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[size10[center Angel Wings is a very successful company, so successful its has been merging with other large companies so that they can make a profit themselves. But what a lot of people don't know is what the company actually do. They are in fact a black market company which owns most of the government, so they can get away with in fact almost anything.]]

[size10[center The only problem is it's not your standard black market its a market for creatures you only read about in story books. Angels, demons, goblins, vampires werewolves, you name it that creature exists.]]

[size10[center The person who runs this organisation is someone simply known as Sam, no one else knows much about him apart from his family, people don't ask questions to his orders, they do as they are told , they fear and admire him but he is really who he seems?]]


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[size13 It didn't take too long before Emica's phone buzzed and it was Sam, she smiled knowing they would be making separate ways there to avoid the press but Emica didn't mind, she was going to enjoy the time spent alone with Sam even if it was only going to be for a little while. She would cherish every moment.]

[size13 Making her way to the entrance she looked to the side and saw no signs of Drusilla meaning she must have gone home for the night. Emica looked up to see a driver waiting for her, she smiled and she quickly walked over to him, she quickly made her way into the car as the driver opened the door for her, she didn't want to be spotted by any members of the press, without Sam there for support she had a feeling she would fall to pieces if she was suddenly surprised with a series of personal questions.]

[size13 It wouldn't take too long for her to get to the restaurant, she'd heard of it from some passersby saying how nice and quiet it was which caused Emica to smile, it wouldn't surprise her that Sam would want something peaceful after the hectic days he must have. She looked down at the bracelet and played with it a little as many thoughts ran through her head. So much had happened in a short while that she would need at least a few days to get her head around it, then there was the nightmares she kept having, she just hoped it was down to stress and after tonight she would be able to relax and get some sleep.]

[size13 Clearing the thoughts from her head and not even realising she had arrived at the restaurant, the driver opened the door for her. Emica thanked him more than once and made her way into the restaurant. She was greeted by a pretty woman who seemed to be waiting for her. Emica politely removed her shoes and followed the woman to wherever she seemed to be taking her, hopefully it was to Sam.]

[size13 Luckily it was and Emica smiled brightly as she saw Sam, she gave a slight nod as she made her way over to where he gestured for her to sit, she felt a little nervous, she had been alone with him before of course but nothing as personal as this, he had taken time out of his busy schedule to dine with her and Emica felt incredibly lucky.]

[size13 She gently takes the cup in both of her hands and sipping it cautiously as to not burn her mouth and make a fool of herself and she listened to Sam.] [size13[b "I should be the one saying that Sam, you've taken time out of your busy life to sit with me for a little while, so I should be thanking you"]] [size13 Emica set her cup down on the table and looked up to Sam, her stomach doing somersaults, she couldn't help but admire his features, now she knew why so many women spoke so well of him, this caused Emica to smile to herself.]

[size13[b "I can't say I've been here myself but I have also heard good things, the interior is beautiful though and as the rumours have said it is very peaceful, I would definitely come back here. Ah well then your friend Amon has impeccable taste."]] [size13 Emica laughed a little at her comment, Although she didn't know Amon very well he seemed like a nice gentleman.] [size13[b "I had plenty of rest thank you Sam, although I hate to admit it I may have overslept a little, but all the paperwork you left me has been completed, but I'm much better thank you for asking, you have been very hospitable towards be so thank you for that. It indeed has been a busy few days, however I like to keep myself busy so you don't need to worry about me".]] [size13 Emica took another sip of her tea and looked at Sam smiling once more, a slight blush forming on her cheeks.]
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Getting ready was fairly quick and easy. It had been for hundreds of years now, and as things progressed in to modern times, it only got easier. At this day and age, a black suit was something he could always wear and maintain his business-like appearance. However, since he was going on... [i whatever it was] with Emica, he wore a dark purple dress shirt under his black suit rather than the usual black or grey he'd usually choose. This was his 'playful' choice, and it was either that or red, but he's fallen out of love with that colour recently.

So, with lots of time to spare, Sam exited the penthouse, and on his phone quickly pulled up a list of places they could go. The list was long, but he narrowed it down to something quiet and intimate to makes tings easier. Plus, Emica no doubt has had a hard few days by now, first transitioning from a recent graduate to CFO of a Fortune 500 company, and surviving a demon attack without even knowing it. Plus, Sam liked the quiet, his wild-side having faded to what it was now many moons ago. So a nice Izakaya-style restaurant was picked in the Uptown portion of the city.

Sam was already on his way there when he got a message from Emica telling him she was ready. [i 'I will send a car for you now. See you soon. Sam.'] He responded and then began making the arrangements on his phone for her to be picked up. He would've liked to have gone to the restaurant [i with] Emica, but with the press [i and] Ceine Noble poking around he figured this was a good way to preserve his and his new CFO's privacy. He didn't mind people saying or assuming things about him over social media outlets—most of the time, at least—but he'd be furious if Emica got dragged through the mud because they went out to enjoy their time together. And it wasn't like there would be a lot of reaching for the idea either; a young and pretty woman that he recently hired and now they're spending their personal time together? Especially after the gala? Easiest dime any news outlet could make. The worlds most eligible bachelor creates the worlds most eligible bachelorette... He could even see the headlines.

Striking it from his mind, Sam exits the vehicle and moves in to the restaurant, being greeted by the staff and ushered in to one of the more private sections of the establishment. Since it was an Izakaya-styled restaurant, he takes his shoes off and sits down on the tatami mat on the side of the table facing the door. Some tea is quickly brought to the table, and soon after Emica arrives and is directed to the private table. He stands up with a smile and nods his head to her when she enters the room.

[b “Emica, I'm glad you could join me.”] He motions to the other side of the table across from him. [b “Please, have a seat.”] And when she joins him, he sits back down at the table, and pours her a cup of tea before taking a sip of his own. [b “I'll admit, I've never been to this establishment before, but I've heard good things about it. I know Amon likes it... I figured it would be fun to experience something new like this together.”] He takes another sip of his tea. [b “How are you feeling? Better I hope, and I also hope you got enough rest. This has been a busy few days hasn't it?”]
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[size13 Tossing and turning, covered in sweat, Emica was having the same nightmare once more, she shot up practically screaming and breathing heavily. She looked down at her hands and they were trembling. She sat up at the end of her bed and almost crying, she put her head into her hands and sighed.] [size13[b "What is wrong with me? Why is this repeating on me!, it just doesn't make any sense!"]]

[size13 Rubbing her eyes she looked at the time and realised she had slept longer than she was expecting, with a sigh she walked into the bathroom once more needing a shower, being drenched in her own sweat was being a common occurrence to Emica and she was starting to get fed up with it before it had even started.]

[size13 Emica turned to the mirror and to her surprise the bruises on her body had disappeared] [size13[b "how is that even possible?"]] [size13 She glanced down at the bracelet Sam had given her and looked at it for a few seconds, but she quickly shook her head and slapped her cheeks with her hands.] [size13[b It can't possibly be! Am I losing my mind? I need to get myself together for tonight."]]

