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Just some drabbles featuring characters both from my wolfau series and my kingdomau series!

[center ~]

Hai~! Author-nim here with a drabble story kind of thing! I decided to write this to help counter my writer's block with my current story. This will continue on until I get most of the plot holes in both series over and done with.

Some of the characters used in one series are also in the other series. I will mark each chapter with which au the characters are in so people don't get confused!

I hope you enjoy this drabble story!

Can find my WolfAU series [https://www.asianfanfics.com/series/view_series/1299818/148 here]

And my KingdomAU Series [https://www.asianfanfics.com/series/view_series/1299818/147 here]

Thanks to my friend SpecterDonovan for the picture :D


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[center WolfAU]

[center Changgu moves on]

After a lot of debate with everyone, Jinho decided to take Changgu to Toronto with Kino. To say that everyone was surprised was quite an understatement. No, everyone freaked out. Hoetaek was the first to calm down and just hug the hell out of Changgu, having missed him. Yanan brought the two into his own bone crushing hug, sobbing into Changgu's shoulder and Hyojong just stood there in shock. Yuto was unsure of what he was seeing, but he was happy to see that Changgu was back.

"So what brings you here?" Asked Chani once they were back at the pack house. "Well," said Changgu, scratching the back of his head. "I think I've figured out why I'm back," he said. "It's only a matter of finding out if that really is the reason that I'm back," he said.

"It's so strange to hear you speak," said Yuto as he scratched the back of his head. Changgu chuckled. "I was capable of speech," he said. "I just never really spoke," he said. "Was there a reason for it?" Asked Hoetaek. "Father used to beat me into silence, though I think you knew that," said Changgu as he looked at Hoetaek. "I always knew he was bad, but I didn't think he was [i that] bad," said Hoetaek.

"Eventually it got to the point where I didn't speak at all, but I did speak every now and again," said Changgu. "It was always during some important event," hummed Hoetaek as he nodded.

"So what's the visit about?" Asked Yanan. "Ah, I wanted to find my grave site," said Changgu. "I believe my necklace is still there," he said. "You think that's keeping you here?" Asked Yanan. "It might be," said Changgu. "But we'll have to go and see," he said. "How long did it take you to convince them?" Asked Hoetaek. "A few hours," said Changgu as he sighed.

"We didn't want to see if it [i was] the reason he was back," said Jinho as he scratched the back of his head. "We're all happy that he's back, but sometimes you have to wonder if there is a reason for it," he said. "That was the argument I used," said Changgu.

"Well," said Hoetaek. "It's still there," he said. "Last we checked anyway," he added. "Some of us go out that way," said Chani. "It's still there," he said. "Get some rest, you guys can go out in the morning," he said.

"Where have the others been?" Asked Changgu. "Jaemin's visiting his brother and cousin, the other vampires are travelling," said Chani. "Must be nice to have an empty house for most of the day," Jinho said with a snicker. "It's nice to not smell the stench of wet dog for most of the day," said Chani. "Oi, we don't smell [i that] bad," said Hoetaek. "Have you even smelled yourself lately? Yeah, I didn't think so," Chani said with a teasing grin. "Oi oi," said Hoetaek. "Cut it out will you?" He asked, laughing some.

[center ~]

After getting some much needed sleep, Kino and Changgu were up early the next morning, going about their usual morning routine of letting Changgu out and Kino getting ready for a morning run. Changgu was too used to being a dog so he still acted like one, but everyone was treating the same as before.

Changgu was left to explore the property while Kino went running, with Chani joining him a few minutes later to go hunting. No one was sure of what was going to happen today, but they knew that Changgu would probably end up moving on, something that everyone was hoping wouldn't happen more out of selfishness than anything.

Changgu ended up wandering off on his own, instinct pushing him in a random direction as he was lost in his own thoughts. Something was pushing him somewhere, and he figured that it was the direction of his own grave site. He soon dropped his human illusion and ran as fast as his legs could carry him, trying to reach the grave site before anyone else.

It wasn't long until he was joined by Chani however, having diverged into the same path as the vampire as he finished hunting. Chani easily kept up with Changgu's dog form, but soon scooped him up into his arms and ran the rest of the way with Changgu in his arms. "It's going to take all day for you to get there," explained Chani. "It's pretty far out of the way," he said.

When they got there Chani put Changgu down after coming to a stop a few feet from the grave marker. Changgu was unsure, as he looked at Chani. "Go ahead," said Chani. Changgu walked over to the front of the grave marker, spotting the necklace there. Chani kept his distance, unmoving as he watched Changgu to see what he would do.

Kino barreled into the clearing after rushing over, panting as he slid to a stop beside Chani. He was still in his wolf form, but he had the urge to change back. He didn't though, and just watched to see what Changgu was going to do.

After some hesitance Changgu put up his human illusion, showing him leaning in front of the wooden cross as he examined his name that was crudely carved into the piece of wood. "Well, at least it's a decent little spot," he finally said after a few minutes, reaching out to grab the necklace that was hanging on the cross. When he touched it however, something clicked in his mind and Changgu moved his hand away quickly, blinking in surprise.

"Changgu?" Asked Chani as he tilted his head to the side. Changgu turned to Chani, nodding. "It's time," he said, moving away and standing up. Kino whimpered slightly, moving forward. "Don't worry," said Changgu as he went to stand in front of Kino. "I'm still the dog alright?" He asked, grinning. "I just won't be human anymore," he said. Kino nodded.

"Can you promise me one thing?" Asked Changgu as he could feel himself fading. Kino tilted his head to the side. "Take the cure alright?" Asked Changgu. "You don't need to keep suffering like you had," he said, placing a hand on Kino's snout before the human illusion faded, leaving Changgu the dog to stand there and look up at Kino.

Kino just stood there frozen in shock as he processed what Changgu had told him. Chani walked over and pet Changgu on the head. "Let's head home then?" He asked. Kino nodded, moving away and lifting his snout to the sky, howling.

[center ~]

Going home was different, filled with a silence just permeated in sadness. Jinho could only comfort Kino by keeping a hand on his arm, a gesture that Kino appreciated. Kino would finally take the cure, and Eunwoo would be at the pack house in Chicago waiting for them.

"What changed your mind?" Asked Eunwoo. "Changgu," said Kino. "I owe him that one last promise," he said. Eunwoo nodded and prepped Kino's arm for the injection. He then injected the cure into Kino's arm before moving back and disposing of the needle. "There you go," he said. "It'll take a couple days but, you're all set," he said. "Thank you," said Kino.

[center ~]

A few days later Changgu the dog disappeared. Kino ran around nearby the property calling for him. "Changgu!" He called. "Come here boy!" He called. He felt the need to go to the docks suddenly, rushing to the docks and seeing a human Changgu standing in the middle, staring out at the water.

"Changgu?" Asked Kino, looking surprised to see him. Changgu turned to look at Kino, smiling softly at him before fading away. Kino ran over to where he had seen Changgu, falling to his knees. "Changgu," he whimpered out as he sat back. "Why didn't you tell me this was what would get you to move on?" He asked.

"I think he didn't want to tell you because you wouldn't have taken the cure," said Jinho as he walked over. "All of us wanted you to take the cure," he said. "You were suffering you know," he said. "I guess," mumbled Kino.

"Look at it this way," said Jinho. "Taking the cure is a way of moving on," he said. "It wasn't just Changgu who moved on," he said. "We also moved on in a way," he said. "You used the excuse of what happened with Changgu to continue suffering, but," he said. "Now you took the cure, and moved on from what had happened with Changgu," he said. "I guess," said Kino.

"I miss him too," said Jinho. "Even before we found out that Changgu really was our dear friend," he said. "It comes from being dog owners I guess," he said. Kino nodded. "We'll just have to move on for him," he said. "Yeah," said Jinho.
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[center WolfAU]

[center Kino finds out that Changgu is more than just a dog]

Changgu had been [i extremely] careful with making sure that no one in the pack found out about his human form. He was sure they knew though, at least he was sure that Jinho knew. Jinho was keeping a much closer eye on him than before, but Changgu remained his aloof self, only keeping an eye on Kino on the days where he couldn't even get out of bed.

A visit from Daniel with Seokwoo kept Changgu out of the house for a while, as Daniel had a long term mission and no one in Daniel's pack was available to take care of him. Daniel had promised it to be short term, as Taeil was coming to get him as soon as he was done with missions. For now Seokwoo stayed with them, keeping Changgu company.

[center ~]

"Do you ever get the feeling that they know?" Asked Changgu as he walked around the forest outside the property. "The feeling that they know of our human forms?" Asked Seokwoo. Changgu nodded. "Mm, it's possible," said Seokwoo. "Lately Jinho's been watching me closer than ever before," said Changgu. "I feel like he knows but I dunno," he said.

"He might just be looking out for you like any owner would," said Seokwoo. "Especially since Kino's been more out of it than usual," he said. "He's afraid that this is affecting you more than you let on," he said. "Right, because I'm a dog," said Changgu as he hummed.

"Changgu! Seokwoo!" Called MJ, causing them both to turn to the voices, dropping their human illusions immediately. "Taeil's here, time to go home!" Called MJ. Changgu turned to Seokwoo before he ran back to the house with Seokwoo following after him. "Ah, there they are," said Taeil. "Had fun hm?" He asked. Seokwoo wagged his tail. "That's good," said Taeil as he pet Seokwoo on the head. Seokwoo barked, causing MJ to chuckle. Changgu whimpered slightly, sitting down. "Aw," said Taeil as he chuckled slightly moving to pet Changgu on the head. "We'll come back for a visit soon," he said.

"How's Kino been?" Asked Taeil, turning to MJ. "Not so well I'm afraid," said MJ as he scratched the back of his head. "He's been in and out of it for weeks now," he said. "Continuous bad days or transitioning?" Asked Taeil. "Continuous bad days," said MJ. "That's gotta really suck," said Taeil. "Yeah, Changgu wouldn't leave Kino's side until Seokwoo came over," said MJ.

"Well, we'll be going then," said Taeil. "Come on Seokwoo," he said, leaving with Seokwoo. Changgu was left to sit there for another few minutes, whimpering slightly. "Oi oi," said MJ as he went over to pet Changgu on the head. "I'm sure they'll be back soon," he said. "Come on, let's get you some food," he said, going to open the door. Changgu reluctantly went back inside.

[center ~]

They were reluctant to leave Changgu alone with Kino, but Changgu was doing fine with Kino and it seemed he was finally going to start breaking the long suffering bad days. So after making sure Kino was going to be okay for a few hours with Changgu everyone left the two alone, going to get some much needed groceries.

Finding himself alone with a sleeping Kino was something that Changgu certainly wasn't expecting, but it gave him the chance to reflect on the whole "coming back as a dog" thing.

Changgu changed the towel on Kino's forehead, not noticing that Kino was awake until Kino had grabbed his wrist. "C-Changgu?" Asked Kino. "I must be seeing things," he said. Changgu had frozen in his spot, too surprised to drop the human illusion.

"They left me alone with the dog, and now I'm seeing things," said Kino as he let go of Changgu's arm, forcing Changgu to come to his senses and put down his human illusion. "At least you're keeping me company," mumbled Kino before he drifted off to sleep again. Changgu let out a deep sigh in relief, moving off the bed and lying down, waiting on the others to get back.

[center ~]

Changgu was sitting on the dock, a clear sign to the others that Kino was finally breaking the long suffering bad days, a few days after the incident. Kino was indeed doing better, as he had gone running earlier that morning after waking up to a good day. It was lunch time now, and Kino had come out to sit on the dock with a plate of food and a bowl of dog food. After Kino put the bowl of dog food down Changgu went to eat it with Kino eating his own food.

"Changgu," Kino said suddenly. "Why didn't you reveal your human form to me earlier?" He asked. Changgu blinked, looking at Kino. "We knew, the whole time," said Kino. "Jisoo told us, and the other day cemented it," he said.

"I was hoping to figure out why first," said Changgu as he put up his human illusion. "Why should that matter?" Asked Kino. "You're back with us now," he said. "We all know this won't last," said Changgu. "Especially after I've fulfilled what I was meant to," he said. "I guess," said Kino as he looked down.

