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A story about a relationship between a normal guy and a famous musician, distance can be hard, so can always preforming.

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She did catch his face growing a little red. She would admit that he was so honest in that sense. Of course, she saw models and dancers and whatnot with amazing bodies, but that was different. Those were colleagues and it wasn't like she was touching them all the time. This was personal and intimate.
Her hand did continue to move along his chest as they kissed. When he laid back on the bed, she gave a soft chuckle but followed along with him so that she was pressed on top of him. Looking into his eyes, she smiled back at him before continuing to kiss him. Her hand ran through his hair, while the other continued to run along his chest. This was a moment she couldn't describe.
  Angel / Hoshizora / 252d 3h 8m 19s
She was constantly one upping herself it seemed, whether it was doing something attractive, or keeping him going, or getting to him. He felt his face heat up a bit more at being admired like she did, especially in light of the fact that she probably encounters models and far more handsome people than himself. He was in shape, had to be in as a detective, but as with earlier he was far more in shape as a patrol cop like she was saying. He could almost feel his lip quiver as her hand went down his chest, but was met with another kiss instead, which he was grateful for. He did feel things getting more impassioned between them now, hugging her to himself even closer, if possible, he laid back on the bed, keeping close to her face to smile and look up into her eyes before kissing her again.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 252d 16h 52m 50s
She had hoped he would find that line enticing. She found it fun and cute, but it was definitely meant to get him going. Continuing to kiss him, she could feel his heart thump in his chest with how close they were. It was an intoxicating feeling that was happening between them.
Feeling his hands run along her body, she stretched along with the touch. When he moved to take off her shirt, she helped navigate it off. Her own hands went to his shirt, feeling the buttons underneath her fingers. As he kissed her jaw, her head tilted back to reveal more of it to him.
Meanwhile her fingers slowly worked on undoing the buttons one at a time until they were all open. Looking at him, she smiled softly. "I guess you aren't just pushing papers," she mused at the sight, running a hand down his chest before moving to kiss him again.
  Angel / Hoshizora / 253d 2h 1m 47s
It was things like that probably that got him too, it was clear enough. He was glad they were kissing again so he wouldn't have to reply to how she said 'there you are' it was seductive by it's own right somehow. They just continued to make out and with her getting closer she could once again note that his heart was thumping now that they were basically against each other. His hands worked their way down her sides, going under her shirt now to quickly lift that over and throw that aside. He mentally cursed being in a button up for the moment. Though he did have no idea he'd be coming home to her sleeping on his couch, she was far more easily disrobed being that she was relaxing. He moved down slightly now to kiss under her jaw and begin on her neck as well, not wanting the contact to be broken for very long it seemed.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 253d 11h 44m 12s
"Oh, now who has a little bit of an ego?" she asked, raising an eyebrow to emphasize what he had just said about her not too long ago. Naturally, it was all good natured teasing. She didn't need to steal the angle and this was just fun to do.
Soon she did feel him move his hand further up her back and bringing her back to eye level. "There you are," she said jokingly before he moved to kiss her again and she happily kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck casually as they continued to make out. One hand grasped his hair gently as she scooted a little closer to him, enjoying the feeling of his hair running through her fingers.
  Angel / Hoshizora / 254d 3h 42s
"That is..Mister Handsome Gentlemanly Detective to you."He grinned a bit glad that he was able to work in a little fun to ease himself at least, not that she couldn't steal the angle back if she wanted to put him on the back foot again. Still soon enough he did move his hand up higher on her back and bring her back to a sitting up position, possibly with her face closer to his now as he leaned in to kiss her once more, his hand coming up to the back of her neck as he did so. This romance was quite an interesting thing, how they were able to keep it so alive, it seemed easy to do when they were near to one another of course. Regardless of this particular instance he still wasn't referring to her acting like a southern belle as being the innocent to sexy route of course, it was probably much more profound than he could express outwardly, especially in the middle of something like this, where he was least articulate. Still his mind got a little more lost and blank the more he kissed her, his other hand returning to running up and down her back now that it wasn't holding her from falling.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 256d 12h 32m 25s
She honestly wouldn't understand what she said was that terrible. Naturally, it was acting when she acted like some sweet innocent southern bell. So his words definitely caught her off guard. "Careful? I would think those characters were way too over the top to be taken seriously," she pointed out, though the critic was more in a theatrical sense.
When he dipped her back she gave a laugh finding it very amusing. She could be that relaxed about it, because she knew he wouldn't drop her. That and she had had worse falls on tour than this. "Well, what would you like me to say? That I find myself charming enough to get away with it?" she replied jokingly, "Or that I find you very handsome and that you are too much a gentleman to drop me?" She looked up at him with a smile.
  Angel / Hoshizora / 256d 13h 15m 37s
That could have probably been better worded, the way she said it anyway. Though in some ways it set him back on being less flabbergasted at least. After the kissing for a few more brief moments and feeling her nails through his shirt he felt his body tingle and shudder slightly. "Acting now are we..?"He pointed out, "If you weren't the one who was all over me I might be offended you should be more..careful."He stated, though of course it wouldn't be very playful to not demand an apology. Being that he was on the edge of the bed it was easy enough, just a matter of leaning forward slightly. As he leaned forward and his hands went to her lower back to sort of dip her freely hanging into the air, of course he wouldn't drop her, he would never actually, but the playful notion was there anyway. "Do I hear you about to say something?" He teased further, as if to make it obvious enough.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 257d 11h 25m 19s
She couldn't help a small chuckle as he tried to explain himself and how this was exciting for him. She ran a hand through her hair casually. "Well, I guess that would be the mark of an actress in the making. Go from one role to the next," she pointed out, though she did feel flattered that he felt that way. Wasn't this an example of making a man nearly speechless? Not many women could say they had done that.
