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"Is there any other people besides the tribes? Or did Ganon destroy everything and now there's just the ruins of the Hylian castle?" Lucas asked, revealing he knew just as much of Hyrule's history as the Hero of Time himself. He knew the uncontrollable power of Majora's Mask, the legends of the Minnish Cap, the strange power of the Twilight Princess, and the power a single Ocarina could have
Lucas walked to the edge of the cave, not wanting to talk about what just happened, and decided to watch the monsters for something to do. He visibly looked ashamed, his wings and tail drooping sadly. He clearly didn't mean to do that, but what Aurea didn't know was despite everything, that was actually his first kiss
Aurea did not like the sudden feeling against her face and she pushed the male away . By the time he had run away to a farther area, the Sheikah sighed. "Whatever." She said gently, obviously uncomfortable now.
  Aurea Eudoxia / AskTheStaff / 1y 238d 6h 5m 55s
Lucas knew in his heart that they were going to be stuck there for the night. He had good instincts, and they were almost always right. Sighing, he kicked a rock, not realizing that it was stuck in the ground, and he tripped, landing on top of Aurea, glad he was really light, extremely embarrassed when he realized his lips had met hers. They were actually really soft, but he willed himself to pull away, his face a bright red. "I'm so sorry, miss!" he said, getting himself far away from her, embarrassed and ashamed that he just did that
After feeling the coat draped over her, she looked towards him. "O-oh, thanks for the warmth." Aurea told him, smiling a little. He seemed nice enough, but...wouldn't he get cold without his coat? Oh well...hopefully the monsters would walk by fast enough that they could get to Kakariko Village before nightfall.
  Aurea Eudoxia / AskTheStaff / 1y 239d 1h 54m 51s
Lucas nodded, but he looked at the girl worriedly. When it became dark, it was gonna be cold, and she judging from her clothing, she wasn't going to be very warm. "Okay, but it's gonna be cold, here." he said, taking off his coat and gently draping it over her shoulders. Most would've considered this him flirting with her, but it was really just something he did with everyone. He was always kind, and cared about everyone.
Aurea quickly nodded and pulled the boy into a small cave-like structure, where they wouldn't be seen. "We just need to wait until they have passed by, then we can continue to Kakariko. Nowadays it has been getting more and more dangerous..." She sighed.
  Aurea Eudoxia / AskTheStaff / 1y 239d 2h 15m 43s
"I think I'd like that." Lucas said, smiling at the female, but that smile quickly faded when Lucas saw a massive horde of monsters. "...or we find someplace to take cover, because we can't take on all of those. I could take like a quarter of them, but even I have my limits."
Aurea led the male up a path that was a little steep, since Kakariko Village was located in between a few small mountains protecting the place from harm. "If you're hungry, I could try to prepare a meal to help you relax." She noted.
  Aurea Eudoxia / AskTheStaff / 1y 239d 2h 54m 9s
Lucas nodded and smiled. "Lead the way." he said. He still wasn't sure about her, but he'd decide to trust her for now. However, as he walked with the female, he couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched
Aurea listened to the boy, taking a few moments to make sure she understood what he was saying. "Well...if you want, I could help you settle in and explain where we are, what's going on, and so on...if that would help. I was just walking up this path to get to Kakariko Village, where I live.
  Aurea Eudoxia / AskTheStaff / 1y 239d 3h 26m 35s
Lucas spread his wings to allow them to stretch after his rough landing and said "I'm a hybrid. Half human, half dragon. I seemed to have broken through to Hyrule somehow, but my mind is really fuzzy after hitting my head on the ground..." he said, his light blue eyes showing no guilty signs of lying, and the handsome hybrid knew how crazy it sounded, but it was Hyrule, so stuff like his was normal, at least, he hoped it was. He didn't know if he was in Hyrule after the Calamity, before, or right in the middle of it.
The male was still acting rather odd, but Aurea decided to keep talking to him anyways. "I'm of the Sheikah tribe, yes." She told him, pointing to the eye tattooed on her arm that was the symbol of the tribe itself. "If you're not Hyrulean...what are you, may I ask?" The Sheikah girl asked curiously, still not for sure knowing his race.
  Aurea Eudoxia / AskTheStaff / 1y 239d 3h 40m 23s
"I am." Lucas said with a sigh, looking at the female up and down. She was certainly pretty, but Lucas pushed that thought out of his mind. "As you can probably guess, I am not Hyrulean, but judging from your attire miss, your from one of the tribes, aren't you? Lucas said, checking to make sure if his sword was still there. If this was a trick, and the female was actually a monster and Lucas had no way to defend himself... that would've been an embarassing end
The female sighed gently, simply walking along one of the main pathways near Kakariko village. She had just been making her way back home before noticing a male who seemed rather...out of place. His clothes weren't from the region and his facial features didn't quite match any human race she knew of. "Greetings, sir. You seem a bit lost..." Aurea said kindly to him, looking at him curiously.
  Aurea Eudoxia / AskTheStaff / 1y 239d 3h 54m 0s

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