"It's not that I don't want to stay," said Changgu. "I do, trust me," he said. "But eventually I will finish whatever has me stuck here and well," he said, sitting down and pushing the dog bowl to the side. "Is it selfish for me to not want that?" Asked Kino. "No," said Changgu. "Believe me, I want to stay with you guys forever but," he said, sighing. Kino hummed, nodding.

"When are you guys going back to Toronto?" Changgu asked suddenly. "In a few days, I think I'm good for a week," said Kino. "Why?" He asked. "I want to go find my grave," said Changgu. "Why though?" Asked Kino. "Something about it gives me some sort of hunch," said Changgu. Kino hummed in response. "I'll take you there," he said. "But if that's the reason that you're stuck here..." He started.

"You're gonna have to let me go eventually," said Changgu as he sighed. "But we'll see," he said. Kino hummed in response.
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[center KingdomAU]

[center Joshua's last conversation with Sungjin]

Losing everyone was hard, being framed for it was even harder. Joshua wasn't even there for Mingyu's death, but being blamed for everyone else's was harsh. What had made it worse was the fact that he had been laughed in the face after doing everything he could to prove his innocence. Screw the current guard. Taemin would turn traitor, he knew that for sure.

Joshua felt a sense of deja vu as he collapsed against a tree, moving to lean against it. This wasn't like last time however. He really was dying, his lungs punctured as he had been slammed into a tree by Jonghyun's animal form. They left him alone after that though, knowing that he'd die anyway.

It hurt to breathe, let alone move. "I'm sorry," said Joshua as he stared up at the sky. "I'm sorry for letting you guys down," he said. "I'm sorry for not fighting to keep you all alive," he said. "Chanyeol and Jongdae will be the ones to get them," he said. "I hope so anyway," he said, coughing up blood.

"It's saddening," came Sungjin's voice as he appeared and went to stand in front of Joshua. "They didn't believe you even after everything," he said. "I know, it's stupid ain't it?" Asked Joshua as he spat blood. "And it looks like you aren't done with whatever has you stuck here," he said. "Nope," said Sungjin.

"Are you going to stand there and mock me like the others?" Asked Joshua. "Now why would I do that?" Asked Sungjin. "Everyone else has done it by now," said Joshua. "If I was going to do something like that I'd kick you to aggravate your wounds even more," said Sungjin.

"You've always been the one to bring physical punishment in if anyone did anything wrong," Joshua said with a snort. "Hey, it worked didn't it?" Asked Sungjin as he chuckled slightly, sitting down in front of Joshua. "That it did, that it did," said Joshua as he took a breath, hissing in pain.

"Relax," said Sungjin. "It'll be all over soon," he said. "Yeah, that's what N said the last time we were in this situation," said Joshua. "Last time this happened the others were being tortured by Brian and them," he spat. Sungjin sighed. "I couldn't control their actions," he said. "You could've prevented them from happening," said Joshua.

"You wouldn't understand their anger," said Sungjin. "Not then," said Joshua as he reached into his pocket to bring out his pocketwatch. "But now I do," he said, holding it in front of his face as he opened the watch to check the time.

"You kept the watch even after everything?" Asked Sungjin. "I'm loyal to the kingdom, as you have been," said Joshua as he looked at Sungjin again. "It's just surprising to see, especially after everything happened is all," said Sungjin. Joshua snorts. "Sure," he said. Sungjin shook his head.

Tears started to fall as Joshua could feel himself fading. "I hate to leave Rose alone," he said, letting his hand drop to the side, still clutching the pocketwatch. "I hate to leave Jongdae alone, he has so much hate for the capitol now," he said. "He lost his father, and his favorite uncles because of stupid things," he said. "It's a life we live," said Sungjin. "We all knew what to expect when getting into the guard," he said.

"It's just stupid," said Joshua. "I wanted to be there for the birth of Jongdae's first kid," he said. "I'm sure Sungcheol would've wanted to be there too," said Sungjin. "But hey, I feel the same way and I've been dead longer than you," he said.

"Hyung," said Joshua, as the scene before Sungjin changed. Instead of a middle aged Joshua it was the Joshua that had just gotten into the guard. It was a Joshua who was in his early 20's, his eyes still shining with a sort of innocence not yet affected by war. "Am I going to find peace?" He asked. "Am I going to be able to move on?" He asked. "Of course," said Sungjin. "I believe you will kiddo," he said, smiling softly. "Rest now," he said. "You'll be in a better place soon," he said. Joshua managed to smile, before his head dropped, his eyes becoming cloudy as he took his last breath.

Sungjin got up and walked over to Joshua's body, leaning over and closing his eyes before reaching over and grabbing the pocketwatch from him. "Rest in peace baby brother," he said putting the pocketwatch in his pants pocket and walking away.

[center ~]

"[i Joshua]," came someone's voice, calling Joshua's name. It was faint but soon it became clearer for him as his mind caught up faster than his body. "Joshua," came the voice again, and Joshua opened his eyes, being blinded by a bright light as he covered his eyes. He moved his hand away once he was sure he could see to spot Sungcheol standing over him.

"H-Hyung?" Asked Joshua as he sat up quickly, looking surprised. "Hey," said Sungcheol as he grinned. "Come on, everyone's waiting on us," he said, reaching out a hand. Joshua took it and Sungcheol pulled him up before taking him to the others.

"Look who finally decided to join us!" Said Mingyu as he spotted Joshua. "You are here too," said Joshua as he blinked. "Of course," said Mingyu. "Come on, you can meet my brother!" He said. Joshua blinked as Mingyu grabbed his arm and took him to see Wonwoo.

"So this is the Joshua I've heard so much about," said Wonwoo as he spotted Mingyu and Joshua with Sungcheol not too far behind them. "And this is the Wonwoo I've heard so much about," said Joshua as he laughs, scratching the back of his head. "Oi," said Wonwoo as he pouted. "What the hell Mingyu?" He asked. Mingyu laughs, as the others soon joined them.

Suddenly death didn't seem so bad after all. Joshua got to be with his parents again. He got to be with everyone again, acting like nothing had happened. He knew he was dead of course, but one thing was for certain, he was more than happy to be here than be stuck wandering the world as a spirit like Sungjin had been forced to do.
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[center WolfAU]

[center Changgu and Seokwoo meet]

It had been Daniel's idea, having the two dogs meet. Kino had been the most for the idea, since Changgu didn't have any real friends outside his owners and whoever came by the pack house. So, after making sure that Kino was transitioning into the good days Daniel and Jisoo headed over with Seokwoo to spend a few days with Jinho and the rest of Kino's pack.

When they got to Kino's pack house Kino was outside playing fetch with Changgu. "Hey guys," called Kino when he spotted them. "Hello Kino," said Daniel as he got out of the truck to let Seokwoo out. "Everyone's inside," said Kino. "Jisoo can hunt if she wants," he added. Jisoo got out of the truck, turning to Daniel. "May I?" She asked. "Go, we'll be fine here," said Daniel as he turned to Jisoo. Jisoo nodded and sped off.

Seokwoo hopped out of the truck after some encouragement from Daniel and he immediately ran over to Kino. "Hey buddy," Kino said, grinning as he pet Seokwoo. Changgu ran over, bringing a ball with him in his mouth before dropping it at Kino's feet. Seokwoo sniffed Changgu, his tail wagging. "Go play," said Kino. Changgu barked, leaning down on his front paws with his tail wagging. Seokwoo let out a soft growl, his tail wagging. "Go Seokwoo, go play," said Daniel. Seokwoo barked again and Changgu ran off with him, going into the forest near the property.

"I don't think they'll be back for a few days," said Daniel as he watched them run off. "Nah, they'll probably come back with Jisoo," said Kino. "Need help unpacking?" He asked, turning to Daniel. "I got it," said Daniel as he headed into the house with Kino following after him.

Changgu led the way, Seokwoo following along side him. They just ran, letting Seokwoo get his running in before stopping at the lake shore, panting. Once Seokwoo calmed down Changgu put up his human illusion. Seokwoo soon did the same and they grinned at each other.

"I wonder if they know?" Asked Changgu. "What, that we have human forms or that we remember everything?" Asked Seokwoo. "Both, I guess," said Changgu as he picked up a stone and skipped it across the water. "I dunno," said Seokwoo. "It's not a coincidence that we came back though," he said. "There has to be a reason," he said. "I'm sure there is," said Changgu. "Maybe something we haven't resolved yet," he said.

They heard footsteps and put down their human illusions just as Jisoo made her way over. "Hey you two," said Jisoo as she pet Seokwoo on the head before turning to look out at the water. "I'm going to head back now, stay safe you two," she said, turning and petting Changgu on the head before sprinting off, heading back to the house.

Seokwoo turned to Changgu who also turned to Seokwoo. They had to be more careful now. They couldn't let their respective owners know of their human forms. With that silent promise made Changgu led them both back to the house.

When they got there Daniel and Kino were out on the dock, looking out over Lake Michigan. "Hey you two," said Kino as Changgu went to stand beside Kino and Seokwoo stood beside Daniel. They had to act normal around their owners, lest they figure out that they both have human forms. There was definitely a [i reason] for them both to be back in new bodies, but they didn't complain.

"Did you two have fun?" Asked Daniel. Seokwoo wagged his tail in response. Changgu barked, his tail wagging. "Good," said Kino as he laughs, petting Changgu on the head.

[center ~]

The next few days Changgu and Seokwoo explored the outskirts of the property, after Daniel, Jisoo and Kino were okay with it of course. They didn't want to disappear suddenly in case something happened. If there was something they both had in common, it was the promise to protect their owners no matter what. It was the dog side of them that made them think this way.

Their adventure today was just exploring what they could of the lake shore without going too far from the house. Changgu found his childlike innocence returning, and Seokwoo became the mature one of the duo, making sure Changgu didn't get into trouble. Most of the exploring was done with their human illusions up, going along the shore to see what they could find and bring back to the house.

"Look!" Said Changgu as he pointed to something in the sand before running over to it. "What'd you find?" Asked Seokwoo as he walked over to see. "A shiny rock," said Changgu as he picked it up. "Hm," said Seokwoo. "It's not much," he said. "True," Changgu said, sighing a bit. "Let's keep looking," he said, putting the rock down.

"Changgu," said Seokwoo as he turned to Changgu. "Hm?" Asked Changgu. "Why'd they give you a collar? I never got one," said Seokwoo. "I don't know," said Changgu. "Probably because of how I was found," he said. "Also I tend to run off a lot," he said. "Hm," said Seokwoo.

They heard Kino and Daniel calling for them so Seokwoo and Changgu dropped their illusions and ran back, coming upon Kino and Daniel who were standing outside. "It's time for us to go," said Daniel. "I'm needed for missions and things," he said, scratching the back of his head. Seokwoo whimpered in response, looking sad.

"Aw," said Kino. "Don't look sad," he said. "We'll be back another day," said Daniel as he smiled softly. "Maybe next time Changgu can come see us," he said. Changgu nudged Seokwoo, his tail wagging. They would see each other again, he was sure of it. Seokwoo turned and nudged Changgu before going to Daniel.

After getting packed and loading up the truck bed and closing the tailgate and the cover to the truck bed, Seokwoo got into the back and Jisoo and Daniel got into the front. Daniel let down the back window so Seokwoo could stick his head out.

Seokwoo did so, looking at Changgu. Changgu stared back, his tail wagging before he howled in goodbye. Seokwoo was tempted to howl back but he didn't, just nodding at Changgu. He then moved back and out of view just as the truck drove out of sight.

"You made good friends with him huh?" Asked Kino as he pet Changgu on the head. "Next time we'll go visit okay?" He asked. Changgu wagged his tail, looking up at Kino. Kino smiled softly before turning and walking into the house. Changgu followed after him, looking forward to the day he could go visit his new friend.
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[center WolfAU]

[center Hyunbin lets Sanggyun go]

It was hard to imagine life without his present owner Hyunbin, as Sanggyun had been with the boy since birth. However, he did long the freedom to finally leave this place, and maybe, just [i maybe] come back as someone new. Sanggyun was one of the very first pure blood werewolves, but he died a long time ago. Some ritual had brought him back, putting him into the body of a wolfdog puppy. Centuries later he was now stuck with Hyunbin, a hand me down from Hyunbin's father. Unlike Hyunbin's family before him, Hyunbin showed that he cared. In his own way anyway.

