With Wings of Steel and Breath of Fire

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[h3 [center With Wings of Steel and Breath of Fire]]
This world has seen better days. Beasts known as 'The Abominations' roam the lands that had once been safe to traverse. Where these beasts come from, no one is sure.
'The Abominations' have been seen coming from the general direction of Mount Dahm. Perhaps there is something there that is spawning these creatures. However, none have dared venture near to the place.

As for the last of the humans, they have retreated to the farthest corner. They constructed a giant wall, in hopes of keeping out the ravenous beasts that howled in the darkness. Things were looking grim for the humans...
That is until a man decided enough was enough. There had to be something out there that could help mankind combat this growing threat. And so he set out in search.

He rode far out, farther than anyone had dared. The man made his way forward upon his steed. He made his way into a dark forest, soon coming upon a giant cave. When his gaze looked towards the entrance, the sight was disturbing...blood seeped outwards, staining the grass.
The man dismounted, drawing his blade. He lit a torch, then ventured into the darkness. As he went further, the cave was a massacre. Charred remains of what he could only assume to be the remains of several 'Abominations' littered the ground. The stench was unbearable, but he somehow managed.
It wasn't long before he came to a giant cavern. There was a hole in the ceiling, allowing for light from the outside world to stream downwards. The sight he saw took his breath away for a moment.
In the middle, laid a giant dragon. The beast was badly injured, breathing its last. As he approached, the dragon's eye suddenly opened. It attempted to snap at him, but could barely move. Instead, it glared right at him, curling its lips back, showing its bloodied fangs.
Sensing the dragon's distrust, the man slowly laid his blade and torch down, taking several steps back. He spoke in a quiet tone, [#ff0000 "I mean you no harm great beast."]
The dragon's eyes narrowed, pupils thin slits. It was silent for several moments, then finally spoke, its voice raspy, struggling to speak, [b "H-h-human...your k-kind...f-f-fight these b-beasts...beasts as well...y-yes?']
The man only nodded to the dragon's reply. The dragon coughed, blood spattering from its jaws. The creature struggled to move. It moved its wing back, revealing a clutch of five eggs beneath it. The beast then turned its gaze back to the human.
[b "Take...t-take my eggs...k-k-keep them...them warm...and use t-their...abilities to...finish...t-t-this plague of things...f-farewell...fool human..."]
Then the dragon's eyes dulled, glassing over. Slowly, it closed its eye. The beast's breathing had stopped, passing on to the other world.
As for the man, he stood there for several moments, but did as the dragon asked. He took all five eggs, placing them carefully in a sack. He tied it shut, quickly getting out of the cave. The man untied his mount, climbing on, being sure that the dragon's eggs were nestled safely.
Then without a word, he quickly left, heading back to the wall.

At his return, the populace were bewildered by the man's story. They took the dragon's eggs to the blacksmith, the forge being the hottest place they could think of for the eggs.
It seemed as soon as they had set the eggs on the burning fire, they cracked. Chirping could be heard from within the eggs. People gathered around, watching. Then one by one, the eggs burst, revealing a different colored dragon chick within. One of the dragon eggs was slower, but after some time, it too did hatch.
The little ones tumbled out of the forge, flopping into a pile. A person in the crowd attempted to step forward, but was held back by the others. The dragon chicks turned their heads, looking around. They all chirped, all except the last one that had hatched. Instead, that one only stared for several moments, then crawled towards the very man who had brought the chicks.
As for the rest of the little dragons, each one crawled towards the crowd. The dragon chicks each chose a person from the crowd.

Mankind could finally fight back. They were blessed with these five dragon chicks, each masters of different elements. With their different abilities, would they be able to take on the menace of 'The Abominations'.
As for the chicks, they grew up incredibly fast. At age 5, they were already large enough to ride. Though, the dragons, as well as their chosen riders, were still learning, but they would need to learn quick.

