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It was hard to explain the thoughts running through one female's mind as a sigh escaped her lips. She glanced around...simple skies, an afternoon where the sun was already setting rather early but it still wasn't gone yet. An array of colors almost seemed to explode in the sky, due to whatever natural phenomena brought such beauty to the world. Unfortunately, one didn't get this much time to admire nature often, so it was always a rare occurrence to get to relax. Especially for a faithful soldier dedicated to protecting her town.

Ushira finally managed to let her eyes be pulled away from the sky, as she knew she most likely had duties to attend to before the sun would fully set. There would be no use in procrastinating something like such, unless she wanted to be up throughout the night longer than normal. Of course, a cow such as herself wanted to get proper rest. Too little sleep and she could be weak by the morning...and what if an attack happened then? The female would never be properly prepared if she didn't get proper rest at the appropriate time each night.

If she was off-duty, her schedule would be so much more casual. However, she had been assigned to her current fort near a quiet part of the town recently to ensure the safety of the people until more protective facilities and soldiers could be positioned there. Ushira did look forward to the relaxing days of not working that would soon arrive, but for now, she let the thoughts leave her mind.

After stretching for a moment or two, the cow finally made her way down some stairs and through a couple streets. "Back to the fort." She said to herself quietly, before suddenly hearing something faintly, then noticing someone shout for help. Unlike some other times she had been called for, directly or indirectly, this cry sounded rather serious about its importance of needing what it desired. Thus, Ushira listened to the shouting voice, letting it guide her to one particular alleyway.

Her eyes scanned the small space, taking in what she could. There was a tiger, and a small group of humans. The feline seemed very distressed, and was definitely the one who had been calling. Blood was upon his claws, but his hands were shaking with nervousness and fear. It was almost like he had no idea what he was doing or had done. The cow's eyes then looked over to the humans, where a badly injured man was now on the ground. He was bleeding out very fast, and Ushira instinctively rushed over as quickly as possible. "Excuse me, sirs. I'm here to fix this...and hear some explaining as to what has happened here." She spoke, her low voice echoing a little, before she finally had enough room to kneel over the dying man.

"Let's see here..." The female stretched a hand out, getting it as close to the major wound as possible but not to where she was touching it. Her eyes closed, and she focused greatly on what she was doing. In a few moments, a white aura seemed to grow out of thin air around her hand, and she guided it to cover and fill the injured citizen's cuts. She let the aura sit there for about a minute, before the substance dissipated and any sign of previous wounds had been erased from the man. "There we go...all fixed up. You're lucky I arrived here in time to save him." Ushira told everyone present, including the peculiar tiger who she suspected was the cause of this incident.

"So...what happened to cause this, gentleman? I do hope you are compliant with me. If not, I may have to end up taking somebody in." The cow requested and warned. Just simple law procedure to see if anyone was at fault for crime. If no one would respond, she could simply take them all in and interrogate them...not that she liked to enforce such methods. However, it sometimes was necessary for some criminals.
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There was something about this day that felt different to every other day. He couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was but he was sure the feeling would explain itself at some point. It wasn’t as though he ever had a [I normal] day. Being what he was, was not exactly normal but it was easy to tell when something was out of place.

Leo made his way through the centre of town, avoiding the looks of everyone as he brushed passed those who looked at him with disgust. Whether it was because of who he was or what he looked like, he did not know; nor did it matter. He moved with haste to a quieter part of town, hoping that no one would notice him and he sulked into a corner when he thought no one was looking.

He let out a sigh and allowed his back to rest against the cold brick of the wall behind him and brought his hands together. The bones in his fingers had started to ache these last few days and he had no idea why. He had never had claws before, which was partly why his parents had always been so hard on him. He wasn’t exactly everything he was supposed to be in their eyes and a tiger without claws was hardly a tiger at all, or something to be feared and for some reason, one that he never understood, his parents wanted to be feared. To Leo, that always seemed rather lonely and he knew from experience that it wasn’t exactly fun being alone. He doubted that his claws were going to make an appearance now after all these years.

As he rubbed at his hands, his tail began to curve in on itself and finally came to rest behind him, wrapping around his thigh partially. He just wanted this day to be over as well as wanting the pain to stop. Surely growing pains should have been something that was a thing of the past. He was far too old to be experiencing them in his adult years. Although, he no longer had time to process those thoughts as he heard the sound of people walking passed him. He tried his hardest to remain in the shadows so that he didn’t draw any attention to himself but it seemed that his pain betrayed him and he growled as a new shooting pain ran through his fingers.

[i “Did you just growl at me?”] One of the passing people stopped where he was and moved towards him so that he was no longer standing in the shadows alone. Leo hadn’t seen him before but he definitely looked aggressive. [i “I’m talking to you kitty! Did you just growl at me?!”] The man’s hand was placed hard down on the wall next to his head and all Leo could do was shake his head. He wasn’t scared but he didn’t want any trouble either.

[b “No I just...it wasn’t intentional.”] Leo wasn’t the kind of person who enjoyed confrontation but people expected him to be because he was a ‘predator’. [b “I’m sorry. I’m just leaving.”] As Leo brushed passed him the man grabbed hold of his shoulder and shoved him back into the wall. His throat turned into a growl and his hand came up, turning into a fist but as soon as his fist closed up, something happened that he didn’t expect. Sharp claws thrust through the skin and released themselves from beneath and penetrated the skin of the man before him, ripping through his chest. He was absolutely petrified in that moment. It was the last thing he expected and he wanted to get out of there but he didn’t want it to look like he had done it on purpose.

Instead he started to panic. [b “I didn’t mean to. I...”] The man started to stumble backwards and his friends started to make a fuss of him. [b “Can someone help us?”] Leo shouted as he made his way out of the shadows, looking around to see if anyone could help them.
  Leo / d1gn17y / 1d 1h 47m 56s

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