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[center While we all know of Camp Half-blood the Greek camp made for their demigods. Then there was Camp Jupiter for the Roman demigods. Both sides did not like each other, war broke out between the two of them over the years up to more recent years. However the two camps have recently learned of each other’s existence not by accident but by the queen of the Gods, Hera/Juno. The queen had brought the two camps together to work on freeing her and defeating the worst evil the worst could face, Gaea herself. What the two camps did not know was while they were questing a third set of children were gathering in Baton rouge, Louisiana. These Demi-Gods didn’t follow the lines of the ancient Greek, or even Roman, but of the Ancient Egyptian Culture themselves. While the demigods of their Egyptian counter parts, the Gods have also started gathering their Norse or Viking demigod children as well in Barrow, Alaska. The war with Gaea has ended, however the demigods are now in even more danger now that monsters have come out of hiding and started hunting them once again. New monsters have started to appear around the world and hunting down Demi-Gods. Calling upon the Tides of their children the Gods have secluded themselves from the affairs of Mortals, however their children must protect themselves, along with their camps as they move them to the island of Atlantis to start their new homes.]


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The young man just watched as the exchange went down between a few of the new campers. Of course he wasn't going to step in as he had other business to attend to, but he also wasn't about to let a fight go down between campers already without proper rules being followed. Alric stopped speaking as the young kid rumbled on about making sure he got his revenge against the child of Thoth. Alric just gave him the blank face look. Disturbed his look gave the group no authority to question his orders and he would not have any.

[#f9761f "Your dismissed."] Pointing behind him to the rest of the camp he shuffled to the side of the street. [#f9761f "Get going find your cabins."] The new campers took off quicker then last year or years before. It was almost like they were bored of his speech and it would just get worse as the years passed by, but it wouldn't matter as it hadn't changed in a while now, so no reason to do so now. Swinging back around Alric noticed the young boy still standing there.

[#f9761f "You heard me yes?"] stepping up to the kid he bent down a little to come face to face with the person. [#f9761f "I guess I can show you to your cabin, but I need to stop at mine first on the way."] Going back to his full height the man turned around resting his bag on his left shoulder. Taking several steps towards the center of camp Alric looked over his shoulder and only nodded his head forward. [#f9761f "Well come on if your coming. I ain't got all day."] Facing the camp the blonde set his pace like normal. His Cabin would be empty like it always was, but it was still the farthest from the entrance to camp outside of the single trap door that would lead into the Crypt.
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Cameron listened to Aleric closely, sure to mentally keep this down in his head until he remembered it. He tried to remember most of what he said, his mouth silently moving as he told himself it over and over again until it was down in his head. He finally stopped, surely he would remember of where to go.

He looked around at all the other faces, feeling a bit small in the group. He knew he had seen Aleric before coming here but he couldn't put his finger on where he had seen him. He growled to himself, trying to kick-start his brain. He tugged on his black sweater, feeling a bit hot for his own comfort. He put the eye of Horus back inside of his sweater, yanking it off to reveal a golden t-shirt. He then tied the sweater around his neck, looking around with amber coloured eyes.

He then began to notice that some people were shoving each other around, one person bumping into him. He heard a growl come from behind him, [i "Oi you, you white-haired bitch. I'll get you one day." ] The growled breathed and Cameron shuddered, not daring to look back at the person. Soon, the issue resolved itself as they stopped to look back at Aleric.
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The male stepped into the camp and stopped dead at the gates. [#f9761f "Each one of the Gods have a Pyramid here in the camp. Each one designed to show you specifically which God they are. For example straight ahead and to the left of us is the Pyramid to Anubis, His jackel head is at the top and decorates all the doorways. Bast is the same way, and so on for the most part with few acceptations."] Relenting on his talking Alric stepped to the side of the pathway to let more experienced campers walk by from the entrance.

[#f9761f "For now Find someone to show you to your cabin, pick a bunk and get to know your fellow demi-gods. The people who share your cabin are your half siblings given to you by the divine being that would be your godly parent. There are far and few here that do not have at least one other person in the cabin."] a devilish grin on his face Alric knew that it was true many of the Egyptian Gods had several demi-god children and it was rare for any of them to have only one, but Ra, Set, even Osiris were thought to have no children besides Alric himself. Although rare was a child of Thot even whom the young man spotted out of the group.

