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You are the boy with one wing
Neither human nor bird
Belonging to neither earth nor sky, and unable to gain a space in between.

I am the girl obsessed with mirrors,
Neither princess nor commoner
Afraid of the red
Of the red, red apple.

I just felt like mixing two fairytales together - The Six Swans and Snow White and Rose-Red. This Snow White has nothing to do with the well-known Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Though, because of the identical names, I've decided to make a little twist for my story. Whee~

Boy with the Wing: That will be one of you. :D In the story, one of the princes is left with a wing because that one shirt sleeve could not be completed in time. I've always be intrigued to know what would happen to him. Make up your own story after they get saved by their younger sister, the princess, and everything. Just please no magically being able to fly - you only have one wing, after all - or doing something ridiculous like turning back into a swan for the rest of your life. I refuse to have Snow White suddenly able to speak to birds. And it would be pretty awkward to have a relationship with one- if romance occured.

Snow White: Snow White doesn't marry the prince, in this version. Rose Red, the more outgoing sister, gets the prince instead. The twist I've decided to add goes like this: The Huntsman and The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs first find my Snow White and attempts to horribly remove her from the earth. The Bear Prince was around at the time, and managed to fend off these much mixed-up attacks, so Snow White survives. However, she doesn't escape without scars. She is now unable to peek into a mirror without being paranoid, or take a bite out of an apple without testing it for poison first. Her paranoia is the main reason why the Bear prince picked Rose Red. There is no grudge harbored here towards her sister - Snow White is now more concerned with her own mental problems.

In a pressing bid to rid herself of these problems, Snow White sets out for adventure! And ends up wandering further through the forest and into someone else's fairytale. Where she will inevitably meet your character, of course.

Other Characters: I am looking to open this up into a group RP. Feel free to conjure up any other fairytale characters - fill out a skellie and send it to me. I'm keeping this to a max of 4 characters at the moment, further characters/people joining the RP are open to consideration- but in my experience too many cooks spoil the broth .

1. If you are any of the following, don't join: Twihard fan, preggo maniac, Insta-romance dreamer, i-no-not-how-to-spell-or-punctuate-er, Picture-says-it-all, Le Never-Lost-A-Fight a.k.a. Godmode expert.
2. I don't expect you to post too frequently - because god knows I'm constantly flaunting that rule, though I'm hoping to make up for it - but please don't post once a year. I might die of excitement. Hurrhurr. Once a week's okay. Once a month..not so much. I'll make an effort to post as well, so you can nudge me on the nose if I seem to be slacking. :]
3. Length and quality of post. Well. As you may have noticed the limit I've placed on replies- you can about guess what kind of posts I'm expecting. A post with 300 characters will obviously not cut it. I'm not excluded from the post limit either- so its not a double-standard thing, nee? :D Obviously, quality and quantity are both important- but please don't give me a 2000 word essay on how you watched the clouds form overhead, and fell asleep.

As to the direction of this RP, I've got no plans, really. I just want to see where this particular batch of circumstances and people take us. So, yeah, its freefall. Or something like a journey for lost children.

How to apply:
Name, age, short bio, picture.



Annalise Merrisilk. 21.


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