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[size18 Casper waited for the other male to speak, not wanting to launch into a conversation only to discover that he had the wrong person. Although he was mostly sure that it was the model, considering that he took a seat across from him. He nodded in response when he heard his name. [#4682B4 "Yes! Casper Hall. You must be Ayame?"] Casper watched the model fold up his sunglasses and put them away, revealing icy blue eyes that made a shiver run down his spine. [i He looks kind of...scary,] he thought and closed up his laptop to clear up space for his worn notebook.

The dirty blonde looked over the list of prepared questions his boss had given to him. None of them seemed exactly appealing and he disliked using prepared questions most of the time. He chewed on his bottom lip as he decided the best way to navigate the interview. Surely there would be no harm in doing things the way he liked to do them.

[#4682B4 "In all honesty, this assignment was just given to me today. I'm filling in for one of the journalists that's out so I haven't had much time to research you, which has me feeling a bit out of my element. However, I'll just do things the way I normally do them. Instead of me reading off of a long list of questions, why don't you tell me what you want your fans to know? Life updates? New favorite vacation spot? Romantic ventures? New hobbies? We'll just get the conversation going and improvise from there."] Casper shifted in his chair and poised a sleek silver pen over an unused page in his very used notebook. His demeanor seemed more serious, but still pretty friendly considering the pleasant smile on his lips. [#4682B4 "Sometimes journalists focus on getting juicy secrets or tricking a person into saying something that can be taken out of context. I'm not a fan dishonest tactics. I think most people will want to read your interview just because they admire you. So, I hope I can make the experience somewhat enjoyable for you as well."]
  casper / mephistopheles / 196d 20h 16m 35s
[center Ayame had brushed his hair back put up in hat. His manger told him he should probably disguise himself. He also wore a pair of dark sunglasses, to hide his ice colored eyes. Once he was fully dressed he then headed out the door. He walked to the small cafe that really wasn't to far away from his home. Only three blocks, luckily he didn't mind going on walks, it felt great getting in some exercise and fresh air.

His manager thought it would be best if he didn't drive his nice car to small coffee shop. He was most likely right. Once Ayame enter the coffee shop. He smile softly, it really did smell good in here. He was getting rather thirsty for something warm considering he had only worn a light jacket and it was at least in the lower forties. He order a cup of chai tea that was mixed with coffee. He smiled softly as he paid for his drink. He smiled softly as he took the warm liquid with a smile.

He then seen the male wave him over. He took his latte over to the table
he smiled softly as he sat down a crossed from the blonde hair male. He waited for the male to speak. Once it stayed silent for to long he decided to say something. [#99adc2 "You must be Casper right?"] he said as he looked the male up and down. He sighed softly as he slid his dark sunglasses off his face. He folded the up and put them way in his jacket pocket.

His ice blue eyes peered into the male hazel brown eyes waiting for answer. He was ready for this interview to be over. He really didn't want to be here but his manger thought it be best for him to at least take some time with the press so maybe they stop bugging him. The normally asked him the same dull question over and over.
  Ayame / -Ritsuka / 224d 14h 40m 0s
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[size18 Casper Hall stared at the blank word document on his computer screen. It was mocking him. Writing typically came easy to the male, but he was supposed to be writing about gossip and celebrities. Something he wasn't very knowledgeable about. Usually his coworker Allison covered all things pop culture. From gossip to fashion. However, she was out for two months due to an unexpected surgery and like the nice person he is, he had volunteered to take on all their work. At the time he hadn't realized what a challenge it would be. Wanting to type something, anything the male lifted his slender fingers and typed 'blah blah blah'.

[b "Casper? Mr. Thompson wants to see you in his office."]

The voice of the office secretary caught him off guard and he quickly fumbled with the computer mouse to minimize the word document. [#4682B4 "Ah, yes. Thank you...I'll be right there."] Casper rose from his desk and made his way to secluded office of his boss, hoping that he didn't want to give him even more work.

Casper exited the office ten minutes later with more work. This assignment seemed more his cup of tea then the current article about celebrity power couples that he had been struggling with. An interview with a popular model. He liked clothes but knew next to nothing about famous models. He did have experience with interviews, though most of the interviews he did were with politicians. Still he was looking forward to interviewing someone that people spoke highly of. Some questions had already been provided for him but his boss also trusted him to go off script.

The brunette male stopped back at his desk to grab his messenger bag and gather a notebook and pens. Although the interview was at three he wanted to give himself plenty of time to get there and settle in. It looked unprofessional when the interviewee arrived before the interviewer. After, gathering his things he headed out of the office entrance, waving goodbye to the secretary as he left.

Luckily the cafe wasn't very far from the office. He entered and inhaled the delicious smell of coffee. Before finding a seat he ordered a latte. The warm drink helped him focus and he was even able to type a couple of sentences in the article he was having trouble with. Periodically he checked the door, not wanting to miss the interviewee because he was occupied with other work. Eventually someone that fit the description of the model walked in and he held up a hand to wave the male over, a friendly smile on his face.
  casper / mephistopheles / 224d 14h 19m 16s
[center Ayame Hanabira was often mistaken for a girl because of his feminine name and good looks. At a young age Ayame started modeling. Ayame was very beautiful, he was often called a playboy. He really was a tease to all. What drove people absolutely nuts was the fact that he refused to identify his sexuality. Why would he? It really wasn't anyone business to know. He often worried about his career. What people thought
of him. Why he just didn't tell him his preference.

Ayame had always like men over women. If his fans found out he was gay would they still adore him? Ayame just couldn't risk it so he kept it to himself. Ayame was loved his job, he loved people pampering him and commenting on his looks.

Ayame was quiet bold for a model. He even model off some of the women's clothing. People adored him for that, they loved it when he wore a dress, or some other type of women clothing. Ayame really didn't mind it. Of course it cause roomer to spread but luckily it made his popularity grow.

Ayame sighed softly as he heard the sound of his cell phone ringing. Ayame really didn't want to answer the call. He knew it was probably his manger calling him, just to beg him to go to other press conference or something long those lines. It was really annoying he really didn't want to sit in a room just to be asked the same damn questions over and over.

Ayame sighed as he ran a hand through his silver hair. He picked his phone up and answered the phone call. [#99adc2 "Hello"] he said as he listen his manger yap in his ear. He listen to the optimistic man speak about an interview. [#99adc2 "Today at three? ... I could probably do that. "] he said

So today he had an interview with ____. Surely just another annoying person wanting to pry into his life. The interviewers always asked the same questions over and over. The one thing that bothered him the most was when they asked him about his sexuality. Ayames ice blue eyes danced around his room as he listen to his manger yap a little more.

He could see the sunlight peeking in from the window. Ayame had a fun night at a social event. Sadly it was time for him to get ready for work. That meant leaving his cozy bed. Ayame made his way to the bathroom where he showered then he changed into nice clothes before heading to a small cafe. That was where he was going to meet his interviewer.

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  Ayame / -Ritsuka / 228d 1h 19m 46s

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