"I will be the one to set you free," said Hyunbin as he turned to Sanggyun. "I just have to become the heir to the family right?" He asked. Sanggyun nodded. "That was the gist of the contract," he said. "But are you sure?" He asked. "I think you deserve it, after everything," said Hyunbin. "I can see it, the need you have to finally be set free," he said.

"Will you be alright without me?" Asked Sanggyun. "I'll be fine," Hyunbin said with a small smile. "Don't worry about it," he said. "We'll deal with it when it gets to that point, for now we just have to wait," he said. Sanggyun nodded.

"I don't want you to think that I will eventually regret the decision," said Hyunbin. "But even a blind person can see how miserable you are," he said. "You've been alive for centuries, bound to each person that have been named the heir," he said. "But my father was different," he said. "He gave you to me since I was a baby," he said. "When he names me the heir I will take my chance," he said. Sanggyun nodded. "I hope so," he said. "I won't go back on my word," said Hyunbin.

[center ~]

It would be a few years later, when Hyunbin was in his mid 20s, when his father called the duo into his office. "Hello father," said Hyunbin. Sanggyun stayed in his wolf dog form, bowing his head slightly in greeting and respect.

"Hyunbin, Sanggyun," said Hyunbin's father. "I called you here because I wanted to say how proud I am of your hunting achievements," he said. "Thank you," said Hyunbin. "I've watched you both closely throughout the years, Sanggyun will be passed down I'm sure?" Asked Hyunbin's father. "Yes," said Hyunbin. Something flashed across Sanggyun's eyes before he nudged Hyunbin slightly, wagging his tail. "Ah, why did you call me here? I know there's something more to this than that," said Hyunbin.

"Well," said Hyunbin's father. "I'm getting older and I think it's time I announced the next heir to the family," he said. "You are my only son, therefore I have decided to name you the next heir," he said. Hyunbin nodded, bowing. "Thank you for naming me the next heir, I will work to make you proud," he said. Hyunbin's father smiled softly before getting up and walking over, bringing Hyunbin into a hug and putting a hand on Sanggyun's head.

"I know why you wanted to become the next heir," said Hyunbin's father. "Therefore I'm letting you do this, set him free," he said, moving away. A look of shock crossed Hyunbin's face before he smiled. "Thank you father," he said. Sanggyun put up his human illusion, showing he was grinning from ear to ear. "It'll be great to finally move on, thank you for being the kindest of them all," he said. With that Hyunbin and Sanggyun left, going on one last walk together before it finally happened.

"Aw," Sanggyun said suddenly. "I won't be there for the birth of your first child!" He said. "Well, you'll come back eventually right?" Asked Hyunbin. "Maybe," said Sanggyun. "Okay, yes I will," he confessed after Hyunbin shot him a look. "I don't know what will happen, but I will try," he said.

They ended up at Sanggyun's favorite spot, and Hyunbin turned to his long time partner and friend. "I'll miss you, old friend," said Hyunbin as he saw Sanggyun in his wolf dog form. Sanggyun whimpered softly, sitting down. Hyunbin leaned down in front of him, putting a hand on Sanggyun's cheek. "I'll be fine alright?" He asked. "You'll keep watch over us at least," he said. Sanggyun nodded.

"Sanggyun," said Hyunbin as he moved back, standing up. "As the current heir to my family I release the contract I have on your soul," he said. "I am letting you go now, rest in peace," he said. Sanggyun put up his human illusion for the last time, grinning. "It was nice spending these last few years with you," he said. Hyunbin nodded. "It was nice to have you as my hunting partner," he said, hugging Sanggyun one last time before Sanggyun faded away.

[center ~]

"Dad!" Said a ten year old Yedam as he ran over to Hyunbin's office. "What is it?" Asked Hyunbin as he looked up from his paperwork. "It's my birthday! Can I get a puppy now?" Asked Yedam. Hyunbin smiled. "I did say that I would get you a puppy when you turned 10, then yes," he said. "Let's go get you a puppy," he said, getting up. Yedam cheered and ran out the door. Hyunbin followed after him.

Ever since Sanggyun had left Hyunbin became focused on getting wolf dog puppies, tweaking the genetics through breeding to make them loyal to their owner but powerful enough to face werewolves without fear. Many litters later Hyunbin was able to make good money from breeding wolf dogs.

"Is there a litter ready?" Asked Hyunbin as he went to the breeder's shop. "One, did your son finally turn 10?" Asked Moonbin as he grinned in greeting. "He did," said Hyunbin as he chuckled. "How's the coffee shop now?" He asked. "Busy as ever," said Moonbin as he nodded. "Come out back then," he said, leading Hyunbin and Yedam into the back to see the puppies.

Yedam went to look at the puppies, going over each puppy to see which one would fit him. Hyunbin watched him, letting him choose the dog for himself. "Can I get this one?" Asked Yedam as he held up a puppy that looked exactly like Sanggyun had as a puppy. Hyunbin seemed to pause, his head tilting to the side slightly. "Sure," he said after a minute. "We'll take him," he said. Moonbin nodded. "Good choice," he said.

"What are you going to name him?" Asked Hyunbin. "I think I'm going to name him Sanggyun," said Yedam. "I don't know why, but the name came up in my mind as I thought of one," he said. Hyunbin nodded. "It's your pup, just take care of him," he said. Yedam grinned. "I will," he said.

[center ~]

Six years later and Yedam and Sanggyun were ready for their first real mission as a team. Hyunbin had told them to go into his office for a debriefing, and they both entered after Yedam got packed and was ready to go.

"Good luck on your first mission," said Hyunbin. "It may be local but it's your first real mission without me or anyone else," he said. "Use Sanggyun when you need to, and attack as a team when the werewolf changes," he said. "Good luck," he said. "Thank you," said Yedam. "I will make you proud," he said. "I know," said Hyunbin as he smiled. Yedam scratched the back of his head before turning to leave.

"Oh yeah," said Hyunbin. "Sanggyun, you can reveal your human form now," he said. Sanggyun bared his teeth in a smirk before doing so, putting up his human illusion showing him smirking. "Hello, master," he said.
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[center WolfAU]

[center Jisung and Hyunjin meet Chan, Minho and Woojin]

The years flew by for Jisung, and as time came and went he had buried all the memories of how he even came to be. All he could remember was that he was brought back from the dead but now he was just a wolf. Who's wolf, he wasn't sure. All he knew was that he wasn't alone, he had Hyunjin.

They were in Berlin now, taking odd jobs before landing themselves at Moonbin's coffee shop. Moonbin was friendly enough with them, and Chanwoo found them to be great coworkers. They were passing time, until they found the need to move again and this was their escape from the harsh reality that they didn't age.

[center ~]

It was another working day for Jisung and Hyunjin as they worked with Chanwoo and Jinwoo at the coffee shop. Jisung and Hyunjin made drinks while Jinwoo delivered the orders and Chanwoo took the orders. It wasn't too busy today but that was fine with everyone.

Someone new entered the coffee shop and Chanwoo glanced at them, smiling slightly in greeting. "What can I get you?" He asked in German first, then English. "I was told to ask for the usual," said the newcomer, speaking English. "Name?" Asked Chanwoo. "Chan," said Chan as he handed Chanwoo the money. Chanwoo processed the order before handing the receipt and change back to Chan and handing the order to Jisung who went to make it. Chanwoo then went into the backroom to get Moonbin before coming out front to take more orders. Chan went to sit down by the windows, looking out them as he waited on someone to walk over.

Moonbin walked over with Chan's order a few minutes later, sitting in front of him. "Hello," said Moonbin. "Hello," said Chan as he nodded slightly. “What brings you here?” Asked Moonbin. “I was approached by the wolf council to become an official pack,” said Chan. “But they suggested that my pack goes through becoming vampire hunters,” he said. “However I only have my two betas, Minho and Woojin,” he said. “I am wondering if you can help me out,” he said.

“I can only get you in,” said Moonbin. “Wolves are hard to come by here,” he said. “I’m sure I can pull some strings but I know of two that might help you with your goal,” he said. "Hyunjin, Jisung," he called, looking towards the two behind the counter. "Jinwoo, take over for a few minutes," he said. "Sure," said Jinwoo. Hyunjin and Jisung walk over, sitting down next to Moonbin.

"What's up?" Asked Hyunjin. "I'm sure you were listening to the conversation," said Moonbin. "I think this is the escape you're looking for," he said. Hyunjin hummed, raising an eyebrow. "No one really came to this coffee shop asking for this huh?" He asked. "No," said Moonbin. "But, I want to see how this plays out," he said.

"What does the wolf council want with the vampire hunting association?" Asked Hyunjin. "Nothing," said Chan. "But they've seen how successful Sungjin has become after becoming a vampire hunter when denied the chance to become an official pack," he said. "You know Sungjin then?" Asked Hyunjin as he tilted his head to the side. "I was in his parents' pack before getting the chance to become an official pack," said Chan.

"I think I can help you," said Hyunjin. "I know of a few other wolves who are looking for a pack," he said. "However I will do it on one condition," he said. "I am alpha until said otherwise," he said. "In the presence of the wolf council you are alpha, but when we're not around them I am the alpha," he said. "And why do you want these terms?" Asked Chan. "I'm a lot older than I look," said Hyunjin. "I think it'd be best to trust me," he said. "And I have experience," he added. Chan hummed, looking to be deep in thought before nodding. "Okay," he said.

[center ~]

The arrangements for Chan and his pack were soon made and they were due to move to Buffalo, New York soon. "I've put you in touch with two trusted friends of mine," said Moonbin. "You just have to do as they say," he said. "And the rest of my pack?" Asked Chan. "They're waiting," said Hyunjin. "We should get going then," said Jisung. "Who's house are we staying at?" Asked Chan. "Changbin's," said Hyunjin. "You can trust him," he said. "He's as ecstatic as you are about becoming official," he said. "Felix and Jeongin should be there when we arrive and Seungmin has to make sure his brother's doing alright," he said. "Luckily the others are in the states," he added. Chan nodded and went to get Minho and Woojin.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Asked Woojin. "Do you realize how hard it is to become an official pack? This might be our chance," he said. "Plus, this is different," he said. "We have a way out," he said. "Got everything?" Asked Hyunjin. "Yes," said Chan. "Let's go then," said Hyunjin and they headed to the airport.

MJ had come by to send them off, also coming with information. "Hello MJ," said Hyunjin. "Hyunjin, Jisung," said MJ. "Come to send us off?" Asked Jisung. "Yes, and I wanted to give you information on who you'd be seeing after landing in the states," said MJ as he handed Hyunjin a piece of paper. Hyunjin glanced at it before nodding. "Thank you," he said. "Good luck then," said MJ. "You too," said Hyunjin as he entered the airport with Jisung. Chan, Woojin and Minho studied MJ for a second before following after Jisung and Hyunjin.

[center ~]

Meeting the others was different for Chan. Changbin wasn't as cold as his image made him to be and everyone was doting over Jeongin, who was their youngest. Changbin's parents were welcoming at least, giving everyone their space. Doyoung and Hoseok had agreed to give them this test, and were giving them the time to adjust to things since they were doing missions out of the country.

It was a few weeks later when news from a familiar face got Hyunjin's attention. Sungjin was on his way over, and he was happy. This was the first time Chan had seen this side of Hyunjin, and even Jisung's tough exterior melted as soon as he heard word about Sungjin coming over for a visit.

"Hyunjin! Sungjin's here!" Called Changbin as he went to answer the door. Hyunjin rushed downstairs, nearly bowling over Changbin who managed to move out of the way. "Hey," said Sungjin as he grinned. "Hey there," said Hyunjin. "Sungjin hyung!" Said Chan as he walked over. "Hey Chan," said Sungjin.

