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Katashi is being forced to go to Akuma University after Felix betrayed him and he fell into the hands of his birth family who owns the school and is trying their damnedest to make his life a living hell, since they want him dead, but he must also board at the school where he will be given a roommate {your chara}. The two at first don't get along but after a while they become friends and maybe even more.

[h3 [center Main Characters]]
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[center [size20 [b [u Katashi Kitazawa]]]]
[center [b Age:] 19]
[center [b Species:] PureBlood ShapeShifter {can shift to look any age, gender or animal at will}]
[center [b Played By:] InNeedOfEscape]
[center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~~-~-~-~-~-~-~]
[center [pic]]
[center [size20 [b [u Caliban Lupus]]]]
[center [b Age:] 20]
[center [b Species:] Fire Ichor]
[center [b Played By:] Pucelle]


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[center [#FF0000 {Warning: Long with new NPC and lots of exposition.}]]

Kat smirked when the boy flinched, but then frowned noticing some kind of trauma in the boy's eyes which was why he had backed of fairly quickly after saying his statement and then Kat merely grunted when the boy called him Princess yet again and said that he'd noted the boy's word.
Once Caliban left Kat sighed finishing up then washed his hands and headed back out to the tree only to find a girl there looking through his sketchbook. [#8500B5 “HEY YOU!! LEAVE THAT STUff alone...”] he started to yell only to pale as the girl put the book down and smiled. [#FF0088 “Katashi there you are my love I thought I recognized the work.”] the girl said jumping down from the branch and Kat backed away from her as she got closer. [#8500B5 “F-Felix?”] Kat stuttered and the girl giggled nodding as she managed to back Kat up to another tree. [#FF0088 “Hee-hee Hi baby you know I've been looking for you everywhere. Did you miss me?”] the girl asked as she grabbed Kat's hands and placed them on her face sighing contentedly. [#8500B5 “W-w-w-what the fuck are you doing here Felix?... and what the hell are you wearing?”] Kat asked now noticing the girl's rather... intimate attire that made it look as though she had just stepped out of the Victoria's Secret Nightwear Catalog. Felix giggled again and moved Kat's hands so they were around her waist. [#FF0088 “You like it? My new parents got it for me when they sent me here told me to wear it when I went after a boy, of course your the only boy I'll ever want, and it is your birthday. As to why I'm here...”] the girl purred as she wrapped her arms around Kat's neck and her legs around his waist climbing him until she could whisper in his ear. [#FF0088 “...I'm your handler and fiance baby, the moment you graduate we're getting married.”] the girl purred excitedly and this plus the feeling of something poking into Kat's stomach caused him to go green and he pushed the girl off him catching her by surprise as she fell to the ground causing the thin fabric of her outfit to tear reveling that she wasn't 100% female. [#FF0088 “Ooowww Kitty Kat why'd you do that that hurt.”] she whined only to look up to see Kat gathering his stuff. [#FF0088 “Kat? Babe where are you going?”] she asked and Kat turned to her glaring his red eyes glowing. [#8500B5 “Away from you... I don't know how the fuck you managed to pull this shit off Felix but you'd better stay the fuck away from me. I don't want you around me after all the shit you've already pulled.”] he hissed and Felix flinched but got to her feet and ran to Kat trying to grab his arm.
[#FF0088 “Baby are you seriously still mad at me? You know I did it for your own good, t-that boy would have ruined everything.”] the girl whined and Kat growled throwing her off again, though this time she was prepared and only stumbled back a bit a pout on her face. [#8500B5 “That Boy? Felix that boy is my twin brother! And now because of you he's probably being worked to the bone while I'm put through this University of Hell [size10 {Roll Credits}] where everyone I meet is probably going to try and kill me if not something worse!!”] he yelled at her before trying once again to storm off but Felix caught up quickly and clung once again to his arm. [#FF0088 “But baby...”] [#8500B5 “But NOTHING Felix and what about my parents huh? They're now being imprisoned under suspicion of Kidnapping because the stupid Paytah's own EVERYTHING now do me a favor and FUCK OFF or I can't promise you'll return to your dorm in one piece!”] Kat screeched throwing the girl off once again and then breaking into a run heading back to the dorms and back to his room where he shut and locked the door before throwing his sketchpad at his bed and slumping down at the door tears falling from his eyes not even bothering to check to see if the room was empty.

