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{CY} is an undercover detective who has come to Twinleaf Town to try and figure out why Pokemon are going missing only to run into 16yo Sierra Kimisito who is running away from home to start her Pokemon Journey. {CY} talks Sierra into going with him and helping him and she agrees not caring about the danger they might get into.

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Jackson would raise an eye brow at her actions. She jumped like one of the many Pokémon he had reused form abusive trainers. The Professor tried to wave it off as just being shy but he didn’t fully believe that. “It fine.” he said returning her bow with one of his own. He watched her run off with a concerned look on his face. Looking back at his Gardevoirshe confirmed that the girl's emotions seemed off. The was one of the nice things about having her around was she could tell if someone emotion were off and I always gave him a hand up in interrogating people.

“I didn’t know you had a granddaughter.” He said rubbing his chin once she was out of site. “Is she okay something seems to be upsetting her. If not, I can come back.” The talk about team Galactic sent his gear a turning. “I wonder what they are up to.” They seemed to small of a team to pull of something so big. No if it was them there would be more hints. Team like that didn't keep quiet and often showed off to get attain. However even if it wasn’t them then maybe they knew something more about the people doing this. Maybe that was why they were so far out of their normal territory. “I look into it. I don’t believe it would be them but they may have a lead for me to follow.”

He looked over the Computer with careful eye while his Gardevoir moved around the lap until she noticed the girl from before talking on the computer. She was talking to someone on at computer and she could now feel that the girl felt happier then when they had first met. Floating ove to her she would slowly look over her shoulder to who she was talking to. Once the girl noticed her she gave a bow and a quick twirl like a dancer. She was friendly and always got happy when she felt the happiness of other around her.

Back with Jackson he turned to the Professer again. “Seem I should get going then to start following up this lead.” He smiled and shock the man hand again. “I glad that I could come out and help. It been a while since my last field day. I don’t know the area every well do you by chance have a map I could use to find my way around a bit better.” About that time, he noticed that his Gardevoir had gone miss. “O boy were did she run off this time?”
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Sierra jumped when the man who introduced himself as Jackson looked like he was some kind of trainer offered his hand and then she frowned and bowed a greeting not bothering to say much as she backed up hiding a bit behind the Professor who chuckled. [b “Forgive my granddaughter Jackson she has a slight fear of strangers Sierra dear why don't you go give Grandma a call I'm sure she'd be excited to know how your Journey is going. I have some business to take care of with young Jackson.”] the professor said lying for her and at the mention of her grandmother Sierra's eyes twinkled and she went off with one of the female scientists who showed her to a computer and how to use it. The moment her grandmother's face came on screen Sierra gasped and put her hands over her mouth tears starting to fall from her eyes. [#FF82FF “Oh my goodness Sierra baby girl is that really you?”] the woman asked and Sierra nodded. [#00C3FF “H-h-hi Nana oh Arceus you don't know how much I've missed you are they treating you okay over there Nana?”] Sierra asked through tears and sobs and the old woman smiled before lightly starting to sing which helped calm the sobbing girl down. Once she was calmer Nana spoke. [#FF82FF “Yes my love I'm fine and don't worry I got out of that place your mother put me in I now live in a nice apartment complex and work at the pokemon daycare... How are you though my love? You look like you've been through hell please tell me your okay.”] [#00C3FF “I am now Nana I finally managed to escape and I'm finally going to start my journey just as Daddy wanted, and I promise I'll figure out who killed him too.”] Sierra replied and Nana nodded before putting her hand on the screen which Sierra copied quickly. [#FF82FF “That's my girl, but baby please do me a favor and make some friends I worry about you all alone in the world okay?”] Nana said and Sierra smiled nodding before the two fell into small talk and Sierra showed Nana what she had found in the attic.

Meanwhile Rowan brought Jackson over to the main computer and brought up the schematics for the case that he had figured out. [b “I've noticed a large increase of Galactic Grunts in the area have you looked into their organization yet?”] he asked the man a serious look on his face.
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Jackson let out a huge yawn as he felt someone shaking him. Trying to turn away from whoever was shacking him he turned away. The shaking followed again a few second later. Letting a sigh pass his lip a bit he opens his eyes to see who wanted his attention. Standing next to his bed was his Gardevoir looking down at him disappointedly. Yawing again he looked down to his bed side alarm clock. It was early early then he was normal awaken. Turning back to his Gardevoir he asked. “What up girl bit early don’t you think?” Not saying anything she just blinked at him. “Yes, I know were on the clock but I need my rest to think.” Another blink. “Fine fine I’m up I’m up. Hey you two up and off.”

