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[center [pic]][center [i [font "Felix Titling" [b [font "Felix Titling" [u First;]]] he touches you and you light on fire, your wrist blazes where his fingers meet your skin. The burns don't show, but it's hard to breathe with ash in your lungs. It's so hard to breathe, you're suffocating daily.]]]

[center [i [font "Felix Titling" [b [font "Felix Titling" [u Second;]]] it hurts to watching him, he shines brighter than anyone else. He's brighter than the sun. He's too beautiful for your eyes, it's hard to look at him. It's even harder to look away from him. You're going blind.]]]

[center [i [font "Felix Titling" [b [font "Felix Titling" [u Third;]]] your ears are tuned to his voice. You can pick him out of a sea of thousands. His voice makes pretty singers, who sing pretty songs sound dull. His voice makes everything else sound ugly.]]]

[center [i [font "Felix Titling" [b [font "Felix Titling" [u Forth;]]] the color of his eyes is deep enough to drown in. He is turning you into a cliched love-wrecked being. You're drowning, always sinking, down... down... down...]]]

[center [i [font "Felix Titling" [b [font "Felix Titling" [u Fifth;]]] you know him, you love him, through a thousand lifetimes, across millions of stars, you'd find him, you'd never leave him, you love him till death do you part.]]]

[center [i [font "Felix Titling" [b [font "Felix Titling" [u Sixth;]]] he loves you too, more than you can ever know. He won't show it, and he sure as hell won't say it. But sweetheart, he's following his heart this time, and it's led him straight to you.]]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" Xylon and [b Erin] have been best friends since high school. They would do everything they could together, and pretty soon that led to feelings. Xylon had broken down and told [b Erin] how he felt their junior year, and [b Erin] had to let him down gently and tell him that she didn't feel the same way as he did. That had torn the male apart, and he had vowed to never fall for another woman again. The rest of high school he had to watch [b Erin] go out with other guys, and it tore his heart to pieces.]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" As the years passed, Xylon had forgotten about [b Erin] and threw himself into his jobs, and his studies for college. That's until one day [b Erin] came back into his life. He didn't know what to do, or how to react. They rekindled their friendship, and pretty soon feelings were starting to rise between them both. [b Erin] realized her mistake from years ago, and Xylon was a total dick towards women, unless you were family. Other then that he would treat you like dirt.]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" As the weeks passed by, things between the two were heating up. They were telling each other things they never dreamed about. What'll happen when Xylon tells her how he feels? Will his feelings be returned? Will [b Erin] realize the good she has in front of her? Or will their whirl wind romance come to an end? You won't ever know, unless you join, [b [i Love Surrounds You]].]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b [font "Felix Titling" [u The cast of Love Surrounds You.]]]]

[center [b [font "Felix Titling" [u Xylon Saxon:Taken]]]][center [pic]]

[center [b [font "Felix Titling" [u Erin Matthews: Taken]]]][center [pic]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b [font "Felix Titling" [u The rules of Love Surrounds You.]]]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" [u This is a Nulli & Disaster role play. We know the rules of the site. You are welcome to read, just don't take anything outta here. Thank you.]]]


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Green eyes looked to Xylon when she joined him,
“Oh you woke up, finally.” She smiled. He was very good at bringing her out of her daydreams. He didn’t even have to try to get her undivided attention.
“Hm? I’m just tired Pretty Boy, don’t worry about me. Of course I wanted to come, honestly this is exactly what I needed.” She excused with a light smile because really, looking at him now she couldn’t tell him. And she didn’t think she would ever be able but he was her best friend. She knew that it wasn’t fair to keep it from him and she looked back to the water. A swim did sound good honestly and she looked at him, opening her mouth to spill everything that had happened but he was already in the lake and some rogue water soaked her.
“Oh, like I have a choice now!” She giggled and set her water bottle aside as she kept her vest and shorts on, a bikini underneath but after everything she didn’t want to expose her body. Even with Xylon. Not because she ever thought he would do anything but because all that self-confidence she had once had, had been torn away. Still, she was smiling and for just a moment, she forgot about it. All that pain just melted away and vanished.

She wiggled to her feet and jumped in, feeling the refreshing water cool her skin and she resurfaced, wiping her hair out her eyes. Xy was a good boy, he’d always been so sweet and a total goofball with her and he was shaping up to be quite the man. His father was strict but she supposed that was normal when your son got to a certain age. His mother was always very kind and forgiving. She would have killed to have a family like his. She aimed a good splash at him before retreating to the hot solace of land before he could retaliate and she smiled at him.

“As for ‘Little’ I’ll have you know I grew a whole half an inch this year!” She said to him and laughed a bit. She’d always been skinny and small. Stupid genes from her mother’s side but the skinny thing wasn’t really a choice, most nights there was only cans of soup or something in to eat. She couldn’t wait until she had her own job and could move out the house especially after everything that happened. Maybe if she did tell Xylon she could live with him until she could get her own place... Then he would just think she was a charity case or using him for his family. She felt like she had nowhere to turn and not a soul in the world to talk to about it. She knew Xylon would probably kill the man who did it or go looking for him and she just couldn’t bring herself to see the shame that would be in his eyes.

Still. They were here, miles and miles from her home and she could relax a bit and stop worrying. Xylon has this very funny way of making it all just disappear when he spoke or when she looked at him. It was a marvel really and she was grateful beyond everything that nothing had changed between them. Maybe in time she would tell him, so long as she wasn’t rushed.
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Xylon let out a small sigh as he rolled onto his stomach. The sun was already up, and he knew that Erin would already be outside. He on the other hand chose to sleep in. It was summer after all, and they were at the cabin. The only place he loved more than anything. He rolled out of bed, and stood stretching his arms over his head. He groaned lightly as he bent backwards, and felt his back pop. That felt amazing. He then wandered out of the bedroom and into the hall. He could hear his parents talking in their room, and he padded down the hall.