[size13 Quickly turning on the shower Emica stood under the running water as she felt the back of her head, the cut that was there earlier was now gone. Emica's head was all over the place and she didn't know how she would be able to hide these emotions from Sam. Wondering whether to cancel the plans Emica shook her head. If she cancelled now and faked not feeling well Sam would know straight away something was wrong.]

[size13 Emica just took a deep breath and hoped tonight would go smoothly. She was looking forward to the two of them being alone and now she was dreading it in fear Sam picked up any warning signs.]

[size13[b "Now to find something to wear..."]]

[size13 Wrapping the robe around her waist she walked out of the bathroom towel drying her hair and made her way over to the wardrobe, not all of her clothes were unpacked yet, just the important ones and her work clothes, her casual clothes could be done the weekend when she had some more free time. Skimming through the hangers she came to a little black dress. Unable to decide for a few minutes Emica finally made her mind up and decided to go with it.]

[size13 She hung it up on the outside of the wardrobe and made her way over to her handbag and pulled out her makeup bag, putting on the necessities she placed the bag down and walked over to one of the boxed labelled 'bedroom' and opened rummaging around.]

[size13[b "I could of sworn it was in this box... Ah! There it is!"]]

[size13 Emica pulled out a hairdryer and made her way into the bathroom once more plugging it into a socket and began blow drying her hair.]

[size13 Luckily this didn't take very long as she unplugged everything and once again walked back into the bedroom. She changed into her dress and pulled out her black stilettos placing them steadily on her feet. She readjusted Sam's bracelet on her wrist beginning to feel nervous Emica grabbed for her phone and sat down on her bed.]

[size13 Opening her messages she began to tap away to Sam.]

[size13[i I'm ready, where would you like me to come and meet you? Emica.]]
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The night and then day passed on quickly. It was funny how time could roll by as an immortal. A day was almost less than a blink, and Sam often had to remind himself to move or do other tasks than the one he was currently preoccupied with. Or at the very least, he would have someone remind him for him.

The door to his office opened and Sam's eyes peeled up. [b “Drusilla.”] Sam says, looking at the succubus as she closes the door behind her. It appeared she was still upset with him, but still doing her job. [b “Is there something you want?”] He asks, sitting back in his chair, steepling his hands together.

[+green “Lots of things, Sam, but because of you I can't have them.”] Just as he thought, she was still upset, but this time he wasn't going to poke the hornets nest. [+green “Celine Noble is in the lobby.”] And that made Sam jerk forward and grasp at his desk. [+green “She says she has an appointment with you. Something to do with a phone.”]

His eyes narrow slightly. Emica's old phone. [i Dammit!] He should've had someone detail the car at the impound lot in case of something like this... He was slipping.

[b “She most certainly does not have an appointment. Ask her to leave, and if she refuses, have security remove her from the premises.”]

[+green “Why not remove her permanently? She's a pretty little thing; I could even do it for you. Its been soooo long since I've fed on anyone that way too.”] She moves and sits on Sam's desk, trying her best to be persuasive to the demon. Its never worked on Sam. [+green “I'm sure she has some Dark Desires I can exploit.”]

[b “No.”] He sits back in his chair calmly again. [b “Much like Emica, I believe her will is enough to resist your [i Charms]. Plus, she probably has a contingency in place that if anything were to happen to her, whatever she has on me would get leaked. Her death would only prove to make that more difficult to bury.”]

[+green “So you're going to do nothing?”] She sounded almost disgusted.

[b “Precisely. Unfortunately, Miss Noble being alive is the least advantageous thing she can do. If she releases anything without a shadow of a doubt, I can destroy her career and in a court of law. If she blackmails me, I can also destroy her. The only reason she's here is to rattle me and dig. If I react, it will only serve to make her more tenacious. Unlike her, I have time on my side.”]

[+green “But Sam-”]

[b “No 'buts', Dru. Please do as I ask. If there comes a time for you to use your Charms on Celine Noble or anyone for that matter, I will be sure to call on you.”] He stands up from his desk and begins moving passed the Succubus. [b “I have important business to attend to tonight and I will not be disturbed by this rabble. Have a good evening, Dru.”] And with that, Sam leaves his office and goes to the penthouse. Emica was nowhere in sight, so it was safe to assume she would be sleeping. So, while he could, he prepared for their... What was it that was happening tonight? An outing? A get together? ... A [i date]?

He frowns at the thought. Why did this woman seem to complicate things so much?
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[size13 As the two sat at the breakfast bar Drusilla's phone buzzed] [size13[+green "I'm very sorry Emica but I have to get back to work, there a lot of paperwork I need to go over but I will be back to check on you later, please get some rest Mr. Nata's orders."]] [size13 Emica nodded in agreement, the last thing she wanted was for Drusilla to get into any trouble after everything she had done for her.]

[size13 Bowing and thanking Drusilla again she watched her leave as she returned to her seat at the bar and reached over for an apple in the fruit bowl, giving it a little rub on her chest she took a large bite, lost in thought for a few seconds until a buzz of her phone made her jump. Placing the apple on the table she reached for her phone and smiled to see it was Sam.]

[size13 Emica felt a slight shot of panic in her stomach, remembering that she had asked Sam out to dinner, she hesitated to look at her phone in case she had stepped out of line. However Emica took in a deep breath and unlocked her phone, tapping lightly on Sam's message.]

[size13 Reading the message Emica couldn't help but smile, not only had he replied to her but he accepted to go out with her that night, she bit her lip in excitement as she sent a short reply knowing that Sam would be busy and not wanting to disturb him for too long she began to tap away on her phone.]

[size13[i Well then I look forward to seeing you later on. Emica.]]

[size13 Emica placed her phone back down on the table and reached for the paperwork, she grabbed the pen that was in the folder and began filling out the forms for herself and the wildlife reserve Sam had asked her to do. Although the forms were easy enough it took a lot longer than she expected. Filling out the last of the forms she placed them back into the folder and glanced at the clock. It was early afternoon so she decided she would get some rest so she would be alert for tonight with Sam.]

[size13 Leaving the folders on the breakfast bar she made her way back up the stairs and sat on the edge of the bed, she was a little anxious to get some sleep in fear the bad dreams would return. Emica shook her head, she would need to sleep at some time, there's no point worrying too much over it. Removing her bath robe she put on a strap top and shorts and lay down on the bed. A power nap couldn't hurt before she needed to get ready to see Sam later on.]
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In the stocks, Morgana was so predictable. She may be more subtle than he was, but Sam was more unpredictable. She had several shell organizations specifically to hide her investments from Sam, but he knew her all too well. It took only moments for him to either own or own by majority on several of her stocks in vehicles, precious metals, and tech. And what he could because he was a [i bastard], he would amalgamate in to his own company or liquidate. There was a company that looked very promising in the field of medicine that Morgana was trying to quietly buy up, but after a few calls, Sam bought what members of the research team he could and was moving them to a new lab on the East Coast, retired the rest, and quickly shut down the original company, making it in to a useless investment. Money was no object for Sam or Morgana, but he knew she had big plans for these people, and he wanted to make sure she felt his fury this night. Although he couldn't act against her directly for the time being, he would still have some form of revenge.

