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Alric stepped outside of the circle of statues. His back to the statues the child of ra circled around the "gate" with each statue he passed his put his hand on the thing's back. Their eyes went from a black like the obsidian to Gold showing they were active, but for what was questionable yet still. After making his rounds each god's eyes turned a different color based upon their powers. Alric had stepped back into the center of the circle of statues holding up his arm, holding it a few moments the statue's let out a beam of light that hit his god parent mark upon his arm.

As the light faded another black ring upon his arm appeared, His tenth to be exact. The male stepped out of the ring and placed his jacket back upon his person. [#f9761f "Each of you will step into the ring of the Gods and receive your first mark. Do not worry this mark will only show while you are here at camp and are not visible to the outside world. These bands represent your years here at camp."] Looking to the Child of Ptah went into the ring next and was given their next ring, showing a total of six.

[#f9761f "This is required as to get into camp from anywhere besides a portal, but those are far and few in between."] looking around especially to the new campers Alric gave a very stern look to them all. [#f9761f "First year campers are to step forward, We shall do this by years at camp this year starting with the fresh batch and working our way back."]
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Cameron stared at the girl as he just simply sat there before looking back over at Aleric. He thought of the girl as something dark and mysterious and he did not like that. Not at all. He at least continued to listen to her speak and he kept that name in mind just so he wouldn't embarrass himself later on when he needed to talk about her.

He looked around at other people, why were they so terrified? But at the same time, he was just as scared as they were, possibly even a bit more than everybody else. Thoth was the God of magic, wisdom, the moon, and writing but he had none of those skills. That's why he was nervous. He was also nervous about ever using weapons.

He never wanted to harm someone unless he had to. He shook his head and his eyes turned to Aleric, hearing him speak before staring down again at his symbol. Wasn't he Ra's opposite? Ra was the sun God and Thoth were the God of the moon. That means shouldn't Aleric and he gets in fights all the time and whatnot? Well, I mean you never know.

The gate? What was that? Cameron wondered before the statues popped up. That was enough to make him hurl but he kept his hand over his mouth. He quickly swallowed it and stared at Thoth as the statue stared back at him.

What was next?
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The Women standing in the middle of the giant room spoke again her deep voice having an Angelic tone, even though her look was a much darker thing. [b "At this point, I had over the rest of the Feast to the Head of all Campers Alric De Morgana."] The women took her seat next to the Obelisk her skin shone the many colors that came from the stone even making it glisten much more so like a thousand different diamonds were upon her skin and it was magnifying the colors that came from it. Her wings of jet black color absorbed the color that would shine on it, but not let it back.

It was when her speech finished that Alric stood from his seat, The single chair that sat at the base of the steps leading up to the stone itself. The Symbol for Ra on the little bit of wall above his head. Raising his hands Alric broke all the chatter as he stepped into the middle of the halls where Piaa had first stood while she spoke. At first the young man said nothing as he looked around him, the campers had all sort of things going on in their eyes. Fear, pain, questioning, most of all Worry.

[#f9761f "Ladies and Gentlemen, Demi-gods of Camp Lotus. As you all know already you are here because you are special. You are a child to the Egyptian Gods of old. As proof upon your entering of this camp you were given a symbol upon your forearm as all of you have seen. Each symbol represents your Godly Parent as Piaa has pointed out."] Putting his arm up into the air it showed his own symbol branded in gold upon his pale tan skin.

Allowing his arm to fall back into place Alric looked to the table of Ptah as one of the members came around the table and stood by Alric. As the man did so Alric had removed his shirt showing the bands of black upon his arm that his god symbol was on as well. [#f9761f "Prepare the gate."] The Ptah Demi-god bent down and drew his parent's symbol on the floor. It had summoned up a circle of twelve statues. One of each Important Deity. Ra, Horus, Anubis, Isis, Iris, Set, Osiris, Thoth, Mut, Bastet, Amun, and Maat.
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Cameron felt hands on his shoulders and he stared up at Aleric, being silent for a few moments. [#778899 "Oh okay..." ] Cameron said with a frown, what could happen next that is harder? Training? Does he have to fight something? He asked himself all these questions, making him even more nervous. Eventually, he began to feel sick as Aleric let him go.

