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"So ruuude.."He groaned at her slightly, "I do lots of things..she says..saying she gets whatever she wants by saying.." He chuckled a little it about it really. As she continued on, she did catch on to it as well and clearly started to be a bit more flirty back to him. His hand slid back down to her waist before slowly creeping around towards the back of her. "Anything to please me hm? Well maybe you are supposed to try that thing where you tell me what you want and we'll see if I give it to you just by saying right?"He figured this was pretty fun for her, somehow enjoying her little plays with him, wondering if it was more fun than what she normally does while she's doing one of her many other jobs. Still she used some of a lot less coy words now, but he was invested altogether anyway, he did miss her a lot after all.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 204d 22h 59m 35s
She gave a playful shrug. "Isn't that all you do?" she asked slightly challenging, "Oh wait, you also drink coffee." She grinned at him teasingly, even though she knew that there was more to it than that. "Not true. I still have to do a lot of stuff myself," she pointed out, which was true. She could be a lot more spoiled than she was, considering her status as pop superstar.
Seeing his eyes drift down to her, she gave him a soft, sweet smile. Hearing his request, she almost had to laugh outright, but she was able to keep it together. "Detective," she repeated and added an almost seductive accent to it. It was becoming clear that he wanted her to say it. "I don't know. Anything to please you to make you forget it," she said, blinking flirty as she pressed slightly more against him. This was actually quite a bit of fun, but she wasn't about to spell it out just yet.
  Angel / Hoshizora / 207d 10h 20m 51s
" that what you think all I do is?"He questioned, of course there was a little more to it than paperwork and showing up at crime scenes, lots of other places had to be visited and many people talked to to close cases sometimes. Listening to her he shook his head a little bit. "Sounds like you are quite spoiled then..despite your best claims." It was true when she said things like that it became apparent the class difference in their lives sometimes. Easily enough though she listened to her words, his eyes drifting down to her hand on his chest for a moment before returning to her eyes. "Mm..anything hm?" Of course he could only follow this in a few ways at this point, it wasn't like he wanted to be the one to outright say what this could turn into. "Oo..maybe say detective again."He said drawing it out like she did the first time, just to tease her. "What might it be that you were thinking then?"He asked her, one of his hands sliding up to her side.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 207d 21h 29m 54s
She grinned as she gave a shrug. "Well, the performing every other day helps keep me in shape. You now only push papers and occasionally drive to a suspect's house," she pointed out teasingly, finding it amusing that she was fitter than him.
Her small slip up in tactics she simply ignored and continued to look at him with big eyes. "No, I get what I want by saying it," she told him truthfully. Hell, she had an agent that could do almost anything and when you were as famous as she was, people were happy to give you something. "Oh, I'm sorry, detective," she said, stretching the last word for effect.
Feeling his hands move to her hips, it was becoming clearer that they were getting onto the same page. The word miss nearly made her laugh, but she stayed in character and continued to look up at him. "Oh, yes, detective. I would do anything," she told him in a sweet voice, her other hand coming to the front of his chest, simply resting against it. This was actually quite a bit of fun.
  Angel / Hoshizora / 208d 21h 5m 7s
Well, he saw that coming of course, being teased about it, it wasn't like he was out of shape or anything though. "I can't help it if you preform like every other day..You're just in better shape than I am."He informed her with a chuckle. Her pointing out the obvious move made him shake his head, "Wouldn't really help prove your innocence going for that move hm.."He noted, though she soon switched back to her other tactics. He did look down into her eyes the closer she got, and felt her against him a small smile creeping on to his face. He rose an eyebrow at her though as her hand came to his hip. "Is this how you normally get what you want?"He teased further, "And that is 'detective' to you."He corrected though wondered what she did want him to do. His hands went back off of the wall anyway moving down to her hips as well, "Are you sure you'd like me to let you off the hook Miss?"He grinned acting as if he didn't know her name.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 209d 6h 16m 1s
Lincoln Harbrew
She couldn't help a small glee at seeing him having to catch his breath a little. The amount of exercise she had from her concerts as well as just the stuff she did to stay in shape was clearly helping her head and he was slightly winded.
