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Newt smiled watching her and nodded, "Lets get it, see how his research in Romania is going." He kissed her cheek gently before putting a couple books in her basket. Newt had authored a book on Magical Creatures that was in the store as well.
  Newt Scamander / polkadotrocker / 183d 23h 27m 54s
"I know...I just want to make sure it's alright with you. We are sharing a home now. "She smiled as she picked out a few books. She gasped happily as she placed her hand on a book about dragons by her father. His new edition just came out recently and she was dying to get it.""Newt, look my father released his new book." She told her as he held the books to her chest tightly.
  Kalani Whitefang (Older) / AvaX34 / 184d 23h 25m 16s
Newt nodded, "You know you don't have to ask darling... you can have anything you want." They weren't poor... more on the well off side actually. Newt was paid to care for his beasts now and rewarded for the whole Grindlewald situation.
Kalani looked around the bookstore in wonder. It wasn't her first time here. She she just really loved books ever since she was a little girl. "Love can I pick out a few books?Please?"she asked even though she had a ton at home.
  Kalani Whitefang (Older) / AvaX34 / 185d 9m 24s
Newt smiled weakly and held her, "Thank you sir." Soon they were in the book store, not for any particular reason but they wandered there.
  Newt Scamander / polkadotrocker / 185d 24m 45s
"If you say so Olivander, but not forget I'm a Whitefang first born is always be a girl." She smiled. " but either way I'd love them." She told him."Of course We're coming here, it'll be the talk of the wizarding world." She smiled.
  Kalani Whitefang (Older) / AvaX34 / 185d 39m 41s
"Its a boy... I've not been wrong in two hundred years and hes a Scamander.... they always have boys." Olivander said getting Newt another wand from atop a high shelf. It levitated down towards them and he smiled, "This one is free of charge if you promise to bring the little one to me when he needs his first wand." Newt nodded, "Wouldn't think of taking the baby anywhere else."
  Newt Scamander / polkadotrocker / 185d 51m 40s
"As long as they serve ice cream for dessert I'm with anyone of them" she smiled as Olivander approached them. She smiled a bit as he pointed out newt needing another wand. She lose track at how many wands he had to get. She rubbed her baby bump softly as she smiled even more."5 more months to go... i Honestly cant wait to hold her..or him!" She told him.
  Kalani Whitefang (Older) / AvaX34 / 185d 54m 7s
"Theres some new restaurants here in the alley, anything your interested in?" he asked with a smile and Olivander chuckled seeing Newt's wand, "Another wand Mr. Scamander?" Newt nodded, "Yes sir." he looked to Kalani, "Oh it seems we will have another little Scamander soon?"
  Newt Scamander / polkadotrocker / 186d 1h 18m 56s
"Oh my. Darling, we're going you a new wand" Kalani told him with a giggled. " Let's get going so we can get some to eat. I'm Starving" she smiled leading g him to Olivander's shop.
  Kalani Whitefang (Older) / AvaX34 / 186d 1h 25m 25s
"Olivander's, I need some spellotape, the baby nifflers seem to have broken my wand." He muttered pulling his wand out of his jacket pocket. It was indeed broken. "Or maybe I need a new wand."
  Newt Scamander / polkadotrocker / 186d 1h 55m 4s
"Yes I would love to see them and I love you more than anything. Please don't forget that" she told him as she pulled him into a hug. She pulled away slowly with a small smile. "Where to?"she asked him staying close to him
  Kalani Whitefang (Older) / AvaX34 / 186d 2h 1m 13s
He hadn't done that since they had started dating and to Newt it felt good but it was a step outside of his comfort zone... Kalani was his comfort zone now. He held her, "I love you Kalani." He couldn't lose her. She was his world now. "Want to come down and see the beasts later?"
  Newt Scamander / polkadotrocker / 186d 2h 28m 0s
She nodded slightly." I would like that alot... " she told. She was about to say something else but Newt actions stopped her.Kalani eyes widen the second Newt pulled her into a kiss. She closed her eyes and kissed him.
  Kalani Whitefang (Older) / AvaX34 / 186d 2h 37m 26s
"I love you more, and I want you to be happy with me... lets take today and focus on us." he said holding her hand still. Newt wasn't one to show affection in public but he was going to try and push that away today and do it for her. He pulled her close and kissed her right there in the middle of Diagon Alley.
  Newt Scamander / polkadotrocker / 186d 2h 57m 54s

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