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[b You] have seen her nearly every day for years. Danny was... Happy. She showed everyone that white-toothed smile and it was contagious.

[b You] wouldn't have suspected a thing.

In a rush to get home one afternoon, distracted, she was jogging down the sidewalk. [b You] noticed a journal fall out of her bag, and as nosey as you are you couldn't help but notice the smeared ink on the open page and read for yourself.

[i It is not if.. But when? It is not why.. But how?
The skies will welcome me home, and peace will fester.
Don't shed tears for me.]

[b You]'re eyes widened. [b You] knew what this writing meant, and the pages to follow were blank. By the time [b You]'re gaze wandered back from the papers- she was practically gone. She turned a corner a block ahead of [b you] and into the streets packed with teenagers that were also going home. [b You] followed the best you could, your hand on your phone prepared to dial 9-1-1.

She runs into her home and with a 'click' she locks the front door.[b You] noticed the living room window is open and try to yell inside.

[b "Don't! Don't do it!"]

She peers between the blinds at [b you] with tear-stained eyes and walks away from the window, closing it beforehand. This leads [b you] to believe for just a moment that you've caught her in time. [b You] lay the journal on the front porch and sit on the steps for a moment, hoping she'll open the door to greet [b you]. But your optimism falls short when you hear a thud after minutes of silence.

In a moment of fear [b you] try the front door and learn it's unlocked, and barge inside. [b You] find a chair knocked over and hear gasping.


It's been a few days now, but Danny's parent's finally agree to let [b you] visit her, now that she's home from the hospital.

[b You] sit across from her in their living room, trying to force your eyes to avoid looking at the pink discoloration around her neck.

[b "Let's make every day worth it."]

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[b Your Character] says this in hopes for Danny to accept his friendship and find a way to make her feel that she and her life have more meaning than she knows. To finish high school and graduate, to go to college, to have a life.

I am looking for this to evolve into romance, but slowly. No love-at-first-rescue shit.

I am looking for around 1000 or so characters a post, but I will set the limit at 500+. I understand when writers block happens. I am looking for someone who can post a once a week minimum. I currently work nights/weekends and have spotty internet at home, so I post atleast once a week as well. We will both require some patience.

[b Before requesting access:] [i Please message me with the title as 'When and How' - in the PM please include a Skeleton of your character {that can be found [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=333341 [Dosis here]] } as well as the image you plan to use. When going to think for the Skeleton please scroll down and look through my general guidelines. Please use real/non-animated images and keep them a decent size such as mine {which I will put below}. If you need help editing a picture, feel free to let me know and I will do my best to help you~
[b [i *Please do not get upset if I decline your offer to join. It is nothing personal, sometimes the vibes just don't feel right. But I'm always looking for a new friend to talk to.*]]]

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[b If this roleplay does not interest you: please feel free to check out my Search thread [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=148405 here], or shoot me a message if you are at all interested in writing with me.]]


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