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Soren's eyes flickered with surprise as she nervously rubbed her wrists. "I thought it had faded..." She sighed before grabbing his wrist and dragging him towards the back of the ship. "If I refused to dance... They used a serated whip on me." She pulled up her shirt revealing the scar on her back for a moment before fixing it again. "It's also how I got the scar on my face too."
  Soren Kotsuki / PotatoPirate / 35d 3h 49m 50s
Zoro's voice dropped low after hearing what she had to say. "Is that why you've got that scar on your back?" He'd gotten another glimpse of it while she was dancing when the light hit it just right. It seemed like the rest of the crew was oblivious, which meant the only other person who knew was Eli.

Eli withdrew her arm and pouted, "In not drunk if that's what you are implying."
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 35d 3h 56m 27s
Soren have a slight curtsey before seeing Zoro approach. At his question she couldn't help but chuckle. "I didn't get the choice. I've been trained as an assassin since I was young. To be honest. Dancing used to be a form of punishment. But somehow I found enjoyment in it when I got to dance alone. Eventually my dancing became a good distraction during jobs so I ended up using it as a skill in my arsenal..." She scratched the back of her neck and sighed. "If I could have pursued it... I don't know if I would have."

Sanji chuckled as he saw the flush on Eli's cheeks. "Careful with the drinks dove. We'll get chances to dance."
  Soren Kotsuki / PotatoPirate / 35d 4h 13m 27s
Luffy watched Soren and get Shadow in awe, "That's so cool!"

"Hers actually reflects based on her abilities." Eli was on her third glass by the time that Soren had finished dancing. She took a few more sips before setting it aside and standing up. Approaching Sanji she held out her hand and smiled, "You know, I never did get to dance at that party. Kinda sucks."

Zoro approached Soren after her demonstration, "So this is what you many the other night. Why didn't you pursue dancing?"
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 35d 7h 30m 24s
After a few more drinks Luffy approached Soren to ask his grin was wide as usual. "Hey Soren, why are you called Shadow Dancer? Or were cuz shadow dancer is dead now."

Soren thought for a moment then chuckled softly. "Mmm it's kind of hard to explain with words. I'll show you instead." She walked over to the open lawn and listened to the best of the music playing and nodded. "This'll do." When the music began picking up pace she made a clone appear behind her on the wall. As if it was her shadow. As she began to dance her shadow would dance differently. Rarely would their actions be the same if they were they were mirrored.
  Soren Kotsuki / PotatoPirate / 35d 17h 4m 48s
"Honestly," Eli sat down with a glass in her hand, "I can't really remember, I've been going by that name for so long. Maybe because I feel at ease under the stars or because I believe they show a different path. As for Shadow Dancer, you'll have to ask Soren." She looked around and noticed everyone was having fun and that, for once, it seemed Soren wasn't totally on edge.
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 35d 17h 12m 41s
Soren chuckled. "As if you'd ever win a drinking contest to begin with." Soren was lightening up a bit more but at the same time she was trying to not let her guard down too much. Franky was messing with something then she heard music start playing.

Luffy was laughing and goofing off when he looked over at Eli. "Hey Eli, why were you called shadow chaser and star dancer?"
  Soren Kotsuki / PotatoPirate / 35d 17h 25m 1s
Later that day, after dinner, the crew gathered out on the lawn for the party. There was a table with some snacks on it as well as a pitcher of water, just in case. As per usual, Zoro was already drinking and it left Eli baffled at how the man was even still alive. "Since Zoro is already well ahead of everyone else, a drinking competition would be unfair."
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 35d 17h 31m 28s
Soren waved her hand and gave a small smile. "I'm fine. Just fell during some training. So I'm a little sore. But I'll be fine, don't worry about it." Before any other questions were asked Soren decided to take this time to go out to the deck and watch the sea to relax a bit. [i I wonder if we can do it...] Her mind drifted to the conversation with Eli in the bath. [i Can we really break that organization... can we end his reign?]


Sanji sighed. "No Luffy, keep your hands to yourself."
  Soren Kotsuki / PotatoPirate / 35d 17h 48m 42s
Eli simply shrugged, "Could be worse. I could turn into a shameless flirt." After finishing her breakfast she took her plate to the sink then glanced at Soren. Her next question was quiet enough for only the redhead to hear. "You alright? You look like you're hurting."

"Hey Sanji," Luffy looked at Zoro's uneaten breakfast, "Can I way Zoro's food since he isn't here?"
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 35d 18h 9m 39s
Soren's eyes narrowed at Eli's question. "El, don't push it." She set her plate in the sink after she finished eating then finished off her coffee before doing the same. She stretched while leaning to the side before looking at Eli again when Usopp asked if she was a drinker. "El's a lightweight." Soren smirked. "She gets giggly after one or two drinks. Then she's gone after 4." She snickered before standing back up straight and leaning back. [i Damn... I must have hurt my back with that fall... I guess I should be more careful.]
  Soren Kotsuki / PotatoPirate / 35d 18h 18m 45s
"Of course there is," Usopp beamed, "Zoro wouldn't join us if we didn't."

Eli snickered, "Looks like you have a drinking buddy [I and] a training buddy. You plan on making him anything else?" At that question, she locked eyes with Soren, clearly enjoying knowing this would get a response.

"What about you Eli," Chopper asked, "A were you a big drinker too?"

"Me? Not really. I can usually do about four or five drinks."
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 35d 18h 25m 6s
Soren sighed softly. "Do as you wish. I can't stop you from throwing a party if you want to." She grabbed her plate and began eating before taking another sip of her coffee. "Although... if there is a party. There better be a lot of booze involved."
  Soren Kotsuki / PotatoPirate / 35d 18h 29m 18s
"I don't think we have a choice in the matter." Eli looked over at Luffy, "Sounds like fun. But how about, instead of it being a welcome party, it's just a party. Soren is right, you've already done so much for us." In the past, she had read a few articles about how the Straw Hats looked to party so she wasn't going to outright deny them a chance to do so.
  Elizander - Eli / Embrea / 35d 18h 33m 18s
Soren shook her head. "No, it's fine. We don't need a welcoming party. It's welcoming enough that you gave us a place to stay and helped us be free. We couldn't ask for more." She spoke bluntly as she sipped her coffee.
  Soren Kotsuki / PotatoPirate / 35d 18h 38m 15s

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