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[center [google-font "|Josefin+Sans|Quicksand" rel="stylesheet"]

[font "Comfortaa" Married life is difficult enough - bills, accounts, groceries-

Except... this wasn't really how I'd seen things panning out. Normal guy, normal family, normal life. Zero complication factor, just one big peachy average newlywed party train.

You know, up until that train derailed in a fiery blaze of death - literally - and things went sideways.

All couples have secrets, sure... but you never thought to tell me you were a [i fucking WARLOCK]?

↟ p l o t ↟

Essentially, we have one character (deceased) who was a warlock and actually married a half-blood. He did so with the promise of turning this half-blood into a full-blood on the basis of [i love], and under these terms, the coven's high council agreed.

The only problem is that this half-blood doesn't even know he's a half blood, and his husband is kind of dead. Which introduces us to our new guy - our resident problem solver and seasoned warlock who serves as a mentor for this unguided soul.

Question is, how exactly are things going to turn out when all of these secrets come out and our half-blood realises he was actually marrying into a coven that expect his commitment.

It's only that or, you know... [i death.]

This all falls within the landscape of a larger magical conflict and a hellish clash of covens. There will be secrets, death, and most certainly a lot of witching. Plus, who could pass up the comedy of a new fish trying to complete rituals?

Open roles: Mentor & Half-Blood

↟ b o n e s ↟

[center [pic]]

full name ||

nickname(s) ||

d.o.b. ||

age || (26+)

species ||

gender ||

pronouns ||

sexual orientation ||

ethnicity ||

occupation ||

zodiac ||

languages ||

quirks ||

body mod.(s) ||

distinguishing trait(s) ||

↟ Please send me a skeleton titled [i Ashes] if interested. ↟


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