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Dragons and man had lived in peace long ago. The dragons had been created by the gods and goddesses in hopes of keeping the humans on the right path.
The dragons even aided the humans in construction of buildings, and offered their magic/powers to certain individuals.

However, like all worlds, the peace was not to last.
Man has his own ways, and dragons were soon seen as a threat to the superiority of man. So, the humans used the trust they gained with the betray the very beasts that had helped them from the beginning.
The humans had entered Mount Draconis itself, the home of the Dragons. They infiltrated the caves, killing every dragon in sight; be it an elder, to even a helpless chick, they left none alive.
During this, the Dragon King had left for a border patrol. He and his group had heard the uproar in the mountains, instantly heading back. When the King and the followers with him returned, they were met with a gruesome sight.
Blood splattered the walls, bodies of dragons and humans were sprawled across the cave floors. Out of all the caves, the Brood caves were the worst...Defenseless chicks, smashed eggs, and dragonelles had been murdered in cold-blood.
The Dragon King hurried to his cave where his mate waited...but he was too late...
In the nest, laid the golden form of his mate, the Dragon Queen...she was dead, having been killed protecting his only 2 heirs; the Dragon Prince and Dragon Princess...
From that day to now, the Dragon King vowed vengeance upon all of mankind.

Even now, years since that incident, war is still going on between dragon and man. The dragons' hatred for man continued to grow as more of their kin were killed, as the same could be said for the humans...

Yet, hope remained. There was a certain dragonelle who wished for peace...the Dragon Princess herself. Though, she probably would've felt the same like many of the other dragons...however, her mother's dying wish she kept close to her heart: [i 'P-p-please...don't blame...the is only...only t-their f-f-fear us...don't let in v-v-vain...j-just promise me...p-p-promise me make peace...p-peace with the...humans...']

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The Dragon Princess had left the mountains, heading to the usual small lake in the middle of the forest. It was near human territory, but still on the dragon's side. The golden dragonelle remembered coming here often with her mother when she was but a chick.
She always came here to think, remember happier times. However, today was different. The young dragonelle wasn't expecting a visitor...

The Human Prince had been sent to scout out this area. He had no idea he'd run into a dragon, and the Dragon Princess at that.

What happens when the 2 confront one another? Will peace ever come between the dragons and humans, or will the war continue?
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William did his best to stand before the dragon and hold his stance, and to the naked eye he did. Though a keener sight would see that he was just barely staying vertical, he was unlikely to pose any real danger tot he beast and he knew it, but he had to atleast look like he could...

Though, the disguise fell apart when the dragon surged at him, he tried to swing his sword as her approaching head out of reflex. However his broken ribs denied him any real movement, twisting inside his chest. The immense pain caused him to cry out, as a result of his sudden loss of focus, his weak legs gave out, sending him to the ground on his back.

Gritting his teeth at her words, the human shakily moved his head up to glare at her. "Just trying to survive!? Tell that... tell it to the little children and unarmed people that one of your kin just burned to ash. I guess some harmless fishing village is a threat to dragonkind huh?" Not long after he spoke, he would gasp, his head falling back on the ground.