'The Abominations' have become more aggressive, and are attacking more frequently. It is time to end this, now humans will bring the fight to the beasts. On wings of steel, breath of fire, claws of iron, and the strength of storms, will they come down on the hoards, on the backs of dragons.
[h3 [center RULES]]
~Fighting will be happening
~Absolutely NO godmodding
If I see any of this, I will kick you out
~Images, I prefer anime/illustrated, but you are welcome to use what you are most comfortable with
~Cursing, I don't really give a fuck
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~This RP is open to ideas, have a twist you wanna add, run it by me. Always open to discussing and having everyone pitch an idea in
~Most of all...HAVE FUN!!!!!!

If you have any question or the such, feel free to message me
Thank you
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[h3 [center SKELETONS]]
[center [b [u *Rider Skeleton*]]]
Weakness :

[center [b [u *Dragon Skeleton*]]]
Weakness :
Other Info (Optional):
[h3 [center The Riders]]
[center [b [u *The First Rider*]]: TAKEN]
[b Username: Dragoncita]
Name: Velkan Lightguardian
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Powers/Magic: Focuses primarily on light magic as well as healing
Weakness: Can be very stubborn at times to where he won't back down, Dark magic can counteract his light magic
Mount: Avira
Bio/history: Once part of a Paladin order, Velkan was the only one who was brave enough to venture into the unknown lands. Velkan was the one to stumble upon the cave and find the dragonelle, who with it's last breath, granted him permission to take her chicks to help mankind and the last of the dragons themselves. Velkan was chosen by the last of the dragon chicks that had hatched.
Now Velkan has taken it upon himself to lead the last of mankind into battle.

Name: Avira
Species: Air/Light Dragon
Gender: Female
Powers/Magic: Has some control of the wind, creating powerful gusts to push back enemies, etc.
Has the ability to breath a powerful beam of holy light
Avira's breath/saliva has healing properties, being able to heal most wounds
Weakness: Like her rider, dark magic can weaken her. Avira is much smaller and not really built for fighting, so major muscle could easily overpower her
Rider: Velkan
Other Info: Extremely small compared to the other dragon chicks she hatched with, has soft feathery wings
Her small size gives Avira an advantage with speed and easily outmaneuvering larger/heavier opponents

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[center [b [u *The Second Rider*]]: CLOSED]
[b Username: Wings-]
Name: Gerard Way
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Powers/Magic: Strength Lend- the ability to lend other humans and dragons strength and energy at the cost of his own.
Weakness : He has weak spots along his spine that would paralyze him. Any dark or shadow themed power can also take down his ability through it's aura
Mount: Chic
Bio/history: A very troubled fighter inside of the kingdom, usually getting into duels and stealing for a living.

Name: Quasar
Species: Dragonelle
Gender: Female
Powers/Magic: Has the ability to blend in and also manipulate water
Weakness : Underbelly and eyes are really exposed, has no hard and tough scales so can be easily impaled and hurt.
Rider: Gerard Way

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[center [b [u *The Third Rider*]]: CLOSED]

[b Username: Leopard_dragon_Love]
Name: Alanna Sprite
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Powers/Magic: Defense magic- Can strengthen armor or create solid walls of force to keep enemies at bay. Can be used to capture as well, by surrounding her foe by invisible walls.
Weakness: Her magic is based off concentration. The more focused, the harder it is to get anything thru her shields. Focusing while Fighting, staying still, and being wounded all have different effects to her shields. Her range of her range is about 200ft. She is also not the best melee fighter, supporting her dragon from saddle.
Mount: Lira Alk
Bio: Alanna has been able to use defensive magic for a while, first learning her talent protecting herself from some bullies as a little girl. She was able to find a tutor, and had grown to be quite adept at it. For this reason, she joined the City Guard. Her main job being to protect any brave soul who goes outside the walls for as long as she can, until they are no longer in range. Any outsude patrols she is normally sent with to give the main soldiers the upper hand. She is also good with ranged weapons While she can use a spear in close combat, she prefers the distance.

