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"Hey, every tabloid I read tells me that I'm an angel. I'm allowed to be cocky," she pointed out teasingly. How to explain her job? Sure, from the outside it was glamorous, but it wasn't that easy. "Is it really? I mean, I don't really see any of the places I travel to, unless I have a day off and it's the same questions each time. If you come along, you would often be waiting in the back during something. That can't be fun," she told him with a shrug, "Probably." How could their worlds match, if they were so different?
Hearing what he said, she chuckled. "I don't believe you can just arrest someone without evidence. You might need to search me," she mused with a grin as her back arched slightly, "Or would you be corrupt?" She arched a brow a little challenging, but it was fun to be like this. Less serious and more play, not having to care that anyone might see. Here she was just herself and not what anyone wanted her to be.
  Angel / Hoshizora / 215d 22m 44s
"Aren't young famous women supposed to be humble?"He smiled at her cockiness anyway. Though listening to her description he offered her a small shrug. "What you do is boring? " he highly doubted all the traveling and such was boring. "It's hard to find a compromise then. " If neither of them were going to do anything different.
"Mhm? Can I take that as a confession? You know your eyes are a little bloodshot it's either drugs or lack of sleep.. hmmm." He teased more, but he put his hand on her back finding its way under her shirt, rubbing her back slightly. "Or were you just wanting to be searched for what you might be holding or hiding? " He could play it up for her if she wanted to go for that angle, but he was mostly just being playful with her. He missed this, having someone close, holding someone, playing, and just having someone around. In many ways he was just glad she found him a comfort, he supposed he must seem like the most stable part of her life.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 216d 7h 1m 3s
She just felt it was a serious topic, but maybe she was overreacting? He didn't seem to find it as serious as she did, but what did she know? He had broached the question so she would assume he knew best. "I think I'm cute all the time," she replied with a chuckle, though did try to stay sort of serious.
Furrowing her brow, she listened to him. "What about the other way around? Would you want to be dragged across the world like some lap dog? I mean, sure there are glamorous parts, but also a lot of boredom. Not to mention, what about your life here?" she asked, always having imagined he wouldn't give that up, before shrugging, "You don't need to be more. I can handle myself." Ar least she assumed she could, since she had so far.
The way back to the playfulness and him tickling her made her chuckle. "Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Detective, maybe I should leave the interrogating up to you. After all, with the amount of time I travel everywhere I must be smuggling some sort of goods," she replied, teasingly, batting her eyes at him.
  Angel / Hoshizora / 216d 20h 10m 56s
He noted that even though it was mostly cleared up she wanted to hang on to it, her furrowed brow did bring him a smile rather than what she probably wanted though. Again he softly chuckled, "Maybe that you are too cute when you're trying to be serious."He informed her, but he picked up on that she was trying to get him to take it more seriously at least. He shook his head a little. "It isn't that I am doubting you care, but I don't know, there could be all sorts of reasons someone wants an escape from your life. At the same time if I'm that escape, and I only briefly appear in the rest of your a picture or whatever, if you know.. That's just it I suppose. If you only liked me because I was an escape."He shrugged a bit. "I'm not implying that you do. I don't think that's the only reason you like me. I just am..trying to figure out if I need to be more for you or not."In his mind it was just as simple as that, if she needed more from him that he was able to give her he would, he wasn't really trying to instigate anything. That was how he was though, he obviously wanted her to be around more, but while she was here it was still somehow about pleasing her in his mind. "Now, no more interrogating me while on my lap here..or interrogate better."He said obviously teasing, and being a bit flirty while he was at it. His normal job was as a detective, so that sort of could be attributed to how he acted sometimes. Though a wandering hand did reach her side and slightly begin to tickle for just a couple seconds, just to tease and frighten her a bit with the threat of tickling.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 217d 11h 33m 37s
It was a curious thought. Naturally, she understood where he was coming from. After all, wouldn't she be much the same, if he was the celebrity and she the normal person? How could you ever be sure what was really going on, even if your partner said otherwise.