Hyunjin took a walk with Sungjin as he wanted to spend some time with him. "I see you did take a pack on," said Sungjin as he turned to Hyunjin. "For a bit," said Hyunjin as he shrugged. "Take it easy on Chan will you?" Asked Sungjin. "What's funny is that Jisung's taken a liking to him," said Hyunjin. "They just don't know about my past," he said. "You should tell them sometime," said Sungjin. "You can trust Chan," he said. "I know," said Hyunjin as he nodded. "Maybe after all this is over," he said. Sungjin hummed in response.
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[center WolfAU]

[center Christmas in a pack of 'shifters, a coven of vampires, a wolf-human, and a human]

Christmas was coming up, and Yuto wanted to spend some of it at Changgu's spot at least. Despite the fact that Changgu was back as a puppy it seemed, Yuto still felt the need to. The 'shifter side of the group had grown smaller, as Hongseok had moved to Berlin with Yunhyeong so it was just Yanan and Hyojong with Hoetaek. Yuto still had Jaemin at least, but even Sanha, who was his mate, could only visit once a year, when Moonbin checked up on Chani.

Hoetaek wasn't one for celebrating Christmas but since their human wanted to do something for Christmas he asked Chani to see if they could. "I mean, sure," said Chani. "I don't think he's the one for big parties, but I did overhear Yuto asking Sungjong to take him to Changgu's spot to celebrate," he said. "You think that's a good idea?" Asked Hoetaek. "Sungjong taking Yuto somewhere? I mean yes, considering that Yuto is around us all the time and none of us have a problem with him," said Chani. "However, since you seem so concerned you can take him there," he said, causing Hoetaek to sigh. "Fine," said Hoetaek.

[center ~]

"I don't know about you but I think your fur becomes even fluffier when it's winter time," said Yuto as he sat on Hoetaek's back as Hoetaek walked to the meadow. Hoetaek snorts before picking up the speed. Yuto yelped and held on as he leaned forward to keep himself from falling off. "Stop doing that," he whined as Hoetaek came to a stop. He hopped off of Hoetaek's back before tossing the bag of clothes at the wolf and walking over to Changgu's grave site. Hoetaek disappeared to change, letting Yuto to himself for a few minutes.

"Hey Changgu," said Yuto as he smiled at the cross in the ground. "Merry Christmas," he said, taking the necklace off the cross and wiping it clean before putting it back and sitting down beside the cross to watch the unfrozen river. Hoetaek went to join him once he was dressed, sitting on the other side of the cross in silence.

"So what are you going to do for Christmas?" Asked Yuto as he looked at Hoetaek. "I don't know," said Hoetaek. "Who's idea was it to get a tree to decorate in the livingroom?" He asked. "Jaemin's actually," said Yuto. "I didn't want to bother everyone for something big but," he said, shrugging. "Sungyeol and Myungsoo went to get a tree and set it up in the livingroom," he said. "Jaemin went to get ornaments and we decorated, when I had time anyway," he said.

"Did you get presents for everyone?" Asked Hoetaek. "No," said Yuto. "I wanted to but I think the tree is enough for now," he said. "It seems like I'm the only one who wants to celebrate it, other than Jaemin," he added. "Well," said Hoetaek as he shook his head. "I know that Sanha's coming over for a bit," he said. "Really?" Asked Yuto. Hoetaek nodded. "Chani asked Moonbin to see if Sanha can come over earlier than him," he said. "Moonbin agreed, but Hongseok wanted to come see us before going to see Taehyun so he's coming over too with Yunhyeong," he said. "Nice," said Yuto.

They were soon joined by Hyojong and Yanan who went to see Changgu's grave. They stayed in their animal forms however, seeing that Yuto and Hoetaek were already here. "We'll be leaving soon, so take as long as you want," said Hoetaek as he got up. Yuto nodded to the two wolves, getting up and going to pat Yanan on the snout. "It'll be okay," he said. He then turned to Hyojong and hugged him. "It'll be okay," he repeated before walking over to Hoetaek. "We'll see you back home then," said Hoetaek before leaving with Yuto to leave the two alone.

[center ~]

Christmas wasn't too eventful, but Yuto being able to see Sanha again really lifted his spirits, and Hoetaek had been able to catch up with Hongseok. Everyone got to spend the day together, with the vampires all going on a hunt for Christmas and everyone else just enjoying the evening.

Yunhyeong still wasn't used to being around a big crowd but Hongseok and Sanha being there helped him stay calm. Everyone had noticed his discomfort and tried to keep him as relaxed as possible. Other than that everyone had a good day, just hanging out and having fun.

"I got you this," said Sanha as he walked over to Yuto with a box in his hand. "Oh?" Asked Yuto as he blinked, looking at the box. "It might not be much but," said Sanha as he scratched the back of his head. "But this might help with your loneliness until my next visit," he said.

Yuto opened the box and found a necklace with a fox pendant on it. He took out the necklace and looked at it in awe. "Thank you," he said, throwing his arms around Sanha. Sanha laughs and hugs Yuto back. "You're welcome," he said. He helped put the necklace on Yuto's neck before stepping back, grinning at Yuto. Yuto blushed, managing a small smile in return, earning 'awwws' from everyone in the room.

"How's Kino been do you know?" Asked Hongseok as he talked with Hoetaek. "He's been alright," said Hoetaek. "He meant to come up for a visit before Christmas but the bad days started so," he said, sighing a bit. "They're treating him okay right?" Asked Hongseok. "If they weren't then well," Hoetaek said, shrugging. "I'm sure he would've told us a long time ago," he said. Hongseok hummed.

"You doing okay there Yunhyeong?" Asked Jaemin. "Yeah," said Yunhyeong as he scratched the back of his head. "I'm not used to being with a pack of 'shifters," he said. "I'll be alright though," he added. "I'm just needing some time to adjust," he said. "Makes sense," said Jaemin. "But wait, you're with Moonbin's pack?" He asked. "I am but I don't interact with them as often as Chanwoo and Jinhwan do," said Yunhyeong. "Ah," said Jaemin.

"Oh yeah," called Hoetaek as he turned to Yuto. "Your other present is outside," he said. "What?" Asked Yuto before he ran outside to see what it was. "You got me a car?!" He shouted, causing everyone to go outside to see. "It's all yours," said Hoetaek as he grinned. "Y-you didn't need to," said Yuto. "But thank you!" He said, tackling Hoetaek. Hoetaek laughs, returning the hug. "You've gotten driving lessons from people with quick as hell reactions," he said. "I think it's time you got yourself a car," he said. "Especially now that you have your driver's license," he said. Yuto pulled away, grinning and running over to the jeep to examine every part of it.

"Great," said Yanan. "We don't have to rely on the others for transportation," he said with a shake of his head. "That and I can come in whenever," said Hoetaek as he scratched the back of his head.

Chani, Myungsoo, Sungyeol and Sungjong returned after Yuto went to bed, having become too tired to wait for the vampires to return. Everyone else was still awake by that point, and Jaemin went to Chani first before they went off to their room. Myungsoo and Sungjong went off to their rooms after saying goodnight and Hoetaek and Sungyeol were left to stand in the livingroom after the 'shifters and Yunhyeong headed off to the 'shifter's room.

"I take it the human liked his present?" Asked Sungyeol as he tilted his head to the side. "Yep," Hoetaek said, chuckling slightly before going into their room with Sungyeol following after him. "He wasn't expecting that at all," he said. "I figured, though I'm surprised he didn't question it earlier," said Sungyeol. "Yuto tends to be oblivious to gifts," Hoetaek said with a chuckle before going to get changed. Sungyeol went to take a quick shower before joining Hoetaek in bed.

"It was a good Christmas," Hoetaek said suddenly as he cuddled with Sungyeol. "I can tell," said Sungyeol. "You seem happier," he said. "I want to do this again," said Hoetaek. "We haven't done something like this since Changgu was alive," he said. Sungyeol hummed. "We'll do it again next year, granted Chani's fine with it," he said. "I'm sure he'll be fine with it," said Hoetaek as he yawned. "Get some sleep," said Sungyeol. Hoetaek hummed, snuggling closer to Sungyeol before falling asleep.
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[center KingdomAU]

[center Christmas for the guard]

Sehun and Baekhyun weren't one for celebrating Christmas, though it was their first time with the new guard they decided to go all out with Christmas things. Christmas wasn't really a celebrated thing in the guard but that was fine. Giving gifts to the others wasn't hard, convincing them to go with the idea would be though.

"Is it really wise to convince Younghyun, Jaehyung, and Junhyuk to get gifts for everyone?" Asked Baekhyun as he walked with Sehun and Aron. "I think so," said Sehun. "I mean come on, we gotta do something about it," he said. "I guess," said Baekhyun as he scratched the back of his head.

They headed over to the training grounds, finding the others there, sparring to keep from getting out of shape. "Hey guys," called Sehun. Everyone stopped in their spars to turn to Sehun and Baekhyun. "Hey there," said Younghyun. "Here for a spar?" He asked. "Sure," said Sehun as he summoned his orb, putting his hands in his pockets.

"I got this one," said Jaehyung as he walked forward, going to grab an extra wooden sword and tossing it at Sehun. "Sword combat? Okay, winner is whoever knocks their opponent off their feet and puts a blade to their neck," said Sehun as he caught the sword. "Fine," said Jaehyung. "Let's do this then," he said, before launching an attack at Sehun. Sehun quickly dodged as he swung his sword, catching Jaehyung in the side. Sehun quickly jumped back as he called for Aron to counter attack.

"Oi!" Said Jaehyung as he dodged the oncoming wolf. "I didn't say that animals were allowed," he said, quickly going to attack Aron, though only lightly as he was aware of Aron also holding back. Sehun took a minute to come up with a plan while Jaehyung was distracted before launching himself at Jaehyung. Aron moved out of the way just in time for the two to clash again.

Somehow the fight ended with Sehun on his back but before Jaehyung could do anything to win Sehun put the blade at his neck. "I win," Sehun said with a grin. "Damn," said Jaehyung as he laughs, helping Sehun stand.

"Oh, right," said Sehun. "We're going to celebrate Christmas whether you want to or not, got it?" He asked. "Get presents for everyone in the guard," he said. "Sure," said Jaehyung. "I wouldn't mind that," said Younghyun. "Yeah sure," said Junhyuk.

The next few days Sehun went looking for presents for everyone, and Aron was accompanying him the whole time. He didn't know what the others were getting him but he knew exactly what to get Junhyuk. He approached the pet store to find the perfect pet for the archer of their group. Aron was getting older, and Junhyuk had wanted a dog that would fit him. Sehun let his orb lead him to the perfect dog, looking at the golden retriever puppy sitting in its pen. "I'll take this one," he said.

Aron got to know the puppy as Sehun took care of the dog, getting a new collar for the both of them. "I'm going to leave the naming to Junhyuk, maybe he'll think of a good one," said Sehun as he walked home with Aron and the new puppy following after him.

On the way home Sehun stopped by the cemetery to visit his parents' graves. He stopped by the plaque first and put a flower down. "It's almost Christmas, I'm expecting snow soon," he said, brushing his fingers over Ren's name. "I made you proud I hope," he added, smiling slightly before turning and walking to his mother's gravestone. "Hey mom," he said, putting another flower down and brushing his fingers over the name on the stone. "Merry Christmas," he said before leaving the cemetery with Aron and Junhyuk's new pup following after him.

[center ~]

Baekhyun wasn't sure what to get the others as he walked around. Younghyun expressed how he wanted a new sword so maybe he could get a new sword for the only other swordsman in the group. Yeah, that's what he'd do. He headed straight to the blacksmith's shop to see if he could place an order. He might as well get daggers for Jaehyung, and a new sword for Sehun while he was at it.

A bow would have to wait, maybe someone else would get Junhyuk a new bow. He soon left after placing the order and would come back to pick up the order in a few days.

[center ~]

Younghyun was stuck with what to get the others. "What am I going to get them? Hm," he mumbled to himself as he went to see if there were any new orbs available for Sehun. A bow wasn't hard to get, and two wouldn't take too long to find. He went straight to the blacksmith, noticing that Baekhyun had left and nodding to the oldest before entering the shop to get his orders in and browse around. After finding a new orb he went to pay for it and the orders before putting it in a box and leaving the shop with the box in his hands.

[center ~]

Jaehyung was with Junhyuk as they decided to do some Christmas shopping together, having a hunch that the others had already finished their shopping for the time being. Something about this year's Christmas brought back memories of when they were growing up, spending the holidays with their families. After becoming trainees they didn't see their families that much, but that was fine. The letters from their families kept them going.

