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This is based off of Fnaf’s animatronics. You can roleplay as any fnaf animatronic you want, you can even make a custom one.

1: No sexual content
2: Don’t be unfair about stuff just to get your way. Be considerate!
3: Have as much fun as you possibly can.

Also keep in mind there are places in this roleplay. Said places include: The pizzeria, Fazbear’s Fright and Nightguard’s house. Special places include: Movie theater, Arcade, The Forest, and the pond. If you would like me to add a place please PM me. And don’t be shy, I love spins. But know that if your place idea gets declined, don’t take it personally, I just don’t want there to be too much conflict with this.

Freddy: Available
Bonnie: Available
Chica: Available
Foxy: Claimed (ThatOneGuy120)
Toy Freddy: Available
Toy Bonnie: Available
Toy Chica: Available
Mangle: Claimed (KommonKaiju)
BB: Available
Phantoms Are not in this roleplay...yet...spring trap will come

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*Foxy walks to the office* Foxy: Chica? Are you in here? *walks inside* Ugh, this place is kind of creepy. Chica?
  ThatOneGuy120 / 5d 8h 14m 34s
"B-being a mess of p-parts has i-it's advantages sometimes! Wh-what are y-you up t-to?"
  Mangle/funtime foxy / KommonKaiju / 5d 8h 20m 49s
*looks up* Wolfox: Oh! Hey mangle. You frightened me a little. What’cha doing up there?
  Wolfox / DraconicFox186 / 5d 8h 22m 49s
Mangle crawled along the walls, searching for someone to talk to. She soon found Wolfox, hanging from the ceiling as she talked to him, her voice glitching, "H-hello there W-Wolfox!"
  Mangle/funtime foxy / KommonKaiju / 5d 8h 30m 18s
Wolfox: Hey...uh...Y-you ok? Foxy: I’m fine. Where are the others?
Wolfox: I’m not sure, but I know Chica is somewhere in the office. You try to find her, I’ll check the cameras for Freddy and Bonnie. Foxy: Ok.

This indicates that Foxy, Chica, Freddy, and Bonnie are available for claiming. If you would like to be one of these characters, PM me.
  Wolfox / DraconicFox186 / 6d 9h 30m 44s

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