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[size30 Alienated:]
[center [Stalinist+One Intraterrestrial Versus Extraterrestrial]
Alchemy versus Gundams and Mechas.]
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[size10 [center [Stalinist+One Please do NOT copy or steal without KB-TheBearWhoMauls permission.]]

[Stalinist+One |Forum|] a group role play.
[Stalinist+One |Time era and frequency|] steampunk and cyberpunk.
[Stalinist+One |Genres categories|] science fiction, fantasy, adventure, gundam fighter, apocalypse, horror, gore, suspense, action, drama, romance, and comedy.]]

This role play takes place in a world, I’ve been working on creating. But, for the most; this world will take place mostly in the vast universe of space. With that, there will be different races of aliens. However, the one unique thing about this role play would be the alchemy that exist to power giant combat robots through philosopher’s stones. In this world philosopher’s rule!

Please note: I will be writing a more in depth information about the world as the role play continues. Other than that be free to ask questions.

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[Stalinist+One Summary Plot:] In the six million, one hundred forty-one thousand, nine hundred ninety-nine (6,141,999) year-

A another galactic war has been set between the Paroxysm empire and the united milky way federal government. Intraterrestrials and Extraterrestrials fight for domain through the forces of Alchemy, Gundams, and Mechs. With a war set in place against the two races, humans and elevens use their strengths and weaknesses against one another; so one may breath for a another day.

Using underhanded tactics on one another, they will not stand by idly and be called the bad guy. Though, both parties our both guilty and innocent. Nonetheless they refuse to admit to their wrong doings. Causing resent between both races from the past to the present day...
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The site rules also apply here too. If you have yet to read elite skills rules, I suggest reading them now then later .

Image’s- anime and illustrations picture’s are much preferred over real life picture's. But, realistic photo's are welcomed as well to the thread. Overall, the image’s themselves should have no nudity, dirty, or revealing parts.

Grammar- please try to write to the best of your ability. In other words, as long as you attempt to use proper grammar; I’m perfectly fine with the billion of error’s you made.

Posting order- you must wait for two others before posting again. Other than that post any time you want.

Be realistic:

I ask of you to be realistic with weapons, objects, strength, health, appearance, and intelligence with all character’s as much as possible. In fact, I encourage all role players to be realistic in this thread.

No God-moding/ being overpowered/ meta-gaming.

User Permissions- Role player’s must have the consent of the characters owner to be able to kill or control the other person characters actions.

Romance- keep it PG-13.]


[Stalinist+One Character Application/Skelly/Skeleton:]

[center [b If you have any trouble or questions about the role play please contact me (KB-TheBearWhoMauls) through private message (pm). Though, you do not have to fill this out; it's just here to give everybody an idea of your character.]]




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[center [Stalinist+One User's And Character's Welcomed:]]

Please note this role play will be heavily dialogue based with simple actions. Meaning long or very descriptive post aren't necessary .

What do I mean by this? Well, here is an example:

"Hi. My name is doctor Vale." *The man said with an open hand to greet the other fellow.*

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[Kodchasan [Center [pic ]

The teenager sat there on the edge of a lake, staring at the water. He was one for being outside and connecting with nature because that's mostly what he used in his potions so he thought connecting with nature would only be natural. He dragged his fingers along the water, smiling back at his reflection.

He was a very protective and caring person until someone hurt one of his friends, then it got deadly. He tended to go from pretty much two sides, from angry and dangerous to the loyal and protective person he showed. He also tended to make friends very easily as well because of how understanding he was. Hell, he was open to being friends with people that weren't human for fuck sake.

He had amber eyes along with pale skin and brown hair, the wind blowing it to the side as he looked around the clearing he was in. He had one a bomber jacket and a white t-shirt underneath that, black pants adoring his legs. He also had a satchel that hung from his side, it is a huge satchel as items and herbs hung out of the flap of the cloth bag.

He also had a knife on him, the hilt made out of white ivory and it was strapped to his other hip. It was a curved hunting knife, the blade serrated so that it'd cut skin easily because you'd never know when you needed to make a potion on the go. He obviously kinda learned this the hard way through his training with his best friend.

