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A real, genuine smile appeared on the males face for the first time in years after that. This was his chance to start over, and he was going to take it! "I think I'd like that, Jas." he said, his old icy appearance slightly melting away. It was actually making him feel a lot better, having someone he could trust, someone who didn't call him a monster because of his past, someone who just treated him as a [b[i somewhat]] normal guy. He was actually quite handsome when he wasn't so icy and he definitely seemed a lot more relaxed around Jasmine than he was originally. As he got up to join the others and join the Association, he said "Thanks for listening by the way, Jas." and he went back, laughing under his breath when he noticed nobody had seen him or Jasmine just vanish. Since he had a bit of time to kill, he turned on his phone and played some of his music, careful to not accidentally freeze his phone, then put his gloves back on. It was a pretty warm day, but the gloves were to block out his magic until he needed them, so he was essentially Killer Frost-ing himself
  GoldenShadow / 174d 5h 3m 8s
Jasmine listened to the male once he began to speak, making sure to be completely silent as she heard his words. Learning his story definitely helped her understand how he felt more accurately. "Well...I'm glad that at the very least, your unfortunate past has finally led you to a much better place in this Association. I had heard about the news regarding Oblivion once, but not enough to know about you. I'm...terribly sorry that you had to go through all of those things, however." The female said towards the boy, going a bit quiet for a while as she did not know how to reply any further. After a few moments, she thought of a way to continue the conversation and went with it. "Once you join the Association...I could try to help you learn how to use your abilities, if you like. I typically have a decent amount of free time each day so it wouldn't negatively affect me or my schedule to spend some time helping you out." Jasmine offered Bliz, now going quiet again but this time to expect an answer.
  Jasmine Marianne / AskTheStaff / 174d 13h 9m 2s
"Both of my parents were ice elementals." Bliz started, fidgeting with his hands a bit. "When I started showing signs of being an Ice elemental, they sent me to this 'prestigious' school called Oblivion. Thought the school would help me control my magic. I found out quick though: Oblivion wasn't teaching mages to control their powers, they were exploiting the mages. Using their powers for their own army, to destroy he other schools and kill anyone who didn't agree with their methods. I escaped with a few of my friends, but we went our separate ways. My friends wanted to hide, find their own ways to control their magic. Not me. I was furious. I went back to my parents, and we rallied as many mages as we could to destroy the school. This was when the Association was just formed. We did destroy the school, and everyone inside, but of all the mages that participated in that war, I was, and am, the only survivor. With my father's dying breath, he told me to come here, to make sure that what Oblivion did never happens again. So for two years I wandered, making my way here, and every time I got close to anyone, something bad would happen and I'd lose control. Every time there's news of a city getting frozen? That was me. I still never learned how to control what it is I have"
  Bliz Ardent / GoldenShadow / 176d 23h 14m 58s
The female sighed in relief when Bliz finally began to open up to her. She listened to what he said, nodding in understanding every now and then, until he was finished speaking. "I'm Jasmine, if I never said it earlier. I'm glad you are willing to trust me." The girl told him, smiling gently as she motioned for him to follow her. Once he did, she led him around the building, continuing to talk. "The most private place for us to talk would be a small conference room in the back that no one is using right now. I do hope it is private enough that you can be comfortable talking about your abilities and origins." Jasmine said, before finally reaching a hallway with a door at the end labeled [i Conference-S]. "Here we are." The female added, opening the door and holding it open for the guest before her. He was new to the Association, and technically hadn't even been made a part of it. However, that didn't change the amount of respect she gave to him. Once they were both in the room, and sat down at a round table, she looked over to the male. "Talk whenever you are ready, my friend." Jasmine smiled gently, in an understanding fashion.
  Jasmine Marianne / AskTheStaff / 186d 4h 38m 11s
"Look, I'm sorry. I know you're just trying to help. It just... Its been a long time since somebody had been willing to help me. If you really think you can help me control my ice, then please do." Bliz said. "Maybe then i don't have to hide anymore. Maybe then I can actually see my powers as a gift, and not as a curse." He couldn't explain what caused his sudden change of heart; maybe it was what she had said to him, but he was trying to not be as cold to her as he was before. "Besides, maybe having a friend is what i need. Name's Bliz by the way and no, that's not a joke." he said, giving the female a rare, fleeting smile. "If you know someplace private we can talk, I'll tell you what made me act this way. Believe it or not, I wasn't born like this." It was obvious that he had chose to come here, and he was here to stay. As much as he wanted to go back to his real home, the Association [i was] his home now. When his parents died, fighting to save the other students trapped at Oblivion, they told him to come here, that if he joined the Association, then the Oblivion school would fall once and for all
  Bliz Ardent / GoldenShadow / 188d 5h 44m 59s
"Kid, we're not just here to help you fit in. Our Association has a branch to help people learn how to control their abilities in a safe environment. I'm sure that the fellow members would be happy to find you a place and aid you in learning how to controller whatever abilities you have. However...I apologize for being a nuisance. I can leave you here if that's what you wish, but I was hoping you would be able to come with me and let me help you. Again, though...I know I can't stop you from keeping yourself isolated, no matter how incorrect making that decision would be, in my opinion." Jasmine explained, sighing afterwards. It was obvious she wanted to help him badly, but at the same time she was too kind and honest to keep getting onto him over and over again. "Just...please consider at least letting me show you around so you know where everything is and where you'll need to be going if you plan on fully joining our Association, at the very least. If that's okay with you, anyway..." She requested with another sigh.
  Jasmine Marianne / AskTheStaff / 188d 13h 40m 47s
Bliz sighed, his blueish-grey eyes filled with pain and loss. "Every time someone gets close to me, or I get close to someone, people get hurt, or worse. Every single time." He said quietly, only [i just] giving her a piece of why he had distanced himself and why he was distancing himself from everybody else. That one piece made a few things suddenly clear: he wasn't hiding himself during the Ceremony on purpose, he was doing it to protect others. He was doing it out of fear of what he could do, what he would do if he had gotten close to someone. It was also clear that he didn't [i want] to live like this. He wanted to have friends, he wanted to have people he could trust, who'd back him up no matter what. He wanted to fall in love, to have a significant other that he knew he would never hurt, but he was scared of his magic, and it was obvious he was. Finally, he rubbed his neck uncomfortably and said "Look, I'm sorry. I just don't know you well enough to tell you why I do what I do, and I don't expect you would even want to know."
As the male had spoke, Jasmine frowned towards him a bit. "Actually, it [b is] my business, as it is my job to make sure [b everyone] participates. Also, no offense, but if you're doing this so you don't have to hide, you're doing a terrible job at it. Just because you're in a building with similar people with similar ideas and goals doesn't mean that you aren't hiding. If you refuse to try to interact with all of these wonderful people, then you're just letting yourself see everything you're missing out on, and hiding once more." The female tried to explain to him, sighing gently.

