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[center [h3 Fun Debates]]

[center [b This is an open thread! Where in the RP section write a match up from time to time. What kinda match up? A death match or you could say a death batt-- Oh wait that names taken.]]

[center [b Here I'd like to see people's opinions and reasoning to why certain characters would honestly win their respective matches.]]

[center [h3 Rules]]

[center [b 1: Don't write in the RP section that is reserved for the current match up topic. ]]

[center [b 2: This is gonna be super obvious but don't be an ass. If you and someone else disagree on who would win? Don't get crazy and call them a dumbass. You can disagree and playful banter is allowed if everyone is comfortable just don't get bent out of shape.]]

[center [b I'll add rules if needed but I hope here are the only rules really needed.]]

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[center [h3 Second Match Up]]

[center [b Asta ]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Midoriya ]]

[center [pic]]
  Kirishima / Knight- / 3d 11h 56m 57s
[center [b Geralt ]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Guts ]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b This can be a two fold debate. Both at the start of their respective journey's. With both at the end or most current aspects.]]
  Kirishima / Knight- / 3d 12h 3m 1s

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