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[center [font "serif" [size15 F a n t a s y]]]

[center [font "serif" [size15 mirrors]]]

[center [font "serif" [size15 desire.]]]

[center [font "serif" [size15 I m a g i n a t i o n]]]

[center [font "serif" [size15 reshapes]]]

[center [font "serif" [size15 it.]]]

[center [pic http://upload-2.dogzer.net/upload/102/3992416_1506905021.png]]
[center [https://i.imgur.com/rpqMRkm.jpg Map of the Saint Keeper's Realm]]
[center [font "serif" Realm of the Infernal Glacier, formerly known as the Saint Keeper's Realm, is slowly becoming hell in itself. The realm was originally inhabited by elves, pixies, fairies, orcs, goblins and many other mythical creatures. In it's own special way, it was peaceful and well balanced. Until the God's above came to make a deal.]]

[center [font "serif" The realm held the most magic out of them all. It's strength was overwhelming. The Gods wanted to use this realm to harbor the worse creatures. They figured it was the most magical, it could handle it. Sadly, that was not the case.]]

[center [font "serif" As the realm started to fill up, the original inhabitants shared their disapproval. Their homes had become over run by God's 'prison'. Demons, werewolves, Haunts, Giants, and many other harmful creatures were right outside their doors. They were afraid what was going to happen to their home.]]

[center [font "serif" As the complaints filed in, the angels on guard began getting distracted, losing their grip on things. Down under, the Devil had himself a plan. He had ordered multiple demons to infiltrate their barricades. With this in motion, the other trapped mythical criminals started to follow along. Eventually, an all out war would start between the mythical beings.]]

[center [font "serif" With the Realm of the Infernal Glacier becoming in war, the land divided in two. The East and the West. The East side held the Angels. The land was mostly peaceful. They were able to keep most things out, at least extremely evil beings out. The original inhabitants were in the East side. The West side held all those beings that had been sent to this realm to live out their numbered days. Demons, werewolves, Orcs, Ogres, Giants, Dragons, Dark elves, ect. This land had started to melt and the ground was hot. Lava pools sprouted out of the ground. The once graceful West was not so graceful.]]

[center [font "serif" Abby Floyd and Joey Bates stumble upon a secret door in her parents older home. Finding the key, Abby and Joey open it. Upon entry, their eyes are peeled back as they are surrounded by full, lovely trees and miles upon miles of trees. Amazed, the two adventure further. Soon learning this journey will not be easy.]]

[center [pic http://upload-2.dogzer.net/upload/102/3992416_1506905021.png]]
[center [font "serif" | [http://imgur.com/0EgGQIQ.jpg [font "serif" Abby Floyd]] | [https://i.imgur.com/gGmprDk.jpg [font "serif" Joey Bates]] | [https://i.imgur.com/IKSPKD2.jpg [font "serif" Elyon Icearm]] | [http://i.imgur.com/5eBhjRq.jpg [font "serif" Odi Dalca]] |]]


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Abby started to calm down upon feeling the squeeze of Joey's arms. She wasn't known for having panic attacks but in a situation like this, she just couldn't help it.

Joey seemed to of been enjoying the layout of things while Abby hated it. It was cold and strange. There was one thing she agreed with, it was like Narnia. First they were in a basement and now they were surrounded by blue glowing trees.

She looked towards him, finally catching up to his speed. [#4783E5 "Yeah..Yeah, you're right."] She agreed, squirming her hand out of his and walking beside him. [#4783E5 "Joey..."] She paused, taking a moment. She decided to stop where she was.

She needed to be strong and fight the anxiety within. They would return home in an hour, everything would be perfect. She didn't need to worry Joey more. She knew he was probably stressed, despite his love for this view.

The continued to walk for what seemed like forever. The trunks of the trees were huge, they had only seen little sunlight that broke through the trees. Abby had figured out that it was snowing from the flakes falling through the tree tops.