When he put his hands on either side of her, she looked up at him. "Probably not. You should go on more patrols," she teased with a grin, "Have your juniors chase you around a bit." His next question made her think for a moment. "Aside from the obvious move?" she asked, knowing that that was an extremely painful option for him, to say the least.
Naturally, she didn't take that route. Ultimately, she put on her biggest blue angel eyes, looking up at him with them in innocence and naivety. "Please, officer, you can't arrest me. I swear I didn't do it. Can't you look the other way just this once?" she pleaded in her best voice as she arched her back so that she slightly pressed against him. A hand moved casually to his hip, as if it had no idea where else to go.
  Angel / Hoshizora / 211d 6h 56m 15s
He wasn't as fit as he was back when he actually 'was' an officer, but by no means was he out of shape now. The chase went on until he found her putting herself into the corner, which he could tell wasn't really unintentional. He chuckled a little to himself, happy to actually have his breath after their little chase. Still he walked up to her and put his hands on either side of the wall behind her head leaning down a bit. "Maybe being moved up to detective wasn't so good for my legs."He informed her fully willing to admit, but still he didn't seem to much worse for wear. No longer was he just a straight up officer going on patrol or anything like that though. "What's your next that you are 'trapped'?"He wondered and apparently could only guess, as she seemed to be full of surprises today, all different kinds of them. Still it was nice to see a more genuine amusement on her face, as opposed to how it was on TV or something similar, there were subtle differences that he came to appreciate. After all, when dating someone like this you had to really try to learn when they were being a celebrity or themselves.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 211d 9h 29m 39s
"Oh, there is a limit in your home? How very boring. Or are you afraid my ego will blow up the apartment? I can always buy you a mansion," she teased and stuck out her tongue back at him, enjoying this playful banter thoroughly.
Seeming him slightly confused about her option made her chuckle gleefully. "Well, you have to keep the police guessing, no?" she asked as she watched him stand up and she just shrugged, "I would never dream of it, officer." Once more she batted her eyes innocently at him before running off to escape his grasp.
She was by all means fit. You didn't do a two to three hour stage performance without some level of fitness. Thus they did run around the apartment for a bit, much to the amusement of the cats, before allowing herself to be cornered by him. "Oh no, I'm trapped," she said theatrically, looking over to him.
  Angel / Hoshizora / 211d 10h 2m 49s
"Scandal of the century..'Angel' let her ego inflate beyond what is allowed in boyfriend's home."He stuck his tongue out for a moment. Her process was one he could watch on her face, though her conclusion as to what to do made him raise an eyebrow for a moment. "Well..I only thought there were a couple options but I suppose I have been proved wrong."He offered her and chuckled slightly. Though for now he did stand up and place his hands slightly on his belt. "Are you resisting arrest?"He shook his head a little bit. Before proceeding to chase her about his apartment, wondering how long it could go on for before he caught her, or she gave up, or maybe he wouldn't catch, who knows how much more fit she was than him? Still he proceeded to play the game and try and corner her. It wasn't the worst idea anyway, even the cats observed in slight awe though.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 212d 3h 19m 35s
She had to chuckle at him pointing out that she again referred to herself as better looking. She gave a shrug. "I feel that when you land on male magazine's proclaiming you to be one of the most beautiful women alive I feel like I'm allowed to own that," she told him with a grin. Not that she had posed nude or anything like that, just the typical interviews for those magazines.
"Ma'am?" she asked with a chuckle, "Is that so..." Thinking on what to do, she sat there for a moment longer before jumping from his lap and hurrying to one side of the room. She assumed that resisting arrest would qualify for something, didn't it? She wasn't in trouble with the police enough to know this. Either way, she assumed that a small chase would be fun. That and wouldn't it tickle a man's natural instinct to hunt? Or she was reading completely too much into it and it would look stupid. One would see.