"I have a cat... she looks nothing like me, acts nothing like me... but I do not think her a monster... but you dragons... you are monsters... winged nightmares. So go ahead and kill me, its what you live for isn't it? Kill anything that doesn't bend a knee to you?"
  Silent Knight, William / Mephilis / 1y 17d 3h 37m 51s
[h3 [center Princess Farah Dahaka]]
She continued to watch him, study him. The dragonelle most certainly hadn't expected the human to suddenly move, giving his current condition. Instinctively, she recoiled back, lips twitching as her fangs showed. The spine along her back was flared to its fullest, pupils narrowed into thin slits that were nearly lost in the vast bright green of her eyes. A low growl resonated from her.
Her eyes landed on the man's sword. A forked tongue flicked out of her muzzle, testing the air. There was something...strange about it, but then she couldn't be sure. The dragonelle honestly knew little to nothing about weapons or even fighting, as her father had made it a point to keep her away from the conflicts. For her, it all came down to the natural instincts she simply hatched with.
The dragonelle lowered her horned head, keeping her softer underbelly covered in a sense. She knew better than to expose her stomach. This human may be injured, but even something hurt could still prove to be a threat. It was best to stay on guard, incase things took a turn for the worse.
Hearing the man's voice and the comment of her speaking, she seemingly rolled her eyes. Her green gaze returned back to him, [#daa520 "Of course I can speak. Are all humans this daft?"]
The beast's eyes narrowed once again. She curled her lips back, showing her fangs as a few sparks feel from her muzzle, [#daa520 "I see no point in killing something or someone unless it is either for food or in defense. You have yet to attack me, so you haven't given me a reason. As for this 'caring', I don't really care."]
Her eyes suddenly flashed as she heard the word 'monster'. The golden beast suddenly shoved her head awfully close to the man, seemingly forgetting about the blade as she stepped forward. Smoke billowed out of her nostrils as she snarled.
[#daa520 "Who is the true 'monster', hm? Humans tend to label anything that doesn't look or act like them a 'monster', when said 'monster' is trying to survive."]
She probably should've thought her words out. The dragonelle knew that dragons were just as judgmental as humans, but when constantly being called a certain name, it was no surprise she would snap.
  Princess Farah Dahaka / Dragoncita / 1y 21d 1h 42m 58s
The human was not able to gauge where he was base don searching his surroundings, and it did not take too long to figure out why. His blue eyes shot to life as he saw the large golden form of a dragon moving in his direction. Gold, that was not a common color by any means, infact, in his years of fighting the monsters, William had never even seen one. This one must have been more powerful than most... not that it would need to be, given the knight's condition.

Growling under his breathe, the human used his one good arm to push himself off the ground. He then forced his pained legs to pull their, and his weight as he slowly stood up. Clenching his teeth, and eyes shut as he bit back the urge to scream in pain as his broken ribs moved inside his chest. He would force his eyes open, seeing the massive reptile come ever so much closer to him.

Throwing his left arm onto the hilt of his sheathed longsword, William took a moment to take a deep breath before pulling the blade free. The sword itself was of curious design, and resonated a aura that suggested it had been enchanted to a degree. He noticed quite clearly, the dragon's defensive posture, and took a defensive stance of his own... or the best he could managed with one arm, and a less than reliable center.

His gaze toward the golden beast would be an intense one, filled with determination, and anger, however unlike most humans the dragon may have seen. his eyes did not seem to carry within them the emotion hatred. There was, however, a faint undertone of fear as he watched the monster before him.

His expression changed to one of confusion as the dragon spoke, he was not fully expecting the voice he heard. Dragons did not speak to humans in his experience, he was not even aware they could speak.
"You... can... speak?" He asked for a moment, showing his inward confusion at this discovery. "Why... why do you care? Aren't you going to kill me? I may be wounded, but I will not go quietly... monster!"
  Silent Knight, William / Mephilis / 1y 29d 2h 30m 47s
[h3 [center Princess Farah Dahaka]]
The dragonelle's head shot up, green eyes glowing. The pupils narrowed into thin slits that were nearly lost in the vast green. A forked tongue flicked from her muzzle, testing the air. Their were two, unmistakable scents in the air; blood and humans.
The spine along her back instantly flared upwards. Her head turned back and forth, wings unfolding from her sides, readying to take flight. The scent of humans was something she grew to fear. She knew all too well what they were capable of, what they had done...
Her green eyes traveled across the lake to the other side. Laying there, was a man, who didn't appear to be in the best of conditions. The dragonelle paused, hesitant.
A frown appeared on her muzzle as her father's words echoed in her mind; [i 'The humans deserve no mercy. Any man or woman found on our lands is to be killed. No questions or hesitation, just death.'] That was the order that all dragons were given, and she knew it quite well.
However, this dragonelle was one of the few that would be considered strange. Granted, she never let her father, the Dragon King, know of her thoughts about humans.