[#4783E5 "How long do you think we have??? Jessssuus."] She groaned to Joey, tugging on his arm. She jumped and froze immediately when she heard a loud crack from behind them. Abby slowly turned around, looking past the shadows, squinting. [#4783E5 "Did...did you hear that, Joseph?"] She asked him, glancing over.

There was a loud scream that was very high pitched. Her hands clamped down on her ears, trying her best to block out the noise. Then she saw it, two dark red glowing eyes shooting out of the shadow. She felt the color drain from her face was she started to back step. The more she back stepped the closer the eyes come. She grabbed Joey's shirt, dragging him as her feet started to take off. As she ran, she heard the foot steps from behind, the screaming getting closer.

Her mind was all over the place as her eyes hit ever tree, looking for an opening or something they could crawl into. Her eyes shot past just a few trees. An opening, small enough they could fit in there. Hopefully it was hollowed out enough.

She made a b-line straight for it. She shoved Joey into the hole, pushing him in quickly. The screaming was right behind her as she tried her best to get in the hole. It's when something stabbed her calf that she let out a painful scream, dragging the stab down her leg as she forced herself into the hole. It was pretty hollowed out, allowing for enough room to stay away from the hole.

Her eyes met those red ones. It was a taller creatures that looked like it was made out of branches. The face had deep holes where their eyes and mouth should be, the red eyes were up on their back. It was a skeleton meshed into the creature. It's eyes brought a red glow into the trunk of the tree, the creature screamed and disappeared.

Abby's breath was having trouble catching up. Her hands gripped her calf. It felt like multiple splinters had cut open her leg. She knew it was deep by the amount of blood. She felt herself get light and dizzy. She looked at Joey, tears welling up. "I'm so sorry..." Blackness.
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[center [font "Tahoma" Joey chuckled lightly, watching Abby struggle to open the door. "Do you need some help, Jesus." He teased as she took one last try at the door, getting it to crack open. Joey raised his eyebrows, impressed. He slow clapped as he got behind her. He held onto the back of her shirt as the two pushed their way through the door.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" Somehow, she grabbed his hand, squeezing it super tight. He hadn't noticed because once they passed through the door, he was hit with a sudden freeze. His hands went up quickly around himself. "Fuck girl, it's freezing." He said, looking around at their surroundings.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" His eyes grew wide, "It's like Narnia!" He shouted, a little too excited. He took a few steps forward, taking in the view. It was truly something out of Narnia. It crazy that they stepped through a door and here we are. Surrounded by the biggest trees he's ever seen. You would of thought it was summer except it was freezing cold.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" He broke out of his star when Abby started freaking out. He twirled around, noticing the shaking in her voice. He rushed to her, wrapping his arms tightly around her. "It's cool, calm down." He said, squeezing her. He eventually released her once she calmed down.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" He had to remain calm for Abby's sake. He knew if she broke down, it would be over. She was the strong one, Joey was not. He sucked in air tightly, looking around him.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" "Abby...I don't know where we are. But the door is fucking gone and we need to get out of here. Find someone." He told her as he looked straight ahead. There was just miles of trees and it was already freezing. They hadn't exactly prepared for this.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" He took her hand in his, "We gotta move, Ab. We can't stay here, we will freeze." His tone serious as he practically dragged Abby until she submitted.]]
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Abby stood back, watching Joey strike the door. She had never seen him do this much physical work in a long ass time. In gym, they never really paid too much attention to what they were suppose to do. They were those kids that would walk the mile run.

Chips of wood flung everywhere. Abby tried her best to over her face but couldn't help feeling a few splinters lodge themselves into her cheek. [#4783E5 "Damn dude, can't you calm down with that?"] She shouted over the cracking of wood.

Once Joey got a decent amount of the board off, it was revealed. There stood a door. It was an older time door. The wood almost looked moist and mold grew on the outer edges. The door knob was just a hoop hanging there. Abby looked over at Joey, the same puzzling expression on his face was on hers.