After stopping at the post office to get the mail and reading letters from their families they went to the market district to look for things to get the others. "What do you think they got us?" Asked Junhyuk. "I don't know," said Jaehyung.

"We'll see then," said Junhyuk. "Yeah," said Jaehyung. They got what they needed, getting everything for the others before heading back to the dorms to get some rest.

[center ~]

A surprise visit from Mark and Jungkook and their dogs Joshua and Jimin brought more happiness from the group. It had been months since their last visit and Sehun always welcomed visits from Mark. The king gave everyone a couple days off for Christmas and the guard spent the day at Sehun's house.

Sehun hid Junhyuk's new puppy in his room, letting Aron keep the pup company for a few hours. Everyone got a kick out of Joshua and Jimin being around though, and Sehun got to catch up with Mark about his adventures outside the capitol.

"You've been on some crazy adventures, what's the most unique one?" Asked Sehun. "I'd say the time we ran into some old friends," said Mark. "I'm surprised actually, that they were still alive," he said. "Kihyun and Shownu were around since the very first guard," he said. "Explains how wolf 'shifters are still around," he said. "I guess so," said Baekhyun as he scratched the back of his head.

"We're here," came Younghyun's voice. "We're in the kitchen," called Baekhyun as he went to greet their guests. Sehun chuckled and left the kitchen with Jungkook and Mark following after him.

"Oh, hyungs!" Said Junhyuk. "Hello Junhyuk," Mark said, grinning in greeting. "Hello guys," said Jungkook. "Staying around for new years?" Asked Younghyun. "Unfortunately not, we promised to go visit the guys and take the twins back down so they can start the trainee life," said Mark. "Ah, the twins," said Sehun. "They're not even old enough yet though?" He asked. "We'll be moving into the capitol when we get back," said Mark. "I see," said Sehun.

Christmas eve was spent chatting with everyone as Mark got to tell old stories of life in the guard. Jungkook was able to give some input on life before he had come to the kingdom, reflecting on old memories and talking about life before the civil war in Bangtan. "Christmas was never big for us," said Jungkook. "But after coming here, it's definitely a change of things to see it celebrated as much here," he said.

"Oi," said Younghyun. "Sungjin not coming over?" He asked. "His mother said no," said Sehun as he scratched the back of his head. "Had a kid already?" Asked Mark as he turned to Sehun. "No," Sehun said, laughing some. "I call him my son but I'm more his mentor," he said. "According to Kris he's Sungjin's reincarnation," he said. "I see," said Mark.

[center ~]

Around midnight the presents were brought out and Sehun went to get Aron out of his room and brought over a bundle of blankets as Junhyuk's present. "Here," he said, handing the bundle to Junhyuk. Junhyuk looked confused as he held the bundle before noticing that something was in the blankets. He untangled the bundle, gasping in surprise as he unwrapped a sleeping puppy. "Puppy!" He said. "Thank you!" He said, launching himself at Sehun and hugging him. Sehun laughs. "No problem," he said.

Younghyun was next as he grabbed a box and handed it to Sehun. "I found this," he said. Sehun opened the box, looking surprised at the new orb. "The blacksmith had one, I figured you'd want a new one," said Younghyun. "Also I have this," he said, getting up and coming back with a bigger box. Sehun picked up the orb, holding it in his hand before it floated up from his hand and went to float behind his shoulder.

"Here," said Younghyun as he handed Sehun the other box. Sehun opened it, holding up the new bow. "Nice," he said, testing the strings. "Thanks," he said, grinning. Younghyun laughs, scratching the back of his head before going to give another bow to Junhyuk, getting a similar reaction. "Thanks dude," said Junhyuk. Younghyun nodded.

Baekhyun was next, giving Jaehyung a box then turning and giving Younghyun and Sehun boxes. "Nice, thanks man," said Jaehyung. "A sword? Sweet," said Younghyun. "It has my name on it," said Sehun as he observed the sword sheathe, causing Younghyun to look at his own sword sheathe. "It does for me too!" He said. "Thanks, Baekhyun," he said. Baekhyun grinned. "No problem," he said.

Other, smaller gifts from the others rounded out the night before everyone went to bed, happy with the events. If there was one thing that everyone would agree about, it was that next year they will do the same thing.
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[center WolfAU]

[center Chanwoo fights to get his brothers and their pack to join Moonbin's pack and faction]

Chanwoo hadn't personally seen his brothers in years, and to see them again brought a familiar ache in his heart. As much as he was happy with Moonbin, nothing beat the longing to be with his family again. Moonbin was not happy to see iKon again, not knowing about Chanwoo's relation to them.

It was during one of his off days when Chanwoo was approached by his brothers again, having needing to meet them in a public place. It was the only way Moonbin would allow them to meet, despite the reassurance that Jinhwan and Yunhyeong wouldn't harm Chanwoo.

"Hey you two," said Chanwoo. "Chan," said Jinhwan as he kept his expression neutral. "I see Moonbin still doesn't trust us," he said. "Yeah, well," Chanwoo said, sighing. "I'm fighting for you," he said. "Do you really think we can change?" Asked Jinhwan. "Not right away no," said Chanwoo. "But I [i do] believe you can change in the long run," he said. "I know you want to get out of that hell, I can see it everytime we meet," he said.

"Everyone does," said Yunhyeong. "We did talk to the others, and they agreed to join, on the contingency that Moonbin agrees to letting everyone join," he said. "I'd have to reveal who you two are to them," said Chanwoo. "Are you sure about that?" He asked. "If it gives us freedom, then yes," said Jinhwan. "Okay then," said Chanwoo. "I'll talk to Moonbin about it," he said. "But I want you there for when I reveal to him that you two are my brothers," he said. "Deal," said Jinhwan.

[center ~]

Chanwoo stood, almost glaring at MJ. "Letting iKon in would send [i more] werewolf hunters here, Berlin wouldn't be safe!" Said MJ. "I'll be damned if I don't see them again," spat Chanwoo. "Why are you so adamant to let them in?!" Asked MJ. "Because, they're [i family]," said Chanwoo, causing everyone to turn to him with shocked expressions.

"Come again?" Asked Moonbin. "Jinhwan and Yunhyeong are my older brothers," Chanwoo said, looking down. "I haven't seen them in years, up until the siege of Berlin that happened a month ago," he said. "I'm surprised, that you still let me see them," he said. Moonbin hummed. "Well, that changes everything," he said.

"I know my brothers," said Chanwoo. "They want to change, they will do anything to get out of that hell," he said. "But the rest of their pack want to join us," he said. "Please?" He asked. Moonbin looked frustrated as he sighed. "I want to talk to them," he said after a few minutes. "Alone," he added. "Fine," said Chanwoo. "I'll talk to them, where do you want to meet them?" He asked. "The coffee shop," said Moonbin. "I'll talk to them then," said Chanwoo as he nodded.

[center ~]

Jinhwan and Yunhyeong walked into the coffee shop looking slightly nervous as they spotted Chanwoo behind the counter. "Hey you two," called Chanwoo. "The usual?" He asked. "Sure," said Jinhwan. Yunhyeong nodded. "Find a table, Jinwoo, mind getting their order?" Asked Chanwoo. "Sure," said Jinwoo as he went to do so. Chanwoo briefly went into the backroom to tell Moonbin that Jinhwan and Yunhyeong were here before going back to the counter and taking more orders.

Moonbin walked over after a few minutes, sitting in front of Jinhwan and Yunhyeong. Jinhwan regarded Moonbin with a blank stare and Yunhyeong nodded in greeting. "Hello you two," said Moonbin. "Hello Moonbin," said Jinhwan. "Oh, you know my name? Saves me the trouble of introducing myself," said Moonbin as he leaned forward to rest his arms on the table.

"Who doesn't know you?" Asked Jinhwan, causing Moonbin to smirk. "I try not to be flashy with my reputation, as I'm sure you know from your brother," said Moonbin. "He may have mentioned it," said Jinhwan. Jinwoo called out their order and Moonbin got up and went to get it before returning with the drinks and setting it down and sitting down again.

"You run an extensive network from here?" Asked Jinhwan. Moonbin nodded. "It's not hard, especially now with modern technology," he said. "Those who can't make it in person to send reports send via emails," he said.

"Isn't your pack territory in Cairo?" Asked Jinhwan. "Yes but we are thinking of relocating to Berlin, once we get permission to occupy part of it due to the information network," said Moonbin. "Chanwoo does just fine with it, however Jinwoo has taken up permanent residence here when Chanwoo is busy with his missions," he said.

After an hour of intense questioning from Moonbin, the two brothers were about to give up hope about joining the pack that Chanwoo was a part of. Moonbin was keeping his expression blank as to not betray any of his emotions as he studied Jinhwan and Yunhyeong.

"Well," said Moonbin as he leaned back in his chair. "I have one last question for you," he said. "What are you going to do if I say yes?" He asked. "I am going to work hard to gain your respect, while also becoming happy to finally reunite with our brother," said Jinhwan. "How far are you willing to go to change?" Asked Moonbin. "As far as it takes," said Yunhyeong. Moonbin hummed, crossing his arms over his chest in thought.

"Can cut it out now 'Bin," called Chanwoo. "Okay, ruin the fun why don't you," Moonbin said with a scowl, causing Chanwoo to laugh. "I think you scared them enough," said Chanwoo. "What?" Asked Jinhwan as he raised an eyebrow. "Don't need to fool me hyung," Chanwoo said with a snicker. "I could see how scared you were from your body language," he said. "You were always the perceptive one out of all of us," grumbled Yunhyeong.

"I questioned you because I wanted to be sure of your decision to join my pack," said Moonbin. "We reached a unanimous decision yesterday, after Chanwoo explained to us why you were important," he said. "Family is always important, and seeing you around him has cemented my belief that you are his brothers," he said.

"How so?" Asked Jinhwan. "Chanwoo's eyes shine with happiness, a certain happiness that I haven't seen in him before," said Moonbin. "Yes, I make him happy but this is different," he said. "He really missed you, and if he had told me earlier then I would've done what I could to get you out of there," he said. "So yes, I will allow your pack to join my pack and faction," he said. "You will have to stay here in Berlin though, because I believe we're finalizing everything to move in within the next few days," he said.

"Oh yeah," said Jinhwan as he suddenly had an evil smirk. "I can threaten you now," he said with a snicker. "Oi," said Chanwoo. "We had the threats already from MJ, not again," he said, sighing. "Just shows how much you care," said Moonbin as he chuckled some. "I [i will] not hesitate to rip you apart if something goes wrong with Chanwoo, got it?" Asked Jinhwan. "Yeah yeah," said Moonbin. "If something goes wrong between us then I won't even fight back," he said. "It settles it then," said Jinhwan. "Welcome to the family," he said. Moonbin scratched the back of his head.
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[center KingdomAU]

[center Sungjin's inauguration into the guard & finding out that he is going to be a father]

Sungjin had been training to be part of the King's guard for years now, ever since he came to the capitol to complete his military service with the rest of his friends. It didn't mean that he neglected his personal life however, as he was married to his wife Linzy for a few years now. He was the only one to get married, which was fine with everyone in their group since no one else was really looking to start a family anytime soon.

"We worked hard," said Brian as he met Sungjin at the training grounds. "We have," agreed Sungjin as he hummed in agreement. "So," said Brian. "What are we going to do?" He asked. "Continue to work hard," said Sungjin. "I do have a wife to take care of," he said. "Look at you, finally settling down," Brian said with a teasing grin. "Someone has to," said Sungjin as he scratched the back of his head.

"Hand to hand spar?" Asked Brian. "Sure," said Sungjin. "Winner has to knock his opponent off his feet," he said. "Alright," said Brian. Sungjin took off the swords on his back and put it somewhere where it wouldn't get in the way before starting the spar with Brian.

The spar had drawn quite the audience as many of the trainees and even castle guard members appeared to see who would win this one. "We got quite the audience," called Brian as he started adding magic to his sparring match. "Yeah well," said Sungjin. "You're lucky my only weakness is dealing with your magic based attacks," he said, jumping backwards to get more range. "And even long range will break you," said Brian as he started launching low powered lightning bolts.