He followed behind quietly, looking around at everything. The sight was a lot to take in at once, his breath getting caught by the obelisk. He then looked down at his left forearm, the sign on the crescent moon and the ibis staring back at him. He looked back up and scrambled to take a seat under the flag of Thoth.

He sat there awkwardly, having nobody really to talk to as he looked around and set his eyes on the female. He gulped a bit after hearing the girl announce everything, wanting to throw up even more now. He just couldn't eat at this point with how much anxiety he had. He was just an anxious and worrying person and struggling with the mental disorder of panic left him struggling.

He wondered everso what she met as being his instructor. But even more, did he wonder about when he'll have his first mission.
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Alric had stayed quiet for a bit while the pair walked down the pathway to the Dinning Hall. Of course the older had a smile on his face until the marks upon his arm came up. Pulling up the bracelets to show his own house Symbol, that of the midday sun inside the sun was the Eye of Ra, which ever person within the camp had carried or given to them by their parent of divine powers. [#f9761f "The Feast is not a way for people to introduce themselves. Like I said it will explain itself more over when we get there ourselves."]

Stopping at the fountain in the middle of the camp, the single thing that stood on all the pathways around the camp, the center of the camp. [#f9761f "The marks on my arm will also be explained within the feast."] his eyes stern up even more so thinking about the marks upon his arm. Stopping a moment and grabbing ahold of Cameron's shoulders. [#f9761f "Do not worry about whats going to happen at the feast. Its what comes after that would be more of a challenge."]

Letting the boy go and allowing his pace to come to a slight jog the man eventually reached the dinning hall. The thing looked like another massive building like any other, only it was opened all around accept for a single half circle that covered the back part. One stepped inside it was tables, and bodies everywhere accept for a rise which held a single statue of the Egyptian Gods forged in gold all upon Climbing an Obelisk of unknown origin, each one of their names carved into the stone itself. As the sun hit the stone from the Monument it shined all across the hall allowing for each House symbol to be shown on the walls.

Upon the walls the banners of each God or Goddess shown, of course under each banner sat a table to size for all their demi-god children. As Alric entered the hall he took his seat just under the Symbol for Ra.

[right [pic]]
A single female figure entered the hall her booming voice could be overheard through the chatter and clatter and clang of cups, plates, and silverware and talk between campers. [b "Take your seat, take your seat. For those of you new to Camp Lotus, Your seat will be under the symbol that shows your Godly Parent. If you look upon your forearm Males will have it upon their Left and females on their right."]

The women waited for the rest of the campers to sit, a few hesitant to sit. [b "For those of you new to Camp Lotus, this is the Starter Feast, also called the First Festival. My name is Piaa I am head of camp and shall be your instructor from this point until you leave on missions or return home after camping is over, that is if you don't stay year round."]
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[#778899 "Holy fuck." ]

Cameron whispered, looking up at the two statues of Ra as they glinted in the sunlight. He stood there awkwardly before rolling up part of his short sleeve t-shirt, staring at the crescent moon symbol. He wondered what kind of magic he could even pull off if any. Oh, wouldn't that be just fucking nice? A child of Thoth without magic.

This thought just gave Cameron a heaviness to weigh on his shoulders. This was all overwhelming him and he felt trapped, his eyes darting around with paranoia from earlier. He felt nervous without Aleric and he knew why Aleric was a child of Ra and he was to be respected. If he was with Aleric, nobody would mess with him, would they?

When Aleric came out of his cabin, he sighed in slight relief. He nodded when Aleric said he was ready to go and he numbly followed behind him, picking up his pace when needed. [#778899 "D-Do I have to stand up and introduce myself?" ] He whimpered, struggling a bit to keep up with him.

