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So this is a forum about music if you want to do something new, join us.

So this is a music review forum for somebody who wants to expand their musical horizon and give reviews on songs of a random choice. You will choose a genre of music to listen to {It'll be really diverse} and pick a new artist to listen to and listen to one of their songs.

You can do up to three reviews each day and you can find new genres or artists that you are into that you'd never think possible. You can pick from any genre you want as long as it is a thing or you can be vague and open with rock music, for example, you could listen to soft rock and then metal and so forth.

Or maybe even an album, you can review a whole album if you do have the time.

Or if there is a song you would like to listen to that you've been meaning too, you can review it here as well. Maybe you'll pull someone into a song that you love and they'll give a listen.

Spread the music love~

Also this is an early wip but I'd like to share it early. Maybe it'll become a thing.

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[center [size7 So I was looking upon my Spotify Playlist that they try to make for me each week and stumbled across this. ]
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJQtukKRcAw ]
[size9 The song itself is very catchy and emotional and I love it. It's raw and just filled with sorrow but hopefulness. The lyrics hit hard with me, taking medication to relax and to be happy. It's a meaningful and slow song, a good song for when you are emotional. It'll make you get deeper into your mood.

The guitars are nice and soft and they don't overpower Dominic Harrison's clean vocals. Overall, it is a calm but meaningful song.

9/10 ]
  Wings- / 1y 204d 2h 14m 33s
[Center [size7 So I've been meaning to make a review of Bring Me The Horizon's song, Mantra, which I've had a lot of inspiration come from the song. ]
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAXg78MKJcM ]

[size9 So Mantra is a good song that comes together really well in my opinion but it is a softer version of the rock music that Bring Me The Horizon makes. It starts off with an electronic hook that brings you into the song until the beginning starts. Then the song gets faster until unleashing it into the chorus, an energetic chorus along with drum rolls in it and everything.

There is a small scream in after the first chorus but that brings into it more, then it starts off on the second verse, slow but firm until it reaches that busting chorus. At the end of every chorus, Siri is there to end the words of the chorus with a solid MANTRA.

In my opinion, it is a really good song and I give it like an 8/10.
  Wings- / 1y 207d 22h 24m 33s

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