Meanwhile the girl stood where she had been left her face still in a pout as she watched the spot where Kat had run off not really paying attention to her surroundings until a trench-coat was put over her shoulders startling her. [#030303 “Put this on Felicity your underwear is torn.”] a man said and the girl looked at him confused before looking down at which point she blushed and quickly wrapped the coat around herself and followed the man back to the girls dorm where she was staying her mind already trying to figure out how to get Kat to [s obey] love her again.
  Katashi / InNeedOfEscape / 6d 1h 57m 53s
[size12 There's an extended respite of stillness as he stared down both women. Their expressions had transformed from utter surprise to animosity. Which is a sentiment he now shared with them. [i 'Be careful. Your solicitude will be your downfall.'] His wroth gaze narrows.]

[size12 It's becoming so painfully apparent that he's been inscribed by their influence. Their touch. Every ounce of them is desperately clinging onto him. And he's just letting their memory suppurate his mental health.]

[size12 He's not given the chance to dwell on this however. Someone else' incentive had already proceeded without his apprehension.]

[size12 Caliban's eyes widen from his own astonishment. The Spitfire is grasping his arm. Dragging him back into the dormitory, meanwhile leaving behind two equally dumbfounded wenches.]

[size12 His reaction time must have switched off as he doesn't do anything. With an unresponsive mind and his sacrificial instincts stepping up to the plate, he felt screwed. Until he realizes far too late that he's been led to the... Bathroom? What? Though he is once again hindered from having any sort of insight.]

[size12 He's slammed against the bathroom's door by the Spitfire. This is when three separate phenomenons occur. First: The door's lock is engaged. Effectively trapping them both together. Second: UNWANTED knowledge is granted. The Spitfire is a kindred spirit. To⸻]

[size12 [i 'Do you understand now? I can be whomever I so desire. Ain't that fantastic!']]

[size12 ⸻them. Why did he have to be a Shifter? Cause now his body is reacting, strongly. His pupils dilate and he cowers. Just for a moment but it's still a show of weakness. And finally: That dingbat is yammering off again. Calling him California. This nickname is enough to snap him back into reality.]

[size12 Then upon regarding the Spitfire's subsequent action, Caliban swiftly whirls around. Whatever noise that might transpire next is ignored. [b [i "Oi."]] A flat tone this time. [b [i "Princess. I won't apologize for what I did."]] The steadfast lock is already being held firmly between his thump and forefinger. [b [i "Your request has been noted as well."]] And just like that, the Firecracker is alone.]
  Inferno / Pucelle / 6d 3h 43m 13s
Katashi had noticed the girls following Caliban and had caught the end of their conversation about eyes which in turn had caused him to roll his, but he really didn't care much other than that. Kat noticed the smirk on the other boy's face when they ran into each other which caused a small growl to erupt from his chest but he moved to lean against the door frame so they could all pass and then he started hearing the girls badmouth him and he frowned, [i [#8500B5 'So the assholes have already leaked my enrollment here great... I need to be careful.']] he thought to himself as his head unknowingly tilted down so his hair hid his already partly hid face and he wondered if he shouldn't just make himself a mask. Katashi was startled by Caliban's sudden outburst and thinking he was talking to him Kat raised his head to snap back but blinked surprised when he saw the boy facing the girls, was he trying to help him? This thought caused another growl to escape and Kat suddenly grabbed Caliban's arm and dragged him to the family bathroom, which was a privet stall and had a lock.
Once in there Kat threw the boy up against the door as he locked it then leaned over the man and shifted to his full height of 200cm dwarfing the man, usually Kat shifted to look around 16-17 when he was only around 180cm since he didn't like how tall he was but his full height was good for times when he wanted to be intimidating like now. [#8500B5 “Listen here California I don't need your help, I can take care of myself. Now I'm warning you for your own good Stay Away From Me we are roommates and that's it. Now get out I have to pee.”] Kat said in a threatening tone before returning to his more comfortable height and heading over to the toilet not really waiting for Caliban to leave as he undid his jeans and started using the restroom, he just really had to pee.
  Katashi / InNeedOfEscape / 6d 5h 42m 9s
[size12 Hindsight is sometimes a double-edged sword. If he lingered any longer, an ophidian would have ultimately engulfed his world. Yet roaming these intertwining hallways is monotonous. Indistinguishable too. The same amount doors, identical positions. Even the walls are coated with a similar paint scheme.]