He said to the Mightyena and Arcanine that laid across his leg. Reluctantly they moved freeing Jackson form the constraints up his comfy bed. Taking a few second to streach and pop his back he moved to his bathroom being careful not to step on the Absol at the foot. Splashing some cold water in his face he started going thought his normal morning routine. A quick shower and shave later he got dressed in his normal black pants, vest, button up shirt and a tie. He left his hair in its normal shaggy way only for his Gardevoir to come over and try to make something of it. Only to be foiled a few second later when it puffed back out. “What have I told you it wild. You can't tame it.” Getting an annoyed look, he just smiled as he headed to his kitchen.

Turning on some music he got to work make everyone something to eat. His Pokémon got spoiled more than other as he almost cooked them meal anytime he could. This would be the last time it seemed in a while as he would set out today to try to find out what had happen to lot of missing Pokémon. The case had been cold for almost two weeks before he been called over to help. He was going off very little and what he did have wasn’t much. He was supposed to talk to a Professor Rowan today about what was going on in more detail. To help he had gone undercover as a Pokémon trainer that had already one a Pokémon league back in his home region of Hoenn. Witch wasn’t far from the truth. He beaten the eight Gym but had very gone after the elite four.

At some point in his cooking he started singing with the music causing most of his Pokémon to move to the kitchen as well enjoying the sound of their trainer voice. He song to most of them since he had found them as it would help calm them down. He hadn't captured most of his Pokémon the normal way. No all but two of his part had been abused and aboded to die. Some had been lucky but some not as much. Stubbing into the kitchen came his Absol it eyes pure white. Her old trainer had abused her so bad until she had gone blind and Nurse Joy had said that where was little, she could do to help the blinded Absol.

One finished he placed a bowl down for everyone then took one more bowl outside before he let out his Aggron and hand him the bowl witch he happily took before sitting down and eating. Going back inside he sat down himself and started to eat as he turned on the news. After a half hour or so he started cleaning up and returning everyone to their Pokeball all but his Gradevoir witch for the most part hated hers. Double checking to make sure everything was clean up and put away he grabbed his traveling pack and locked up his house. Heading down to the lab he found out that the Professor was out so he waited outside just in case. The only one who knew who he was the Professor and he wanted to mostly keep it that way. Leaning against the building he waited about ten minutes before he noticed the Professor coming with some girl.

Putting on his best smile we walked out to great them with his Gradevoir to far behind them. “Hello Professor it good to finally meet you again I’m Jackson Just. Professor Birch send his best and asked me to give you this.” He handed him a Pokedex form the Hoenn region. “I hope I not interrupting anything but I had hope to get started on my job.” He didn’t pay the girl much mind but from the quick look he took at her she seemed cute. He then reached out his hand to her for a shack. “Pleasure to meet you Miss?” he asked hoping to get her name.
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[b [#FF0000 {Sorry it's so long my brain wanted to include exposition if you don't want to read it you can skip to the 2nd picture as that's 'modern day'}]]