[#f9761f "The lunch palace is marked by the giant obelisk building just to the left of the Arena. The Arena is the Giant Pyramid right in the middle of the camp. Its this place we train and compete."]
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Cameron seemed a bit in awe, his jaw dropped a bit as he heard that Alric was the son of Ra. He stood there, putting his hand in his sweater to feel the eye of Horus on his chest. He fiddled with it, eventually pulling it out of hiding. As Alric showed them the portal, he was the second one to step through, the heat hit him like a gust of cold air. He looked up at Camp Lotus, even more in awe as the eye of Horus glowed a slight grey.

He was sure that he could just tell the people there that he was a child of Thoth and they would believe him but he wasn't so sure. He was also told that even though Thoth wasn't in the big three that he still barely had children and when he did, they usually had a fight within themselves. It was like a battle of good and evil really.
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The male had seen the group gather around. It was much larger then the past few years, and not from all the old members of camp showing up, but all the new ones that had shown up. Perhaps this was the year things would be different, this was the year that the Demi-Gods would finally be answered by the old gods and understand why they were constantly sent on missions or why they were meant to stay inside a barrier wall. blessed by Ra himself the great God of creation was all but silent as of lately. Letting his hand fall to his side a smile played across the young man's face. while old for demi-gods he was believed to be the oldest.

Still speaking in the old tongue the young blond said [#f9761f "As many of you have begun to realize you are much different then those around you."] motioning towards the others giving the group odd looks as the man spoke in their ancient tongue. [#f9761f "As many of you also know you are what is known as a Demi-God. A child of a Mortal parent and an Immortal Egyptian God or Goddess."] placing a hand upon his own chest the smile still there. [#f9761f "I am Alric De Morgana, Child to the god Amun-Ra. To Egyptians the patron god to our people. One of the Big three to us."]

Holding up three fingers the boy went on. [#f9761f "To Egyptians Ra, Set, and Osiris are the big three."] Turning from the group the young male shouted over his shoulder to the group. [#f9761f "Follow me please folks. Camp Lotus is this way."] Leading down the street a few blocks the young man dead stopped in front of a small little café. [#f9761f "The Entrance is here."] Waving his own Eye of Ra over the door it became a portal like thing instead showing two doors instead of just one. Stepping through the thing first Alric smiled.

It was an Oasis that the camp was sat in. Of course surrounded by hundreds of miles of deserts. Watching the portal as the few old campers stepped through and took the pathway to the camp and disappeared. Alric De Morgana however waited as hesitant first timers came through, eventually all of them made it at least by his count, and if not they would have to wait for the next group to show up. [#f9761f "Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Camp Lotus."]

[ Camp]
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The boy was already struggling with keeping up with everything he had been told. First of all, a fucking ibis had shown up on his window this morning and what was even crazier was that it spoke to him. He thought he was going crazy and he surely felt like it as he listened closely.

After a while of thinking about what he was told, he began to pack as fast as he could, not even bothering to tell his step-father where he was going. For all Cameron knew, that man wanted to see him dead. He had made sure he packed a first aid kit from his bathroom, two pocket knives, some soda cans and a bunch of his clothes. He looked over onto the desk besides him, staring at the silver necklace that laid there, an eye charm dangling from it.

He never knew what the eye meant but it really was the eye of Horus. He grabbed it anyway, putting it on and hiding the charm underneath a black sweater as he tugged on white dyed jeans. He then slung the backpack over his shoulder and escaped through his fire escape. Soon, he was at the train station as he looked around for the train. He eventually did find it, stepping into it and finding in the back corner.

He was a very introverted and shy person and he showed it, leaning away from crowds and all by himself. He was scrawny and he stood at 5'4, meaning he was kinda short for his age of 16 and he really looked 14 years old. After a while, the train finally stopped and Cameron instantly got to his feet, somehow able to understand what Alric said. He nodded and went over to him, ready for the tour as he shouldered his bag, the cool feeling of the charm against his skin underneath his black sweater.
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[Center [size20 [b Memories of a Dead Man]]]
[Center [size10 [I Death, that is a game no one wanted to play with, including myself, but it had to be done. Without playing in the game everyone would end up dead at those who believed themselves stronger and those who prey on the weak. Without order there would be nothing for us to strive and achieve towards. However in this game of Death memories haunt those who are part time players, but for those who are constant players like Doctors, Gangs, Murderers, they all seem to be unaffected by least that is what I thought until that one night, no no I can't go back to it.]]]