[size12 He isn't lost however. Just very much indifferent to his surroundings. Besides he never expected to be followed so openly. Two women are stalking several feet behind him. Their high-pitched voices hushed. Their rubbernecking peepers glued tightly onto his backside.]

[size12 Plunging into his own drama must be better than this. [i 'Have you ever heard that rumor about eyes? That whole shit about them being the gateway into someone's soul. I wonder what would happen if you plucked them out. Shall we find out?'] Caliban grimace. He's not particularly disgusted by the notion. Aggravated. Harrowed. It appears their festering memory won't be silenced that easily.]

[size12 He left to escape and his mind is already trapped onto spin-cycle. Of course. An incredible thing occurs. He stumbles upon a certain firecracker. And without realizing it, there's a smirk overtaken his features. Even when the Spitfire is yammering off, his expression doesn't falter.]

[size12 As Caliban is about to retort, a noise behind him catches his attention. Those women..?]

[size12 [i "Katashi! The Filth!"] [i "Gross!"] What? They continued slandering the Spitfire. Dreadful words seeping from their pretty mouths. [i 'Beauty is staining. It can even cover up the most repulsive of things.'] He frowns. Then slowly swerves around on the heels of his feet.]

[size12 [b [i "Oi."]] Both women instantly fell silent. Their expressions startled. [b [i "Fuck."]] Caliban's voice is steady. All traces of his accent gone. [b [i "Off."]]
  Inferno / Pucelle / 6d 17h 55m 37s
Kat was able to draw for a little while until he suddenly had to go to the bathroom at which he cursed himself for not going before leaving the room, but shaking his head he left his art stuff in the tree and climbed down heading into the closest building to find a restroom, only to run into his roommate who he sneered at because 1 he didn't really want to see him and 2 because the boy smelt like smoke and burnt flesh which told Kat he was probably a self harmer. [#8500B5 "Oh great it's you I was hoping not to run into you for another couple of hours. You exploring this shit campus or something? The smoking area is at the end of the hall, and they have ashtrays you know."] he hissed though didn't really move to go anywhere as the other was blocking the door.
  Katashi / InNeedOfEscape / 6d 20h 38m 53s
[size12 What an adorable fool. Disclosing such knowledge because he flaunted a bit of courteous flair. A brief introduction would have been enough. Just a name, nothing more. Instead he got a mouthful of some entitled royal's mini tantrum. If he were snake, it'd be oh-so elementary to devour that Spitfire. Effortless. For him. For them. And still...]

[size12 [i California, eh?]]

[size12 A faint smirk stretches across his entire face. The mostly finished cigarette is snubbed out. Against his right hand's open palm. His inferred 'poison' is abruptly now succeeded by the aroma of burnt flesh.]

[size12 Shortly after discarding the cigarette butt into one of his desk's drawers, Caliban's searching through his backpack. What he's hunting is soon located. A canvas. Tattered edges. Gorgeous Submaton Color. Plenty of signs that someone spent too much repairing the thing. Albeit terribly.]