The golden beast shook her head, as if trying to clear her thoughts. She started forward, but her wings remained unfolded, spine erect as she was alert and ready to spring into action should this human prove to be an actual threat.
As she neared, she stopped some ways from the injured human. The dragonelle's head tilted in one direction, griff rattling softly as it had unfolded, covering her sensitive earholes. The beast flared her wings outwards, giving the appearance of being much larger than she truly was, a defensive posture, to intimidate. She was by no means a fighter. Fight of flight, the dragonelle always chose flight.
[#daa520 "Bit far from your home human,"] a feminine voice left the dragonelle's mouth as she glared at him.
Despite her intimidating and defensive stance, there was almost also a hint of curiosity there.
  Princess Farah Dahaka / Dragoncita / 1y 32d 1h 41m 1s
It was a rather long running dream of mankind, to fly through the skies not unlike the dragons themselves... However, the dream seldom included the part about being trapped in a dragon's mouth! William, a wandering, self-proclaimed knight, had happened upon a village that had been besieged by a large, black dragon and proceeded to aid in its defense. Unlike the militia and guards, this human was accustomed to fighting the large beasts, and managed to provoke the beast's ire. The large reptile had caught the human in its mouth before deciding to fly away from the village.

Even now, as the monster soars through the sky, it is attempting the kill the troublesome human, using its tongue to move him towards its deathly teeth, were it would simply chomp him. However, William managed to avoid this fate, as well as being outright swallowed by the dragon. Finally, the beast became too irritated with the human to care, and began inhaling a deep breath, surely intent on just burning the knight alive.

Noticing this danger, William got a hand on his sword and began to slash and stab frantically at everything he could reach. The sudden surge of pain caused the black beast to cry out in pain, opening its mouth as it did so. As the flames came spurting out of its open maw, so too did the human, he was not unscaved by the flames, but at least he had gotten out, rather being trapped in that thing's burning mouth.

As the dragon checked the damage in its mouth, it lost sight of William as he fell into an ocean of trees. The fall was rather painful, hitting more than a few limps on the way down,a nd breaking several ribs, and even his right arm until, finally, he hit the solid ground, letting out a rather loud cry that was muffled by a rush of blood that came out of his mouth, not to mentioned his full helmet.

Wasting little time, the weakened human began to crawl, hoping to escape the dragon's notice, as he was no longer in a state to fight anyone. First, and foremost, he had to find his sword, using his left, and only good arm, he would slowly pull himself across the ground, several feet at a time. As he moved one of the nearby trees, he saw the hilt of his weapon, a sigh of relief turned into a grunt of pain as he forgot about his broken ribs. Crawling to the weapon, he would recover it, and slowly slide it back into its sheath.

He would continue to crawl, the sound of the dragon flying overhead, was a source of great urgency for the man, as he knew it could kill him effortlessly now, and that it would, vile monster. With a little time, and alot of luck, the dragon's sounds ceased, appearing to have given up.

Finally, he crawled out of the forest, and was even more relived to see water nearby. He quickly began to crawl toward this body of water that he assumed was a lake due to its still surface. As he reached the water's bank, the human pulled off his helm, revealing his long, sweaty and somewhat bloody brown hair. His left hand reached into the water and pulled a small amount out in his palm, which he began to use in an attempt to clean his face. After a few rounds of attempted cleaning, he began to look around to try and figure out where he was.
  Silent Knight, William / Mephilis / 1y 34d 5h 54m 39s
[h3 [center Princess Farah Dahaka]]
There was a flash of golden scales glittering in the sun. A shape soared overhead, descending from the peaks of the massive mountain of Draconis. Only the keenest of eyes would've caught the movement as the thing moved across the clear sky.
After some time, it started to slow, circling downwards towards a lake on the outskirts of the Dragon Territory. As the shape came to a standstill, it revealed a brilliant golden dragonelle.
The creature paused, looking around carefully. A forked tongue flicked from her muzzle, testing the air. Her green eyes glowed, the pupils narrowed into slits. The spine along her back was slightly raised, showing her alertness. The dragonelle slowly moved across the earth.
She soon came to rest by the edge of the clear lake. The golden beast leaned her head down, taking a few laps of the cool water, then lifting her head again, looking around. Sensing no immediate danger, she seemed to become fully relaxed. The spine along her back lowered, settling down on her haunches. The dragonelle curled her tail around herself, rustling her wings.
Her green eyes looked over the world around her. Memories were here, times when there was peace, but that was so long ago. Now, the world was only ravaged by war. The creature seemingly sighed, plumes of smoke escaping her nostrils. The dragonelle turned her gaze to look back at the surface of the water and her reflection, seemingly lost in thought.
  Princess Farah Dahaka / Dragoncita / 1y 41d 13h 20m 4s

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