Sam was continuing his stock-market blitz, when his phone went off. He half expected it to be Morgana, but ended up fumbling his phone when he reads the ID. [b “Emica.”] He reads out loud and opens up the text. Sam had expected that she would be resting by now, but it seemed she wasn't intent on that. What a strange thing... A strange thing that stirred strange emotions in Sam, ones that he had thought long forgotten.

She had asked him to dinner, and usually this was a very simple and easy endeavour to turn down. He did it to nearly everyone for one reason or another, but it was mostly so he didn't get too close to anyone or for it to be perceived that he was getting close to them. Morgana was bad enough, but the media could be equally as vicious about who he's out and about with. Now was also a very delicate time, especially since Celine Noble would no doubt be sniffing around for anything she could find. Luckily for him by the morning Emica's wounds would be healed thanks to the special bracelet he gave to her, so Emica's 'accident' couldn't be called in to question by Celine with any credibility. Not to mention she could probably already anticipate that Sam was waiting to rip her journalistic career apart if she stepped anywhere close to slander or defamation. He didn't care how many Pulitzer's she had; he would make sure she couldn't even work as an online food blogger.

So, against his standard operating procedures, [i 'I would love to, Emica... and please do not fret about your phone, it is the least I could do. Make sure to get that rest as per our verbal contract! Thank you. Sam.'] And with a small grunt, he presses 'Send', and tosses his phone on the the table in front of him.

[b “Oh, Sam. You're hopeless.”] He says to himself, going back to his computer to continue to stick as many thorns in Morgana's side as possible. It was inevitable for the two of them to come to blows, the only two questions left were 'how and where?'
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[size13 Emica's eyes lit up, all she needed was some ears and a tail to look like a devoted puppy that had just been told she was going somewhere exciting. Although it wasn't anything too major Emica was just grateful that Sam was giving her work and not throwing her out onto the street. Just as she was about to thank him once again he beat her to it with the deadly 'but...' Thinking it was about to end badly Emica breathed out a sigh of relief when all he wanted her to do was to get plenty of rest.]

[size13 Emica couldn't but feel a little bit down with the amount of hours he wanted her to rest, she was already bored as it was but sitting in bed all day was her worst nightmare. Emica liked to constantly be on the go and keeping herself busy, another reason she didn't want to take over her parents business, it was a small business and spending all day waiting for a customer to walk through the door would have driven her mad.]

[size13 Snapping out of her thoughts she noticed Sam smirk slightly and state the last part was a joke. Emica couldn't help herself as she let out small laugh partly feeling relieved she wouldn't have to sit in bed all day twiddling her thumbs, she wanted to be there for Sam and show him she wasn't weak and worthless.]

[size13[b "Okay Mr. Natas I will do as you ask and get plenty of rest so I'm fully at your disposal for tomorrow. Thank you so much as well for taking care of me and being able to help you even though its not much. I really appreciate it."]] [size13 Emica bowed politely and looked up at Sam smiling, but soon that smile fades as she notices Sam looking at his phone meaning he was needed elsewhere.]

[size13 Just as Emica predicted Sam turned his attention to her and said that he needed to leave. Emica nodded politely although she didn't want him to leave but said nothing, it wasn't her place to, Sam was a thousand leagues out of her range, they lived in completely different worlds...]

[size13 Suddenly snapping out of her thoughts she felt Sam's hand on her shoulder which caused her to blush. Although he wasn't touching her skin she felt a slight shock run through her body which made her blush even more. With a slight nod she made her way back over to the bed and sat down trying to hide her face the best she could from Sam.]

[size13 Just as he was about to leave Emica looked up as he called her name and her eyes widened slightly as she could hear her heart pounding as he asked her to call him Sam. Shortly after he left and Emica fell back onto the bed putting her hands over her face trying not to admit to the fact she was blushing brighter than a tomato.]

[size13[b "What is wrong with me?! He only asked me to call him by his first name and I'm actually like a school girl with a serious crush!"]] [size13 Emica lightly slapped both her cheeks trying to bring her to reality,] [size13[b "there is no way Sam would even be slightly interested in me anyway, we are too different, I wish I had my phone instead of sitting here lost in my own thoughts".]]

[size13 Just as though she was psychic Drusilla walked through the door holding a folder which Emica presumed to be paperwork and a small box in her hand. Emica practically jumped up off the bed and ran towards Drusilla causing her to drop the folder as she hugged her tightly] [size13[b "Drusilla thank goodness you're okay! I was so worried about you! Sam said you were okay but I wanted to see for myself! If Sam isn't keeping you too busy would you mind sitting with me for a while?"]]

[size13 Emica knew Drusilla would have to clear through with Sam first but she hoped he would let Drusilla sit with her for a little while, she felt she could trust Drusilla and enjoyed her company. Drusilla was holding out a box for Emica which caused her to look up slightly confused,] [size13[+green "It's your phone Emica, Mr. Natas has had it replaced for you, I hope it's to your liking".]]

[size13 Emica nodded smiling, it was much newer than her previous phone so she knew it couldn't have come cheap, as she looked through she could see all her contacts were on there and everything she needed was also there. Emica couldn't help herself to look through the contacts to see if Sam's number was there and to her excitement it was, it wasn't saved as Mr. Natas but Sam. This caused a little tingle inside Emica's stomach as she clicked the little message icon and began typing away.]

[size13[i Thank you for getting me the new phone I love it! Also thank you for re-adding the contacts it has saved me a lot of time of having to track people down again to get their number. There's no way I can properly pay you back for this so how about dinner tonight? My treat. Emica.]]

[size13 Emica looked up at Drusilla smiling clutching the phone to her chest before bending down to pick up the folder and gesturing for the two of them to make their way over to the kitchen counter.]
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It seemed Emica was eager to keep working despite her injuries and the 'accident'. [i 'What a strange little human.'] Sam thought to himself as he smiled slightly at the girl. [b “As you wish, Emica. You can fill out the paperwork required for your tenure here and if you're up to it, you can finalize what left of the wildlife preserve I purchased for Amon.”] It wasn't exactly backbreaking work, but it would provide her with a sufficient amount, and not too much where Sam might worry about her health. He had to keep reminding himself how fragile human's could be.

He raises a stern hand and points at Emica. [b “But,”] He begins, his face stony and businesslike. [b “You are only to begin this after sufficient rest; eight hours, minimum. If I come back and see you trying to get a head start on your work, you and I will have to renegotiate the terms of our relationship.”] His face remained impassive for a moment before a smile broke. [b “That last part was a joke.”] And he wasn't sure if it fell flat or not. [b “But if you do not rest before working, I will be upset about it. Your health and safety is the most important thing here.”] And as he says that, his phone goes off, and he quickly takes it out of his pocket and looks at the message displayed. He makes a displeased noise before returning it to his pocket and putting his attention back on his new CFO. [b “I have to go. Please return to bed and I will see you in the morning.”] And for a moment he doesn't know what to do with his hands, and decides that giving her a gentle pat on the shoulder would suffice before heading towards the exit.