[size12 He studies the mangled painting. An obscured creature and simmering flames. To anyone else, this illustration might appear unique or puzzling. What's going on? Why is that thing tenebrous?]

[size12 Caliban shook his head with a silent sigh. The worn canvas is then placed down onto his desk. His fingers lingered upon its rough surface just for a second. The fragrance of raw oils from a bygone memory almost strangled his senses. Before his mind could stray any further, he left the room.]
  Inferno / Pucelle / 7d 1h 57m 14s
When the other finally spoke Katashi's glare only deepened and he was tempted just to open the door and leave but then after a moment the boy properly introduced himself and Kat couldn't help but scough. [#8500B5 “I know who you are they gave me the papers when they enrolled me in here... I'm Katashi Kita... Katashi Paytah my ..ugh.. family owns the fucking school so here's the deal California I'm not here to make friends I'm here to survive the fucking school then move myself to the other side of the fucking planet so I don't have to deal with this shit anymore, so if you don't mind, I'd prefer if you leave me the fuck alone. You stay in your corner and I'll stay in mine Okay? Okay. Now if you'll excuse me I'd like to get the fuck away from your poison thanks.”] Kat sneered before storming out of the room and dorms heading to the small wooded area of the school where he found a nice tree and climbed into it settling up high into the branches then started drawing letting his mind wander and calm after setting an alarm for the school's next meal time.
  Katashi Kitazawa / InNeedOfEscape / 7d 3h 50m 29s
[size12 How robust of a reaction from an apparent Spitfire. Livid and positively peeved by his smoking. Behind his cigarette, the curves of Caliban's mouth began perking upward. It's always entertaining when he sizes someone up so quickly.]

[size12 He took another prolonged drag before responding, not necessarily kind of course. [b [i "Lax, Princess. I'm just veying a customary greeting between 'oommates. Haps you could demonstrate some manners too."]] Elsewhere an inkling breathes. [i 'Perhaps you could demonstrate some manners as well.'] Again? Why won't their magnetic representation just disappear? Weeks and nothing has changed.]

[size12 Caliban nibbles upon the cigarette's butt. Equally miffed and satisfied. Eventually he found his own thick voice once more. [b [i "Name's Caliban Lupus."]]]
  Inferno / Pucelle / 7d 5h 44m 47s
The boy thankfully ignored him coming in and this made Kat smile ever so slightly, maybe this guy wasn't going to be one of his family's goons sent to watch his every move. The thought made Kat sigh out the breath he hadn't known he had been holding and just finished unpacking before sliding his empty bag under the bed, then he grabbed his sketchbook and bag of art supplies and was planning to head outside to fine a nice tree when the smell of smoke hit his senses and he turned to see his roommate leaning out the window smoking and made a face, Kat hated smoke and the look of the boy didn't help tall, blonde and tried way to hard to look badass, pathetic.
Kat coughed and waved his hand to push the smoke away before heading to the door the faster he got out the better, but unfortunately the hope that the boy would leave him alone fell short with 3 words, [b [i "Ey 'dere, Princess."]] and this caused Kat to flinch and slowly turn to glare at the other male, [#8500B5 “What do you want? I'm kinda busy right now.”] Kat hissed not realizing that by answering to the nickname Princess the other could take advantage of it, but in all honesty Kat was used to nicknames like that since he kept his hair long to hide his face plus the fact that due to certain circumstances when he was younger he had used his powers to go around as a female just to get by. Kat waited irritably for the other to say something wanting desperately to get out of the room before the cigarette smell contaminated everything wondering how soon he would be able to get down to a drug store for some airspray.
  Katashi Kitazawa / InNeedOfEscape / 7d 8h 14m 27s
[size12 So here he stands. On the verge of smite and assumed greatness. Where some of his best years will be spent. The Grand Escape. That'd traveled straight down his spine and blurred future endearments. Everyone would be so proud. As he'll be drunk off rose water, his flesh will smolder.]