[b Username: NorthernWolves]
Name: Lira Alk
Species: Lightning Dragon
Gender: Female
Powers/Magic: As the species suggest, Lira can blast quite the lightning storm out of her mouth.
Can direct the lightning in any direction.
Weakness : Lira can only direct lightning 10 feet out from her.
Usually prefers a head on approach to fights. Whether or not that is the smartest option, well that’s a different question.
Rider: *Waiting for a Rider*

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[center [b [u *The Fourth Rider]]: CLOSED]

[b Username: Wings-]
Name: Elzbieta Bosak | Goes by Ela
Age: 22
Gender: Female demon
Powers: Fire and Smoke manipulation; able to summon and control fire and smoke at will
Weakness: Water magic or just water stops her from activating her powers. Her weak spot is on her left forearm, where a scar from her childhood laid.
Mount: Xeiba
Bio: A demon that was visiting the kingdom when the eggs hatched. She was supposed to murder someone for money but ended up getting dragged into this.

[b Username: Leopard_dragon_Love]
Name: Xeiba
Species: Earth Dragon
Gender: Male
Powers/magic: He has a powerful poisonous gas for his breath, that his siblings and their chosen riders seem immune to. He can also listen to the very earth. His scales are also rather thick.
Weakness: He is quite large, making him one of the slower ones of his siblings. He can appear to be quite lazy, but normally these times are just him listening to the Earth. Which talks rather slowly so any prolonged conversations could take days. He hates everything about the abominations who have claimed the world and attacks them viciously and seemingly without much thought if any are within his sight. It does not matter if the creature is contained.
Rider: Elzbieta
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[center [b [u *The Fifth Rider]]: CLOSED]

[b Username: NorthernWolves]
Name: Alina Skana
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Powers/Magic: Necromancy
Weakness : Summoning the dead requires that there actually be dead people that can be summoned. The same goes for the type of dead that can be summoned; to summon a wizard, there has to be a dead wizard. Same goes for archers, spear men, and etc.
Mount: Erutan
Bio/History: Mostly grew up alone because of being a necromancy user. Tends to not really associate with people.

[b Username: Dragoncita]
Name: Erutan
Species: Unknown Dragon species; thought to have void, though unsure
Gender: Male
Powers/Magic: Able to produce a powerful beam of blue energy that seems to disintegrate whatever is unlucky enough to be in its path
Overdrive- Forces his body into, as the name suggests, overdrive. In this mode, Erutan's body starts to glow brightly, generating immense heat. This heat is enough to leave a trail of molten earth beneath his body wherever he goes. While in overdrive, his body is being forced to work overtime, which in turn gives him a faster healing rate and much more powerful attacks
Weakness: Cannot properly control his attacks/powers/abilities, making him extremely unstable and usually ends up injuring himself
He is quite big, so his massive size makes it difficult to maneuver in tight spaces
Unlike many dragons, Erutan's scales don't seem to be fully developed, so are soft and delicate, meaning sharp weapons have a possible easier time penetrating his hide
Rider: Alina
Other Info: Erutan is massive compared to all his siblings. It has been discussed before about a possibility of him being a 'mobile fortress', carrying soldiers to the frontlines, etc.
Erutan's body appears to be translucent. His inner organs, especially his heart, seem to glow even brighter when he heats up his body
His form always seems to be covered in a thick slime. A special saddle was built just for him due to the slippery slime that coats his body. It is figured this slime adds an extra layer of protection due to his not fully developed scales