[b “And Emica,”] Sam calls back as he was just about to leave the room. [b “Please call me, Sam. Have a good evening.”] And finally he departs. For the moment, he just stood outside of the hall, and retrieved his phone again, looking over the message. 'Celine Noble was at the crash.' it read and Sam frowned. A pesky and incorrigible human; if she was looking in to what happened, it meant he had to be careful... She was someone who simply couldn't go missing or be paid off... But that wasn't what he was most worried about, was it? It was Emica. Why was he suddenly worried about her and what she would think? He shakes his head at himself. He didn't have time to explore that; apparently there needed to be some more damage control than he had expected. Why were all the women in his life so troublesome? He still had to deal with Morgana and Legion, and for the most part he knew how he was going to deal with the demon. He was going to wipe him from the face of this plane and the next. Morgana needed to be handled more subtly; she was a public figure, she couldn't exactly annihilate her, people would notice... But he could always have Drusilla mimic her and take her place...

That's when something came to mind. Why was he so furious about this? This was the game he and Morgana have been playing for hundreds of years. Why suddenly was he taking this more personally than he has before? He looks over his shoulder at the closed apartment doors behind him. Why did Emica make these things different for him? [b “Bah!”] He curses and storms through the hallway and heads back down towards his office. He didn't have time for trivial things like emotions. He would leave that to the human's; he had more important work to do.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/WmibmCy.png]

Celine thought she had been spotted following the tow-truck to the impound lot, but apparently her rule of two cars behind and to the right worked! She parked up the street and waited a half and hour, her now cold coffee out of her thermos. It was most likely they would just dump the damaged limo here and wait until its owner decided what to do with it, and considering how fast it seemed Sam worked, it was more than likely this would be her only shot at taking a look at the thing.

With one last sip from her thermos, she gets out of the car and inconspicuously walks up the street towards the impound lot. It was dimly lit by a few street lamps, but Celine avoided those and quickly moved her way up to a darkened part of the fenced off area. This wasn't exactly a requirement for reporters, but Celine always kept a tool box in her car for occasions like this, and quickly pulls out a pair of heavy duty wire-cutters from her coat. She snips a small slit in the fence, pulling it just enough to fit through, and- ... And she was stuck. [+blue “Dammit.”] She whispers to herself and looks down, a stray piece of fence attached to her shirt. She tries to tug and loosen it, and succeeds, but only after ripping her shirt. She takes a moment to look at it and frowns. [+blue “This was my favourite shirt.”] She says to herself before moving on. Next time she'd put her 'breaking and entering' outfit in the car, you know, if she actually had one.

She moves between the cars, keeping herself low and in shadowed areas, avoiding the single security guard who lazily patrolled the impound lot every now and again. It took her a bit, but she was able to find ruined limo as it sat with other dilapidated vehicles. All of the other vehicles appeared to have been in a crash, and so did the limo, but the limo... It also looked like it was mauled by a wild animal on steroids! The metal and plastic was scarred with claw marks, scratches, and scorch marks. The frackin door was clearly ripped off from the outside by [i something] rather than a casualty of impact. And honestly, because of all of that, for a second she really [i did] believe that this was for some kind of movie, but then snapped herself out of it and started to quickly take pictures from her phone. After she felt like she had taken enough photos, she began detailing the car, looking over the marks more closely and maybe taking more pictures here and there if she felt like she needed it.

Suddenly a light shone near her and reflexively she dove in to the limo, holding her breath as the light passed over the car and continued down the lot... [+blue “That was close.”] She whispers and was about to get out of the limo to make her exit when she noticed something. Barely covered by the seat she sees something. Quickly she reaches for it, and pulls it out, and... [+blue “A phone?”] It was cracked and broken, but it lit up when she touched it... And it appeared a voice message had been sent at the time of the accident or movie shoot or whatever. That was pretty convenient for her, but she couldn't listen to it here let alone crack the password on the phone, but there were workarounds for that back at her place. Whatever had happened would be revealed to her tonight and she would find out how Sam Natas was connected to it.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/UtCMH1B.jpg]

Tonight's events were... interesting, to say the least. Obviously Legion had failed in his mission to kill Sam, and Emica and retrieve whatever it was Sam had bought from Amon, but that was to be expected. Sam was one of the most powerful demons she knew, even in his... [i current condition]. She smirks at that, but quickly frowns as she touches the her gemstone necklace.

She knew Sam had the gem cufflinks, but she did not know about the bracelet until she saw it on AngelWings new CFO. Morgan knew that Sam was trying to get in to her head, a power play was on the horizon, she could feel it, and the demon businessman was trying to do whatever he could to knock her off balance. She touches the necklace again and looks down at the necklace, swaying it a little bit. [+red “Oh Sam... Subtlety was never your strongest point.”] She says to herself, staring at the necklace. The cufflinks and the necklace were of little consequence to beings of power such as Sam and Morgan, but to a mere mortal like Emica? Well, it might explain why she wasn't killed in the car crash that had suspiciously low news coverage.

Morgan presses a button on her desk. “Yes, Ms. Morgana?” Her attendant asks over the small intercom.

[+red “Will you contact Damon for me again? Tell him that I want the bracelet Emica was wearing...”] She ponders for a moment more. [+red “And her head, please. But make sure it follows along Plan C. Sam's involvement is crucial in this.”]

There was a slight hesitation before, “Yes, Ms. Morgana.” And Morgan leans back in her seat and smiles to herself. For some reason, that girl had a funny spell over Sam, but it was something she could exploit. The introduction of the girl accelerated her plans some, but that was of little consequence. It meant she could have fun a little faster now.
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[size13 Emica waited impatiently for Sam to give her the details about Drusilla, once everything was confirmed she was okay Emica let out a sigh of relief, although they still worked as colleagues at the same company Emica liked to think of Drusilla as somewhat of a friend, a friend that would protect her and look out for her and up until now that was exactly what she had done.] [size13[b "I'm relieved to know that she's okay, thank you as well, luckily I write all my contacts down in a book just in case I should need a new phone".]]

[size13 Emica wanted to speak to Drusilla for herself but Emica guessed that due to the accident Sam would be keeping her busy to get rid of the press and arrange statements with the news reporters, Emica wondered to herself if the news reporters would act the same way if it was another business and not Sam, being as successful as he was he was in the spotlight 24/7 and for some reason Emica couldn't help but feel sympathy for Sam as he would need to be on his guard at all times, the amount of pressure he must be in to look good at all times Emica couldn't even begin to understand.]

[size13 As Emica looked up to Sam there was something different about his facial expression, he seemed somewhat concerned about something but Emica shook the thoughts out of her head, of course he would have a lot to be concerned about, Emica just put it down to her paranoia of trying to remember what actually happened in the accident as there was still some blank spaces, she wasn't prepared to explain to Sam either that she felt there was something missing, she didn't want to lose her job after not even being recruited for 24 hours. It would be shameful to her and an embarrassment to the company.]