[#778899 "A-And what was that on your shoulder?" ] He asked, staring at his forearm after he had put the vest back on right.
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Curious about the blade itself Alric had left the topic alone for the most part. It was a short trip to his cabin left. Hearing however Cameron give his name and ask about the camp feast a laugh came from the boy. [#f9761f "Stay here a moment. I'll be back in a second just need to run inside."] Stepping down the pathway past the twin statues of Ra that stood a solid ten foot at the entrance made of pure Obsidian with gold and white marble in proper places the two looked almost exactly like Ra himself if he was there, but the size was off of course.

Alric stepped into the cabin and took a deep breath. Here he was free of responsibility for the most part. The cabin of Ra was one place no one would come to simply because Alric was the only demi-god within the cabin and couldn't be disturbed by anyone unless it was for a special request. Although the Cabin of Ra and Cabin of Ptah, the God of the smiths worked close together as Egyptian finery weapons were made out of Meteoric Iron, but glistened to look much like Gold themselves.

The child set his bag on the single bed that was found within the Pyramid. And returned to outside and Cameron. Patting his hands together [#f9761f "I'm ready to go."] picking up the pace a bit more so on the return down the pathway to get to the dinning hall Alric had thought over the question. [#f9761f "To answer your earlier question. The Feasty thingy as you put it is an introduction to camp. It'll explain itself once we get there."] As the male continued to walk his vest had blew off his left shoulder to expose nine black rings down his arm.

Quickly replacing the vest on his arm Alric scurried along. [#f9761f "Come on Cameron Sanderson, we have a place to be and not a lot of time to do it."]

[Center [pic]]
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[#778899 "I mean, this was all Thoth gave me when he appeared in my fucking window." ]

Cameron mumbled under his breath, staring down at his blade as he looked at Aleric, his amber eyes holding what seemed like an explosion of brown in them. His eyes also gave you that feeling of uneasiness due to how intense his glare was sometimes. He kept his right hand on the hilt despite him being left handed but he had learned how to be ambidextrous.

Cameron felt a little embarrassed from asking so many questions and bombarding Aleric. What was weird that when he seemed to blush or even get embarrassed, his cheeks had a tint of silver and light blue to them. He finally understood why he had different colored blood than most because he just wasn't fully human. So when he blushed, the blood ran to his cheeks and made it that color.

Cameron was deadly silent as he watched Aleric closely, his hands fiddling with the leather of the sword hilt nervously. He wasn't one to just suddenly get quiet, that meant many bad things. Either it would be that he's getting self-conscious about himself or he was feeling wrong. He stared at the golden rings, not daring to ask another question for his sake.

But his silence couldn't be stopped when Aleric asked him a question, a question about his name. [#778899 "It's Cameron. Cameron Sanderson." ] He said as if he was at a formal party. Cameron took a closer look at Aleric and just stared at him for a few moments, just examining him before looking away again.

And he couldn't hold his silence once again as he heard something about a camp feast starter. [#778899 "What's the feast thingy? Am I part of it?" ] Cameron asked with sudden anxiety. He wasn't so good at being in front of a lot of people, he could barely manage with three people he didn't know. He remembered the last time he spoke or even got up in front of people, that's when he threw up.

For being 16, he was a little immature.
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Alric had stood there for a few moments with the younger boy still standing there. He guessed they hadn't clicked right away, but when they had he instantly took off into the structure right in front of them. Of course it was a short thing Alric guessed it was a quick toss of the bag on the bed and pulling a few things out of the bag. Of course it was obvious he had pulled out an Egyptian style weapon that now hung on his hip. The blade seemed to gleam in the sunlight. [#f9761f "A kophesh, a strange style of blade for a child of Thoth, I figured the child would follow the divine and choose the Sycle type of weaponry instead."]