[i [#00C3FF “Daddy, daddy look Nala’s playing with Johnny,”]
a little girl, around the age of 3, said laughing joyfully as she watched a Luxio chase a Pachirisu around a park and her father laughed as well as he scooped up his young daughter and carried her down to where the pokemon were playing and the Luxio stopped her chase and padded over to the two and did a low growl, almost purr-like, around the father’s feet and the little girl squealed in delight as her father put her down and she instantly grabbed the Luxio and it leered at the little girl but went limp and laid down allowing the girl to pet her as she saw fit even going back into the growlpurr and all the other pokemon in the yard gathered around them everyone calm and peaceful, so peaceful that the girl was soon yawning and she soon fell asleep using Nala’s body as a pillow.
The next thing the girl knew she was waking up in her father's car which was parked at their house, but instead of being carried inside like usual she was still in her car seat and she could see her Daddy and Mom arguing but couldn't hear much, then her mom pushed a box of stuff into her dad's arms and stormed back into the house and the girl could see her dad sigh before turning around and walking back to the car and when he opened the door to put the box in the car he noticed the girl was up and he smiled. [#008702 “Hi princess um... it seems Mommy doesn't really want us home right now so what do you say we go to a hotel huh?”] he asked and the girl rubbed her eyes nodding. [#00C3FF “Okay daddy.”] she said before falling asleep again and her father smiled and sighed again before getting back into the car and driving through the night to a hotel several cities away where he was being relocated for his work.]
[i Years passed and the girl and her father lived a pretty normal life, the girl didn't ever really see her mother as her parents had gotten a divorce, but she didn't care because she had her father and they had their pokemon and both of them were very happy planning for the day the girl would set off for her pokemon journey, but then it happened on the day before her 10th birthday the girl came home to find police surrounding her and her father's apartment and thinking something happened to one of the pokemon the girl ran past all the police that tried to stop her until she got up to the apartment and saw the dead body of her father laying in the pool of his own blood and though a police man grabbed her and turned her away from the scene the girl couldn't help but scream and start sobbing and she was quickly taken out of there.
About a month later with the help of her father's friends from work the girl buries her father but rumors have started to circulate about his suicide and this causes the girl to have a full on tantrum as she fights those who speak badly of her father causing her mother to send her to live with her grandmother in the small town of Twinleaf. The girl comes to love her grandmother and learns to control her anger, but due to her grandmother's condition the girl makes the choice to delay her journey until her mother moves here.]
[i Years pass before her mother finally arrives at the house but everything once again goes downhill as her mother has brought home a stepfather and 2 little children and then she sends the girl's grandmother to a nursing home in Jubilife City and forbids the girl from going outside of town to see her and then proceeds to push all chores onto the girl including taking care of her siblings and 'seeing to her husband's needs' while she goes off to gamble and waste all the money and this is where we find the girl today.]

[pic http://i.pinimg.com/originals/94/e7/16/94e716b22df84199bed4c24a65f8c60e.jpg]
The sun was barely peeking above the mountain when Sierra opened her eyes for the day and sat up flinching at the pain in her body as she got up and headed to the bathroom where she turned on the shower and stepped in not even bothering to wait for the water to warm up as she stepped in, not needing to strip, unfortunately. Staying in the shower for about half an hour Sierra tried her best to scrub what happened last night off her body and by the time she stepped out of the shower her skin was red and raw. Heading back into her room Sierra dressed into a simple long sleeved dress and then headed down to the kitchen to start breakfast wiping tears from her eyes as she went, she had to act strong she couldn't let him see it get to her, not today. Thankfully Sierra managed to be stonefaced by the time the man and her little siblings were up for breakfast and she quickly served them before heading off to start her chores forgoing breakfast.
Sierra worked in a bit of a haze until midday when she had to put her siblings down for their nap thankful that her stepfather had headed off to work so she could finally put her plan into effect. Once the children were asleep Sierra went up into the attic where she had found a box filled with her father's things and best of all his old pokemon and they were still alive, reset to their baby states yes, but alive all the same, plus there was a mysterious looking egg and Sierra's old backpack. Sierra quickly packed the bag with everything then quietly headed back downstairs and changed into a more mobile outfit of a long sleeved tee and pants then donned the backpack and headed out of the house making sure to avoid the neighbors as she ran through the tall grass not really paying attention until she suddenly ran into someone. Sierra looked up at the person she ran into with fear only to sigh when she saw it was just an old man. [#00C3FF “I'm sorry sir I didn't mean to run into you.”] she said bowing and the man looked down at her and cocked an eyebrow before smiling. [b “It's quite alright my dear my name is Professor Rowan may I ask yours?”] he asked and Sierra looked up at him surprised by the kindness in his voice that and she recognized the name from back when she would hang out at her Daddy's work. [#00C3FF “S-S-Sierra sir are you really Professor Rowan sir? I learned about you from my dad I love the work you do with the pokemon.”] Sierra said and the old man chuckled and nodded. [b “Yes my dear I am and thank you now I know your busy but would you mind helping an old man back to his lab I seem to be a bit slow.”] he said and Sierra smiled and nodded and the professor offered her his hand which she took and the two talked and walked for a couple hours about Sierra's father, Pokemon and the Professor's work and though Sierra didn't realize it the Professor took her the long way as to not run into to other trainers or Sierra's 'family'.
The sun was starting to set as they finally made it back to the Lab and the Professor lead her inside and Sierra felt like she had come home and ran to the small area where they were keeping pokemon to study while a man seemed to come up to the Professor to talk to him about most likely what had gone on while he was out, but Sierra just zoned out as she watched the pokemon playing with each other not really noticing when someone else approached her.
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