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[center While we all know of Camp Half-blood the Greek camp made for their demigods. Then there was Camp Jupiter for the Roman demigods. Both sides did not like each other, war broke out between the two of them over the years up to more recent years. However the two camps have recently learned of each other’s existence not by accident but by the queen of the Gods, Hera/Juno. The queen had brought the two camps together to work on freeing her and defeating the worst evil the worst could face, Gaea herself. What the two camps did not know was while they were questing a third set of children were gathering in Baton rouge, Louisiana. These Demi-Gods didn’t follow the lines of the ancient Greek, or even Roman, but of the Ancient Egyptian Culture themselves. While the demigods of their Egyptian counter parts, the Gods have also started gathering their Norse or Viking demigod children as well in Barrow, Alaska. The war with Gaea has ended, however the demigods are now in even more danger now that monsters have come out of hiding and started hunting them once again. New monsters have started to appear around the world and hunting down Demi-Gods. Calling upon the Tides of their children the Gods have secluded themselves from the affairs of Mortals, however their children must protect themselves, along with their camps as they move them to the island of Atlantis to start their new homes.]


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Cameron was in the middle of everybody when Aleric began to speak up and hearing Aleric's voice made him stop. He watched and listened to Aleric explain the plan and as soon as Aleric raised the eye of Ra, he began to move to the front, saying excuse me a million times almost before he ran forwards and jumped into the portal after Aleric without thinking twice.

He stumbled through the portal just to bump a tiny bit into Aleric, [#778899 "Sorry." ] He simply said, looking around at where they were, a little aways from a small town in Lousiana like Aleric said they would end up. Cameron blinked a few times to let his eyes adjust to the sunlight, the heat getting to him.

He wasn't really a fan of warm weather, he enjoyed being cold rather than burning hot so he sure as hell didn't like where they were. But, he was able to bear it at least. The sunlight glinted off of his sickles too as Cameron shouldered his backpack, putting on the second strap of it. [#778899 "I know this is kinda not the time to ask but what about food and water-?" ]

He asked as he looked over with a frown on his face. They could go into nearby cities and towns but he sure had no money.
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Making his own way back to camp Alric returned and gathered up his things quickly. It was soon that they would be leaving the safety of the camp boundary, of course that was if it was still standing. Last night nothing else had happened within the camp as far as the demi-god could tell, but that could easily be a trick as his vision didn't cover all of the camp only parts of it. Those parts of course had already been crumbled into dust under foot of the attack from yesterday's adventure. While no one had been hurt in it, this one was far riskier.

Seeing everyone gather around Alric had it underplayed. a smile on his face as he looked out over the group. He could see fear in their eyes, even from the older campers. They were scared and he could understand why. Their God parent had promised them protection while they were here, and that was shattered on the first day. They weren't told and not likely to be told of the dangers they could potentially face along the journey they were taking. And that wasn't the worst of it, some how Alric though that a war was brewing between the Gods and one side was trying to prevent the demi-gods getting involved.

[#f9761f "Today we will travel through the portal and make our way to Alaska. Of course we will stay as one giant group, but along the way we will need to be on guard. Anything could come after us, as the Gods aren't discriminate about what they send after us."] Holding up his eye of Ra the portal jumped to life the blue of the portal was as clear as a clear lake, but nothing was on the otherside. [#f9761f "Cameron and I will go through first, followed by the left side guard. Then the center group then the right and rear guards. Once we get to the other side stick close. One person through the portal at a time, so choose who is going through in order."]

without another word the older male stepped up to the portal and fed himself through. The tingle of the chill from the portal magic was something he had never gotten use to even with his long years at the camp. Of course after reaching the other side of the portal the assault of the humid heat stung and pricked at the skin.
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[Kodchasan [center [pic ]

Cameron slowly got up, stretching as he extended his body out, popping noises coming from his body. He groaned, his silver hair pointed out in every direction as he looked out over everybody, a smile flickering on his face as he completely forgot about the nightmare he just had. He watched the sun on the horizon, sitting down again as he watched the sunrise.