Hearing the boy's question of where they were going the older just rolled his eyes. [#f9761f "I mentioned that after your done in there we would be going to the Pyramid of Ra, so yes my cabin."] Pulling around his bag to the front Alric shuffled through the thing and pulled out six dozen small gold rings and placed them upon his arms. Of course many didn't understand the significant meaning of the rings upon his arms, and the material they are made of.

[#f9761f "So What is your name? As I'm sure your tired already of being called child of Thoth. Especially after hearing it for a while you will."] as he spoke Alric zipped the bag back up and returned it to its position upon his back. Allowing the jean vest he wore allowing his tan skin to be exposed. His black jeans allowed to show it off even more as the vest flapped open and closed in the wind that began to pick up.

[#f9761f "Damn them children of Amun...I told them only in the fields can they do this."] The older boy's voice boomed across it seemed the entire camp. [#f9761f "The Camp starter feast will begin in a few minutes. If everyone could make their way towards the Feasting hall it would be greatly appreciated."] Alric picked up his own pace to get to his cabin, which was not that much farther.
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Cameron felt the hand of Aleric on his head and he didn't know how to respond to it at all. He kinda flinched too when Aleric set his hand on his head, staring up at him with his amber eyes. He heard that there might be someone in there and his anxiety kicked in, his eyes going back to his cabin before hearing something about a mark.

He looked down at his right forearm to see a moon disk there on his arm, almost like it was painted on. The crescent moon pointed up towards his shoulder, a circle around the moon as well. He frowned, having not even felt such thing as he walked through the gate. He then shouldered his stuff and things before stepping away and running to his cabin, busting in like he was in some kind of movie.

He didn't even pay attention as he just threw his stuff by one of the nearest cots that had shelves on it. He then began to go through his backpack, pulling out some little things like vials filled with mysterious liquids that Thoth also gave him with the eye of Horus. He put them on the shelves, making sure they didn't fall off of the wooden planks.

Eventually, he pulled out something that was in a hidden compartment of his bag, the item being a curved long sword that looked like a khopesh made out of some kind of silver. He also had a sheath for it and he put it in the leather sheath and he just simply tied it around his waist, not knowing if they could carry weapons around the camp.

He eventually came out in the same clothes, his sweater tied around his neck with the eye of Horus dangling from his neck as well. He walked back up to Aleric, fiddling his thumbs a bit.

[#778899 "Where are we going? Your cabin?" ]
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Taking his time to think over the questions he had been asked by the younger boy. The man just stood there silently for a few moments. [#f9761f "There is no one else in the cabin as far as I know, however that doesn't mean there aren't people in there. I pay no heed to other cabin's members. You may find a Guardian in there assigned to you by Piaa, but other Demi-Gods is unlikely as Thoth is not one to have children very often, he is the counterpart to Ra, and is expected to act as such."] Raising an eyebrow to the first question that was asked Alric just laughed.

Patting the younger kid on his head. [#f9761f "I can tell you are a Child of Thoth because of who my God parent is. Ra is King of the Gods to Egypt. He is also God of the Sun, Pharaohs, Pyramids, and Creation. It is the powers of my God parent that allows me to know what Divine parent belongs to a person."] A devilish smile appeared on Alric's lips. [#f9761f "That and the mark on your arm from the gateway gives you away."] pointing at the Mark of Thoth on the boy's forearm for all the see pointed in black.

[#f9761f "If you hurry up and get your stuff inside you can come to the Ra Pyramid with me, and then from there the Dinning hall. The mark will be explained there."]
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Cameron nodded as he heard Aleric's name, looking around at everything around him before turning his head back to Aleric. He was starting to be slightly annoyed at the fact that Aleric kept bending down to his level to talk to him but he didn't say anything out of fear of being hit by a sun ray or something.

He was sure to make sure he remembered Aleric's name and that it would get him out of trouble. It was kinda nice having a pass out of trouble if the need arose. [#778899 "How do you know what god I come from?" ] He asked, shifting a bit in his spot. He then gulped after hearing about the enforcers, already kinda terrified of them. He would more than likely not cross paths with them for now.