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Roleplay Responses

Alanna turned her to the voice that called. She was glad someone else was finally there. "Hello, Avira." She was tempted to ask if the small dragon and her rider had happened to see the others. However, she was sure the others would have been with her if they had. Which made it a rather silly question to ask. Instead, she went with small talk to break the silence. "I hope you two didn't train too hard," She saw the two at the trainng field often, "Lira and I are hoping we might get to see quite a bit of the outside." They would be able to go further since flying wpuld be much quicker than horseback. It was exciting, really.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 51d 6h 19m 29s
Xeiba continued to follow Elas movements, his large eye rolling to watch her as she sat next to him. A low prumm sounded in his throat, "I wouldn't say no." He said, allowing his eyes to close in antisipation for the scratches. It just felt good and had quickly become his favorite form of attention. Well, he enjoyed flying with Ela as well, but it was two very different forms of enjoyment. For one, this took no energy on his part . After a minute, he huffed and relaxed as they waited. There was not much else he could do. He too, missed the bushes shaking since he closed his eyes, the wind blowing the wrong way for him to catch a scent. "If they are not here soon, do you think we should try to find them or leave a note and go to the gate?" He asked quietly, careful not to move his head too quickly so he didn't push the demon over.
  Xeiba / Leopard_dragon_Love / 51d 7h 39m 51s
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[Kodchasan [center [pic http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3j01ksiDc1r0q8i2o2_r3_250.png ]

[#4682B4 "C'mon Quasar, we're supposed to be meeting Ela and X." ] Gerard growled, staring off into a run as Quasar just jogged behind him, going as fast as he was surprisingly. He was deep in the forest and he hated it as he kept running, eventually stumbling on a tree root but Quasar was there to catch him.

They had been practising stuff like this, when riders either fall or need their dragons to catch them they could. Quasar jumped forwards and snapped at Gerard lightly, barely catching him with her teeth before throwing him upwards as he landed on her back. Quasar then sped up as Gerard landed on her rough scales, groaning in pain as he felt his skin against them.

[pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/af/71/4e/af714e7f836a1f6a74f05ab2cc7b5de5.jpg ]


Ela growled and just put her other hand on the handle of the ax and picked it up from the ground, just slamming it into one of the old wooden doors, the ax cracking in half. [#dc143C "I don't care about the ax, I have a sword way bigger than most." ] She growled after being told that she was dulling her axe out.

She then sighed and did what she was hinted(?) to do and sat next to Xeiba, being right besides his head. [#DC143C "Do you still like being scratched at least? I'm cold hearted but giving you scratches was the best thing ever-" ] Ela said with a smile, trying to keep her mind of when Gerard and his dragon was gonna come.

It seemed like a few minutes after that that the bushes in front of them started to shake along with the ground but it was subtle and even Ela didn't notice.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/FROnp8f.jpg ]
  amo- / 53d 10h 19m 23s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/EGvhXL2.gif]
[h3 [center Velkan & Avira]]
Having returned back, the male headed to the blacksmith. Behind Velkan, Avira followed closely behind. The white dragonelle looked around, her bluish eyes taking in everything around her. The creature's eyes settled on the massive gates, seeing Lira and her rider waiting patiently.
Feeling his mount's eyes, Velkan glanced back towards her. A soft smile was on his face as he spoke to her, [#ff0000 "Go ahead Avira. I'm just going to have this armor plate polished a bit and checked."]
The dragonelle's tail seemed to sway a bit like a dog. She lightly bumped her rider with her muzzle, [#5f9ea0 "A-alright! I'll see you over there then when you are finished."]
Then with that, the young dragon trotted off towards the large gate. Her eyes shifted, looking all around. Her forked tongue flicked out, testing the air. Her soft, feathery wings were slightly unfolded from her sides. Her once downtrodden expression having changed now.
[#5f9ea0 "Hello Lira, Alanna,"] her voice called as she trotted closer, [#5f9ea0 "Velkan will be here in a little bit. He's having his armor checked."]
Avira plopped down on her haunches, tail curling around her side. She really was a small dragon when compared to the rest.
[h3 [center Erutan]]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/iQMegUZ.jpg]
The giant beast's eyes shifted downwards towards the woman. His nostrils flared, exhaling a few blue sparks.
[#0000ff "Fair enough...as Velkan was once part of a Paladin order. I know and remember before he was not too keen with help from the 'dead'...but even he has come to realize that there is a greater threat."]
Erutan shifted his paws, being ever so careful. Despite his giant size, he could be surprisingly gentle. Course, that was on rare occasions when he had to absolutely do something that way. The ghostly tendrils along his legs and head seemed to move ever so slightly. His chest area there was a soft glow, the faint movement of a giant beating heart within the cavity.
Yellow eyes looked upwards towards the sky. His ghostly wings seemed to unfold ever so slightly from his back, but then returned against his sides. Erutan seemingly made a 'hm' sound before speaking again.
[#0000ff "It will do us some good, myself and the rest of my siblings to stretch our wings. I am sure they are most likely waiting. I know a few were rather anxious to go out."]
Noticing his rider's approach, the massive beast laid his head flat on the ground, he then shifted a paw close to act as a stepping ladder to reach the top of his form. Once there, there was a saddle further back between two of his large spines. Though, if Alina really wanted to, she could simply just stand atop his head, but that was a trick for another time.
  ::Paladins:: / Dragoncita / 54d 22h 15m 28s
[pic http://i66.tinypic.com/e9xmxk.jpg]