"Yeah yeah," said Sungjin as he dodged lightning bolts before going close range to throw a punch at Brian. Brian moved back just in time to get a glancing blow to the face. Sungjin followed the punch by grabbing Brian's arm and yanking him forward and over and behind him, causing Brian to land on his back. "I win," he said, turning to a shocked Brian.

"Who taught you that?" Asked Brian as he grinned at Sungjin before rolling over to get up. "I may have learned a thing or two from watching Wonpil and Mingyu fight," Sungjin said, scratching the back of his head. "Huh," said Brian as he stretched.

"Nice fight hyung," said Wonpil as he walked over with Dowoon and Jae. "Thanks," said Sungjin as he saw Jae with his swords. Jae handed Sungjin his swords and Sungjin strapped them to his back in the trademark x position before walking off. "Going somewhere?" Called Brian. "Linzy apparently had some good news, I wanted to get home to see her before coming back," Sungjin called back before continuing to walk off.

When Sungjin got home he called out to his wife. "I'm home," he called. "Hello Sungjin," said Linzy as she walked out of the kitchen. "What is this news you wanted to tell me?" Asked Sungjin. "Well," said Linzy. "I think I'm pregnant," she said.

Sungjin looked wide eyed at Linzy. "Come again?" He asked. "I think I'm pregnant," repeated Linzy. "Are you sure?" Asked Sungjin. Linzy nodded. "I'm going to be a dad? I'm going to be a dad!" Shouted Sungjin as he grinned, bringing Linzy into his arms and twirling around with her. Linzy giggled. "Yes Sungjin, you're going to be a father," she said.

"Joshua! I'm going to be a father!" Sungjin shouted, grinning as he put Linzy down. "I'm going to tell the boys," he said. "If you don't mind," he added. "No no," Linzy said, giggling. "Go tell them, I want to go tell my parents," she said. Sungjin nodded and ran out of the house.

[center ~]

Sungjin, Jae, Brian, Dowoon and his new puppy Junhyuk, and Wonpil were called into the throne room, along with Mingyu, Sungcheol, Chan and his new pup Hoshi, Joshua and Jeonghan. The 10 of them bowed before the king and queen, each respective dog leaning down on their front paws in a bow.

"We've called all of you here because it is time to select the guards for each of us," said the King as he leaned forward in his chair. "First of all I would like to congratulate you on becoming a father, Sungjin," he said. "Thank you your highness," Sungjin said, nodding.

"Each of you have worked hard," said the queen. "If they are willing I would like to have Joshua and his team as members of my first guard," she said. "I accept your highness," said Sungcheol. "I will take your offer," said Jeonghan. "As will I," said Joshua. "I am fine with this," said Mingyu. "I will work hard to keep my place in the guard," said Chan. Hoshi barked in approval. "Sungcheol," said the queen. "I deem you as the leader," she said. "Yes your highness," said Sungcheol as he bowed.

"Sungjin," said the King. "Yes sir?" Asked Sungjin. "I want the team that you have been training with for the passed few years," said the king. "Your teamwork is almost unmatched, only beatable with your brother Joshua and his team's teamwork," he said. "If you accept, I will be happy," he said.

Sungjin turned to each of his friends, his head tilting to the side. "I accept," said Jae. "I will accept also," said Brian. "We worked so hard to get to this point," he said. "Shows how much teamwork and hard work pays off," he said. "I accept," said Wonpil. "It gives us so much more opportunity to work as a team," he said. "I also accept," said Dowoon. "We did come to the capitol to complete our military service but now we have a purpose," he said.

"And I accept," said Sungjin as he turned back to the king. "On one condition," he added. "I am allowed to see my wife when she gives birth," he said. "I accept your terms," said the King. "Welcome to the guard," he said. "Thank you," said Sungjin as he and the others bowed.

After the inauguration pictures were taken for each guard, with Joshua taking the picture as Sungjin wrapped his arms around Brian and Jae while Dowoon leaned in front of them with Junhyuk sitting in front of him and Wonpil hanging off Sungjin's back, grinning. A similar picture was taken with Mingyu being in the middle, Sungcheol and Joshua on either side of him, Jeonghan hanging off of Mingyu's back and Chan leaning down in front of them with Hoshi sitting in front of him.

[center ~]

Joshua visited his brother's grave for the last time after getting exiled, spotting the other team picture sitting in front of the stone. "Ah, this one is better," he said with a soft chuckle. "This is my last gift, enjoy it hyung," he said, putting the official team picture in front of the gravestone. "I'm sorry, for finding out the truth," he said before leaving.
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[center WolfAU]

[center Wonwoo meets and rescues Mingyu]

It was rare for Wonwoo to get missions by himself. Ever since getting rescued by Joshua and the rest of his pack they always had one person going on a mission with him to make sure Wonwoo didn't go berserk like the first few times he had gone on missions with the pack. It was mostly Sungcheol that he went on missions with now but he finally found himself going on his first solo mission.

He found himself in Detroit, staying clear of the pack of 'shifters that now owned the city after the big werewolf purge that happened to clear the city of werewolves. He was sure they knew he was there however, because he had spotted someone tailing him during his stay here.

"What brings you to our city mutt?" Asked a voice from behind Wonwoo, causing Wonwoo to turn around. "I'm here for a mission, [i dog]," said Wonwoo as he raised an eyebrow. "Faction?" Asked the 'shifter. "Sungcheol's," said Wonwoo as he held out his pocketwatch. "You can stop tailing me now, I know what I'm doing," he said, putting his pocketwatch back in his pants pocket.

"If the other wolf that's here belongs to your pack I suggest you get him before iKon kills them," said the 'shifter, causing Wonwoo to raise an eyebrow. "What's your name, friend?" Asked Wonwoo. "Timotheo," said Timotheo. "Wonwoo," said Wonwoo. "I'll keep that in mind," he said, turning and walking away.

Maybe it was fate, that Wonwoo ended up meeting the wolf that Timotheo was talking about right after finishing his mission. It was also fate that he ended up running into the two most violent members of iKon's pack as they ran into him as the other wolf hid behind him.

"Another werewolf we need to kill?" Asked Bobby. "I suggest you don't," said Wonwoo. "I'm a vampire hunter, and my faction and pack wouldn't like it if I were killed," he said. "Faction?" Asked Hanbin. "Sungcheol's," said Wonwoo as he held out his pocketwatch for them to see. "Just like my friend behind me," he said.

"Is this true?" Asked Hanbin. "Yes," said the werewolf behind Wonwoo. "I just forgot my pocketwatch," he said, scratching the back of his head. "And I haven't been able to make it back to the pack house," he said. "We'll leave you be then, sorry for the inconvenience," said Hanbin as he bowed before leaving. Bobby soon left.

"Well, I'm in big trouble when I get home," said Wonwoo once he was sure they were out of earshot. "Thank you for getting me out of that, my name is Mingyu," said Mingyu as he scratched the back of his head. "I know," said Wonwoo as he turned to Mingyu. "I nearly got killed by the 'shifters trying to get any information on who you were," he said. "Now you're coming with me and we're somehow convincing my pack alpha that you're joining the pack. "What?" Asked Mingyu. "You heard me," said Wonwoo as he grabbed Mingyu by the wrist and led him over to the car.

[center ~]

"You rescued a werewolf that was about to killed by iKon, [i then] lied to them saying that said werewolf was in our pack? What the hell Wonwoo?!" Yelled Sungcheol. Joshua was glad he wasn't the direct source of Sungcheol's anger but even [i he] had to agree that this was a bit much.

"It worked didn't it?" Asked Wonwoo as he looked unfazed by Sungcheol's alpha aura. "Who is he to you? He's just another werewolf destined to die by iKon's hands after the purge of Detroit," spat Sungcheol. "He's like me," said Wonwoo, causing everyone to look at Mingyu.

"How did you?" Asked Mingyu as he looked wide eyed at Wonwoo. "Why else would iKon be hunting you down?" Asked Wonwoo. "It's not often that iKon still goes after werewolves in Detroit, you guys did find me in Detroit just before the great purge," he said.

"It seems you came to your senses way before being found by iKon though," said Sungcheol. "I don't remember what it was like before I came to," said Mingyu. "But yes, I think it was a few weeks before I found out that iKon was hunting after me," he said.

"I think we should let him in," said Joshua. "Why do you say that?" Asked Sungcheol. "For one," said Joshua. "If we let him go and he goes berserk like Wonwoo had gotten a few times who's fault would that be?" He asked. "Even Wonwoo's prone to violent outbursts and it's been months since we rescued him," he said. "I guess you're right," Sungcheol said, sighing. "Alright, we let him in," he said.

[center ~]

"No way, [i that] was why you two were always seen together? In case someone went berserk and such?" Asked Minho. "We knew how to calm each other down, and thus we ended up being Sungcheol's betas for the longest time," said Wonwoo as he shrugged. "Sungcheol could calm us enough with his alpha aura and with how much of an alpha he was, he always had his alpha aura unleashed to keep us both in line," said Mingyu.

"He was a douche bag though," chimed in Joshua as he went to sit down beside Dowoon. "Sure he kept everyone in line but there wasn't much freedom," he said. "I think it's why everyone was fine with me claiming the right as alpha after becoming a regular 'shifter again," he said.

"You do have a commanding presence with you," said Dowoon. "But it's not as strong as most others that I've felt," he said. "Unlike some people, I earn the respect of my pack," said Joshua. "I think it stems from where I grew up from," he said. "If there's one thing I can thank my father for, it's for teaching me to gain the respect of others so I have their back in case something goes wrong," he said.

"I think that's how Sungjin's running his pack," said Dowoon. "That's how most [i would] run their pack," said Joshua. "If someone doesn't run their pack by earning the respect of the pack members then that pack would fall apart [i very] quickly," he said.
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[center KingdomAU]

[center Mark's 21st Birthday]

Mark was going through the days like a robot, in the aftermath of Hoseok's sudden death. A week before his birthday Hoseok, or Hobi as Mark had affectionately called him, was killed by his own father. Because Mark was in the queen's guard.

"Mark," said Taeyong as Mark walked down the streets of the capitol with his hands in his pockets. "What do you want to do for your birthday?" He asked. "I don't know," said Mark, sounding broken. "We don't have to celebrate it," he said. "It's okay," said Taeyong. "We can celebrate it with just Taeil and I," he said.

"No," said Mark. "We should celebrate it with the others," he said. "But I want an hour at Hobi's grave site," he said. "Alone?" Asked Taeyong. "No, I want someone to be there," said Mark. "Who?" Asked Taeyong. "Jeonghan," said Mark. "Okay, we can do that," said Taeyong. "But someone is going with you," he said. "Until the cemetery gates," he added. Mark nodded again. "I can do that yeah," he said. "But I choose who goes with me," he said. "That's fine," said Taeyong. "Come on, we'll get dinner for the others okay?" He asked. Mark nodded and followed after Taeyong towards the market district.

[center ~]

Mark ended up taking Doyoung with him, and they along with Mark's dog Jeonghan headed to the cemetery to pay respects to the past members of the guards and go to Hoseok's gravesite.

"Why take me along?" Asked Doyoung, out of curiosity. "I think he'd appreciate it," said Mark. "You did spend most of your time with him," he added. Doyoung hummed, nodding.

When they got there Mark and Doyoung went to the plaque that held the names of all the members of the guard, dropping flowers in front of the plaque and bowing their heads in respect before Mark headed over to Hoseok's grave with Jeonghan. Doyoung stayed by the plaque, knowing Mark was okay with it. He needed to stay a few more minutes anyway, wanting to see what Mark would do.

Mark was aware of Doyoung still being near the plaque, but didn't do anything. He had wanted someone's presence in the cemetery with him, and was completely fine with it. When he got to the gravesite Mark dropped the other flowers down, kneeling in front of the stone with Jeonghan sitting beside him.

"It's my birthday you know?" Asked Mark as he brushed his fingers over Hoseok's name. "I know, I wanted you to be there for it but life is never fair for us guard members," he said, sighing as he shook his head. "I asked for one thing, and that was to spend an hour here so I guess we can sit and talk," he said, sitting down in front of the gravestone. Mark spent the next hour talking about anything and everything, whether it be the status of his father's conviction of Hoseok's murder, his life growing up, whatever came to mind. Doyoung was listening from his spot next to the plaque, shaking his head in amusement at the funny things Mark had said.