Cameron followed behind Aleric and stared at his cabin, his eyes looking it up and down. [#778899 "Is there anybody in there too?" ] He asked, not wanting to feel totally lonely. He wasn't one for being lonely, it made him feel vulnerable and a little hopeless and trapped even. He took note of where to find Aleric, he would probably visit him later for more help of where to go.
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The blonde male looked to the younger companion of his. His question was silently hanging in the air between the two of them. The male stopped stepping in front of the younger blocking the pathway. [#f9761f "My name is Alric De Morgana. Child of Ra."] Bending down to come face level to the boy a smile played across his face as he looked into the younger's eyes. [#f9761f "You would do well to remember that name Child of Thoth, It will be the only thing to keep you out of trouble here."] in a not so joking tone were those words said, but Alric meant them.

Standing up to his full height again the sun child looked down to the younger. [#f9761f "We have Guardians here, The Guards of the Tomb, the Sphinx, even the Scarabs are seen around the camp, however they are punishers and any fighting they deal with on orders from Piaa, The head of the Camp."] It was a scary idea of facing Piaa, for she was a Valkyrie, a women creature that served the God of the sky Horus, but she also served Ra as he was the God of Creation to Egyptians.

[#f9761f "Your cabin is this way."] Turning again and continuing down the pathway he went several more buildings and stopped. Pointing his hand to the right. [#f9761f "Your cabin."] turning once again to face the younger [#f9761f "If you run into trouble come find me. I'm usually in my pyramid, or within the training field."] stepping sideways and pointing down the pathway. [#f9761f "If you follow this pathway it ends right at the entrance to my Cabin."]
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Cameron kinda shrunk as Aleric bent over him slightly, his hand over his eye of Horus. He nodded at Aleric's question that was pointed to him, his amber eyes looking around before coming back to Aleric's face. [#778899 "Y-Yes I did." ] He said, acting very nervous around Aleric.

He wanted to get on Aleric's good side and even get some attention from him, he felt like Aleric was important and he, himself wanted to be important too. All that Cameron could do is pretty much nothing as of now, he didn't even know if he had powers or not. But all things aside, he swore he had met this man before but he forgot his name which is something that Cameron did commonly, forget people's name.

He stood there awkwardly as Aleric turned around and began to walk away, leaving Cameron there. He then heard Aleric speak again and he ran to catch up with him, his legs pumping as he stopped to a walk beside him. He wasn't very muscular, he was more on the extremely thin side.

[#778899 "I swear we've met before, what's your name?" ]
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The young man just watched as the exchange went down between a few of the new campers. Of course he wasn't going to step in as he had other business to attend to, but he also wasn't about to let a fight go down between campers already without proper rules being followed. Alric stopped speaking as the young kid rumbled on about making sure he got his revenge against the child of Thoth. Alric just gave him the blank face look. Disturbed his look gave the group no authority to question his orders and he would not have any.

[#f9761f "Your dismissed."] Pointing behind him to the rest of the camp he shuffled to the side of the street. [#f9761f "Get going find your cabins."] The new campers took off quicker then last year or years before. It was almost like they were bored of his speech and it would just get worse as the years passed by, but it wouldn't matter as it hadn't changed in a while now, so no reason to do so now. Swinging back around Alric noticed the young boy still standing there.

[#f9761f "You heard me yes?"] stepping up to the kid he bent down a little to come face to face with the person. [#f9761f "I guess I can show you to your cabin, but I need to stop at mine first on the way."] Going back to his full height the man turned around resting his bag on his left shoulder. Taking several steps towards the center of camp Alric looked over his shoulder and only nodded his head forward. [#f9761f "Well come on if your coming. I ain't got all day."] Facing the camp the blonde set his pace like normal. His Cabin would be empty like it always was, but it was still the farthest from the entrance to camp outside of the single trap door that would lead into the Crypt.
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