[Size13 Emica couldn't help but notice Sam smiling, but there was something genuine about this smile, it wasn't a polite business like smile like he did at the gala the previous evening, it was like she had actually made Sam smile which caused a little bump in Emica's heart and a smile formed across her face.]

[size13 Looking down at her hand she noticed Sam's was on hers followed by a gentle squeeze, Emica blushed ever so slightly regretting the lights now being on as she wouldn't be fully able to hide her face from him. When Sam mentioned her keeping the bracelet it caught Emica off guard but she was overwhelmed with happiness.] [size13[b "Thank you so much Mr. Natas it means a lot to me for you to give me something as beautiful as this, I will look after it well!"]] [size13 With her free hand she gently placed it on the bracelet still attached to her wrist and squeezed it smiling to herself and without giving it much thought she return the gentle squeeze to Sam's hand whilst looking into his eyes and smiling.]

[size13 A few moments passed as Sam spoke again once more, giving her the day off to rest, Emica smiled gratefully but she didn't want to completely do nothing, she was still fit to work but she also didn't want to disobey a request from Sam.] [size13[b "Very well sir but please let me do something, is there any paperwork you would like be to go over whilst I'm here? I don't want to feel like a burden more than what I already do, so please if there is anything you would like me to do or look over then feel free to ask me to do it".]]
  Emica Kioko / Tverdost / 146d 5h 44m 35s
As Emica talked, Sam's frown deepened some. So far it appeared she didn't remember much, which was pretty convenient for him, but it also appeared she might remember things later which could be sort of problematic. Day one of working with Sam and there was already a close call like this; he was going to have to be more cautious about the dual nature of himself and his company. At the moment, a blow to the head could very well explain away anything of the supernatural variety she [i thinks] she might have seen... But anymore of these mishaps and he might have to find a new CFO.

When inquired about Drusilla, Sam puts up a pacifying hand. [b “Dru is fine. Fortunately she was wearing her seat-belt so she wasn't injured.”] He lied. [b “She's just relaxing in her office before going home. I'll have her get you a new phone as I'm sure yours is ruined. And in an impound lot.”] There seemed to be a lot of ground for him to cover, but with Drusilla being the only one Emica could speak to about the incident, they really only had to keep their stories straight. In the mean time, Sam would have to devise a way to make Morgana pay for these transgression. Not only did she cause undo harm to Emica, he had a reputation to uphold and wouldn't take this laying down.

Planning becomes sort of second nature to an immortal. You can become so engrossed with it, especially having lived as long as Sam has. Thirty years? A mere blink of an eye, but more than enough time to hatch something truly dastardly. However, before Sam became fully enamoured with his Mind Palace, Emica mentions the bracelet and Sam's head quickly turns in her direction. And despite the turn of the event that had happened, Emica assured him that she had a good time, which... made him smile slightly. [i 'Humans,'] He thought. [i 'Such strange beings.']

[b “I'm glad you enjoyed yourself despite the circumstances. Thank you for being a pleasant guest.”] Sam says before approaching Emica. He places a hand over hers and gives it a gentle squeeze. [b “I would also like you to keep the bracelet. It puts my mind at rest knowing that its with you.”] There's another small smile then. [b “Why don't you take tomorrow off. Rest and recuperate. There are things I need to do in the meantime, so feel free to find yourself something to do. I'll keep in touch.”]
  Sam / Renegade / 156d 22h 36m 44s
[size13 As Emica had called out to Sam she was relieved to see that it was actually him and let out a sigh of relief, for the first time in ages. She smiled gratefully as he helped her up. Rubbing the top of her head she winced a little, looking down Emica noticed some blood on her fingers, great she must have re-opened the cut when she banged her head across the floor.]

[size13 Knowing it was dark Emica took the opportunity to wipe the blood onto the robe so as Sam wouldn't be able to see. Turning her attention to Sam she smiled] [size13[b "Thank you S-- uh Mr. Natas"]] [size13 quickly saving herself from the embarrassment of in-formalities she quickly corrected herself, although forgetting herself she was practically shouting his name only a few moments ago.]

[size13 Snapping out of her own thoughts she quickly looked around for a light switch. Seconds later her fingers running across the wall finally came to the switch, which she immediately flicked on, she needed to be able to see Sam was okay before asking any questions. She turned around to face Sam and now he could see her bruises far more clearly. Emica reached for her bag as she pulled out a tissue dabbing the back of her head to clear the blood up, she didn't fancy having to take another shower and scrubbing her head again.]

[size13 Emica made her way back over to Sam as he explained what had happened to her. She looked down and paused for a few moments deep in thought, then she shook her head about needing the hospital] [size13[b "No that won't be necessary Mr. Natas its a few simple scrapes and bruises, also I would not want to draw anymore attention to you or myself if I did go to the hospital, however if you could point me in the direction of a first aid kit, I will be sure to clean myself up."]]

[size13 Emica smiled at him and nodded, she didn't want to cause Sam anymore trouble than she had already, so the best thing would be to clear herself up and keep any visible wounds or marks covered from suspecting eyes. As Sam asked her if she remembered anything, she looked down and frowned trying to remember.]

[size13[b "To be honest I can't really remember much, It's only just come back to me that the limo flipped over, which would explain the bruises and this cut on my head"]] [size13 Emica let out a nervous laugh before she continued,] [size13[b "there was something else as well... But... No it's no good I can't remember at the moment but I'm sure as soon as this throbbing in my head goes and I've had some rest it will come back to me...]]

[size13 Pausing for a few seconds she quickly remembered Drusilla and that she had been in the limo at the time it had flipped over, she also remembered Drusilla was protecting her from someone, or something but Emica couldn't fully remember so she didn't see the point in telling Sam, he would either think her crazy or delusional.] [size13[b "By the way how is Drusilla doing? Is she okay? Is she at the hospital!?"]] [size13 Worried about her new friend Drusilla she bit on her lip, then a thought hit her, her mobile, for some reason she wanted to find it, she quickly made her way over to her now dirty clutch bag and rummaged around but there was no sign of her phone.]

[size13 Letting out a sigh she leaned back] [size13[b "ahh that was practically a brand new phone, all my contacts"]] [size13 closing the bag once more she made he way back over to Sam, there was a slight pause as she looked down at the bracelet still on her wrist, Emica smiled and looked up,] [size13[b Oh Mr. Natas thank you for this bracelet it went with my dress beautifully, you have excellent taste in jewellery, however it must have been very expensive I will return it to you."]]

[size13 Emica couldn't help but smile, she didn't want to return the bracelet as it had been the first thing Sam had given her, but it must have only been given to her to wear for tonight so she understood completely for him to want it back.] [size13[b "Oh and Mr. Natas although the night didn't go quite as planned I had a lot of fun, thank you for inviting me and your friend Amon, he was an excellent host."]] [size13 Emica let out a little giggle and looked up into Sam's eyes once more, waiting for him to tell her what was going to happen next.]
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When Sam returned the two to HQ, he landed on the large balcony, and the second his foot touched the cement, his armour began to recede and evaporate in to steam. Soon enough he was back to looking like Sam Natas, just wish a few of those glowing cracks in his skin, but those soon began to seal themselves shut.