Being the rider of one of the biggest dragons in existence had been one of the best things to happen to her in her entire life. Knowing that there was a creature that she could interact with without it being disturbed by her association with the arts of necromancy was just breath of fresh life, especially after being mistreated by her own kind.

Owning such a ginormous dragon, nothing really changed since trying to live closer to the city would have inevitably crushed many a human. Of course that amount of dead bodies would have made summoning reanimated people easier, but Alina wasn’t that dark in her heart unlike the art which she practiced.

Now logically, one would think that a dragon with a build big enough to be used as a mobile fortress, or so it was theorized , would have the thickest of scales impervious to all but the most dedicated anti-dragon weapon. But nature, or whatever guided the way which things grew up, chucked logic off the peak of a mountain and into a deep canyon , giving Erutan, her dragon, soft and underdeveloped scales. That defied all logic, but there wasn’t anything that could be done about. At least the thick layer of slime which surrounded Erutan’s body, which Alina found a pain in the ass to wash off anything, have added protection; or at least it was theorized to do so.

Another disadvantage with Erutan lay in the difficulty in him controlling his powers. This was a problem, lightly putting it, considering he could shoot out a disintegrating beam effective at vaporizing anything as well as leaving molten earth under his body. There had been a few instances, again lightly putting it, which had caused harm to either Erutan, Alina, civilians, soldiers, or all at the same time. Over time these incidents decreased as Erutan grew, but occasionally there was another one of those instances.

Currently, Alina was sitting in a clearing of a decent size, since it was also a place where Erutan could exist without accidentally destroying one thing or another. There was a quiet in the air, as if the air was mentally preparing for some momentous event that would be forever marked down in the annals of history.

Such a moment would soon happen.

This moment, there was a reason for its significance. For the first time since who knew whenever, dragons would be flying with their riders outside the wall. The time had come where all five dragons had grown big enough for a venture outside the wall.

There was also a sense of urgency. Even to someone as lonely as Alina, even she could see the increase in both the number and strength of the attacks from the Abominations. The Abominations seemed intent on wiping off whatever remained of humankind, and the five dragon/rider pairs were seen as the saviors. It was a gamble, but a calculated one. Humans were always going to fight for a chance to survive as long as there was the spark of hope.

Alina’s serious face cracked a mischievous smile and a twinkling light formed in her eyes after listening to Erutan. In a slightly sarcastic voice she responded to his statement to no-one, [+purple As long as there’s not too much light, for some of the light around here hates the darkness I put out.”] Standing up from her criss-cross sitting position, Alina gazed up at Erutan. [+purple “Ready to finally fly beyond the wall? I’m sure the others are waiting.”]

Alina walked closer to Erutan in preparation of mounting.

[size15 [b [center -~-]]]
[right Lira]
[right [pic http://i67.tinypic.com/652uk5.jpg]]

A few sparks of electricity arced up and down her spine. Lira, just like her rider Alanna, felt a bit impatient to finally go outside the wall. Lira knew only life on one side of the wall, while the other side remained a clueless mystery . One side of the wall had become dull and boring while the other side was full of unknown curiosities.