Hearing what he said, she rolled her eyes. "Oh please, if it was up to the media, I would be dating like five guys at the same time. I don't even have time for that many," she pointed out. She barely had enough time for one boyfriend as it was. Him rephrasing for it to be enough she looked to him. "I mean, if you weren't enough I wouldn't care for you and I wouldn't be here, would I?" she asked, finding that part rather obvious.
Him trying to switch it back to a more silly topic made her furrow her brow. She just felt like it should be something that should be addressed, if he was feeling like that, not bottle it up. Internally, she debated on what to do, whether to drop it or not. "Not everything is sex," she finally pointed out, going for a sort of middle ground.
  Angel / Hoshizora / 217d 15h 56m 12s
He listened to her and shook his head a little bit. The more she spoke the more he knew her talent for these kinds of things, he didn't believe she didn't care about him, that wasn't it, she was genuine to his face as far as he could tell all the time. It could be what she said about being her anchor that really made sense that he could tell she was also honest. Her mentioning the other dating circle she could be in elicited a small chuckle, "I'm sure we could find an article pointing out which celebrity you are secretly dating."He pointed out, but still all she was saying was nice to hear. "I don't doubt that you care for me..I just wanted to know if I was enough for you." Again it wasn't like they had exchanged 'I love you's' or anything, but they did seem to have some sort of connection if they kept hanging on to it throughout barely seeing each other.
"I suppose with all these honeyed words you're composing here you really must be just horny."He teased again, of course this time to shift the tone back to one that was more silly or enjoyable and less serious. He couldn't help chuckling about it either.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 217d 18h 20m 14s
It wasn't that she was avoiding the question. To her it was a legit answer. She wanted to spend time with her boyfriend, sexually pent up or not. "I would hope so," she replied, chuckling at what he said. Perhaps it came from years of actually learning to suppress her own reactions for the camera that she could see his better, but who knew?
Hearing the remark, she tilted her head. That was what he was worried about? It seemed such an odd thing to be on his mind. After all, she had chosen him, so why should he doubt her enjoying his company? "Because dating another celebrity is so much easier and has worked out in the past," she pointed out sarcastically, as they both knew celebrity pairs was not really that good a match.
Taking his hand, she smiled softly. "You are not plain or uninteresting. I enjoy relaxing with you and that you aren't caught up in this whirlwind of a life that I lead. I suppose in a way you are my anchor, keeping me tethered to reality," she tried to explain, "You shouldn't doubt that I care for you." She wondered where this came from.
  Angel / Hoshizora / 217d 20h 21m 48s
She seemed to have slyly avoided answering whether or not she was sexually pent up, and he probably clearly noted that. "Well, as your boyfriend I do agree to this proposal. More time together sounds nice."He did want to be with her, obviously, they couldn't still be together if they didn't enjoy each other's company. Still small things like her being able to notice if he was dwelling on something or if he was distracted proved to be more endearing than she could know.
He didn't know how to word it without it sounding bad, but he really didn't want it to sound that way. "I just.. I was wondering if I am too...erm.. plain for you."He didn't know if that was how it should have come out, and of course it could easily be turned into a bedroom joke again. "Well more just if i actually make you happy. " It's a tough job to be able to tell when the other person was barely around, so he didn't know really. "I mean you're working, and that makes you travel and go to.. exciting places and I'm not typically there. I'm not exciting or.."He really figured that was most of it. Was he exciting enough for her, he had only really been on maybe one trip somewhere with her, things hadn't slowed enough to plan any more.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 218d 13h 19m 25s
It was just the way her life was. Fast, faster, fastest. Everything happened at a breakneck pace so that she could manage everything. That was why it was nice to relax with him when she got the chance. It was so calm and peaceful.
Naturally, it was hard to balance the two sides at times. She tried not to pull him into too many things and she wasn't sure how much he watched of her interviews and whatnot.