[#4783E5 "Yeah, yeah.."] she agreed with him, stepping forward and centered in front of the door. She reacted out, wrapping her fingers around the hoop. The hoop was freezing cold. At first, she tried to push it open with just the hoop. [#4783E5 "This door is fucked."] She said, as she rammed her shoulder into the door. She did it twice before she heard a click. The door released and hung slightly open. A dim light cracked around the door and a chilling breeze broke through.

[#4783E5 "Ladies first I suppose...'] She said, ushering Joey to get directly behind her. With a final shove, they walked through the door together.

When Abby walked through, she had shut her eyes. She had also managed to grip Joey's hand. When she opened her eyes, she released his hand. [#4783E5 "sorry dude, didn't mean to grip you that hard."] she assured, rubbing her own hand from his grip. She took a moment and looked around.

Her and Joey were in a forest. It almost seemed like they weren't in the basement anymore. Large trees that were super wide covered much of the land. Abby looked up, noticing it was impossible to see the sky. The tree tops covered the whole forest roof. That would explain the very dim lighting. The only true light that was shining was around the trees.

Abby turned around, back towards the door. [#4783E5 "Oh, shit, what the fuck."] She started panicking, [#4783E5 "Where's the door? Where is the fucking door!"] She screamed, searching around and spinning. [#4783E5 "This doesn't make sense. Where are we, Joey?"] Her eyes were large, taking in the scenery.

Parts of the tree bark was peeling off. Underneath was a bright blue wood, which is where the light was coming from. The ground was just normal grass from what she could see. She didn't see anyone around, she didn't hear anything. It was silence.
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[center [font "Tahoma" The nineteen year old boy stirred in his sleep as Abby's voice broke through his dreams. He blinked a few times at the blue hair soon became unfuzzy. "Abby, what the hell. What time is it?" He asked, rubbing his eyes as she proceeded to talk.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" Joey grabbed his glasses off the table, sliding them behind his ears. "Really? Thats...convenient." He thought to himself, as he shrugged his shoulders. "I think I know how we should go about it. Doesn't your dad have a sledgehammer? I really think that would be better than your hammer. If your dad's foot didn't break it, I don't know what will. I think the sledgehammer is the," He did a thumbs up, "good way to gooo."]]

[center [font "Tahoma" Joey sighed, looking at Abby. He could see the sadness and worry in her eyes. He sat next to her, wrapping his arm around her. He loved her like a sister and to see such hurt, hurt him.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" "Look, as creepy as it is, we heard a voice. It didn't sound like your mother's voice, Abby. There definitely is something going on down there..." He muttered.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" [i Knock. Knock. Knock.]]]

[center [font "tahoma" His head turned so quickly as he jumped. The noise came from downstairs, near the kitchen. He looked down at Abby, "Guess it's time to see what's down there..." He walked over her legs and headed towards the kitchen.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" He made his way downstairs, slowly going down the steps. He stopped at the bottom and reached up to turn the light on. "Grab the sledgehammer would ya?" He shouted up as he waited for her to come downstairs.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" Together, they made their way back to that giant piece of plywood.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" Joey stood in front of it. He wasn't a very muscular man. He was usually shy and kind of weak. He held the sledgehammer in his hand, looking at the wood. "Are you ready?" He asked her as he shooed her. "Stand back, I don't want wood or the sledgehammer to come back at you." He said, readying himself. Once she was a fair distance away, Joey lifted the sledgehammer and smashed it as hard as he could against the wood. Nothing.]]

[center [font "tahoma" Again. Again. Again. Several times until the wood started cracking and breaking in. [i Smash. Smash. Smash.] He sat the sledgehammer down, wiping his forehead. He peeled back a few pieces of extra wood exposing an old time door. The handle was one of those older ones, just a circle you tug on. No knob.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" Catching his breath, he turned to Abby. "A door?" He asked, slightly confused. "Why wouldn't you just lock a door??" He questioned out loud. He stood back, looking at the door. "I did the physical work...you can open the door." He paused, "Lets hope it holds the answers we want."]]
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[#4783E5 "What the fuck was that....he knew it was down here? how did he know?"] She frantically asked Joey as she squeezed out from the corner they were hiding in.

