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[size10[center Angel Wings is a very successful company, so successful its has been merging with other large companies so that they can make a profit themselves. But what a lot of people don't know is what the company actually do. They are in fact a black market company which owns most of the government, so they can get away with in fact almost anything.]]

[size10[center The only problem is it's not your standard black market its a market for creatures you only read about in story books. Angels, demons, goblins, vampires werewolves, you name it that creature exists.]]

[size10[center The person who runs this organisation is someone simply known as Sam, no one else knows much about him apart from his family, people don't ask questions to his orders, they do as they are told , they fear and admire him but he is really who he seems?]]


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There was a small tight smile, because Sam did usually now what human's were thinking, whether it was from reading their thoughts or from some predictable behaviour. However, something unpredictable did happen in the form of Emica taking his hand in hers and expressing her gratitude to him... And something [i peculiar] happened to Sam at that moment. Something that he had forgotten was part of this body.

His heart began to [i race]. It was nearly all he could do to keep from quickly removing his hand from hers, but instead all he did was give her another tight smile. His face didn't betray him of his uncomfortable feelings, and once she released him hand, he quickly took a sip of his drink in an effort to give himself something else to do. His hand still felt hot from her touch and his heart continued to race and race further as he began to ponder to meaning of this. Its been a long time since something like this had happened, not since...

[b “Please, take as long as you need.”] He says, interrupting his own thoughts, and motioning towards the staircase. The upper level itself was like its only little apartment in of itself. It had a bedroom that took up a portion of the back wall, again with large windows that viewed the city below, along with a balcony outside above the one from the main level. It had an office, a bathroom, and its only open sitting area with an electronic fire place. The only thing it didn't have was a kitchen, but considering how large the one on the main floor was, it made sense as to why one wouldn't have been installed.

Once she went to go look, Sam wandered over to the far wall, gazing out over the city. It was still early in the day now, and despite the press conference there was still a lot of work to do. But that seemed to be a fleeting thing in his mind. He looks down at his empty hand for a moment, flexing it, before looking back out over the city again, pensively silent. Things were in motion now, and it seemed that as they changed so did he. Perhaps he was getting soft in his advanced age like some others had accused him of; this was the first time he had a human working so closely with him after all. He barely had two conversations with his last CFO... Well, only time could tell on this little gamble he was in committed to.

Sam's phone buzzes and he takes it out of his breast pocket, glancing over the caller ID. [b “Yes, Drusilla?”] He answers. It was the pretty blonde receptionist that Emica had passed when she first walked in.

[+green “I'm reminding you of your invitation to the gala tonight.”] He was quiet for a second, and there was a sigh. Dru didn't like her job, but this is what happened when you were a succubus and you lost a bet against Sam. [+green “Amon, the werewolf.”]

[b “Yes, yes, I remember now.”]

“He's on the other line and was asking about Emica.” That struck him as odd.

[b “Is he now? How interesting. You can tell Amon The Werewolf he can ask her his questions tonight. You can also remind him I'm still waiting on the relics he promised if I purchased that land for the 'wild life preserve'. My [i contract] is quite clear.”]

[+green “Tell him yourself.”] Dru says and Sam makes an impatient sound. It seemed like she was only ever pleasant with people who weren't Sam himself, but that might be because she couldn't feed off of him... Which gave him an idea.

[b “Ms. Kioko is going to need a dress for the gala tonight, and unfortunately I have very limited time on my hands and even more limited knowledge about feminine fashion. I will have you take her to the strip this afternoon and purchase a dress suitable for the event. And I'll still need all your paperwork done this evening, and an access card and ID printed out for Ms. Kioko.”] There was a groan from the other end of the line. [b “Thank you, Drusilla. Keep me informed.”] He then hangs up his phone and places it back in his pocket, turning his head to look over his shoulder.

[b “Emica, I have taken the liberty of making you my plus-one for a black-tie event this evening, I'm sure you don't mind.”] He calls to her. [b “I will have you go downstairs and see my receptionist, Drusilla. She has some paperwork for you to sign; just some formalities and confidentiality agreements, but afterwards the two of you will go in search of a dress to match tonight's event. I would go with you, but I have an errand I must run as well.”]
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[size13 Emica smiled at his comment, her heart pounding through her chest eventually began to calm itself but not for too long as Sam asked him to follow her once more which caused it to jump a little. She followed him down the hallways, she looked around and saw no other members of staff on this floor, was he showing her something none of the other employees knew about? But she gathered she would be seeing a lot of confidential things seeing as she would now be working alongside Sam with the company. Emica was still a little bit in shock, the scale hadn't quite kicked in with her yet, she hoped it would take a while because if it hit her all at once she would either faint or cry hysterically from happiness. This was a big step and she knew she would have to put her skills to the ultimate test to prove herself worthy of being the employee Sam expected her to be.]