He knocked on the door and opened it slowly. [b "I just wanted you both to know, I'm finally awake, you don't have to worry anymore"] he said with a cheeky grin. [i "Well good morning baby. Erin's down by the lake already. I'm surprised she didn't try waking you up"] his mother replied. The male shrugged his shoulders lightly. [b "You know how she is, she doesn't like waking me up cause I'm a total dick"] he said with a laugh. [u "Watch your mouth young man"] his father snapped.

Xylon shrugged a bit. [b "Sorry dad, but it's the truth"] he muttered. [i "It's alright honey. Go and get changed, your father and I are heading into town in a little while. We need to get some shopping done, and then we will be back to grill up some hamburgers for lunch"] she cooed. The teen smiled and nodded a bit. He then shut the door and went into the bathroom. He hurried and took a piss, before he went back to his room to change into his swim trunks. He looked at himself in the mirror, and sighed a bit. His hair was a mess.

He didn't care though. It was summertime, and he was about to go out into the lake anyway. He grabbed his towel, and then walked out of the cabin, and down to the dock. He spotted the red head, and he couldn't help but wonder why she was so distant lately. She wasn't herself, and it was starting to worry him. He dropped his towel onto the dock, and he walked up beside her, and sat down with her. He looked out at the lake, and let out a low whistle. [b "It's beautiful isn't it?"] he breathed.

He wanted to add some kind of cheesy line, but decided against it. He looked over at the red headed woman, and he nudged her slightly. [b "What's the matter Little Red? You seem distant, and I don't like it. Did you not want to come?"] he asked. He knew sometimes he could be a lot to handle, but she had stuck with him for years. She was everything to him, and so much more. Maybe today while his parents were out, he would finally tell her how he really felt. Maybe she felt the same way towards him.

At least he hoped she did. [b "Mom and dad are heading into town for a couple of hours. When the come back, we will grill up some hamburgers. So you and I have the cabin to ourselves for awhile. Wanna go for a swim with me? Or just sit here?"] he asked. He wasn't in the mood to wait any longer, so he stood and jumped into the lake. When he came back up, he floated by her feet, and looked up at her, a look of worry on his face. He wished she would talk to him.
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If there was one thing that seemed to wash away all the filth that the red head felt, it was the summer time and this place. Her whole life seemed miles away, and yet she had never felt more alive. Erin Matthews looked out over the lake, sitting at the makeshift picnic table. It was starting to get warmer and she clasped a bottle of water in her hands. It had come from the fridge so she was waiting for it to warm up a bit, otherwise it would hurt her teeth. She’d always been like that. The young redhead moved her loose hair from her face as she sat in her vest and shorts, just enjoying the sun. It was so blissful here, it always was when they visited. Her long red hair was loose down her back as she watched the sparkling lake move gently.

She wasn’t popular, really. She was pretty with pale skin, pale eyes and red hair. She had once been outgoing, bold and adventurous but something had changed before the summer. Something that made her day dream, made her vacant. And something that tore her apart inside so violently she couldn’t bear to tell the only person who mattered. It was shameful and she didn’t want to be seen as used up, damaged goods. She didn’t want to ruin what they had between them because she was so scared of losing everything, of losing her best friend. Becaus that’s what happened, people like her didn’t get the guy or the happy ending. They got exactly what her mother had gotten, a bad hand and making what she could of it whilst moving around through life like a robot. It was terrifying to Erin and once upon a time, she had believed that everything would work out and she could be the princess in the white tower but not now. Not after everything.

Xylon has been her best friend for many years, his family treated her like their own and it was thanks to them she was at this beautiful scenic place. They had always been so generous and the summers spent with Xylon seemed to be the brightest. She needed this escape this time, when Xylon had offered this year she had almost fell apart with happiness that she could escape. Finally, she took a drink of water and breathed out deeply. The water seemed to glitter on the lake and she watched it. Her heart so badly wanted to tell Xylon, they were almost grown ups now. But her head told her that she couldn’t process what had happened, so how could he? And she knew Xylon would want to kill the man. And what if he looked at her differently? Even how he glanced at her like she would be damaged? That wouldn’t be fair.

She stood and went down to the water, kicking off her sandals and sitting on a rock, letting her feet dangle in the lake. She adored Xylon, everything about him. He was funny, he was handsome, he could make her feel on top of the world with just the smallest of things. It was wonderful and she never wanted it to end. There were differences in their homes. Xylon seemed to have a perfect family, whereas Erin had a wealth of issues. Her brother, Matt, had started drinking heavily and experimenting with drugs. Her mother was never around and when she was, she took no responsibility. Erin had been cleaning her own clothes and cooking her own meals since she was twelve. That was the stuff she never told anyone and she could manage that, she really could. But it had gotten too much when Matt has brought his friends around and one he followed her upstairs. Erin had been so stupid. She hadn’t fought hard enough, she hadn’t screamed loud enough, she hadn’t bitten him or clawed at him. She did go to the police, he had been arrested but it didn’t stop how disgusting she felt about herself and how ashamed she was. She was running from it. The examination at the hospitals, the police reports, the event... everything had been an invasion of her.

Erin closed her eyes as she let the water lap around her feet and she sighed quietly, taking in the tranquility of the moment. She wanted to just enjoy this summer because she didn’t know when they would have another one like this. They were both growing up, after all. Xylon’s father ran a successful business, it wouldn’t be long until they went to college or started jobs. This wouldn’t last forever.
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