She looked at the wood, a dirt mark from where her father had hit it. He hadn't even cracked the wood.

Her dad knew the plywood was down there, the cemented hole in the wall. How long had he known it was there? Did he know what was behind it? Why did he kick it? Why was he even mad? WHAT DOES HE KNOW ABOUT THAT DAMN PATH?

Her anxiety filled up as she followed Joey upstairs and back into the living room. She sat down on the couch, holding her head in her hands. [#4783E5 "I just...I don't get it..."] She said, shaking her head. [#4783E5 "Tomorrow, we have to find out what is behind that thing. I need to know."] She stared intently at Joey, wiping her eyes.

[center ______________________]

Abby shot up, sweating and panting on the couch. She looked around, Joey over in the chair, scrunched up. She put her hand on her head, [#4783E5 "I'm over this..."] She mumbled, throwing the sheets off of her and getting up. She had a restless nights sleep, kept dreaming of breaking through the plywood and a bright light shining through.

She opened up the top of the Keurig, sliding in a K-Cup and closing the lid. A soft pop noise from the needle puncturing the lid. She smiled in satisfaction as she selected the large cup button. She slide over, grabbing the sugar, noticing the note laying on the counter.

[center [size10 Hey, Abby! Your dad and I are going out of town today and tomorrow. We will be back Monday, early morning. The fridge is stocked, be safe with Joey!]]

[right [size10 Love, Josie]]

She grinned in satisfaction as the Keurig squeezed out the rest of her coffee. It was perfect timing since her and Joey were going to break through the plywood. She gripped the coffee mug and placed it on the counter, stirring in cream and sugar.

She shook her head, blinking a few times. She tapped the spoon on the side of her cup and placed it on a paper towel. She made her way back into the living room, where she sat down and placed the cup to her lips. She blew slightly, chilling the liquid as she sipped it carefully. She glanced over at Joey, noticing him stirring.

She leaned in, placing her cup on a coaster. [#4783E5 "Joey? Joey, hey."] She said, shaking his knee. [#4783E5 "I've got great news!"] She exclaimed. [#4783E5 "Josie and my dad left. So we won't have to worry about needing to be quiet. They'll be gone for the rest of this weekend."] She explained, taking a pause.

She gripped her hands, sucking in the air tightly. [#4783E5 "I...you don't think my mom is down there right?"] She asked, looking up at Joey.