Lira also had another reason to go beyond the wall, a deep desire to see her parents. Yes she had grown up surrounded by humans, but she, along with her four siblings, had to had dragons as parents. Lira had told no one of deep this desire, not even to her siblings.

Lira also couldn’t stop thinking where the others were.

At least Erutan had an excuse as to why he couldn’t be here, and that was due to his size. With him being as humongous as he was, he could simply destroy an entire complex of structures while injuring or even killing scores of humans without even noticing.

But as to the others, they didn’t have the size to be excused for being late.

Perhaps, maybe the others weren’t late. What if she along with Alanna were the early ones? It was a possibility that the others were late because the two of them had shown up early. But without a way of keeping accurate time, the question of who was early, on time, and late could not be answered.

Lira stopped her musings feeling the soft and tender touch of Alanna’s hand on her snout, Lira lightly breathed through her nostrils in Alanna’s direction. Lira gave off a light chuckle before answering in a slightly amused tone, [+blue “Knowing one of my siblings, probably distracted by something. As to the others, I do not know. “]
Alanna leaned against the wall that worked as the barrier between the humans and Abominations. She did not really voice her thoughts, but she was concerned. The beasts seemed to be growing more aggressive with more regular attacks. She was able to easily locate the largest dragon, Eurtan, but nobody else. "We were suppose to do a patrol today, where is everybody?" Their dragons were finally grown enough to venture outside the walls. It was both thrilling and terrifying. She pushed herself off the wall, "you don't suppose they got lost, do you?" She asked Lira, walking up to her and gently placing a hand on her snout. It was a silly question, but they were the only ones that showed up on time. From the eagerness Elzbieta had shown, she had expected to see her and Xieba waiting. Even though Eurtan and Alina were not here, they were within sight. Probably one of the few spots the massive dragon could comfortably be without risking stepping on someone or accidently damaging someones property.
  Alanna Sprite / Leopard_dragon_Love / 71d 11h 13m 48s
Xeiba watched his rider pace back and forth, just about the entire width of his head. "He probably lost Quasar again. You know how distracted she gets." He said, yellow eyes following Ela. "You are going to dull your ax." He informed, watching the blade drag along the dirt. He shifted his bulk, lifting his head off the ground a bit. He could imagine Alanna and his sister Lira waiting at the gate, where the female human was normally stationed in case of an attack. He could not blame Ela's impatience, he hated the Abominations with a passion he couldn't explain. However, he was well verse in the art of paitence, that he tried to teach his rider. "Why don't you sit and wait? Pacing will only drain your strength." He advised. He was quite large, the second largest out of his siblings. Not nearly as big as Eurtan, who still made him feel small when they stood next to each other. He flicked his forked tongue out, tasting the air, the lowered his head again. He remained silent for a while, seeming distracted, until he spoke again. "They should be here soon, if Quasar doesn't find something else interesting." Truthfully, he found his smaller sister to be rather entertaining. Though, he had hoped she would have taken this a bit more seriously.
  Xeiba / Leopard_dragon_Love / 72d 11h 50m 11s
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[Kodchasan [center [pic http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3j01ksiDc1r0q8i2o2_r3_250.png ]

[#4682B4 "She was supposed to be here, where in the hell is Quasar?" ] The young man growled, looking around as his shoulders were tensed up and his eyes darting around everywhere in his paranoia. He held a long black sword that glinted in the sunlight, his feet dragging along the dirt as he passed two trees, being in the nearby forest.

Technically, they were training but Quasar always got distracted by almost everything. She wasn't a normal dragon either and it made Gerard kinda... disappointed. He was hoping he would get something like a fire dragon since that was his lucky element but alas, no. But again, technicalities. She was a water elemental dragon and she was made for speed more than strength and she was the second smallest.

But her speed made up for everything and Gerard was amazed by how fast she usually went without using her wings. She was the cheetahs of dragons pretty much and he was at least okay with that.

