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The story of four friends that fight together.

There can be more if needed, PM me about it

They are called, The Reckless And The Relentless. A group of modern-day teenagers that fight the evil that looms over their hometown of Yorkline, England. Yeah, they might be reckless and relentless but they fight off evil. Think of Stranger Things but in its own twist.

Ever wonder why some people seem like zombies? Ever realize that there is something beneath the skin? I thi-



Please wait as I hold your call.

Welcome to Mantra! Where all of your mind stress is relieved.

Here at Mantra, we use the most recent and up-to-date machinery in providing your brain with dopamine, a drug that makes you happier! We are here to help you, we provide everybody with the treatment. If you haven't, you are urged to come in today!

"We only need the most healthy for our combat training. The rest will be injected with a poison that turns them into beasts of the night."

"Sorry about that! I'm Terry from the Mantra offices, have a good day!"

The Mantra offices is a lie, a mere twist of the truth. It doesn't help you with stress, they kidnap you as they bring you to the back room. You are put under tests to see if you can hold the new and improved .EXE combat data file. If you are strong enough, there will be a virus placed in your head that will give you combat capabilities as in x-ray vision and all that fancy.

That sounds cool right? It's not, at that point, Mantra offices have you under their control. The president of Mantra, Cameron Sanderson is the most brooding person in the world. He plans to send out their combat-induced humans to hunt for humans that suffer from depression and any mental illnesses. The four adventurers suffer from at least one of those mental disorders and they fight off evil so they are high on the list of wanted for Mantra.

Will the fighter's succumb to Mantra or will they go from death to destiny?

Also romance is a must, no matter if it's mxm, mxf, fxf

Powers are okay but nothing over-powered. Also, no powers make it a lot more fun!

Also no skelly's under 14, looking for older characters really, maybe one adult, the rest teenagers.


When finished with Skelly, PM it to me.




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