"You'd be proud of him I think," said Doyoung as he looked at Ren's name on the plaque. "He's staying strong, for you," he said, watching as his orb summoned by itself. "Is it time already? We were getting to the good part," he whined, sighing and shaking his head. "[i Yes, everyone has everything ready]," came Chen's voice. "Fine," said Doyoung as he shook his head again. "Mark! It's time to go!" He called.

"-And you should've seen what Jaehyun had done when he tried to..." Said Mark when he heard Doyoung call out to him. "Oh," he said, sounding slightly disappointed. "Okay," he called, getting up. "We'll continue this later then," he said. "Come on Jeonghan," he said, walking over to Doyoung.

Doyoung almost missed seeing Hoseok's spirit appearing, laughing at the funny stories Mark had shared. When Doyoung made eye contact with Hoseok, Hoseok gave him a thumbs up before fading away. Doyoung blinked once. Twice. Before shaking his head and putting his hands in his pockets. "Ready?" He asked. "Yeah," said Mark. Jeonghan barked. Doyoung smiled. "Let's go enjoy the rest of the day then," he said, leaving the cemetery. Mark and Jeonghan followed after him.

"Happy birthday!" Shouted everyone when Mark entered the apartment he shared with Taeil and Taeyong. Mark laughs, a genuine smile on his face for the first time in a week as Doyoung led him over to the couch. It wasn't much of a party, but that was okay for Mark. He never really liked big parties, but spending it with the members of the guard and the rest of the ragtag bunch that was the ex-rebels in Bangtan was enough for him.

"Happy birthday kid," said Jin as he handed Mark his present. "I'm not a kid anymore," whined Mark as he pouted. "But thank you," he added, taking the box and opening it. Mark held up the necklace, looking in surprise as he looked at Jin then at the others.

"Hoseok said he wanted to give you something, but he could never figure out what," explained Namjoon as he scooted forward. "I think he would've wanted you to have his most prized possession, that necklace," he said. "I-I," said Mark, who was at loss for words.

"Ah," said Doyoung as he realized something. "That's why he appeared before we left," he said. "He appeared?" Asked Mark as he looked at Doyoung. Doyoung nodded. "He gave me a thumbs up before disappearing again but," he said, shrugging. "Want some help putting on the necklace?" He asked. Mark nodded, handing the necklace to Doyoung. Doyoung undid the clasp before putting the necklace around Mark's neck and refastening the necklace. "There you go," he said.

The rest of the party flew by quickly, with Jaehyun deciding to return home first with Jin, Taehyung and Jungkook. They said their goodbyes and left, taking home some left over food for tomorrow. Doyoung was next, going home by himself since Sehun and Baekhyun didn't go with him to the party this time, but he left with food for them.

Namjoon, Jimin and Yoongi were left to relax in the livingroom with Mark, Taeyong and Taeil as it was silent for the first time in a few hours. "It was a good day today," Mark said suddenly. "Yes, it was," said Taeyong as he nodded in agreement. "Well, let's clean up and we can play monopoly before bed," said Taeil as he got up and went to clean. The others scrambled to clean up too, wanting to get this game of monopoly going.

"Aw come on!" Said Namjoon as he went bankrupt. "Sorry," Mark said with a snicker as Jimin went next. "Someone's out," Taeyong said, laughing some as he shook his head. "Damn it," said Jimin as he had to pay Mark for landing on one of his properties. "You see why I didn't want to play against the birthday boy now?" Asked Yoongi and Taeil as they watched the game.

They ended their night in laughter as Mark ended up winning, and Taeyong had to stop Jimin from flipping the coffee table in rage. Everyone cleaned up the game before going to their respective rooms to get some much needed sleep.
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[center KingdomAU]

[center Joshua, Chanyeol, Ren, Sehun, and Sehun's son Sungjin's Birthdays]

Birthdays in Joshua's and Sungjin's house weren't too special, having grown up in a poor town. They didn't have much but it was the little things that counted. It was right after Christmas but Joshua didn't complain when he didn't get presents on his birthday. Spending time with family and friends was enough for him.

Sungjin wanted to make the day special this year, as Joshua was finally turning 6, the age where their parents deemed him ready to work on the small farm they owned and was their main source of income. Sungjin had found something really special when the traders from the capitol came to trade goods for food.

Wonpil and Dowoon had come to see Sungjin about celebrating Joshua's birthday as he ran errands around town. "What'd you get him hyung?" Asked Wonpil. "You'll see," said Sungjin as he looked proud. "I found it with the merchants that came through before Christmas," he said. "We'll have a small party right? I don't like big crowds," said Dowoon. "Of course, it's just us, Brian and Jae," said Sungjin.

Their parents left Sungjin and Joshua alone for the afternoon, trusting Sungjin to take care of his younger brother as they had fun and played games with the others. Sungjin brought out his guitar to sing happy birthday with the others, Dowoon making a beat on the couch.

"Make a wish!" Said Sungjin as the song ended. Joshua took a second before blowing out the candles and everyone cheered. Jae, being the oldest, went to cut the cake, and everyone got their share of cake before Sungjin went to get Joshua's one present.

"You didn't need to get me a present hyung," said Joshua as Sungjin walked back over with a box. "Don't worry, this is for you," said Sungjin as he handed Joshua the box. Joshua opened the box, spotting the orb inside.

"I think you have an affinity for magic," explained Sungjin as Joshua picked up the orb. "I see," said Joshua as he examined it, watching as it floated up from his hand before going to float just behind his left shoulder. "And it accepts you!" Cheered Sungjin. Joshua grinned, getting up and tackling Sungjin. "Thank you!" He shouted. Sungjin laughs as he fell back onto the couch.

[center ~]

Joshua looked at the first orb that had been a gift from Sungjin. "Do you think I should gift it to him Kris?" He asked. "[i I see he has an affinity for magic like you]," came Kris's voice in his mind. "[i It is your nephew's birthday after all]," he said. Joshua hummed, nodding as he let the orb disappear, his current orb appearing and going to float behind his left shoulder.

Chanyeol and Jongdae's birthdays were celebrated with Joshua and the rest of the guard and Joshua's wife Rose. Jongdae had said that he wasn't going to be in the guard, but he was going to be in the military to finish his two years of service. They were both turning 16, and Joshua found it as the best moment for him to give Chanyeol his first orb.

"Chanyeol," said Joshua as he finally got time alone with his favorite nephew. "Yeah?" Asked Chanyeol. "I have a present for you," said Joshua. "I've noticed that you have an affinity for magic," he said. "I do?" Asked Chanyeol. "Yes, and it seems Kris thinks you might be a lightning user," said Joshua. Chanyeol blinked in surprise.

Joshua summoned his first orb, holding it in his hand as he held it in front of him. "Will you accept this?" He asked. Chanyeol looked at it. "Is this the first orb that father gave you?" He asked. Joshua nodded. "Yes," he said. "Then yes, I will take it," said Chanyeol as he held out his hand. Joshua passed the orb to Chanyeol, smiling when the orb immediately went to float just behind Chanyeol's left shoulder. "Take care of it," said Joshua. "I will," said Chanyeol as he grinned.

[center ~]

Chanyeol leaned down in front of the boy Ren had found, looking concerned. "What's your name?" Asked Chanyeol. "A-Aron," said Aron. "Come on," said Chanyeol as he held out a hand. "Let's get you cleaned up and you can join Ren and I for his birthday okay?" He asked. Aron looked up, wiping his face. "Are you sure?" He asked. Chanyeol looked back at his nephew Ren. Ren nodded. "Yes!" Said Ren. "I think you'll like the food, you're too skinny and need to eat," he said. Aron sniffled before nodding, grabbing Chanyeol's hand. Chanyeol stood, helping Aron stand and smiled at Ren. "Lead the way home okay?" He asked. Ren nodded and ran out of the alleyway. Chanyeol laughs as he followed after Ren with Aron.

"[i Oi, Ren's picking up on a lot of things even before getting his orb]," came Chen's voice. Chanyeol hummed, nodding slightly. "Well, let's get you cleaned up," he said as he reached the apartment. Ren was waiting for them at the apartment door and Chanyeol opened the door to find the others waiting on them.

"A quick few minutes please? It seems Ren decided to bring along a new friend," said Chanyeol. "A new friend?" Asked JR. "This is Aron, please let him stay for the food," said Ren as he bowed. "It's your party Ren," said Minhyun as he smiled. "That's right Ren," said Kyungsoo as he walked over with Yixing. "Let's get you cleaned up," said Chanyeol as he turned to Aron, who was staring wide eyed at everyone. Aron nodded shyly, causing the adults to chuckle before Yixing went to check him over and take him to the bathroom to get him to shower and change clothes.

The party resumed like normal, and Aron soon joined them for the fun, enjoying the party and just having fun in general. Aron pigged out on the food, and instead of getting scolded everyone encouraged him to eat more. Ren had been right, Aron was too skinny and everyone wanted to make sure he had enough food.

When it came time to open up the presents, Aron felt bad because he didn't have anything. "It's okay, Ren invited you last minute," said Chanyeol as he shook his head. "I still feel bad though," said Aron. "You can get me something next year!" Said Ren. "It's okay, really," he said. Aron nodded.

After the presents were given to Ren Chanyeol went last, leaning down in front of him. "Well," said Chanyeol as he smiled. "I think I'm going to give you something that was passed down from my own uncle," he said. "Which was given to him from my father," he said. Ren blinked in surprise.

Chanyeol summoned his first orb, holding out in front of him as it dropped into his hand. "I know you have an affinity for magic, Chen himself has said so many times before," he said. "So will you accept this?" He asked. Ren nodded. "Yes," he said, holding out his hand. Chanyeol transferred the orb to Ren, watching as it went to float behind his left shoulder. "Take care of it okay?" He asked. Ren nodded. "I will," he said, grinning.

[center ~]

Ren sighed as he found himself standing in front of his son Sehun. Sehun's wolf Aron was continuously following him around now and Ren couldn't help but feel a sense of deja vu as memories of when Aron had found his wolf Baekhyun and Baekhyun had followed Aron around.

"Happy birthday kid," said Ren as he put a hand on Sehun's shoulder. "Thanks papa," said Sehun. "I'm going to give you this gift before I head down to the southern outpost okay?" Asked Ren. Sehun nodded. Ren summoned his first orb, letting it drop into his outstretched hand. Sehun looked at it with wide eyes.

"Yes, I'm giving you your first orb," said Ren. "This one's been passed down from your great grand uncle, then your grand uncle, then it went to me," he said. "Take care of it okay?" He asked. "Pass it down," he said. Sehun nodded, reaching out his hand. Ren transferred the orb to Sehun, watching as it went to float behind Sehun's shoulder. "Happy birthday kiddo," said Ren as he grinned.

[center ~]

Sehun's son Sungjin's birthday was different. They were in a time of peace and yet Kris said that his own son didn't have an affinity for magic. No, in fact it had been his great grandfather's reincarnation. Training swords were the best for his son, and Sehun couldn't agree more.

After picking up Sungjin's present from the blacksmith Sehun went to visit him at the training grounds. "Sungjin," called Sehun, causing Sungjin to run over with Taehyung and Jin. "Father!" Said Sungjin. "Happy birthday kiddo," said Sehun. "I have a present for you," he said, holding out the box.

"Training swords?" Asked Sungjin as he opened the box. "How'd you know I wanted these?" He asked, looking at Sehun. Sehun laughs. "I have a friend, remember," he said, summoning his orb. "Right," said Sungjin as he grinned. "Thank you!" He said, strapping the swords to his back in an x position before tackling Sehun. "You're welcome," said Sehun.
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[center WolfAU]

[center Werewolf Jisung meets A Human Kihyun]

[i "Maybe we'll meet under different circumstances, you as a werewolf and me as just a human," said Kihyun. "I wonder what we would do in those circumstances?" Asked Jisung as he turned to Kihyun. "Talk, though you'd still be young to me so I wouldn't take you seriously," said Kihyun as he chuckled.]