His blue eyes looked around for Aleric, scanning over the camp as he clipped his sickles onto his pant belt and grabbed the book of Thoth.
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The night seemed to go smoothly from what Alric could tell. Of course what little of the camp he could see from his perch in the tree was very little, so to be able to see if anymore damage was being done was hard. He could see the ruble of the lunch hall and the practice field behind it, both already damage and pulverized to the point that there would be no point in attacking or trying to damage them anymore. Perhaps if the lunch hall was where the demi-gods were still held up there would be, but likely if anything was attacking they'd go for the cabins or the armory both of which now were empty of everything.

Alric had made sure the armory got packed away as they would need the armor and weaponry for those who didn't have one or the other or perhaps both. While the weapons weren't as precious as the ones some God parents had given their children made of Egyptian ivory, they would still be of better use then a stick or a stone or a gun. Of course no one had armor on unless they could fashion it quickly, Alric was the only one able to do so besides the Children of Phthah who could do so.

The noise from behind him on the ground caused the boy to turn around only to see a relief coming through the forest. It wasn't for him, but someone close by who Alric watched jumped down from their own perch and returned to camp. Decided it best to do so himself he could see dawn was approaching so everyone would be gathering or be woken so they could begin moving like they needed to.
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[Kodchasan [center [pic ]

Cameron smiled in his sleep as he was covered with a blanket, his book a few inches away along with his sickles. He was deep within his dreams, everything around him black in the inside of his dreams.


He stood in front of his father, his father's figure shaping into an Ibis with the moon for eyes. It stared down at him, the light from the moon eyes lighting up everything around him. He was suddenly in a labyrinth, paths leading everywhere yet nowhere at all. He even cried out for help but nothing but silence came back to him.

It all suddenly ended and he stood in front of Aleric but in his dream and he reached out for him but every time he reached the other male, Aleric seemed to not be there. Cameron grew really angered and he yelled, the dream turning black once more with hieroglyphs all around him. He tried to read them as best as he could but they were circling him rapidly.

[i Sun, Battle, Set. ]

Was all he could get out of it before the hieroglyphs became latin and even norse and he got lost trying to read them. It had truly been about 30 minutes when he woke up, sitting up from the ground as he looked around, his hand over his heart.
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Nodding as Cameron spoke he replaced the stick once again into the fire and watched as it burnt. Hearing however some noises from close by he turned to face the trees close by. Of course a few of the campers that were on watch were switching out a bit. There was little need to ware everyone down into exhaustion as they marched to Alaska and even farther beyond that as they would have to go from there south even farther then where they were now, but he had kept that to himself. It was a piece of the plan that didn't need to be reveled just yet.

Hearing noise from behind him Alric spun around to find Cameron asleep sitting up. His chin dug into his chest which had caused a bit of snoring due to the restriction on his neck and air flow. Standing the boy crossed the fire and laid Cameron down to sleep. covering him up with a blanket Alric turned then to his own bed roll and strolled right past it to take up watch on the outside of the camp itself with the others.
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[Kodchasan [center [pic ]

[#778899 "I don't know, I just remember about learning about Juno in history class." ]

Cameron said, looking up at the sky. He truly did wonder if there was Greek, Norse, and/or Roman versions of them. Like what if there were different camps for different people but born under different gods? Cameron seemed lost in thought as he stared at the starry sky, still sitting cross-legged.

Cameron finally felt some kind of exhaustion run over him and he surprisingly fell asleep sitting up. His head was tipped downwards, his chin against his chest as he snored slightly.
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Putting the map away Alric was puzzled at first by the question. Why would Juno matter at this point? Juno was indeed the Roman Goddess, in greek she was Hera, in Norse she would be called Frigga. Nodding Alric spoke softly. [#f9761f "Yes Juno is the Roman Goddess. to be exact she is the Queen of the Gods. To us Juno would be called Amun."] pulling another stick out from the fire he drew the goddess's symbol in the ground.

