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[center Sorry my response is taking so long, for some reason I decided it was a good idea to just write a million and one words so my post should be up soon. ]
  [✉] / Illuminati / 164d 1h 25m 17s
Hell if you wanna control xaxas by all means if it helps with your post. Its only those two in the guilde as far as I know.
  D|L|O / Colorful_insanity / 165d 14h 44m 22s
[center No, it's okay! I was just exhausted from going to class so I didn't want to use too much brain power to come up with an entrance but it's the weekend so I'm ready to go. Do you mind if I use some [i other] player dialogue? Meaning random players I make up just for some background noise, no controlling of other peoples characters. ]
  [✉] / Illuminati / 165d 14h 45m 38s
Do i need to work some stuff for your healer person?
  D|L|O / Colorful_insanity / 165d 14h 48m 25s
[center Admittedly I was waiting to see if anyone else would post something I could bounce off of, but, no dice. Maybe someone needs to contact all the people who applied and see if they're still in? I'll work on a response now, hopefully it'll be up today or tomorrow. ]
  [✉] / Illuminati / 165d 14h 50m 37s
This Didn't die already has it?? As that would be a shame. I want to see how this would play out.
  D|L|O / Colorful_insanity / 165d 16h 46m 2s
I believe we are free to post. Mel just asked i start it as she didnt know how.
  D|L|O / Colorful_insanity / 170d 18h 11m 24s
[center Are we free to start posting after you? I wouldn't mind waiting for Mel is if that's what she wants. :^)]
  [✉] / Illuminati / 170d 20h 13m 29s
Well shit woops. Sorry folks i guess im starting this up on request of Mel. Ill get a post up later today or early sunday
  D|L|O / Colorful_insanity / 172d 7h 5m 48s
As far as I know it is still a thing. I figure we were waiting in melmetal ti get us started.
  D|L|O / Colorful_insanity / 173d 15h 24m 6s
[center How's everyone doing? Just checking up and seeing if this is still a thing. :^)]
  [✉] / Illuminati / 173d 18h 24m 11s
We've got it all solved :) :)

So we have

1 tank
0 offtank
3 melee dps
1 ranged dps
1 tank heal
1 group heal
  D|L|O / Colorful_insanity / 181d 18h 18m 33s
[center Okay, well I requested access for the main thread for whenever we start. :^)]
  [✉] / Illuminati / 182d 1h 7m 53s
Welcome aboard. <3 Lol, that quote at the top is fantastic. You've got my approval, too.

EDIT: I think we have enough folks for now, we're waiting on a few sheets still but there's no harm in starting intros. I'll start posting mine later today/this afternoon. ^^
  1 SCALY BOI / Melmetal / 182d 3h 18m 15s
[center I usually main heals in MMO's that I play so I felt most comfortable playing as a healer. :^) Are we waiting for 10 people (characters) before you all start?]
  [✉] / Illuminati / 182d 5h 22m 41s

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