Jisung was able to live a good life with his mate Hyunjin, Hyunjin's brother Jeonguk and his pack. Though for the first time in years he found himself in the US with Hyunjin, staying with a friend of Jeonguk's named Cory and his mate Kisu. Cory didn't treat Jisung and Hyunjin like kids, he knew better, and Kisu was being Kisu as Jisung had put it.

Jisung entered the coffee shop, going to the counter as he spotted Kisu working. "Hey Kisu," he said. "Hey," said Kisu as he nodded. "The usual then?" He asked. "Sure," said Jisung as he nodded, giving Kisu the cash. Kisu handed him back the change and Jisung went to sit down somewhere.

After getting his order Jisung relaxed in his seat, reading a book to pass the time until Kisu was done with his shift. Cory had sent him to retrieve Kisu since Hyunjin and Cory had to get groceries that day.

The door chimed and Jisung briefly looked up to spy a human walking into the coffee shop, ordering a coffee. A look of recognition flashed on his face as he tilted his head to the side before shaking his head, going back to reading his book. He needed to ignore the humans, something that Hyunjin had ranted to him thousands of times before.

Jisung was no longer human, having been a turned werewolf since before the first world war started and it was the 70's now. Sure he missed being human, but as Hyunjin had put it, it would be better this way. He had been right like usual.

"Is that the new Stephen King book?" Came a voice from in front of him, causing Jisung to look up to see the human from earlier. "Oh, yeah, it is," said Jisung as he shrugged. "Can I sit with you?" Asked the human. "Sure," said Jisung as he motioned for him to go ahead. "I come here to work on homework," said the human. "And you happened to sit at the biggest table so," he said, shrugging as he sat down in front of Jisung. "Ah, sorry," said Jisung as he scratched the back of his head. "No big deal, I just need this side of the table," said the human. Jisung nodded as he went back to reading, letting the book rest on the table as he continued reading and waiting on Kisu's shift to finish.

"What are you studying anyway?" Jisung asked suddenly as he looked up from reading. "Just doing some math homework, I'm not sure what my major is going to be," said the human. "I'm Kihyun by the way," he added. "Jisung," said Jisung as he chuckled some. "Sorry for asking out of the blue but," he said, shrugging. Kihyun laughs. "It's alright," he said.

"You look like someone I know," Jisung said suddenly. "Funny because I said the same thing," said Kihyun as he wrote something down. "This is really strange isn't it? We don't even know each other," he said. Jisung hummed.

Kisu came over after his shift ended, and Jisung stood. "Well, it's time for me to go then," said Jisung. "I was waiting on my brother to finish his shift so," he said, shrugging. "I'll see you around I guess?" He asked. Kihyun hummed. "Oh yeah, if you want a good major to go into, try the medical field, something tells me you'll do good in it," said Jisung. Kihyun nodded. "Hm, alright," he said. Jisung left with Kisu.

[center ~modern day~]

Jisung sat at the same table he had first met the human for the first time in probably 40 years, this time with a laptop. Something had brought him over today and Jisung had a strange case of deja vu as he ordered the usual from Cory before going to sit down.

The years were strange, passing time and yet he didn't even age. Hyunjin had found his pure blood mate in a pure blood named Chan and Jisung took the opportunity to come back to the states and visit Jeonguk's good old friends Cory and Kisu.

The door chimed and in walked someone in doctor's clothing, going to order the usual. Jisung looked up briefly, a sense of recognition flooding his mind as he blinked, breathing in a familiar scent he hadn't smelled in years. He looked back at his laptop quickly, hiding behind it as he leaned forward, hiding his face from view as he browsed the internet and waited for Cory's shift to end.

"Well, this is strange," came a somewhat familiar voice that was deeper than the last time Jisung had heard it. Jisung looked up from the laptop screen to see a much older Kihyun looking back at him. "Hello Jisung," said Kihyun. "Hello," said Jisung as he smiled slightly, straightening.

"You haven't aged a day since I last saw you," said Kihyun as he sat down with his coffee. Jisung laughs. "I just have good genetics, is all," he said. "You know," said Kihyun. "You still look the same age as my son," he said. "I do huh?" Asked Jisung as he tilted his head to the side.

"What's your son's name?" He asked. "Jisung, coincidentally," said Kihyun. Jisung hummed in response as he shook his head. "It looks like you took the major thing to heart," he said, grinning. "I do have you to thank for that don't I?" Asked Kihyun. Jisung chuckled, nodding.

Cory came over after finishing his shift, putting his hands in his pockets. "Ah, it's time for me to go," said Jisung as he stood, closing the lid to his laptop. "See you around then," he said, before leaving with Cory.

[center ~sometime in the near future~]

Jisung was summoned to where Kisu and Cory were staying, as a request of Kihyun's son, Jisung. He found himself sitting in that same coffee shop, looking at his hologram watch as he scrolled through his social media feed, seeing what his pack was doing.

"Jisung?" Came a voice. "Yes?" Asked Jisung as he looked up, spotting who he assumed was Kihyun's son Jisung. "My father left a message for you," said human Jisung as he passed a piece of paper to Jisung. Jisung looked at the paper, unfolding it and reading the note.

[i Hello Jisung,

I know you might think that this note is meant for my son but it isn't. I'm here to thank you for getting me to choose the major when even I didn't know what to go into. Thank you for the years I had as a doctor and as a father and loving husband. If I didn't choose my major I would've been hunting your kind.

Yes, I knew what you were the whole time. However I hid it from you when I learned later of you working for Kris and such. Thank you for letting me live a happy life instead of in misery.


When Jisung looked up from the note human Jisung had gone. A sense of sadness filled Jisung's heart and he carefully refolded the paper after scanning it with his phone and left the coffee shop.

"Never interfere with humans he said, it'll be bad he said," said Jisung as he let out a bitter chuckle. "I'm glad I was able to change your life for the better Kihyun, I hope you rest in peace," he said, staring up at the sky.
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[center KingdomAU]

[center Sungjin betrays the kingdom]

Finding that his twins, Jongdae and Chanyeol, were sick were putting a lot of stress on Sungjin's mind. It was bad enough that he was a single father, but it was worse when he was also a part of the king's guard. Something about the King had Sungjin believe that he was about to be involved in something he wasn't supposed to. Especially when the other members of the King's guard were in the four corners of the kingdom, keeping an eye on things.

"Sungjin," called Sungjin's younger brother, Joshua. "What's up?" Asked Sungjin as he walked out of the kitchen. "I heard the twins were sick, I asked if I could come and help you," said Joshua.

"The queen let you come home early for once?" Asked Sungjin as he fought back a grin. "Oi oi," said Joshua as he chuckled slightly. "I do come home, every other day," he said. "Rose is coming over to help, once she's done with work," he said. "Well, they seem to be okay for now," said Sungjin. "I was making lunch," he said. "Ah, okay," said Joshua. "Come on, let me help," he said. Sungjin nodded and went back into the kitchen. Joshua went to help, and the both of them worked in silence to listen out for Jongdae or Chanyeol crying.

"Did you go see Linzy today?" Asked Joshua once they finished eating lunch and made sure the twins were okay. "Not yet," said Sungjin. "I was busy as you could see," he said. "Go, I have it from here," said Joshua. "I will send Kris for you if something goes wrong," he said. Sungjin nodded, going to grab his swords and strap them to his back in his trademark x position before leaving the house.

"Ah, it's been a while," said Sungjin as he stood in front of Linzy's grave with flowers. "I hope you're doing okay, I want the twins to get better," he said, putting flowers in front of the stone before moving away. He was alone for another few minutes, before being approached by someone from the castle guard.

"The queen requests your presence," said the castle guard. "What for?" Asked Sungjin as he didn't look up at the guard. "She has a mission for you, that I can't disclose," said the guard. Sungjin hummed in response. "I'll be there, am I needed now?" He asked. "She requests for you to come now," said the castle guard. Sungjin sighed. "Okay," he said, turning to the guard. "I will be there, you can head back now," he said. The castle guard nodded, bowing before leaving.

"Do you know what this is about?" Sungjin asked, not bothering to turn to face Sungcheol who had come to pay his respects. "No," said Sungcheol. "It makes me suspicious since everyone was dismissed early today," he said. "I see," said Sungjin as he nodded. "Whatever it is, it must be very important," said Sungcheol. Sungjin hummed, nodding and starting to walk away.

"You did well taking care of my sister hyung," called Sungcheol, causing Sungjin to pause, turning to Sungcheol. "I apparently didn't do well enough for her to survive giving birth to the twins," said Sungjin. "You did great, and you are doing great, taking care of my nephews," said Sungcheol. "Thanks," said Sungjin before he turned, walking away and heading to the palace.

"Come in, Sungjin," said the queen as Sungjin knocked on the door. Sungjin entered the room, going to kneel in front of the throne. "This is rare," said Sungjin as he bowed his head. "Yes, it is," said the queen. "I called you here to ask you for a potentially dangerous mission," she said. Sungjin hummed. "What is it?" He asked.

"I need you to kill the king," said the queen. "You need me to do what?" Asked Sungjin as he looked up. "I need you to kill the king," said the queen. "You expect me to betray the entire kingdom after royally serving the king for years now?" Asked Sungjin.

"I know, doing this is against everything you trained to do but the king has become corrupted," said the queen. "I'm sure you noticed how the king has done some crazy things," she said. "Word from Brian and Wonpil is saying that a civil war might be starting," she said.

"So you want me to kill the king, to which I'd get killed regardless because I'd be labeled a traitor, and [i then] you want me to go stop this civil war?" Asked Sungjin. "It would be a lot easier than executing you on the spot," said the queen. Sungjin hummed. "And the twins?" He asked. "You have your brother and his wife, your brother in law, and the rest of my guard," said the queen.

Sungjin sighed. "Okay," he said. "When do you want me to strike?" He asked. "Later tonight," said the queen. "Tell Joshua that you're doing errands," she said. "Okay," said Sungjin. "Good luck," said the queen. Sungjin stood, bowing before leaving the room.

When Sungjin went back to the apartment he found Rose making dinner. "Was I gone that long?" Asked Sungjin. "Yes," said Rose. "Where's Josh?" Asked Sungjin. "In the twin's room," said Rose. Sungjin nodded and went into the twin's bedroom, finding Joshua entertaining the twins.

"Hey hyung," said Joshua as he looked up. "Hey," said Sungjin. "You were summoned," said Joshua. "I know, someone went to get me at the cemetery," said Sungjin. "What did the queen want?" Asked Joshua. "Just needed me to do some errands later," said Sungjin.

"How are my boys?" Asked Sungjin as he picked up Chanyeol and felt his forehead. "Still sick I see," he said. "They're doing better," said Joshua as he played with Jongdae.

"Alright," said Sungjin as he finished eating dinner. "I have some errands to run, I'll be back later," he said. "Alright," said Joshua. "I'll be here with Rose," he said. Sungjin nodded and strapped his swords to his back in the trademark x position before leaving the house.

He headed to the palace, going to a different wing of the palace towards the King's personal chambers. The guards around him regarded Sungjin with bows, Sungjin nodding his head in return. No one suspected a thing, or maybe they too were anticipating the king's death.

"Come in," said the king as Sungjin knocked on the door. Sungjin walked into the room, bowing at the king. "Hello your highness," he said. "Sungjin, what is it?" Asked the King. "I'm sorry," said Sungjin as he withdrew his swords. "I have seen this coming," said the King as he stood.

"Please know that I didn't want to do this," said Sungjin. "I am well aware," said the King. "Do your worst," he said. Sungjin leaped forward with his swords, attacking the king. The king countered with his own weapons and Sungjin attacked with everything he had.

"You've done well Sungjin," said the King as he blocked a blow from Sungjin's sword. "Thank you," said Sungjin. "Take care of this civil war alright? Don't die until the end," said the King as he dropped his weapons. Sungjin nodded. "Any last words?" He asked. "No," said the King. "I'm depending on you, make me proud," he said. Sungjin nodded and raised his swords, swinging them down in an x. Blood splattered onto his shirt and face and covered his swords as the king went down.

Sungjin turned and went to wash his swords off before putting them in the sheathes in the trademark x position on his back. He wiped his face clean of blood before leaving the palace, heading back home to get some sleep.
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