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This is based off of Fnaf’s animatronics. You can roleplay as any fnaf animatronic you want, you can even make a custom one.

1: No sexual content
2: Don’t be unfair about stuff just to get your way. Be considerate!
3: Have as much fun as you possibly can.

Also keep in mind there are places in this roleplay. Said places include: The pizzeria, Fazbear’s Fright and Nightguard’s house. Special places include: Movie theater, Arcade, The Forest, and the pond. If you would like me to add a place please PM me. And don’t be shy, I love spins. But know that if your place idea gets declined, don’t take it personally, I just don’t want there to be too much conflict with this.

Freddy: Available
Bonnie: Available
Chica: Available
Foxy: Claimed (ThatOneGuy120)
Toy Freddy: Available
Toy Bonnie: Available
Toy Chica: Available
Mangle: Claimed (KommonKaiju)
BB: Available
Phantoms Are not in this roleplay...yet...spring trap will come

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*Foxy walks to the office* Foxy: Chica? Are you in here? *walks inside* Ugh, this place is kind of creepy. Chica?
  ThatOneGuy120 / 169d 21h 14m 15s
"B-being a mess of p-parts has i-it's advantages sometimes! Wh-what are y-you up t-to?"
  Mangle/funtime foxy / KommonKaiju / 169d 21h 20m 30s
*looks up* Wolfox: Oh! Hey mangle. You frightened me a little. What’cha doing up there?
  Wolfox / DraconicFox186 / 169d 21h 22m 30s
Mangle crawled along the walls, searching for someone to talk to. She soon found Wolfox, hanging from the ceiling as she talked to him, her voice glitching, "H-hello there W-Wolfox!"
  Mangle/funtime foxy / KommonKaiju / 169d 21h 29m 59s
Wolfox: Hey...uh...Y-you ok? Foxy: I’m fine. Where are the others?
Wolfox: I’m not sure, but I know Chica is somewhere in the office. You try to find her, I’ll check the cameras for Freddy and Bonnie. Foxy: Ok.

This indicates that Foxy, Chica, Freddy, and Bonnie are available for claiming. If you would like to be one of these characters, PM me.
  Wolfox / DraconicFox186 / 170d 22h 30m 25s

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