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Have you ever thought of sharing a body with a computer virus?

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[Kodchasan [Center The body of the female was gruesome and horrid as she laid there in the corner of the padded room. She was dead, anyone could tell that much by the way her chest never rose and the way she was staring out at the wall. Her lips were pursed together, her pale hands spread out in front of her.

This girl was obviously not normal either by the brightness in her red eyes. She was pale as ever, her skin smooth and clear of freckles, blackheads, and acne. She had long green hair that reached her back but it was spread all around her as she stared there at the wall. Her lips were the color of cherries and her body was curved more than ever.

She wore a black tank top, red dyed skinny jeans and a necklace of her zodiac, Aries on her neck. She had piercings in her earlobe and in her ear too, along with one on her tongue. Her mouth was slightly agape, bright red blood crawling out of her mouth and onto her face and then the floor.

It wasn't long before [i they ] came back again for her body, this time carting a huge computer behind them. They sat the girl up against the wall and stuck a large needle into her neck, connecting it to the computer. It took a while but the computer began to turn red, the color of the girl's blood and [i they ] smiled, it was working.
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