"As I said, all of us here at this Ceremony are here for each other. I just...don't want someone to be left out..." She tried to explain, her frown turning into more of a sad expression. "I know I can't [b stop] you from hiding like this since it's your decision alone on what to do, but...please try to participate with us. It's an honor to have new faces here such as yourself and at our Association, the goal is for everyone to feel like they matter and are a part of what we are doing." Jasmine added, going silent as she waited to see what the male would reply with.
  Jasmine Marianne / AskTheStaff / 189d 5h 45m 56s
Bliz looked at the female coldly, his arms folded. "Not really your business. I'm only here so I don't have to hide and..." He hesitated. He barely knew this girl, why should he tell her why he was here? His memories still haunted him: losing control and freezing an entire city. After that, he drifted from city to city, never lingering more than a week. He only got the letter by chance. Someone had known his alibi, and managed to get the letter to him before he left. He only saw a chance to escape his past, not to freely give it away to everyone who approached him. She didn't understand... everybody who got close to him, physically [i and] emotionally, ended up hurt. Ever since he was a child.

His parents were like him: Ice elementals. They sent him to a special school to train his powers, to control them. This school didn't do anything like that. They only saw his power, and instead of teaching him to harness and control it, they were far more concerned with having him unleash it upon anyone who didn't agree with their more than questionable methods. Since then, he tried to control his powers as best he could, but they always had some way of unleashing themselves, and hurt people along the way
A female sighed gently as she looked around where she was. It was nice to see so many new faces flowing into the building, with its proper wooden texture that lined the walls and created many distinct characteristics of each wall. When Jasmine had first joined this cause, it had only been a small group of friends. However...now it was finally growing to become a force to be reckoned with. A movement to earn liberty and equality for people just like her. The Association of Magical Justice, as it had been originally called when it started, and would be called for a long time to come.

Today was the day of the Inauguration Ceremony for a new campaign set by the Association's members. It would let new magic and non-magic users join the team, and fight for all of their rights, more than just ones for magic users. Seeing so many new faces in the building brought a spark of hope and confidence in Jasmine's heart. A feeling that her goal could finally be reached one day, to help every single individual who desired such freedoms and happiness.

Then...after a few moments more of glancing around, she noticed a male standing near the corner of the entrance room. He was...isolated...no one was talking to him. She could even see that he seemed to be [b trying] to stay way, of all things. "Now this isn't fit for a Ceremony..." Jasmine told herself gently, before she stepped forward and up to the boy. "Greetings, sir. I see that you have come to our Inauguration Ceremony, which is greatly appreciated. However, why must you distance yourself from people who are just like you and have similar goals? We're all here to help each other." The female said kindly, trying to be as nice as she could for the newcomer.
  Jasmine Marianne / AskTheStaff / 190d 2h 5m 31s

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