That had been in the back of her mind. Was there someway her mother was behind that plywood? What even WAS behind the plywood? A tunnel? A stair way? They had no idea...but she was going to find out today.
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[center [font "Tahoma" Joey raised an eyebrow at her. She seemed disturbed about something. "What about the day you're having? What's going on, Abby?" He asked her, worry on his face. When she said nevermind, he just huffed and leaned against the couch. When Abby made up her mind about something, it was that way. No way to change it. So, he just accepted it.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" After watching White Chicks, gossiping between a few scenes, Abby had fallen asleep way before he did. It was about 12am when he noticed the kitchen light was on. Joey stood up, looking down at Abby. He reached down, gently taking her glasses off and sitting them on the table. He admired her for a moment. Her bright blue hair and her soft face. She looked so at peace.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" He walked past her and into the kitchen. Her dad was standing there, drinking a beer. "Hey." He said as Joey rubbed the back of his head. "Er, hey. I didn't mean to interupt whatever..." He motioned around as her dad waved.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" "Honestly, Joe, don't worry about it. I'm actually glad you're up." He said, motioning to a barstood around the center island. Joey slide into it, placing his elbow on the table and resting his chin in his palm. "Look, I wanted to say thank you for taking care of Abby. Her mother handled her better than I did. Abby and I never did get along very well." He went kind of quiet.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" Joey huffed. He hated being called Joe and he knew this speech. Her dad was drunk. "You're welcome." He said, looking at Kevin, her dad. "Yeah, her mom meant a lot. Wish we could get the bastard that killed her." He said, staring intently at her father. He seemed slightly uncomfortable.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" "No one ever said she was killed. She is still missing." He persisted as Joey shrugged his shoulders, yawning.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" "That isn't what everyone thinks." He said, sliding off the stool and leaving her father in the kitchen, nervous.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" Joey came back into the living room where Abby was. He made his way across from her and sat his own glasses on the table. He laid back and shuffled more into the couch, trying to become comfortable. Bailee jumped up, purring as she climbed ontop of him. She began kneading his chest as Joey slowly slipped into sleep.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" "Ahh, ahh, what the heck!" He yelled as Abby was in his face shaking him. Before he could even think about it, he was being dragged off into the kitchen by his blue haired companion. Luckily, he snagged his glasses. He slide them on as they stood in front of the basement door.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" Personally, he didn't like basements already. In horror movies, that is 9 times out of 10 where the person is going to get killed. He wasn't in for it. "Abby, I don't think we should go down there..." He said as she looked at him. [i "No matter what happens, don't leave me behind. I won't leave you behind."] Fuck, he nodded, wrapping his pinky around hers and squeezing it tightly.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" She did do the honors of taking the lead. She made her way down the stairs, holding his hand as they made their way down. They stopped at the bottom. He started to panic when the light didn't work. She eventually found a flash light and guided the way.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" The basement was the biggest one he had ever seen. It was filled with boxes and more boxes. It was absolutely insane. He couldn't believe how much stuff was left from her grandfather.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" He tried speed walking to stay up to speed with a running Abby. When she finally stopped, he caught his breath, breathing in heavily. He looked up and there was a giant sheet of plywood. His eyebrows raised in confusion. It seemed to of been nailed into the wall, the cement wall. Whoever had placed it there, didn't want it taken down.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" Abby looked over and started explaining her story. How something behind the plywood said her name. The minute she mentioned it, it creeped him out but also made him think she was crazy. He knew her sleeping schedule. She was probably just lacking sleep.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" His eyes shifted towards the door when he heard his name in a low whisper. His heart stopped and he felt all his blood drain from his face. "Abby..." He muttered, "Abby, Abby..." He said, multiple times as she was banging things around. His blue haired friend made her way back, holding a hammer. She looked determined.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" He refused to take the flashlight, "Abby, no. Your parents are asleep. They will hear this. We don't even know what is back there." He complained, trying to take the hammer out of her hand.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" He groaned after a few moments of arguing with her. "Fine, how about this, your parents both go to work early tomorrow, yeah?" He verified. "Lets do it once they leave. That way, if we make noise, no one will hear it and it will be fucking day time!" I whisper yelled at her, hoping to make my point.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" "I'm going back upstairs. If you join me, I'll assume we are doing it tomorrow. If not..." He shrugged his arms, standing up. He muttered to himself, "Now I just have to get out of here without any light!" He complained, making his way carefully through the basement.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" Before he could make it to the stairs, the door opened. Joey stopped suddenly as he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. He looked around quickly, making his way back to Abby. He grabbed her and paced around. He found a small hallway and pushed Abby back there and himself. He covered her mouth with his hand, trying to hold in his own breath.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" He heard a click from whoever it was turning on the light. Nothing. There was a few shuffles and then a strobe of light pacing around on the walls. Someone was coming closer. From where they were, they had perfect sight of the piece of plywood.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" Kevin. He stood there in front of it, staring intently. He mumbled a few curse words, a few rants, kicked the plywood and turned around. He waited a few minutes until he heard the footsteps go upstairs and the basement door shut. He released Abby from his grasp, helping her out of the scrunched space. Joey stood there, staring at the scuff marks her dad had left on the wood.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" He looked over at Abby, "Tomorrow...I promise we will see."]]
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Abby screamed as Joey jumped over the couch. She threw her phone which made a loud thud on the wooden floor behind the couch. She pressed her lips into a fine line and furrowed her eyebrows. She punched him in the arm and cursed. [#4783E5 "God damnit, Joey. What the fuck."] She said, sitting up on the couch and stretching for her phone. She groaned a little bit as she finally hooked her pinky on it and pulled it closer. She stuffed her phone in her hoodie and sat back facing the TV.