Hearing the reply, she grinned. "Indeed I do believe I'm funny. Quite funny, in fact," she replied amused, chuckling at how he poked her nose, "That is my way of telling my boyfriend I want to spend time with him after I haven't seen him in a long time."
Still, she could see his mind had wandered somewhat. She tilted her head lightly. "What are you thinking on?" she asked. There had been a few times where she felt like she caught him thinking on things. She was never quite sure how honest he was with his concerns about what she did. After all, she understood that he likely wasn't too thrilled about her job.
  Angel / Hoshizora / 218d 16h 3m 44s
Things were hectic with her most times, that was just how it went, but he couldn't help liking who she was..and not who tv's or things said she was. He wondered if she ever got worried that because she had to say something some way if he was ever judging her, truthfully though sometimes he tried not to pay too much attention to every little thing she did, it would be impossible to keep up with. He saw things here and there of course, and he couldn't help that anyway.
Listening to her he rose an eyebrow, sure she could tease about dressing up, and then try and tease him about sex too, he felt his face get a little bit more red though regardless. "You think you are quite funny."He said poking her nose lightly. "Is that your way of telling me your a very pent up young woman, considering you have no time to yourself and all.."He could tease back, and flip the tables a little on her if she wanted to play that game. He did wonder though how quickly she went to dressing up..he didn't bore her did he, was he adventurous enough or..or whatever she needed to be, he couldn't know really.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 218d 16h 57m 16s
She enjoyed that he wasn't really part of her superstar life. Not that she didn't want him around and she did enjoy when he joined her somewhere, but she enjoyed that he was normal and didn't expect her to be a superstar all the time. She could just be around him.
It was true that they didn't have much time together. There were many times that she wished that she could spend more time with him, but she could hardly uproot his life so he could jet around the world with her like some puppy or something. That wasn't the answer.
Hearing what he said, she chuckled slightly. "That would be a very weird cat, what without a tail and ears and whatnot. I mean, I could always dress up as one next time, if you prefer," she teased lightly before looking over to the cats sleeping in their beds, "That too, but I'm always in the middle of something. If it's not a tour, it's an autograph session or an interview marathon or something else." The list of things she had to do went on and on. Though the way he looked made her wonder, if he truly understood. She honestly couldn't blame him, if he didn't. She brought a lot of burden into this relationship.
Seeing him thinking, she wondered what was going through his head. Tilting her head into his caressing hand, she looked to him. Hearing the question, she noticed how awkward it seemed to be. On top of this, she thought on it for a moment. "Well, I have a day off tomorrow, so hopefully tomorrow," she replied, though there was always the silent add in of, if nothing unexpected happens. Then she playfully arched her brow. "Oh, if I want to do something tonight. Is that your very weird way of asking, if you want to have sex?" she could help teasing with a grin.
  Angel / Hoshizora / 218d 19h 38m 17s
She had quite an impressive list of accomplishments, by all means a super star and participant of a lot of celebrity activities. It was sometimes hard to be in public together. Of course he had shown up here and there, it would be impossible if he hadn't, but he was never in a limelight or exposed, or looking to take advantage of the fact she was famous. After all it wasn't like he lived in a luxorious place or anything with her, he lived in a normal apartment and she came to his house , most likely to get away he thought.