[#f9761f "To us Amun is a male Deity, however its not true Amun is seen as both male and female. Amun-Ra is the God of Creation and is known as the father of Pharaohs. It is this God that is my parent. So I get the powers of Ra, but also of Amun."] Confused for a few more moments alric had decided it best. [#f9761f "Why what were you thinking when thinking of Juno?"]
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Cameron looked down at the map as Aleric summoned it out of nowhere and he gasped silently as the map grew to just the state of Alaska. He listened closely and North Dakota and Montana grew and again he looked shocked. It was just really surprising to him and it was cool to him as well.

as Aleric finished up on what he was going to say, Cameron looked up at the other boy. [#778899 "Isn't Juno a Roman god? I dunno why I brought it up but the name sounded familiar-" ] He said, his closed magical book on his lap as he stared at Aleric.
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Alric waved his hand and put a map of the states between the two of them. [#f9761f "By all means Cameron. We are making the decisions for the group so I don't see this going on between the two of us until we know they are set in stone for sure."] Putting his left index finger on Alaska the map shifted to be one of the state itself. [#f9761f "Our goal is Juno Alaska, there is a portal there that leads to another camp of Demi-Gods. But we are not staying there."] pulling his finger off the map it switched back to the states as a whole.

Placing his finger on North Dakota and Montana both they grew to size.
[#f9761f "We are going to have to pass through Yellowstone National park however, as that place is protected by the Gods against creatures."]
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[Kodchasan [center [pic ]

Cameron watched the fire erupt into the shapes as he looked up from the book, listening intently to Aleric. He sounded so sad, being the only one along with Piaa for three years. Cameron wouldn't have been able to bear that, hell he couldn't last a day alone. So this put new found respect for Aleric inside of him, only glancing at the child of Ra.

He looked away from Aleric, scanning over the whole camp. [#778899 "I-I'm sorry..." ] Is all he could muster to say, his mind going at lightspeed. He looked back down at his book finally, he was surely gonna make his life better if not for him then for himself. Because nobody should be that lonely right?

[#778899 "I won't sleep. I don't want to anyways." ] He said with a quiet tone, his lips pursed together as the page that the book was one flipped over. The symbol is a simple hieroglyph but it meant a lot to Cameron and he even smiled at it before looking back over at Aleric.

[#778899 "I think I have some ideas. But I've gotta keep them to us two, okay?" ]
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Alric only stirred up on the fire some more with one of the sticks he would later shove into the fire itself. [#f9761f "I don't sleep much anymore. Being a child to the God of the Sun I am up at all times as the sun shines bright all the time. Sleep Cameron I will be here. I will wake you at dawn so you and I can discuss the next step in the plan."] Letting the fire build itself back up Alric twisted some of the flame away from the fire and formed shapes with it at first simple ones such as a square, circle, triangle, diamond. but eventually taking on more complex shapes such as stars, a horse, even a knight. Turning all these into three dimensional shapes as well.

[#f9761f "I understand however your feeling as your not good enough Cameron. When Ra had told me who I was the first time he spoke to me like I had a great destiny ahead of me, and that one day I would lead the camp, but I always thought until more recently that it was to never come or happen. That was when I just let things flow around me. Peaa sent me on missions with groups of fellow demi-gods, of course a few times we would loose one or two as the missions were not always easy and they would be killed or eaten or be left behind and disappear, but that is always a possibility."]

Pausing a moment to put the flames back into the fire itself it seemed to crackle back to life with a roar for a moment. [#f9761f "Then one day Peaa came to me and told me I was now the only camper left that had lasted past eight years. If you notice everyone else here including the new people all have bands on their arms, but none of them go above eight even still. We have a few sevens and six more fives and less, but none besides me above eight. Its because for a solid three years it was Peaa and myself at camp alone."]
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[Kodchasan [center [pic ]

Cameron looked over at Aleric from his book, seeing the boy sit up. He was still slouched over his book though, looking like a vulture over its piece of dead food. His face still held his embarrassed look, listening to Aleric intently. He did have a point, Thoth wouldn't have given him a book if he didn't know if Cameron was gonna do great things or not.