Quickly Sam brings Emica in to her new bedroom and places her on the bed, discreetly leaving and heading for his office which happened to be on the floor just below the apartment. He didn't know if he had to take Emica to the hospital at this point, but he decided he would play it by ear as he began doing lots of damage control. He called a few of his contacts in the local government and then further, making sure none of that footage went viral, and then went further on to contact his Public Relations to make sure Drusilla did her job, which she did. The Press would be kept out of this and anyone sniffing around would be told off, paid off, or terminated...

Sam was just about to make another call when, [+green “I did what you asked.”] And Sam looks up to see Drusilla, her face back to the one she usually wears and holding the tripod bag. She approaches his desk and slams the bag on to desk, knocking a few things off of it. Sam doesn't flinch. [+green “What the Hell is this?”]

Sam puts his hands in a steeple and rests his elbows on the desk as if Drusilla wasn't in his face. His expression was impassive and business-like. [b “I assume you looked inside?”] He states more than asks.

[+green “You're goddamn right I did.”]

[b “Then why are you asking me silly questions?”] And that seemed to infuriate her more.

[+green “I wanted to see what you almost got Emica and I killed over.”] And Sam gently takes the bag, opens it, and then looks at it through the top as if to make sure it was still there. He knew it was there, he could [i feel] it. [+green “Why even bother with that thing? Its useless to you; only a human can wield it.”]

Sam's eye snap up to Drusilla's face, his usual grey irises turning a glowing yellow. Drusilla takes a sharp few steps back from him, as if he was going to attack her. [b “You overstep, Drusilla. Do not forget where your place in both this company and the demon world is.”] His eyes narrow and glow dangerously more. [b “League's below me.”] And although shaking, Drusilla manages a nod and Sam motions towards the door to which Drusilla promptly exits. Now with that taken care of, Sam opens swings open a painting on his wall, unlocks the safe behind it and places the bag in the sage. He would come back for it later, but for the moment he wanted to see how Emica was doing. It hadn't been long since he put her in to bed, and h doubted she would be awake, but for some reason he wanted to make sure her condition didn't worsen.

Soon enough he was back in the apartment and although the lights were out, he could see in the dark. And much to his surprise, Emica came careening towards him. He forgot that human's couldn't see in the dark, so when she ran in to him ad landed on the floor he was a little surprised, but quickly recovers.

[b “Its me.”] Sam says, crouching down to help the woman up. [b “You were in a car accident and I brought you back here. Do you need to go to the hospital?”] And then the other important question. [b “Do you remember anything?”] She had hit her head, so there was the possibility that she didn't... But there was also the very real possibility that she [i did] remember. If she did, then this wasn't how he wanted her to find out. Truthfully, he didn't want her to find out; Sam has had close human relations before and they never found out about his secret... But he didn't have to worry about such grand displays by Legion on Morgana's behalf. She never retaliated like this before, so Sam must have really hit a nerve. Perhaps he should pay her a visit sometime soon or return the favour, but for the moment he needed to make sure Emica was alright. There were currently no loose ends that needed to be tied up.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/WmibmCy.png]

[+blue “A movie shoot?”] She asks, trying to look over the police officer's shoulder. They had police tape in the way and they were trying to move everyone along. The cleanup of 'the scene' had happened faster than when a natural disaster strikes and something didn't seem right about it.

“That's what I said, Miss Noble. And we already issued a statement to the Press so you don't have to be here anymore.” Oh but she did. Celine Noble was an investigative journalist for The Capitol Sentinel and had won [i two] Pulitzer's for her columns. She was insatiable and when she smelled something fishy, she would dig her teeth in to it and would never let go. And something definitely smelt fishy here at this 'movie scene'.

[+blue “Sure, sure, can I just... Get... a...”] Every time she tried to take a look passed the officer, he would bend in her way. But she did get a glimpse of something being picked up by the cleanup crew. A license plate! And she recognized it.

Something that wasn't exactly known about Celine was she had a photographic memory and it has helped with every single one of her articles. And earlier she was stuck at the gala hosted by the philanthropist Amon, who she was currently investigating. However, the license plate in question belonged to Sam Natas' limosine; she had taken a quick peek at it when he first arrived and it looked like it had paid off. This couldn't be a movie shoot. Why would a billionaire be at a gala and then have his car crashed right after? It didn't make any sense! But that was part of her job; making sense of evidence that didn't make sense.

Celine backs away from the cop with her hands up in mock surrender. [+blue “Alright, you win. I'll go.”] And just as quickly as she came she left. It looked like both Amon [i and] Sam Natas needed some looking in to. She just needed a place to start.
  Sam / Renegade / 173d 49m 4s
[size13 Flashing images began to run through Emica's head, images that would only happen in stories or dreams, no not dreams... nightmares. Emica was alone in the dark, she couldn't even see her own hands in front of her and all she could hear was her own heart pounding so loud she thought it would burst. Looking around at what seemed to feel like an eternity thinking she would never be able to wake up, if she wasn't awake already she saw a faint light in the distance. Feeling some sense of relief she began walking quickly to the light almost running desperate to reach it she stretched her arm out hoping to get there that little bit sooner.]

[size13 As Emica closed in the distance between herself and the bright light a figure appeared in front of her, a familiar warm figure she knew well. Looking up slowly she smiled it was Sam and he was placing his hand out to her. Emica's smile grew wider as she gently placed her hand in his like she did earlier in which only seemed like moments ago.]

[size13 There was another flash as she only caught a glimpse of a wing and suddenly felt a gust of wind as though she was flying, she could feel the warmth on Sam's chest as she closed her eyes relaxing before looking up and her eyes widened in horror, as she looked up she saw Sam's face, but it wasn't the Sam she knew, his face... was cracked and his eyes... were different...]

[size13 Hearing a loud screech Emica suddenly shot up covered in sweat, she looked down and her hands were shaking, heavily breathing she looked around and thought she was alone, but the lighting in the apartment wasn't great. Pulling the sheets off of her she looked down and was still in her dress from the gala except for now it was slightly torn and she had dirt on her skin and dress.]

[size13 Emica stood up a little too quickly and she suddenly felt a sharp pain to the back of her head. Sitting back down Emica placed her hand gently and winced, either she had banged her head on something or she had, had too much to drink. Standing up once more slower this time, the only thing she wanted to do was to get out of this dress and have a shower to calm her nerves and get rid of this cold sweat.]

[size13 Making her way to the bathroom she unzipped the side of her dress dropping it to the floor and taking the what seemed to be never ending pins out of her hair and placing them on the side, she removed all of her jewellery all but one and that was the one Sam had given to her that night, holding it to her chest she smiled before turning the shower on and stepping inside.]

