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[center [font "Arial" Two cute boys who always seem to hurt the ones they love find comfort in each other. Yes homo.]]

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[Abel Sen felt some sense of relief in knowing that he wouldn't kill absolutely everything that he touched. Knowing that he wasn't damned to live a life of solitude and celibacy brought him some feelings of comfort, but there was also guilt as there was a lot of things he hadn't told Sora yet. How could he tell Sora these things without potentially breaking his heart? He cast a sideways glance over to his companion as the two of them walked toward the hospital. It was a lot of pressure to put on one person to help him when he felt helpless. Being like this with Sora- even though they weren't together gave him feelings he'd never had with his current partner. Probably because Sora was closer to him in age, and provided him with a hungry passion that he also shared. Their hungry make-out session was evidence enough of that.

He stopped and watched as Sora left his side to go into the flower shop- wondering what he was doing. He took the small arrangement of flowers and let out a soft chuckle. “Sora, I think she'd love these. That was really nice of you.” Even when he didn't know anything about her other than what the dark-haired boy had said, he was still willing to get her flowers and spend his money on someone that meant the world Sen. “She's been sick for a really long time, and I've been hoping she would recover, but the doctors have told me that they only expect her to get worse over time.” It was clear that the thought of losing his sister affected him greatly. He hated feeling like this; it felt weak to show his emotions like this- like he was showing his belly to a predator.

As they approached the hospital, his hand brushed lightly against the other male's before sliding his palm against his- taking a light grip of his hand. With the flowers in his other hand, he led the male up the stairs toward the room where his sister was resting. Though there was a nurse stationed outside, and he could hear activity inside the room.

“I'm sorry, but you can't go in there right now. She's being moved to intensive care to recover.”

“Recover? But I just saw her this morning,” He gave Sora's hand a tight squeeze. He'd just been here before the meeting. What could have possibly gone so wrong in the hour or so that it'd been since he'd last been there?

“I know you're under no illusion of the state your sister's immune system is in. She is very ill. Please give her some time to recover, and check on her later.” The nurse was very matter of fact about it, and he hated that she was right. Releasing Sora's hand from his vice like grip, he placed the flowers on the small window ledge by her room and made his way back down the stairs. There was nothing worse than not knowing for him.
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/nmwqJqG.jpg]] [center [size11 [i Sora had pulled away, and even though he was somewhat disappointed, Sen smiled and brought his hand up to brush away unruly locks of light colored hair from the boy's face. "We should get going, Sora. I want to stop by the hospital, but we can go get some food afterwards if you want to go. Otherwise, I'll see you later tonight?" Once again, he stroked his thumb over the other male's pale cheek.]]

[font "Arial" Sora leaned into the caress and closed his eyes. Letting out a sigh, he nodded in agreement. Scratching the back of his head, he smiled sheepishly. The love struck boy maybe had gotten a little carried away. He hadn't realized how infatuated he was with Sen. Tugging his coat closer to himself, he pulled away from the dark haired male.

[b [#9f70ad "Sounds good, would you like to lead the way?"]]

As the two walked together in silence, Sora wondered if it was alright for him to hold the other's hand. But alas, he was to afraid. This was the first real interaction he had really had with Sen and he wasn't sure how to react. The knight had a darkness to him that Sora didn't quite understand. Although the two had made progress, Sen was closed off to the world. Sora wanted so badly to get into his world but knew that it would take time and he had to be patient. Right now, this had to be enough.

A small boutique caught the archer's attention as they made their way to the hospital. It was a quaint flower shop that had racks stacked to max with rainbow colored flowers of all different shapes and sizes. Pausing, he motioned to Sen.

[b [#9f70ad "Hey wait right here."]] He said with a smile before disappearing into the store. A few minutes later, he came out with a bouquet of pearl colored daisies. They were beautiful and fresh wrapped in a pink ribbon. Handing them to Sen, he grinned.

[b [#9f70ad "Do you think she'd like these?"]] Sora asked warmly.
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