[size12 [i They'll surely know he's ballin'.]]

[size12 Yet these thoughts were superfluous. The overdrawn colloquies of someone primed for disregard. Of course his mechanical judgement used to be dubious. Even when his eyes were wide open. Thus he listened. Followed their tune and signed his name without a second consideration. Yeah. He's beyond caught.]

[size12 A fool ensnared by the musings of someone's misdirection. He's fallen quite far. [i Hook. Line. Sinker.] Caliban Lupus isn't the brightest of stars...]

[size12 'What the fuck is wrong with you'?]

[size12 Caliban blinks, startled. For a moment there, it sounded as if he heard a Bubblegum Bitch's voice. Honey dripping off Cupid's bow. Emerald eyes smiling. How senseless of him. Such a fetching affliction isn't around. Not here, not ever. He tiredly pinches the bridge of his pointed nose.]

[size12 Why couldn't he trammel these swirling thoughts? It had been weeks. A whole lifetime for them both. Fresh prey, another victim, already claimed by their serpent's tongue. Alas his unfounded jealousy is thoroughly devouring his dwindling control.]

[size12 His entire world is muddled. Meanwhile his body had other things switched upon autopilot. He never stopped trudging down lengthy halls. A flurry of peripheral beings, chatterboxes unnoticed. He felt robbed. However, everything seemed to suddenly freeze as he stumbled onto the great unknown. Those blissfully, silvery peepers of his slinks sideways. There before him is a door. A further galaxy of possibilities.]

[size12 Caliban exhales. A wash of blacken vapor filling the spaces between sunder worlds. And before any unwarranted sentiments could saturate his eternal pity party, he opens the door and enters.]

[size12 Needless to say, he's unimpressed. Another brooding Dick Waffle by all appearances. A lanky firecracker. Locks of crimson and an air of nebulous rage. Those same silvery pools of torpid rolled. Wonderful. Just what he always wanted. Without nary a sound, he marches straight pass his [i 'roommate.'] His simple backpack is neglectfully thrown to next to his bed.]

[size12 His upcoming actions were a must. A fix is required, desperately. Caliban shoves the window's panels up. Afterwards he's whipping out a crumbled box of cigarettes. As he places one into his mouth, he turns away. There's a solid moment before he swerves back, cigarette lit.]

[size12 He takes a long drag before finally speaking. His voice heavily influenced from baffling accent. [b [i "Ey 'dere, Princess."]]]
  Inferno / Pucelle / 7d 19h 13m 16s
A red haired boy stood on the edge of the school and scowled up at it the large building that had a large sign labeled Akuma University Male Dorms. The boy's phone suddenly buzzed a message and he looked down at it a small sad smile forming on his lips. [#FFB0FC 'Happy 19th Birthday Katashi we want you to know we will always love you and that you can get through this. Work Hard and Don't Give Up Love Mommy and] [#B0FFC0 Daddy <3']. Katashi sighed as he read the message again then held his phone to his heart before walking into the building and up to his room where he unlocked the door and walked in the dorm was small and simple two twin beds with blue university sheets, two black metal desks with matching chairs and two small wardrobes filled with the years uniforms and campus appropriate casual wear and it all sat symmetrical to each other in a room with light blue walls, dark wood floors and a black framed window in the middle that looked out onto the sports fields of the school. Katashi sighed again and headed to the bed on his left and tossed his one tiny suitcase on top of it and unlatched it starting to unpack when his phone buzzed again and he looked over at it and scowled. [b [#ff0000 'Don't do anything stupid you know what's at stake were watching you.']] the message said and Katashi tensed up because at the moment the door opened and the person that would be his roommate for the next, probably, 4 years walked in and Katashi glared at them before putting his phone back on the bed before continuing to unpack in absolutely no mood to socialize right now.
  Katashi Kitazawa / InNeedOfEscape / 7d 22h 15m 20s

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