But Gerard himself was a short and thin person but he was strong in ways more than physical. He was a well-rounded kind of person but he was weak mentally and he didn't even know. He wore a cream hunter cloak and some black pants and his skin was slightly tanned, his face clear of freckles.

His eyes were a deep amber and they turned to the side as he heard a large branch break. He took a step back, only sighing in relief as a huge coloured head poked out of the brush beside him. [#4682B4 "Quasar goddamnit, stop doing that." ] He growled, the dragon letting out a laugh sounding snort.

[pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/af/71/4e/af714e7f836a1f6a74f05ab2cc7b5de5.jpg ]


[#DC143C "Those creatures don't wait do they? Why do we have to fucking wait? Gerard said that his dragon was already fully grown. What do you think Xeiba?" ] The woman growled as she paced back and forth in front of her dragon. Currently, they were in a huge abandoned barn that was outside of Ela's cottage and the barn was used only for the largest animals that they had.

But alas, Ela had come across it and decided it would be perfect to make her dragon a nest there. She held an ax in her left hand, dragging the blade in the dirt, stirring it up as she walked back and forth, obviously annoyed at the fact that she wasn't in combat. Her green hair followed behind her, never stopping to rest because of how much she was moving.

She had pale skin and tight fitting warrior clothing, obviously, she was really fit as well. She had some amour pieces on among her body, having a leather cover over the top of her left forearm and some on her shoulders, knees and elbows. She only wore these so that it would reduce the pain of getting hurt in her weak spots.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/FROnp8f.jpg ]
  Wings- / 53d 10h 50m 28s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/EGvhXL2.gif]
[h3 [center Velkan & Avira]]
Velkan sighed softly. His eyes were directed towards the white dragonelle before him. The creature was rather small when compared to her larger siblings. Despite that size difference, the dragonelle did have her own advantages.
Right then, in her jaws, she currently held a part of Velkan's armor. Her tail was tucked between her legs, spine flat against her back. The beast's head was lowered, having the appearance of a large dog being scolded.
[#ff0000 "C'mon Avira...you know you become exhausted a lot quicker when I ride my armor upon your back."]
The dragonelle turned her gaze elsewhere. She knew he was right. Avira could carry Velkan on her back with full armor, but it did indeed wear her out faster.
[#5f9ea0 "B-but...if I don't practice, I won't ever be strong..."]
A soft chuckle came from Velkan. The male shook his head, walking over to his beast. He lightly took her large muzzle into his hands, making her face him. Velkan continued have his gentle smile as he looked into her eyes.
[#ff0000 "Avira, you are strong. Your strength just doesn't completely lay in your muscle. Try to remember that your strength lays in your speed, healing, and a few other things."]
The dragonelle looked into her rider's eyes. She knew he was right. Avira just could be a bit hard to convince about it at times, often trying to push herself past limits.
[#ff0000 "Alright, how about we head back? I'm gonna have to polish that armor now that it's covered in dragon slobber."]
Hearing his words, even though Avira could tell he was joking, felt a bit bad. No, this was indeed not the first time she had dragged his armor out, nor would it likely be the last.
[h3 [center Erutan]]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/iQMegUZ.jpg]
The giant beast rested near where his rider was. His size was enough to dwarf even the largest of buildings. It already had been discussed before of him possibly being a mobile fortress. Though that was a decision still to be decided upon.
This ghostly looking dragon, was Erutan. He was a giant when compared to his other siblings. The smallest of them, Avira, could easily ride upon his back. Though despite the immense size, he seemed to suffer from softer scales and being a dragon of an unknown species. He had trouble controlling himself as well as his extremely powerful abilities. Worse case scenario, Erutan would end up injuring himself, which he had done before.

Erutan slowly opened his yellow eyes. The pupils were mostly round, calm. His forked tongue slowly slid out of his muzzle, testing the air. He moved his head a bit, observing the world around him.
[#0000ff "Hm...the way this world has fallen into darkness...we will need the light to guide us..."]
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