She watched Joey stuff his mouth full of popcorn and made a disgusted face. [#4783E5 "Jesus, you act like you don't eat at home."] She teased as he looked over at her. He kept flipping between the channels and she eventually became annoyed. She grabbed the remote from his hand, and chose comedy. [#4783E5 "After the day I've had...."] She started, thinking back to the basement.

She shuddered. She hadn't been down there the rest of the day. Maybe she was just hallucinating? She hadn't been getting very good sleep lately and had insomnia pretty bad the other night.

[#4783E5 "Nevermind, it's stupid."] She said, brushing Joey off as she flipped through a few comedy movies. [#4783E5 "Ooo! Here, White Chicks. That's funny, ya?"] She said, pushing her glasses up and hitting play. She grabbed the popcorn bowl and sat it between the two. Popping a few pieces into her mouth while petting Bailee.

It was a few hours later. Abby woke herself up to the Netflix screen asking, "Are you still watching?". She looked over and Joey was asleep as well, Bailee on his chest. Abby smiled a little bit as she felt for her glasses on the table. She slipped them on, standing up and grabbing the popcorn bowl. She made her way to the kitchen to rinse the bowl.

As she was rinsing the bowl, she noticed a funny knocking noise. It sounded like it may of been the sink so Abby didn't think too much of it. She just brushed it off. It wasn't until she turned off the sink that she continued to hear it. Her ears perked up and she turned around, towards the door where the basement was. [#4783E5 "This is some horror movie shit! We don't do this, we do not!"] She groaned, shaking her head. She slowly made her way to the door, opening it slowly. It was just a long hall the decended into darkness. She waited a moment, listening intently. She jumped and slammed the door when the knocking was confirmed to be from the basement.

Abby rushed back to where Joey was, moving Bailee off of him and shaking him roughly. [#4783E5 "Joey, joey. Wake up!"] She whisper yelled. [#4783E5 "Follow me. Don't ask fuckin' questions right now. Just fucking come on!"] She rushed, grabbing him by the wrist and dragging him behind her. She stopped when they approached the door to the basement. The knocking still coming every thirty or so seconds.

[#4783E5 "No matter what happens, don't leave me behind. I won't leave you behind."] She said, looking over at Joey. [#4783E5 "Promise me."] She said, holding her pinky out.

She started to descend down the stairs, holding onto Joey's hand. Fear was entering her heart, it felt like she was going to have a heart attack at the age of eighteen. As they entered the basement, she tried to turn the light on as she did before. Sadly, it refused to turn on. [#4783E5 "Well that's amazing."] She groaned, letting go of Joey's hand. [#4783E5 "It's hard to look for a fucking flash light with spooky knocking!"] She yelled as the knocking silence. She stopped, turning to Joey. [#4783E5 "It stopped..."] She said, pulling the flash light out of the drawer and hitting click.

She moved a little quicker towards the door, looking back to make sure Joey was following through the mounds of boxes in the basement. [#4783E5 "Keep up, Joe."] She'd occasionally say until she came face to face with that same block of plywood.

[#4783E5 "Joey...I'm going to tell you something..."] She started, shining the flash light in his face. [#4783E5 "This piece of wood...whatever is behind it, said my name earlier."] She came up to Joey, grabbing his face in her hands. [#4783E5 "We've known each other for a very long time. You know I don't believe in ghostly shit but this...I'm not crazy, Joey."]

[center [size10 Joey, Joey, Joey!]]

A little voice yelled from behind the plywood. Her head flipped so fast as she rushed to the plywood. It was still cold as she knocked on the wood. [#4783E5 "Hello? Hello? Who is there?"] She whispered, pressing her ear to the wood. Nobody answered her. [#4783E5 "I have to get through this wall."] She said, grabbing the flashlight off the floor and shining it around. She found a hammer and rushed back over to the door.

