doing it the ‘muggle way’ in her state. She sighed as she brushed her hair into a ponytail and made a cute little bun with piece of her hair framing her face perfectly.
She smiled as she slipped on her shoes and made her way downstairs. [+red “Newt!?”] Kalani called out to him as she walked into the kitchen. She half expected him to be in there with breakfast waiting for her….and the other half didn’t…guess what half won. She sighed finding the kitchen empty. [+red “Newt! We’re going to be late!”] She called out once more as she made her way to the basement door. She opened it and made she to close it behind her. She slowly made her way down the stairs, careful not to fall. Before she even made it to the bottom of the stairs, she spotted honey brown headed male playing with the baby Nifflers. Kalani smiled and shook her head. It was an adorable site to see. [+red “Newt, darling…We’re going to be late for our doctor’s appointment. We have to hurry…you know I hate to be late.”] She told him from the middle of the stairs, with her puppy face.
  Kalani (4 months) / AvaX34 / 192d 23h 53m 42s

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