[size13 Curious as to where he was taking her she opened her mouth but stopped anything from coming out as soon enough she knew what the answer to the question would be. She looked as he pulled what appeared to be a card out of his pocket and scanned it as he stated she would be receiving one of these later today, Emica felt excited at his comment, this must be something special, maybe important documents to the company? What happened next took her completely by surprise.]

[size13 The doors opened and Emica's eyes lit up like a child's on Christmas day, she looked around and saw a beautiful penthouse, with large windows giving a beautiful view of the city. Why was he showing her this? Then she turned her head to look at him and smiled answering his question.] [size13[b "Sam it's beautiful! The view of the city from here is absolutely stunning! I had no idea there was even a penthouse like this in the company"]] [size13 she took a step into the penthouse speechless, she had already seen enough surprises for today and she felt as though this wasn't even the beginning to the surprises, it was like a dream she was living and a very good one at that.]

[size13 They made their way over to the kitchen and she noticed two large thin glasses and a bottle, she was about to decline the offer of alcohol but he beat her two it, she giggled to herself and looked at him,] [size13[b "I swear it's like you know what I'm about to say, you're very intriguing Mr. Natas".]] [size13 She took the glass gently holding it with her fingers as she clinked her glass with his and took a sip, it was very refreshing and she felt like she suddenly had a burst of energy, but that could have been from the adrenaline from earlier.]

[size13 The next statement however would change her life forever, she almost dropped her glass in shock but tightened the grip quickly, she leaned against the bar top as her legs felt like they had instantly become jelly.] [size13[i L-Live with him! Here! I can't even...]] [size13 Now the shock had finally set in, she felt her chest become tight, she shook her head gathering herself together, if she was going to be working for a powerful company she had to keep her emotions under wraps, but somehow she thought she could let her hair down a little with Sam, somehow when they were alone he spoke to her as a person and not a number in his company. Emica placed her glass down gently on the table and took Sam's hand in both of hers and squeezed ever so gently.]

[size13[b "Mr. Natas I can't even begin to express my gratitude for what you have done for me, I don't know how I could even begin to repay you, you have literally changed my life overnight and I would love to move here with you, I must tell you though it has come across as a bit of a shock as so much has happened today, but I believe that this will be the start to an amazing friendship I hope"]] [size13 Emica flashed Sam another beautiful smile, she eventually let go of his hand and took another sip of the grape juice once more.]

[size13 Emica looked around taking in the space of the penthouse once more and looked at the winding staircase, it was beautifully crafted and placed perfectly, looking at all of the furniture, it looked very expensive it would take a lifetime of hard work for Emica to be able to afford something like this. She tucked her hair behind her ear and looked up at Sam twisting her fingers a little] [size13[b "Mr. Natas do you mind if I take a look around? I would love to see upstairs if you don't mind that is of course",]] [size13 Emica bit her lip a little nervous hoping it wasn't some kind of joke and she'd made a fool of herself.]
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Sam watched with interest as Emica dealt with the press. Normally he wouldn't do something like this, but certain things needed to happen and keep happening. But for now, the publicity of this event would garner the attention he wanted and the increase in stocks and sales. Plus it would piss off the certain people he wanted to piss off as well; Emica Kioko coming straight out of school to become the world's youngest female CFO in history was no mistake. Nor was selecting her. Her marks were a bonus, but it was really [i who] she want to school with that was the important part to him and his plan.

Soon enough the press conference was over, security escorting the reporters and others out of the building, leaving Emica and Sam alone again. When she thanks him and tells him she won't betray his trust, one side of his mouth turns upward in to a small smile. [b “I would reason that you will not betray my trust, Ms. Kioko and I foresee a very successful career ahead of you.”] He clearly wasn't worried about his quick and radical decision to make her his new CFO.

He beckons her to follow him again, and turns on his heel to begin walking through the hallways again. They get in to an elevator and they take it to the top floor. It requires an access key and Sam touches a keycard to it. [b “You will be issued a company ID later today, but unlike all of my other employees you will have access to this floor.”] And as he says that, the elevator doors open up. Now in front of them is what appeared to be a penthouse apartment. The farthest wall was all windows giving them the view of the city, and the apartment itself was decorated in a very minimalist type of fashion, mostly with white furniture and polished hardwood. There was a living room, a kitchen, a few other rooms around the area with closed doors, and an entrance to a balcony outside.. Off to the side there was a staircase that led to an upper level that dominated part of the ceiling but viewed the lower level.