[size13 As the hot water began to run down her body she began to notice bruising on her legs and arms, Emica frowned running her fingers over them lightly] [size13[b "where on earth did these come from? Or more importantly what on earth happened at the gala? Did I drink too much?"]]

[size13 Gently running her fingers through her hair biting her lip as the pain on her head grew worse, feeling lightly she noticed a cut, nothing too major but enough to hurt her, she could also feel a little bit of dried blood which she needed to get out, Emica quickly rubbed her hair biting her lip harder to help her get through the pain, sending her vision funny she stopped and turned off the shower.]

[size13 Stepping out and slipping on a bath robe, she walked over to the mirror which was now unclear due to the steam, running her hand over it to make the image clearer she looked at herself in the mirror. Emica looked exhausted and she was pale to the point she looked as though she had seen a ghost. She now began to notice some more bruises on her arms and ribs, which caused her even more confusion.]

[size13 As Emica continued to stare at herself in the mirror trying to think figure what on earth could have happened to her tonight to be covered in so many bruises and how did she end up back at the apartment, the last thing she remembers is going with Drusilla to the limo....]

[size13[b "The limo!"]] [size13 Emica shouted out and ran out of the bathroom and across the bedroom.] [size13[b "Drusilla! Sam! Where are you?!"]] [size13 Not even realising she had shouted out his first name and frankly didn't care she felt a shock of terror had run through her that something terrible had happened to them. Emica hadn't noticed she was still in her bath robe as she ran towards the stairs, as the lights were still off she couldn't see very much and she ran into someone, she fell backwards hitting her head off the floor once more.]

[size13[b "Shit!"]] [size13 Emica rarely ever cursed but being in the amount of pain she was with her head she thought this once she could let it slip, looking up she could see a figure, but couldn't quite make out the face, she squinted] [size13[b "Sam?..."]]
  Emica Kioko / Tverdost / 180d 3h 26m 29s
Sam ran up a winding staircase to the roof, and once he was there, he made a powerful leap to an apartment building, scaling the walls with his fingers before reaching the stop. He then jumped to a taller building and and perched on the corner of a ledge, looking down in to the streets. Almost as if planned, Sam's limo careened around a corner in to view, two of Legion holding on to the vehicle while a small force chased after it. A few ran through the streets, and a few jumped from building to building to try and get a height advantage. It looked like Legion was pulling out all the stops to try and bait him by endangering Emica, but they still had to go through Drusilla first... And Sam wasn't going to remain idle for very much longer.

Before he even said anything, Sam turned his head to see Amon approaching from behind. Instead of the immaculately tailored suit he was wearing earlier, he adorned flexible looking pants, some kind of leather tribal sash, and painted on a few ritualistic markings on his chest, shoulders, and face. His feet and hands were bare, but he also wore leather bracers.

“I didn't have enough time for my armour. I assumed you would've wanted me to join you as soon as possible.”

[b “Your instincts are impeccable, Amon.”] Sam says with a frown as his phone begins to buzz. Luckily enough, his phone didn't get hit when he was stabbed, but he quickly pulls it out to see it was Emica calling. His frown turns in to a sneer and he quickly puts it back in to his jacket pocket. He didn't have to answer it; the both of them could hear screams from here. With a grunt, Sam turns around and places his palm on Amon's chest. Soon enough it glows and there's a glowing hand print on the werewolf's chest. He lets out a roar and his eyes turn the same colour. [b “You now have some of my power. Transform and take out the Legions hanging back for an ambush. I'll handle the rest.”]

With a nod, Amon lets out another roar, and quickly transforms in front of Sam's very eyes. He grows a few feet taller and his frame grows wider, and suddenly a thick fur bursts forth on his body as well as his face and jaw elongating. His fingers turn to claws and his feet turn to razor sharp paws. The hand print and his eyes still blazed, and now in front of Sam was Amon, the Werewolf. He lets out a small grunt and then leaps from the building... Now it was Sam's turn.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/tn9zIkX.jpg]

Sam's skin cracks all over and the molten metal from before covers his body, thickening before turning in to what appeared to be demonic armour. A face plate with the visage of an impassive demon adorned his face, grey and black armour covered his body, increasing his height and muscle tone. There was suddenly a slight glow of hellish energy on his back, and with a burst of black feathers, a single black angel wing appeared on his right shoulder-blade before folding in and resting limply on his shoulder like a cape.

He flexes his clawed hands before dropping the tripod bag he had and then jumps from the building. He hits the streets below, shattering the cement and then breaks off in to a dash, easily capable of keeping up with the Legion of demons.

Amon swiftly began taking out the ones that were hanging back to hit the flipped limo, and with a mighty leap, Sam jumps over the fray and on to the limo, quickly plucking the Legion trying to crawl in to the ripped open side. By the throat, he brings it up to his face level, the hard demonic plate about his face contorting slightly with rage.

“The Accuser!” This Legion bellows before its essence is absorbed and it turns to dust with a harsh shriek. Soon enough, Sam turns as a Legion lunges for him, taking it in a similar fashion and destroying it, before leaping from the car again to slamming down in front of the vehicle. They gang up on him, but in his demonic form, he is more than capable of taking them on. He rips through them savagely, enjoying the fact that he could cut-loose a little. And soon there were only two remaining, the rest surrounding the area had been picked off by the demonically empowered werewolf who subsequently runs off to avoid being spotted.

“Its been a long time since we've seen your demon form. Why do you not take it?” One of the Legion's asks as the two remaining circle him like hungry sharks.

“We know this is not your true face, Samael The Accuser.” The other Legion says and Sam scowls from beyond the face plate. They remembered this was not his true power and were digging a little too much for his liking. “Show us!”

[b [i “Enough chatter, Legion!”]] He shouts, swiping in front of him. Energy comes out from the swipe and extinguishes one of the Legions. In a blur of movement, Sam is suddenly in front of the last Legion and disintegrates his arm and part of his torso with a hellish punch. He kicks the creature over and places his armoured foot on its throat. [b [i “You have never been worthy of my full might, Legion. None of you have! I suggest you slither back to your true-body and tell him that I will be making a house call. You and Morgana have nowhere you can hide from me.”]] And with that, he reaches down, grabs the creature by the throat and throws it over one of the buildings.

[+green “Sam!”] A voice calls and Sam urns around to look at the flipped vehicle. It was on its side, the ripped open door facing the sky. He approaches the vehicle and Drusilla climbs out the top. She was still wearing her dress, but half of her face was blue, the front of her hair went black, and her irises were yellow while her sclera were black. Did her ears elongate a little too? Before he could inspect further, she was suddenly fully human again, but her face wasn't the usual one she wore. [+green “Help a girl out, would you?”] And Sam nods, coming towards the car, grips the frame, and slowly brings it back down on to all of its wheels. Inside he could see Emica unconscious and Sam scowls under the face plate. [+green “A hundred more years?”] Drusilla asks with a roll of her eyes.