He watched Aleric as the other boy drew the symbols of the gods into the dirt, Cameron barely remembering the symbols and their corresponding god. And then at the ending, Cameron realized for about the fifth time that Aleric was right. The gods wouldn't do anything unless they were sure of it. This kinda changed Cameron's mood and he smiled, looking back at the book.

[#778899 "Thanks Aleric. Makes me feel a lot better. Why don't you sleep, I'll keep my eye out." ]

Cameron softly said, looking back at Aleric with a smile before turning back to his book, flipping through the pages. The hieroglyphs seemed to turn into english for him, easily able to read the language that wasn't his. He finna stopped on the symbol of Set and the symbol sent a wave of terror through him for only a few seconds.

Either this was a message to beware of a child of Set or this met that Set was going to throw some challenges at them along this trip. But Cameron would be ready for them. He was sure of it.
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Alric had just put his bedroll down and crawled onto it when Cameron came into view. Of course the boy seemed concerned of himself how could he not being a first year with such a high responsibility of leading hundreds of campers to a new land that would be their home until the gods told them to move again or until the planet itself went into a state of decay that they could no longer call Earth home. the thought scared Alric for a moment. He was after all the demi-god of the child of Creation and the sun, but what many didn't know was Alric was also blessed with one other gift from Ra. While his father died everynight to be reborn everyday Alric would never age past what he was, and the person he would spend the rest of his life with would be bound to the same fate as he was.

They would be keepers, watchers, sentinels of the world. They would live in both the Mortal and supernatural worlds and be stuck in both forever. Of course the disadvantage was that while they would not age or die of diseases they could still be killed by other means. This thought terrified Alric, not dying scared him, to see everyone around him age, but for him to stay this age now for the rest of time.

Alric sat up on his bedroll and looked to Cameron as the boy was staring at the book. [#f9761f "Cameron, Thoth and the Gods wouldn't have given you this mission of leading these demi-gods if they didn't think you could handle it. Thoth gave you what you need to do it by bringing you into the world, and revealing who you were when they did. Just understand that book you carry is precious to your God parent, so it must be important the job they gave you. Do not be scared to give orders even if they go against what I have already said."]

Pulling a stick from the fire Alric watched as it burnt down close to his hand. Blowing out the fire though it left cinders on the edge. With it Alric drew three symbols into the ground. [#f9761f "The reason these three are the big gods. Ra, Osiris, set. Is not because of who they are to the Gods, but who they are to us. Ra is the God of Creation, he made everything we see. Osiris is God of the Afterlife, judge, jury, and guard. He is the God who watches over our souls after we pass away. Set is the God Chaos, war, and Storms He sees over our lives during our living years. These three beings brought the world as we see it today to life. Without one none of this would be possible. The Ancient world celebrated many gods and Goddesses, but there were twelve major. Thoth being the fifth and only after Horus."]

Throwing the stick back into the fire Alric turned to watch the fire slowly burn down. [#f9761f "If the gods all agreed you should lead, do not put doubt in your mind of their choice. They believe in you, and so do I. We are only demi-gods we will still make mistakes."]
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[Kodchasan [center [pic ]

Cameron felt himself being grabbed and turned towards Aleric, frowning. He stayed quiet as he felt his cheeks burning up, navy blue blush on his face. [#778899 "Sorry, I'm just so eager to lead people you know." ] He said, not even daring to say something about the red eyes to Aleric.

He followed right behind Aleric, looking back at the red eyes as it stared back and he quickly turned back around. He didn't even know they had a portal in the first place and it was honestly surprising to him. He hurried after Aleric still as they marched towards the portal before he began to feel his magick book start to flap in his hands.

He tightened his grip, not wanting the book to suddenly burst out and startle everybody. He wanted to hit the book to see what it would do but again, he didn't want something happening. He looked back up to see the child of war run off into the forest and he looked back at Aleric, not sure of what to do. He continued to follow Aleric still, still embarrassed slightly.

He sat down beside Aleric's bedroll, staring at the book in his lap. [#778899 "Aleric? One; I'm sorry for earlier. Two; I don't think I can sleep..." ] He said, not even knowing why but he felt like he should know. He was then quiet again, staring at the Ibis bird head on the front of his book.
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