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[Kodchasan [Center [pic ]

Viloanic was barely 21 but he looked like a 16-year-old, probably from his whole family being short and thin. He sat at the bar, sitting on the stool as he ordered small glasses of run down beer, not one for getting that drunk. He was labeled as troubled because of his rebellious teenage years and the fact that he constantly was getting arrested for petty theft.

However, he was a bitch for art, he didn't know why he loved art but the look and even smell of fresh paints made him swoon. He loved how creative one could get with just a pencil in one hand and how much people he looked up too. Jayce was one of those people, his sculptures being works of art that capture the exact emotion that the animal or person was feeling and Viloanic loved that.

Viloanic himself stood about 5'6, shorter for an adult actually. He had bluish green dye hair that was very fluffy and it seemed to fit him perfectly. He had pale and clear skin, the lights above him making him look even paler. He wore a black sweater over green dyed jeans, red converse adoring his feet as he looked around. He gasped for a moment, catching sight of a handsome man. Of course, he questioned his own sexuality, he felt more attracted to males than females because he thought of himself as feminine.

He stood up from his stool, making his way over towards Jade, holding one glass of his watered down beer. He eventually sat next to the man before finally noticing who he was. [#2FD897 "J-Jade? Are you the sculpturer Jade?" ] He asked, suddenly feeling nervous as he was meeting someone he thought of as a god.


Jay yawned, her eyes sunken into her skull with how much she slept. She sighed as she rolled off her bed, putting her feet underneath her and getting up. She quickly got dressed, putting on her bar uniform, tight black pants, black t-shirt and a white apron. She made sure she looked fresh, running her hands through her purple hair. She stood about 5'5 and she had a perfect and beautiful hourglass body. Her skin was slightly tanned, her eyes the color of a deep violet.

She ran out her front door, barely catching a bus to race over to work. She was always right on time, never early, never late and she thought about life as she sat down on the bus, the bus moving along. Eventually, she made it to the nearest bus stop and walked over to the bar, opening the door.

[#9400D3 "Sorry, I was sleeping." ]

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  Romeo- / 2d 7h 33m 0s
[center Claude might of been spared that night. It changed his life forever, after witnessing his step-father and mother get slaughter before his eyes. He became quiet depressed and bitter. He had no idea what went on in that shed nor did he want to know. Sadly that thing that was out there had to been a monster. Made it's presence quiet clear.

Claude tried his hardest to forget that night but the vision of the past still haunted him. Knowing that thing was still out their made it worse. Claude had no idea who Jayce was but he remember his father mentioning that name to his mother. Claude was still pretty young at the time he was only 15 when the name Jayce was passed between the two.

Years had past the name Jayce became a dull memory, that horrid night was burnt into his brain. Claude had try his hardest to forget that monster. He gone to live with his aunt who tried her hardest to make him feel at home. He really did, it was hard to express his feelings. Claude work at bar. He really did enjoy his job it was fun. Listening to people stories and problems. It was too bad he didn't feel anything towards them. He to had rough patch in his life. He wouldn't dream of sharing those thoughts and feelings with anyone. Not even his aunt could get him to say much about his parents deaths.

Claude smiled faintly as he got ready for work. He bathed then dressed himself before heading out the door. The ebony haired male was rather happy to be going to work. Tonight was a good not for him not to be alone. It was the fifth anniversey of his parents death. It really was good for him to be out of the house keep his mind busy.

Claude got to the bar a bit early. Once the was there he got to work on tidying the place up a little before getting ready for the bar to be opening soon. His coworker would be their soon. He unlocked the main door and turn on the lights making it clear that they were open.
  Claude / -Ritsuka / 5d 23h 4m 47s
[center Jayce never seemed to get a break from pain. At home it was lot of mental and physical abuse from his mother. When she way her from home. His mother fiancee would do terrible things to him. He would beat him, sometimes even rape him. When Jayce turn 16 he decided to run away from home. Luckily he got away, his mother never did bother to look for him.

Jayce decided that he would find his father. Perhaps if he was lucky maybe he would take him in. Unfortunately his father was just as heartless as his mother. Jayce father did take him in but the pain didn't stop. Jayce wasn't allowed in the house. He had to stay outside, in a shed. Jayce was often put to work. Work was most painful thing of all, his father was a scientist.

His father would test awful things on him. Drugs and other chemical that often made Jayce body burn with agony. Jayce stay with his father for at least two years suffering his father's wrath. One day Jayce had finally lost control, his body had take another form. All this thoughts and feelings were still there.

This form wasn't very forgiving no matter how much his father begged. Jayce killed him. Along with his father's wife. He left his step-brother alive after he torture him for a while. Jayce decided to change his name to Jayden but Jade for short. Jayce was happy to get away from his horrid family. Life was still difficult. Considering his killer instincts often came back to his mind. He had a hard time controlling his emotions and instincts. He often had an out break and killed seemingly innocent people.

Jayce had moved very faraway from his home town. He didn't want to be anywhere near his what little family he had left. Jayce decided to change his name and even his look. He let his hair grow out to be quiet long. He dyed it quiet often making sure that he no longer looked like his former self. He didn't want his family nor the cops to find him. Jade got into sculpting. He gotten quiet a bit of attention for his work. His sculptures had become quiet a desirable thing. That he was often working. He mostly sculpted animals and people. People were his favorite things to sculpt. Having them sit there in his studio as he made his art come to life. It was exciting but those killer instincts never seemed to leave his mind.

It really had been a long time since Jade killed anyone. Those killer instincts were annoying at times. At least it was easy attracting prey. They normally came to him willingly. Jade never really consider himself beautiful but people often call him that. Why he really didn't know. Jade decided that he would let out all his frustration out at least once a month. Jade was picky on who he slaughter merciless. He normally slaughter people who done made things. Mostly child abusers or other criminals similar to that. It really wasn't hard getting there attention since Jade was consider beautiful.

Jade sighed softly as he got to work one another sculpture. That was the third one this week. It wasn't like he minded, the money was great. It was just getting to that time of the month. Where he need to let those animal instincts out. It was getting harder and harder to hold these feelings, this desires in.

After Jayce got done at work he cleaned himself up and headed to a bar. There were many bars around the city that often attracted some questionable people.
  Jade / -Ritsuka / 6d 1h 39m 19s

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