[b [i “No, you did well. I will bring Emica back to headquarters, in the mean time...”]] He turns to look over his shoulder to see there was a bit of a crowd. All of them were gawking, but some were filming with their phones and taking pictures. What a mess. He couldn't reveal his face, nor could he let them see Emica. They were lucky this was late at night and there weren't as many people. [b [i “Contact Public Relations; I don't want to see this story on the news. Make up anything possible so it gets buried. I also need you to retrieve an item for me, I'll sen dyou the details shortly. I will be bringing our CFO back to headquarters.”]] He reaches in to the limo, plucks Emica from it making sure to keep her close to him so the crowd couldn't see, and spreads his singular wing. Another one made of energy appears on the other side and he quickly takes flight, flying off in to the night sky and back to AngelWings to put Emica to bed. Hopefully she'd just think this was all a terrible nightmare.
  Sam / Renegade / 191d 19h 39m 42s
[size13 Emica looks intently trying to make out the conversation between Drusilla and Sam, she frowned knowing something was up, why wasn't Sam coming over to her? Just as Emica was about to stand up and make her way over to the two, Drusilla returned looking up at her slightly confused she stood up and Drusilla helped her to her feet. Emica opened her mouth to ask if everything was okay but Drusilla beat her to it. Feeling a little relieved everything was okay and Sam just needed her back at the office Emica let out a sigh of relief, followed by a smile to Drusilla.]

[size13[b "Oh? Well that's a relief for a second there I thought something was the matter... But if that's what Mr. Natas' has instructed then I shall return immediately,"]] [size13 she looked at Drusilla who gave her a comforting smile and then suddenly she found herself being pulled by Drusilla, which surprised Emica, someone as so petite looking as Drusilla could have so much strength behind her. She couldn't help but giggle to herself though as she watched Drusilla grabbing as many snacks as possible, she could only think] [size13[i typical Drusilla.]]

[size13 Emica looked around the room and noticed some of the guests were beginning to leave but could only put it down to they either had work to do, weren't the party type of people or well just plain tired. Lost in her train of thought Emica didn't even realise how quickly they had made it outside and were making their way to the limo. Looking behind her shoulder she felt rude for not being able to say goodbye to Amon and thank him for being a wonderful host. Turning her attention back to Drusilla she gathered she wouldn't let her even if she wanted to. Emica glanced down at Drusilla squeezing her hand which made her think back to the beginning of the night when Sam gently took hers in his and put the bracelet on her wrist. Sam was so gentle compared to Drusilla who was so eager which caused her to smile. They were so different but equally important to her.]

[size13 As they step into the limo and before they have chance to sit down the vehicle speeds off in a hurry causing Drusilla to throw her food everywhere and topple on Emica also causing her to lose balance and the two fall backwards onto the seats. Shocked at what had happened Emica opened her eyes to see hers and Drusilla's face inches from each other, now usually this kind of thing never bothered Emica but Drusilla was a very beautiful woman so Emica couldn't help herself and blush ever so slightly at how close they were. Emica looked to the side trying to hide her face, why wasn't she moving, it felt like an eternity of Drusilla lying on top of her before they were interrupted by a loud thud coming from the roof of the limo.]

[size13 Emica jumped startled] [size13[b "what the hell was that?!"]] [size13 She looked up at Drusilla for an answer but there was none, instead Drusilla simply got up followed by a shriek. Surprised as to the noise that come out of Drusilla's mouth Emica looked to where she was looking.]

[size13 Her eyes widened in horror as she looked at the scratch marks at the side] [size13[i s-scratch marks?!...From what?!"]] [size13 Emica didn't know what to do or say she just sat on the bottom of the limo staring into nothing, however it's not before long she was brought back to her senses by more loud bangs coming from the top. Emica turned to look at Drusilla who was now poking her head out of the window, horrified Emica quickly pulled her back into the limo] [size13[b What are you doing Drusilla! That's dangerous! You don't know who or what is out there!]] [size13 Emica took a deep breath and continued,] [size13[b "but now that you've had a look did you see what was out there? Are we being attacked by someone?"]]

[size13 Drusilla fell back landing on her bum as she was surprised at the telling off Emica was giving her, she frowned slightly followed by a sigh, if only Emica knew what she was but then again Emica would probably laugh at her or say she was insane so she just smiled and apologised for upsetting her. When Emica asked if she saw anything, Drusilla saw as clear as day what was attacking them but thought better than to tell the truth, she just shook her head.] [size13[+green "I'm sorry Miss Kioko but I didn't it's far too dark out there, but we need to return to the company as soon as possible and get you to safety".]]

[size13 As the two were being thrown from one end of the limo to the next Emica began to get dizzy, what on earth was happening? Rummaging through her bag she pulled out her phone and decided to ring Sam and tell him what was happening and what he would instruct her to do next. Emica scrolled up until she came to the name 'Mr. Natas' and pressed call, she placed the phone to her ear and was relieved when she heard the internal ring.]

[size13 As she was waiting for him to pick up the window suddenly smashed smashed sending shards of glass everywhere, before Emica could react she was covered by Drusilla] [size13[+Green "GET DOWN!"]] [size13 This caused Emica to throw her phone under one of the chairs. Once Drusilla had moved Emica could feel the wind blowing her hair and covering most of her eyesight, she looked around desperately for her phone and saw the light from the screen under one of the seats. Emica bent down and stretched her arm out trying to grab her phone, but it was just out of reach.]

[size13 Leaning closer something caught her attention from the corner of her eye, turning her head to see what it was Emica was in disbelief there in front of the window was... she couldn't even describe exactly what, but the first thing that came to her head was a gargoyle and it was looking right back at her... grinning. A chill ran up her spine as her eyes widened in horror, she would have crawled back but there was nowhere to crawl to! Instead all she could do was scream a blood curdling scream completely forgetting all about her cell phone now and whether or not Sam had answered.]

[size13 Her scream seemed to please the creature, it looked like it had enjoyment from seeing her terrified out of her mind. She had only seem something like this in story tales it was impossible for something like this to exist. The creature stared at her smiling revealing its long fingers and like tearing a piece of paper it ripped the door from the limo and all Emica could do was to watch in horror.]

[size13 Drusilla looked at Emica as she screamed and looked to the door which was no longer there] [size13[+green "shit! This is bad, humans can't process things well.]] [size13 Knowing Sam would kill her if she didn't protect Emica she moved in front of her revealing some of her true form but not enough for Emica to see only the gargoyle. Drusilla frowned glaring at the creature, her main goal at this point was to protect Emica at all costs.]

[size13 Emica looked confused as Drusilla stood in front of her protecting her] [size13[b "Drusilla are you crazy! You'll be killed get away!]] [size13 But it was no good Drusilla wasn't listening the two were just staring at each other as though they were waiting for the other to make the first move. As the creature was about to lunge at Drusilla the limo made an extremely sharp turn in fact too sharp as it flipped onto its side sending the creature flying backwards and the two girls to the side. Emica fell backwards smacking the back of her head off the remaining door knocking herself out in the process and landing next to her cell phone...]
  Emica Kioko / Tverdost / 195d 6h 16m 25s

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