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Kalani looked at him. "Mmm everything is fine. I'm just thinking. That's all. No need to worry love."she told him rubbing her belly."Plus I am a bit hungry.." she giggled.
  Kalani Whitefang (Older) / AvaX34 / 57d 18h 50m 19s
Newt nodded, "Kalani... is something wrong? You haven't said much today and thats unlike you and I'm worried." Newt was always to the point.
  Newt Scamander / polkadotrocker / 58d 22h 54m 37s
Kalani thought about for a bit. "I suppose so...if that doesn't work we can try for next week" she told him
  Kalani Whitefang (Older) / AvaX34 / 59d 23h 26s
"Tomorrow is a bit short notice... don't you think?" He asked Kalani as they walked around some more in the other shops. He let his hand graize her stomach every now and then.
  Newt Scamander / polkadotrocker / 59d 23h 41m 20s
Kalani bit her lip as she nodded, but didn't say anything else on the subject as she went to pay for the books. She told the owner that they were willing to do the book signing. Let's just say the owner was extremely happy about and book them for tomorrow.
  AvaX34 / 60d 18h 26m 8s
"Kalani, you know I can't do that." He said sighing. He was careful with her but held her hand as they finished up in Flourish and Blotts. Next was Honeydukes, Diagon ALley store.
  Newt Scamander / polkadotrocker / 60d 22h 9s
Kalani took his hand." Okay love...I come with you to the book signing" she smiled."But only if you stop worrying so much about me.Okay?"
  Kalani Whitefang (Older) / AvaX34 / 60d 22h 25m 37s
"You made me finish it, you know how much I put things off because I want them perfect and nothing can be perfect." He said sighing.
  Newt Scamander / polkadotrocker / 62d 9m 33s
Kalani blushed a deep shade of red, trying to stop herself from smiling. He always knew ho to get her to blush. "Your just saying that love...I didnt do much of anything
"She told him softly
  Kalani Whitefang (Older) / AvaX34 / 62d 19h 12m 46s
Newt shook his head, "I trust your mother but I'd want you with me, your the whole reason I finished the book."
  Newt Scamander / polkadotrocker / 62d 19h 41m 47s
Kalani sighed." Darling, I think it would be a lovely've work so hard on this book. This has been your life....its not my decision, it yours. I can survive one afternoon without you and I can take of the beasts. And if you still feel uneasy about leaving me home by myself. I'll invite my mother she knows just as much as you do about beasts... " she told him
  Kalani Whitefang (Older) / AvaX34 / 63d 20h 30m 50s
Newt looked to her as they walked around the store, "I won't do it if you don't want me to. Like I said its fully up to you."
  Newt Scamander / polkadotrocker / 64d 50m 34s
Kalani looked at him at him as she bit her lip softly. " Well talk about it and get back to that alright?""she asked the owner. " of course dear sent me an owl when. You make your decision." She smiled. " We will."Kalani nodded and thanked her.
  Kalani Whitefang (Older) / AvaX34 / 64d 18h 45m 6s
Newt looked at Kalani, "Love, its up to you as I am trying to spend more time at home."
  Newt Scamander / polkadotrocker / 64d 19h 9s
"Oh Newt, Luna!" The shop owner greeted them with a smile. She place a few books down making her way over to them."I'm putting out more of your books they're selling like hot cakes."she told them. Luna smiled as she grabbed Newt arm."That's great news! Right hun?"she said told. "Very good! Also wanted to know if you would do a book signing?" The owner asked.
  Kalani Whitefang (Older) / AvaX34 / 64d 19h 3m 38s

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