Even though he was speechless, it didn't seem to stop him from replying her kisses, luckily. That would have been bad. Feeling him kiss back, she continued to do so as her hand ran along his back, up and down, enjoying the feel of it as she occasionally added some gentle nail work to the mix.
  Angel / Hoshizora / 261d 8h 53m 14s
He hoped it wasn't as bad as they both agreed it sounded. He wasn't acting that much that way right? He could only wonder honestly. "It is exciting.."He mentioned again and looked at her, her straddling him was nice. He moved his hands to her hips now to hold her "It's not that we have done it before, I just, it's like.. like I just get lost and.. all I can think about is what's happening right then..or you since you're in front of me and you' go from so innocent to So quickly."Again he really didn't know how to explain, so her kissing him and arching against him was welcome. He could at least respond to her kiss with his own, a sort of longing and passion they always built up between them. Of course this didn't stop his heart from thumping loudly against her.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 262d 1h 44m 17s
"Ladies from back then had their own charm," she pointed out with a shrug, "Besides, they often appear so innocent." She enjoyed pretending to be like that and use that accent.
Leading him to the bedroom, she watched him sit down on the bed. Hearing what he said, she had to chuckle before moving to sit down on his lap. "True, you can be quite charming up to a certain point," she agreed, "Exciting? You act like this is the first time we've done this." Or at least that he was a virgin or something, which was kind of amusing.
Watchung him for a moment, she leaned forward and kissed him, a hand going to his hair as she arched her back. This felt pretty good and was needed after not seeing him for a bit.
  Angel / Hoshizora / 262d 5h 37m 58s
"You do believe..are you from the 1900's all the sudden..?"He tried to tease but was not really able to back it up too severely. Still as they were he listened to her and probably followed or was lead along by her hand to the bedroom. It was true enough, as innocent as this girl appeared on the outside, the profound effect she had on him was clear. He felt his chest thump harder as they arrived at the bed and he sat himself down. He looked to her though noticing how warm his face was. He was not sure how he got to this point with her sometimes. "I feel like I'm able to be pretty charming up until we actually get here."He pointed out and then noted that didn't help the color of his face. "It's just so..exciting er..I..I mean, you know what I mean."He hoped anyway. He just looked forward to the anticipation and getting into it, but it somehow took all the words from him. Clearly almost could have followed his question with how or what she could see in him when he gets so..quiet, not that he ever was shy when it came down to anything.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 262d 13h 15m 4s
Now it was definitely her turn to be amused about having him caught off guard. She was aware of the effect she had on him, but she knew that he also enjoyed it to a degree so she didn't see why she couldn't use her charm a little to help things along.
The way his heart beat under her hand definitely told its own story as he tried to keep his composure. The flush on his face wasn't helping much. "Only some?" she repeated in a tantalizing voice, "Now, detective, I do believe you would agree to more than just some of that." Her eyes gave him a very telling expression as her hand slowly slid down his chest in a nonchalant way.
Thinking on how to continue this, she smiled softly. "I do believe we need to take these negotiations somewhere... more private," she mused, nodding her head towards the bedroom door. It seemed about time that they got there, didn't it?
  Angel / Hoshizora / 264d 1h 57m 2s
He grinned a bit knowing she was 'unamused' but he also thought she was laughing a little on the inside at least, after all, did she not expect the detective to analyze? Though his hand did wind up on her butt some part of him was, a little more confident with his actions than holding up the whole time. He did enjoy it and all but once she started whispering to him, he felt his face start to heat up, probably partly do to some anticipation, but that was just how he was. "Well..I..I could see about letting you off maybe for..some of that.."He stated, though he couldn't help it with her he never could. She just looked at him a certain way sometimes. Not unlike an evil overlord, who just knew what strings to pull, and behind the smile knew exactly what she was looking for. Though all in all she looked nothing of the sort, and regardless of what he was saying, his face was betraying him, and her hand on his chest obviously would feel the rate at which his heart picked up.
  Lincoln Harbrew / Willofiam / 264d 12h 51m 56s
She stuck her tongue out at him playfully. "It's just the truth," she teased playfully before pouting, "I can get whatever I want by asking. Doesn't mean I do that. I still do a lot of stuff." Naturally, it was easy to ask for anything, but she did try to do things herself.
Hearing him use her own words against him, she gave him a look unamused. "Very funny," she muttered as she thought on how to handle the situation. Naturally, there was the option of just stopping the acting, but that wasn't fun either.
So she called his bluff and leaned up to whisper in his ear quite a few naughty things, this naturally meaning that his hand that had been on her back now slipped down to her butt, but that was obviously planned so she was curious how he would react to this choice of tactic.
  Angel / Hoshizora / 265d 3h 39m 58s

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