It was a mild day in Baton rouge, Louisiana. It was a spring day almost the start of summer, and so the beings of more supernatural origin began to come out more often than not. It was this that had caused a problem for the camp of Demi-Gods. They were being hunted down or forced to return to camp as quickly as possible, that was if they didn’t say year round already. It was a difficult time most of all for one Egyptian Demi-God as it meant packing and leaving his half siblings and mother again at the hands of potentially anything that could smell the more divine half of him. While packing his things from his room such as clothing, books, and the like in a backpack the male heard someone call [b “Alric its time to go. You and Marc are going to be late for the train again and I won’t be getting a letter from camp again saying your arrival was late and they had to delay allowing anyone else in.”]

[#f9761f “Alright, alright I am going as fast as I can.”] The male called back while throwing a few more things into the bag. Running down the stairs the blonde dead stopped in front of an older woman. His mother was a beautiful thing. Standing a solid five and a half feet, her hair like Alric’s was a bright blonde shade and hadn’t faded as the years passed, but only made it more aluminous as she aged. Her skin was a darker tan then Alrics, but her Native Egyptian shown through that way. The young boy gave the women a hug. [b “Breakfast is on the table. It’s already starting to get cold, so hurry and eat and off you go.”]

Nodding Alric didn’t even bother to sit at the table this morning like he would traditionally, but grabbed the plat scuffing down the eggs from the plate in two bites. Grabbing the sausage from the plate as he put it into the sink for wash he ate them in a hurry by shoving one after another until all four were in his mouth at once. Taking the glass of orange juice the man at the counter held out as an offering Alric pushed the food down with the drink and let it go. [b “Off you go boys, Don’t miss that train.”] Alric grabbed the toast that had sounded with a pop from the toaster and rushed out the door with the man he would know only as Step father.

It was his mother’s fourth or fifth marriage he couldn’t keep track at this point and didn’t make it a point to do so. The man’s name was Marc, he was a good looking guy for an older gentlemen. In consideration his mother and this guy had been marred now for five years, so Alric hoped it worked out. The man wasn’t all that much different looking then his own father, or so Alric had been told the man who would have been his father had Amun-Ra not actually been the man. His hair was a dark brownish shade, cut close to the head. Freshly shaved beard for work of course at the office or firm or whatever he did for the government. The man dressed well always seemed to be in a suit and tie a briefcase in his left hand and keys in his right. Standing a solid five foot ten he wasn’t much shorter then Alric, but he was built much like the boy. They both had that athletic swimmer build. They didn’t look like much but they had muscle under their shirts. It was their bonding was the swimming competitions they had between them.

[b “Your mother wants me to wish you luck at camp this year, but your what twenty-four this year now? You’ve been going to camp for going on ten years now what do you do there?”] smiling Alric knew the man that sat in the driver’s seat knew nothing of what the camp actually did. [#f9761f “I am a councilor there now. Cabin head, whatever you want to call it. I’m there to help the new campers adjust to the camp life.”] Pulling the car to a stop the family lived a short distance from the train, but it would be a short ride of course over to New Orleans, where the portal to the Camp actually was.

Getting out of the car and before Marc could even say another word Alric called back. [#f9761f “farewell Marc, I’ll write.”] Stepping into the train station Alric already had his ticket like he did every year he bought it at the end of camp for the next year. Letting himself onto the train into the same car that held the Symbol of the Egyptian Gods, The eye of Ra on the doors it was a car on the train that would hold only the supernatural. Surveying the group he sat himself down, many of them were new comers or were scared for their life and were trying to get away from whatever had come after them and their parents finally spilled the beans of what they really were.

Seating next to the window at his usual seat Alric had set himself for the trip. It was a short train ride. Taking a few deep breaths Alric stepped out of the crowd that was getting off the train. Holding up his hand he gave out a loud whistle to get everyone’s’ attention. Speaking in Ancient Egyptian the boy spoke, [#f9761f “If you can understand me, Step this way please. I will be your guide to Camp Lotus.”] allowing for several to gather around the boy nodded at the older campers who just stepped up into the group that began to form around him.
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