[b “What do you think?”] He asks as he walks her in to the penthouse. He continues to the kitchen and in the centre is an island bar, and on it rests a fruit bowl and two tall thin glasses with a bottle. He pours the bubbling liquid from the bottle in to both glasses and then approaches Emica again, handing her a glass. [b “It's sparkling grape juice.”] He tells her in case she was worried about drinking on the job. He then touches her glass with his own and leans against a piece of furniture. Sam looks at her intently for a moment before taking a sip from the glass and then looking out the large windows to the city.

[b “Emica, I must warn you I am a man full of surprises, and the surprises aren't going to end now, nor will they at the end of the day.”] He takes another sip from his glass and then turns his attention back to Emica, standing up straight again. [b “I have a proposition for you that might seem radical, but it is mostly to serve as a benefit to both of us. This place,”] He gestures to it in a grandiose sort of fashion. [b “I want you to live here. Close to the action. With me.”] He let that settle for a second, she had a lot coming at her at once today. Human's often needed time to process things, especially if it came to their emotions. [b “You would of course have the upstairs area as your own, so privacy isn't an issue, and we will share down here as a common area together. As you can imagine I would like to get to know you more personally and you would be closer to work this way as well. It will also serve to protect you now that you work for me.”]

To Emica, the bit about 'protection' probably meant against the media or paparazzi, but to the demon in front of her it meant something completely different. He just rattled a cage that no uninvolved mortal could ever possibly think existed. Emica was now a target for those who wanted Sam's company, but in more ways than one... Not to mention he hand picked her for that exact reason, and to rattle a very particular cage. Demon's would be angry and no doubt come for him, but there was an enemy far more formidable to him than an angry beast. Someone as old as him, steeped in the mystical arts, and weaving their way in to history as one of the most powerful people on the planet, rivalling even the likes of Sam with her own company to boot. And her name was,

[pic https://i.imgur.com/UtCMH1B.jpg]

“Ms. Morganna,” There was barely a knock at the door before it opened. “have you seen the news?” One of her attendants asked. Morganna or 'Morgan' as she went by in the public eye was sitting in her office, sipping on a cup of tea when her attendant intruded. She looks up at the woman with a sharp eye, stopping the attendant dead in her tracks. She gulps before she continues speaking. It must be really important if she was going to keep dispensing with this kind of insolence. “Mr. Natas has just hired a new CFO.”

[+red “Didn't the former CFO retire earlier this year? It was bound to happen, why bother me with this?”]

The woman gulps again. “In his place he hired someone named 'Emica Kioko'.” And Morgan turns her to look more fully at her attendant. Her eyes narrowed and her brows furrowed for a second as she thought about this.

[+red “How do I know that name?”] She mostly asked herself, thinking some more.

“She's, uhhh...” Morgan looks up at her a little irritated, having interrupted her thoughts. “She's a former classmate of Lucille.” And at the revelation, the cup of tea on Morgan's desk exploded despite her not touching it. The woman yelped and jumped back, but didn't dare leave the room just yet.

Morgan's hand then formed in to a steeple on to her desk, consciously ignoring the the shards of glass and tea stain on the surface. [+red “So that would make her the youngest female CFO in history.”] It appeared that somehow Sam had discovered her intentions for her own daughter, Lucille, and then took advantage of the time and planning she had been doing for the announcement. Now when Lucille became her new CFO, it would make the news but it wouldn't make the same impact that Sam had just made with Emica. It would look like pure coincidence to the public, but Morgan knew it was a calculated strike by Sam Natas. He was goading her, trying to make her slip up and rattle her cage, but she wouldn't let him. Morgan played the long game and was well aware that revenge was a dish best served cold. Sam on the other hand had the subtlety of a hand grenade.

When she was finally done thinking, her irises had tinged red a little bit and she looks up at the attendant. [+red “Would you please contact Damon for me?”] And the woman turned to leave the room as fast as she could. She stopped when Morgan cleared her throat, slowly turning back to look at her boss. [+red “And would you please fetch me another cup of tea? Much appreciated, dear.”]
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[size13 Emica sighed a bored sigh as she looked at the time on her phone, she was still early and she regretted setting out the house as early as she did now. Quickly though her thoughts were interrupted as she heard a male voice call out her name. After almost dropping her phone she blushed from embarrassment as a tall handsome looking gentleman began making his way towards her.]