He looked back at the pond, seeing something falling. He wasn't so sure what it was but it surprised him enough to make him stand up and look around in the sky. Was that something falling? Why was it falling? He ran farther into the clearing, trying to see where'd it land just in case someone was hurt or if anything was in there.
  Wings- / 152d 7h 4m 1s
[h3 [center Kato & Norami]]
He stood silently on a hill which was just one of many on the rolling plains he and his tribe called home. Standing nearby, was a giant, two-legged beast. It was covered in colorful feathers, but underneath those feathers was a sleek and powerful hide. It's tail seemed to end in a powerful, metallic club-like shield. The end of this 'shield' was a wicked, double-bladed end. A simple saddle and bridle were fashioned upon its body, the reins leading to the strange humanoid's hands.
Now, as for this humanoid; he appeared to be human for the most part, until you looked at his legs, which were like those of a dragon. The scales covering those legs were a pale white, much like his skin tone. Those draconic feet ended in wickedly curved black claws that contrasted the white scales. From his spine, a long tail was seen, which ended in a venomous barb. Patches of his skin on the human torso were covered in the same, white scales as his draconic legs.
He shifted his feet a bit, yellow eyes surveying the world around him. The male's yellow eyes glowed, the pupils seemingly narrowing slightly. A forked tongue slipped past his lips, testing the air. His gaze shifted upwards, narrowing as he watched the skies. Something didn't feel right, as if the air had suddenly changed.
The humanoid's strange mount seemed to pick up on it as well. It shifted its weight, a low growl coming from it. The male lightly stroked the creatures neck, speaking softly so to calm it.
[#6495ed "It's alright Norami, we will wait and see what happens."]
His eyes shifted back upwards. He thought he saw a shimmer of something falling through the sky, but then again, he could be completely wrong. Either way, if something did happen, he would be one of the first, as it was his duty as a scout to check on strange occurrences happening in his tribe's territory.
  Kato / Dragoncita / 156d 7h 20m 25s
[center [h3 Chapter 1: The starting pointing.]]

[right [pic]]

[b “PULL THE LEVER!”] the old man hollered down upon his crew as they spurred about in panic as sirens and red lights shifted throughout the steamy corridor. With angry at the engine rooms worker’s, the bearded elder with goggles was inflamed with the scenario. Watching the situation from aside, you could see and hear -why the old guy was so furious with them.

The worker’s were screaming like frighten children. More or less, the grown adults could be seen acting out like toddler’s who were afraid of the dark. But, who wouldn’t during a space battle on a ship that was losing! It was obvious no one was listening. Unleashing the lever from his grasp out of angry to chuck a wrench towards those, who weren’t moving or even working in that matter; the elderly man shouted another order over the alarm’s: [b “SEAL THE HOLES, [i YOU IMBECILE’S!”]]

It was then, that the men began moving again and putting themselves to good use.

In the meantime, Haven struggled to hold down the rusty chain of a lever for the man. With not much strength left in her, she could feel her grip slipping with every second that she was lifted from the metal platform. [b “Sire, I can’t hold on much longer.”] Haven said in pain as she felt her limbs being ripped apart from her anti gravity boots.

Turning aback for a quick second to her face, the man know as craig shouted to the top of his lungs: [b “I DON’T GIVE A BLAZING FIRE TRUCK!”] With a sudden pause as he looked over the railing, realization had hit him to whom he was speaking to. Widening his eyes, he turned back immediately and shooked the girl with happiness: [b “HAY-VEN! What the heck are you doing down in here!?”]

He applaud before her with a chuckle of laughter, before letting out an occasional [b “Oops, a daisy!”] to reclaim the rustic lever from the young apprentice named Haven. Patting her on the shoulder, he laughed like nothing else in the world was more funnier than a little girl struggling to hold her own as he proved himself to be much stronger by doing what seemed to be impossible for her to do.

Standing by his side, she could feel her spirit’s being lifted from his sheer happiness alone... Slowly, but surely- Haven managed to crack a smile back at him. But, only for a mere second until a giant roar was let out throughout the tunnel of the room. Causing everybody within the ship to go stumbling to the right side at a three hundred degree angle.

With nothing to hold onto now: hitting the guard railing stomach first, Haven released a pain of agony. As she did so- Haven now overlooked the boiling ink, that flooded the first and second floor of the engine room. Gasping in fear, she looked back to craig: [b “It’s-. It’s all my fault!”]

[b “I was suppose to get here in time and tell you…. But, I didn’t make it.”] Haven said in shame of herself, while turning her head away from the scene.

[b “Look it’s not you to blame kid.”] Craig said clenching his teeth at the matter. Gazing back towards the old man, Haven wiped away her tears and sucked it up like the soldier she was. [b “Thanks.”] Haven murmured back with her puffy eyes.

[b “No, matter what. We have to abandon the ship.”] Craig said bluntly.

[b “Come with me and will go tell the captain.”] Haven said pulling his arm with her to the vaulted door.

It was then her old man spoke to her in a flat tone: [b “I can’t go back with you Haven. Not this time...”] Pausing in silence, Haven looked at him and laughed a little. [b “Good joke. C'mon let’s go now before that oil burns us all.”] She said yanking his hand and tugging him along with her. But, he didn’t budge... Not an inch.

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