He wondered how much time they would get together of course, he always wondered that, but it was hard enough without bringing that up. Eventually positivity ran out, but it was sometimes hard to bring that into a small time window with someone you care for. After she kissed him he shook his head slightly, "I was very surprised, I thought maybe Cocoa or Spice grew into a very large cat."He informed her, the two names belonging to his kittens of the sort of same colored names. He figured her explanation sounded about right. "Right. And you're in the middle of your tour too, I understand Angie."He smiled slightly if not half-heartedly. Of course, he really tried not to hold anything against her, she enjoyed what she did, well he assumed anyway, who knows how much she's made or if she even needs to keep doing it. He certainly didn't ask her such questions. Still as good a surprise as this was, he couldn't help but wonder if it was just for tonight, or if she would be here tomorrow too. He let the small breath escape only through his nose to stifle the sign, though this was a habit he had around her. He caressed her cheek lightly, now that she had more or less sat up in his lap. " long are you staying? Or uh.. was there anything you wanted to do tonight or tomorrow or.." When did this get so odd of a question anyway? They still had a little bit of time left in the day, or night rather, he had no idea if this was just a time she wanted to decompress or a time she wanted to be out with him.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 219d 8h 10m 15s
The girl with the angel's voice. God's angel on earth. Or simply Angel. Those were some of the names she had gotten over the years. It didn't help that her name was Angelina, she had the ideal features of an angel nor that her voice definitely was a work of art. From rock and more heavy stuff all the way to an almost ballad and opera sound it seemed to be able to do it all.
It was due to these features that she had millions of people cheering her name in many countries on the globe when she was on tour. Stadiums and arenas were sold out instantly. She jumped from one country to the next, sometimes singing, giving interviews, being in movies. She lived the dream any celebrity wanted.
The only downside was that this caused her to be away from her boyfriend. It wasn't easy. Calling was hard with her schedule so often it was texting, a lot of texting, though she tried to call as often as she could and also bring gifts from the country she had been for him. Sometimes she wondered how he could possibly be together with her. With all the press making up lies or seeing supposed affairs. She couldn't say she would be so calm about it.
An interview had been cancelled at the last minute in Japan so that she took the next flight home. She had a day off tomorrow anyway before her tour continued in America. Thus with serious jetlag she arrived at his house. Finding the key, she let herself in and settled on the couch. She had intended on staying up and waiting for him to come home to surprise him, but quickly she was asleep, despite the TV being turned on to a documentary. Her body was all over the place and not here.
Those when he came home she didn't wake up, nor when he moved her head on his lap. She slept for quite a bit longer before she had gotten enough energy to notice that someone was stroking her back and she opened her eyes to look up at him. She gave him a sheepish smile. "So much for my surprise," she mused as she leaned up to kiss him, "I had a last minute cancellation so I came here." It was probably what he heard a lot from her with her ever changing schedule. Even her days off weren't always safe.
  Angel / Hoshizora / 219d 15h 51m 37s
Lincoln Harbrew is a normal enough guy, he worked five days a week, he had a couple pets, he lived on his own...well sometimes, he had a girlfriend. His girlfriend is where life was a lot less normal. There were such things as long distance relationships sure, there were times when couples weren't around each other, but his girlfriend was usually busy on tours, so sometimes they were in the same country sometimes they weren't. She was super popular and in demand, still relevant even after all this time. The saying usually went that absence made the heart grow fonder, but it didn't make the time apart any less hard to deal with. There were phone calls from different time zones he'd stay up for, or possibly just influxes of texts between them all the time, but it didn't eliminate wanting to be with this person you have been with before. He was allowed to miss his girlfriend wasn't he? It's a little harder when she is heard on radios or shows up on magazines or TV, and the gossip that circulated around her always irks's not that he wouldn't trust her, it's just not a pleasant thought to be put into someone's mind that, this other celebrity was seen with her and a big deal was made about it.
He tried to remind himself that she would want friends who understood that kind of life, but the tabloids really made him on edge about it sometimes.
Either way, today when he opened his door and walked in to see her cuddled up into a blanket and sleeping on his couch it was quite a surprise, maybe her tour was on break or something like that, but either way he wouldn't deny it made him happy to see her..even if she was asleep, and it wasn't like he was going to wake her, she was probably functioning on some different time zone or something. So he quietly took off his shoes and jacket and slid on to the couch, raising her head on to his lap, watching whatever she had left on his TV while his hand softly rubbed along her back. It was only around 6 o'clock, but again, he just assumed she'd need rest, he could be wrong about how deep a sleep he thought she was in.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 219d 16h 45m 7s

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