She pressed the flash light into Joey's chest. [#4783E5 "Take this. Hold it so I can get behind this fucking wood."]
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[center [font "Tahoma" Joey sat at his desk, his legs shaking viciously under it as he flipped the page of his book. He did his best to avoid the screaming outside his door but it was too much. He was so glad it was Friday night. He was going to get out of here. The screaming was going to be silenced.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" Joey grinned at his cat, Bailee. She was his all black, green eyed beauty. Somehow he knew she was watching him and making sure he was okay. She rubbed against his chin as she flopped onto his book. Her purring sounded so loud that the screaming his parents were doing was irrelevant.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" It was Friday night and his best friend, Abby, had moved into her new home. He was so excited for her. He didn't get all the details but he knew it was her mother's childhood home. She had to celebrate and invited him. It was going to be a full weekend of just him and her. He couldn't wait.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" There were many times that he had gotten bullied at school. Joey wore skinny jeans with a dress shirt buttoned all the way up. He wasn't the most fashionable. To say the least, Joey was experiencing issues with his sexuality. He had kissed a boy over the summer but it was a peck and left him confused. He has always had love for Abby but he couldn't tell if it was sisterly or something more. With the pressures of his home, it just all wasn't helping.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" Joey had felt connected to Abby because of their homes. When her mother died, she told him that her step mom had practically showed up the next day. He had expressed his disapproval for Abby's father. Personally, he thought the guy killed her and paid the cops off. That was just his opinion.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" He stood up, looking at his somewhat muscular frame. He smiled lightly at himself, pushing his glasses up. "Come on, Bailee. We have to get ready to see Abby." He told his cat, tossing his backpack on the bed. Joey stuffed two pairs of pants, three shirts, a pair of PJ's, his slippers, his charger and his PS4 controller. He placed his harness on Bailee and slide his backpack on.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" Bailee went with Joey everywhere. Abby had actually bought a cat box for Bailee for when he comes over. She loved her just as much as he did.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" He stuffed his phone in his pocket, grabbing Bailee and placing her in his cat backpack. He breathed in deeply. "Lets face em.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" He walked out of his bedroom and into the living room. His dad was spread eagle on the couch as his mother laid her head near his crouch. He couldn't help but stare at her dry tears as she sniffled. "Going to Abby's sweety?" Her voice cracked as he nodded quickly. "Have a fun time..." Her voice weak as he nodded again.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" Before he exited the door, his father yelled, "Yeah, bye, faggot." Joey had stopped in front of the door, taking a deep breath. "Asshole." He whispered under his breath as he opened the door, slamming it behind him.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" The drive over was intense. He was aggravated at his dad but also panicking because it was foggy outside. He felt hopeful when he finally pulled into the house. It was his first time seeing it and couldn't believe how big it was. It had a gate that wrapped around outside. Thankfully Abby gave him the code to buzz him in.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" The front doors were like three of Joey and he was 6ft tall. He stood up straight, sitting Bailee on the floor, holding the leash. He pulled his fist up and knocked on the door twice. He could hear it echo as a mumbled male voice was heard on the other side. Her father opened the door, beer in hand and grinned. "How ya doin' sport?" He asked as Joey pressed his lips into a fine line.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" "I'm, I'm doing alright, Sir." He said as her dad stepped aside, letting him pass. "Thank you, sir." He said, speed walking pass her dad. Inside it was pretty confusing. Joey was already lost when a hand slide on his shoulder.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" "Hey, Joey." Her step mom said, hugging him. "How're you doing sweetie?"]]

[center [font "Tahoma" Joey didn't necessarily hate her step mom but he wasn't impressed. He would think she wouldn't get with a guy whose wife went missing two weeks before she comes in.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" "I'm doing great, Josie." He smiled. "Where is she?" He asked, looking past her shoulder, into a room that looked lit.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" "She's not that way, she's that way." She said, pointing past him, into a hallway. "There is two living rooms." He raised his eyebrows. "Yes, really." She laughed lightly as he nodded.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" "Thank you, Josie." He said, turning around and tugging Bailee along. ]]

[center [font "tahoma" He entered a room where Abby's back was to him. He remained quiet, approaching slowly. He jumped over the couch, yelling "Boo!" as she screamed. He laughed as he stood up. "I got you so goood," He laughed, taking his backpack off.]]

