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"Bring him in." Golden Shadow, unable to hid the little glimmer of hope in his eyes that Asriel was black, only to have his eyes turn into complete disappointment when the guards led in another dragon that looked-almost- exactly like GS. This was Abraxas, Golden Shadows brother, the god of Fear. He looked almost like an exact copy of Golden Shadow except for a few noticeable differences: He had no wings, and his eyes were pink- Just like the soul of Fear. "And who are you?" Golden asked

"My name is Abraxas Lightburst." the other male said, temporarily getting distracted by Inara, then cowering at the look Golden was giving him, looked away from the female. "Our parents separated us, left you near here and took of with me. Well, they died. And before they did, they told me why. They knew we were both gods, and that would make us a target. I'm guessing you reprogrammed her after she tried to kill you? Well, hate to break it to you: She wasn't the only android sent." Abraxas said, lifting his shirt to reveal a stab mark that looked like it came from the exact knife Inara used when she tried to kill him months ago. "He knows about her, brother. He's coming."
Inara listened and waited, wondering what Golden Shadow would do in response.
  Inara the Android / AskTheStaff / 1y 114d 9h 40m 46s
It was at this moment a guard rushed into the kingdom, looking for their king and queen. When e found them, he kneeled respectfully, something Golden Shadow explained thousands of times they don't need to do. "Forgive me, sire, milady. There's someone at the kingdom, claiming to be your brother, my king."
The female blushed and nodded in understanding. "True." She said with a slight smirk and smile, chuckling again.
  Inara the Android / AskTheStaff / 1y 114d 10h 12m 59s
"I'm always happy with you and our little ones." Golden Shadow said, kissing her belly. "You know, since their going to be royalty, were going to have to try our best to not spoil them." he chuckled
  Golden Shadow/ Gleam Lightburst / GoldenShadow / 1y 114d 10h 21m 32s
"Well, you sound quite happy." She chuckled gently, smiling back towards him.
  Inara the Android / AskTheStaff / 1y 114d 10h 25m 28s
Golden Shadow pushed the thought away temporarily and smiled at his wife's touch. "Good morning~" he said
  Golden Shadow/ Gleam Lightburst / GoldenShadow / 1y 114d 10h 28m 28s
The female android knew he was tired, so she laid a hand gently on his shoulder to help him wake up a little. Maybe her touch could make him think more clearly and focus more on what was in front of him. "Good morning." Inara said.
  Inara the Android / AskTheStaff / 1y 114d 10h 34m 45s
GS reluctantly opened his eyes again and smiled at his wife, but it was obvious his thoughts were somewhere else. One thing he didnt realize he still had when he became an android: his magic eye. His ability to see into the future and across all timelines. That, and his prophetic dreams. He wasnt sure if his dream was a sign of possibility, or of mad obsession.
  Golden Shadow/ Gleam Lightburst / GoldenShadow / 1y 114d 10h 42m 16s
This time, Inara made breakfast, although it was just simple eggs, bacon, and other simple foods. Eventually she finished making it and came back into the room with GS, putting a plate close to him to see if the smell would wake him up.
  Inara the Android / AskTheStaff / 1y 114d 10h 46m 18s
Golden woke a little later, but didn't exactly get up yet. His dream was still plaguing him, but it gave him a small glimmer of hope. "Could it really be possible?" he muttered to himself.
Soon enough, by the morning, the female's eyes turned back on and her eyelids opened. She let out a robotic yawn, and stretched a little bit before seeing that GS was still next to her. Luckily, she was able to get out of his hug without waking him, so she could go find some breakfast and wake up a little more.
  Inara the Android / AskTheStaff / 1y 115d 6h 36m 6s
Golden couldn't help but smile, and visibly relaxed a bit, settling himself again and wrapped his arms around her, sleep coming to him once again.
By that time, Inara was still sleeping soundly and comfortably. She looked a little precious, just from the way she was laying and how relaxed she seemed.
  Inara the Android / AskTheStaff / 1y 115d 7h 3m 39s
Golden's dreams were just as pleasant: Him and Inara carrying their children, but somehow, Asriel was with them. He looked at Golden and smiled, and his sight was filled with a blueprint capable of bringing his brother back. Golden woke up suddenly, his internal clock reading just past midnight

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