  Angel / Hoshizora / 213d 10h 42m 54s
"Again just..grouping yourself in with hot women hm?"He chuckled a little bit again. "I suppose that is up to you ma'am. Anything you do say can and will be held against you.."He informed her and he chuckled a little bit. Though her innocent look never really did fool him, he wondered what she was gonna come up with though, honestly he left it up to her if they just remained here or if she really did feel heated from his little search. He wondered just how she would continue their game, or if she would, maybe she would just give up on it and go for it, or just forget it altogether and calm them down, he was the flexible one in those regards, happy to leave it up to her. It wasn't that he was indecisive or anything, but with how little time they might have together it seemed easier to value just being together and talking and not just being together in bed, though he was never opposed obviously.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 213d 23h 30m 16s
In a way she was responsible for the word thing. She enjoyed languages and did try to learn a bit, but naturally had no real chance to use them so it was just a dust gathering collection of words. Sure, it was easy to complain about a life that most people dreamed about.
"Oh, is that so?" she mused, arching a brow, finding that comment very amusing, "You don't get enough hot women at your precinct to search? What a boring job." She gave him a teasing grin. Hearing him go on, it was becoming quite clear what was going on here. It was quite a bit of fun, even if it was a little silly. "Oh, and what cause would that be? Is me saying some very telling things enough or do I need to assault you first?" she asked curiously, tilting her head slightly to bat her eyes in the perfect angel like fashion, as if she couldn't harm a fly.
  Angel / Hoshizora / 214d 7h 6m 13s
He wondered how that might feel, preparing things like knowing certain words and languages only to never actually have to use them. It did sound a bit sad overall, and he did feel bad since she had to travel to all those places and miss out on certain things, but obviously it was just a job. He would fully grant it could be stressful, but it was nowhere near a normal job, things were definitely a little more luxurious than that.
"I don't think I do it often enough."He countered, but was talking about with her personally of course. As she went on he shook his head a little and grinned a little bit, "I suppose you would have to give me probably cause to continue to search your body. After all, it would become assault if I just checked the remaining places just because."Considering they were indeed two very personal places left to check, but he also figured two could play the goading game, his probable cause quite obviously in this respect being some encouragement to keep going if she really wanted.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 214d 9h 28m 34s
"Because you are my counterpart? I wouldn't go that far," she mused with a shrug. If she thought on it, it would likely be easier for a companion to see the different sights. They wouldn't be mobbed by fans and could spend the time she did in studios and whatnot exploring the cities." I suppose, but not nearly enough to enjoy or know them. I know so many different words in different languages and can't use them outside of a studio," she pointed out with a shrug.
"No, I'm saying you can't arrest me without evidence, unless you are corrupt," she corrected him as she watched him slowly search her, straightening her back under his hands, enjoying the touch. When he finished she looked to him taking in his expression. "You clearly did this too often, if you can keep a straight face like that," she mused teasingly, finding it very amusing, "Though you didn't search everywhere." She grinned to him, challenging.
  Angel / Hoshizora / 214d 9h 58m 24s
"Oh yea? Does that make me your devil?"He asked her and chuckled a little bit. He supposed in some sense if they went somewhere and couldn't even see the places they went to it would be rather pointless. "Well..even still you have seen more places than most with your occasional days off."He offered a small shrug. It seemed like there wasn't really all that much to be done. He wondered though if he might do something like that anyway, just to surprise her soon.
Still though she was rather brave and antagonistic about being searched. "Oh? You just accepted that you could be searched so I suppose I wouldn't be corrupt."He had her there sort of anyway. Either way someone wasn't typically in his lap being searched. He figured he would tease anyway though as his hand ran up her side and under her shirt. Sliding up under the middle of her bra and going back down to her stomach before sliding along the inside of her leg. He did so with a straight enough face. His hand removing itself before testing on the back of the couch. "I guess you are clean after all."He grinned.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 215d 5h 15m 42s

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