[center [font "Tahoma" "I see you've got some popcorn ready." He said, grabbing a fist full and stuffing his mouth. He grabbed the controller as he looked through the movie channels. "What do you want to watch? Something spooky? Something funny? Something....spooooky" He chuckled as Bailee jumped up between the two. He looked over at Abby, flipping between the comedy and horror section.]]
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"Be careful, Abby!" Her step-mother yelled as the younger blue haired woman balanced the load of boxes in her arms. [#4783E5 "I will, mom. Don't worry."] She mumbled underneath the boxes, heading downstairs into the basement.

Abby's step-mom and her father had just moved into her great grandfathers home. They inherited about a year ago when he passed away. He said it's what her mother would of wanted, her to be in her home. Abby didn't quite get it. She was just excited to be out of the small apartment the three of them shared together.

She was in her last year of high school. It had been nearly four years since her mother had went missing. They had practically sat her case aside and called it quits. Abby still hadn't given up but after four years, it was hard to have hope. Her father, on the other hand, had no problem moving on. He brought her step-mom in practically the next day. Abby had no say.

Abby made her way carefully down the stairs. There were a lot of stairs. It was an older house. Very large. The basement was almost medieval based. It was classical.

She sat the boxes on the table in front of the bottom of the stairs. She huffed, dusting herself off. Her feet skidded on the ground as she looked around. It was pitch black and smelled almost like a blacksmith. She reached up and pulled on the string, releasing the light. There were already a bunch of boxes in the basement. Abby sighed, [#4783E5 "Now, where am I going to put these boxes?"] She groaned, stepping further into the basement.

The basement was one of the largest rooms in the house. Half of it was finished and the other half wasn't. Her dad and step mom was uninterested in the basement as they were informed it was all 'books and photos', which excited Abby. She'd be able to see more pictures of her mother and maybe see a bit of her own childhood.

As Abby traveled deeper into the dust filled basement, she stumbled across a large sheet of plastic. It was nailed to the wall, along with one giant board of plywood. She tilted her head, it was strange and she felt she was entering a horror movie. A secret door that is locked away, in a basement, that is hidden, that is--

[center [size10 "Abby, Abby, Abby!"]]

A very tiny voice rang out as Abby jumped back, [#4783E5 "What the fuck?"] She spoke, looking towards the door. The sound came from behind the nailed shut piece of plywood. Abby approached it, ripping the plastic, exposing more of the plywood. She rethought before she placed her hands on the plywood. The wood was freezing, almost felt like she was touching ice. She leaned in, pressing her ear gently on the wood.

She waited...

and waited...

and waited...

[center [size10 "Abby, get up here now!"]]

Abby jumped away from the plywood as her stepmom yelled at her. She swallowed hard, looking at the door one last time, before walking upstairs.

Since they had just moved in, Abby invited her best friend, Joey to come over and spend the night. Abby had known Joey for about four years. He came right around the time her mother disappeared. He was there for a lot of it. She was so thankful for him staying up countless nights when she was crying or searching for her mother. He really helped her accept it.

Abby was in the kitchen, playing on her phone and listening to the popcorn pop. Joey was suppose to show up any minute now. She had the popcorn popping and some M&Ms to put in the popcorn. She had Joey's favorite drink, Starbucks Pink Drink and her own, Vanilla Bean Frappe. Her dad came in, "Hey, kido." He opened the fridge and grabbed a coke. "Joey coming soon?" He asked as Abby nodded.

[#4783E5 "Yeah, he should be here any minute now, why?"] She asked, placing her phone on the counter and turning her back to her dad.

"You guys...don't have a thing going on right?" He asked as Abby gagged. She shut the microwave, sitting the popcorn on the counter.

[#4783E5 "Seriously? No. He's a friend."] She defended as she shook the popcorn, pouring it into the bowl. She walked past her dad and headed towards the separate living room from her guardians.
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