[size13 A sense of shock ran through her body] [size13[i no way! THE Sam is actually here...right now!]] [size13 Emica felt her stomach turn as the nerves began to get worse.] [size13[i It's okay...keep calm...breathe he's only human after all.]] [size13 Just as she was about to raise her hand to shake his, she quickly stopped herself as he walked past her giving her the instructions to follow him. Quietly walking behind she admired his figure, he was a lot taller than she expected him to be and a lot more handsome, to be honest though she didn't know much about him, no one really did, there was never news articles saying he had done anything bad or embarrassing which was unusual for someone as famous as he was and his family.]

[size13 Emica's train of thought soon came to a halt as Sam began to speak mentioning about her graduating from college and questioning why she didn't want to stay on at her parents business, she frowned a little bringing up the memories of the argument with her parents when she decided not to carry on the family business. She wasn't the least bit surprised how he knew this as most big companies do a check on their employees or soon to be ones.] [size13[b "I decided not to take on my parents business as there was nothing more to it, I graduated college with top marks and I know for a fact my skills wouldn't be put to their limits at home, so I wanted something bigger with more of a challenge".]] [size13 Emica felt as though she was rambling about herself and looked down at her resume feeling rather silly for bringing it along as there was no need for it.]

[size13 Suddenly she could feel him getting closer, his breath on her cheek causing her to blush,] [size13[b "wh--what do you mean?"]] [size13 She felt a slight sense of panic run through her, they were all alone and there was no one else on this floor to her knowledge but what he said next shocked her even more, she didn't even need an interview?! Then what was the point in the interview?]

[size13 Suddenly she felt something open behind her, nearly losing her balance Emiko stepped back to be greeted with many lights flashing, she put her hand in front of her eyes to make out what they were.] [size13[i C...camera's?!]] [size13 Then Sam began to speak once more, Chief Financial Officer?!] [size13[i He can't possibly be speaking about me?!]]

[size13 But reality soon hit her as Sam began to explain to the press that she was going to working along side, she was the perfect fit for the role. Emica felt as though she was going to cry... with happiness she couldn't believe a company as prestigious as this one accepted her! Some girl from the country, it was like a dream!]

[size13 Taking a deep breath Emica gathered herself together and flashed a brilliant smile towards the press as she began to speak.] [size13[b "I can't even begin to explain how I feel right now but I am absolutely thrilled to be working alongside someone as great as Mr. Natas over here, it's a complete dream come true and I will use my skills to give this company whatever it needs. Angel Wings is my future! As for knowing Mr. Natas we haven't known each other long but I owe him a great deal for putting his trust into me and my skills. As for what I plan that will be answered for another time."]]

[size13 The press shouted for more answers, but Emica just bowed and thanked them.]

[size13 After a little while after everything had cooled down and everyone had left Emica turned around to Sam smiling, they were alone.] [size13[b "Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity, I am truly grateful and will not betray your trust!"]]

[size13 Emica bowed in front of him and stood up with a huge beautiful smile spread across her face, her heart pounding from excitement and a twinkle in her eye as she awaited his critique to her very first interview.]
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It was never an early start when you literally didn't have to sleep. It felt like one long day, which might be boring to some, but it came as an advantage to [ i him]. With the need for sleep it meant the mortal's inevitably would have to let their guard down. What a cruel misfortune it was to be human. How many companies have fallen to the empire he's built because of the cruel physiological boundaries the human body has. It was truly a wonder the world went around the way it did with how many barrier mortals had and created for themselves... But that might be why [i he] was at the top of the proverbial food chain. A demon among human subjects.

Sam was the heir to Angel Wings Manufacturing. Or at least hat's hat it appeared to be. His father, Leam, had constructed this company seemingly out of thin air in the last several decades. And for the last few years, in his old age and sickness had been paving the way for his mysterious son. Little did they know that Sam was in fact Leam, and his little masquerade was for when he needed to make a stark change in the company. A young handsome boy taking over his father's legacy after he tragically died of an illness he had been fighting for years. People couldn't get enough of it, and that's probably why he won “Man of the Year” in Time magazine last year. And his ratings and stock prices shot up exponentially. But that was only part of his masterfully crafted plan; the surface thoughts. What he [i wanted] people to see. This was really about something much deeper than his winning smile and how many zeroes were in his bank account. It was about control.

What Sam really wanted was control. And he had it now. He had much of the government in his pocket and he could move freely because of it. It made his 'side investments' much easier to manoeuvre without having to answer to a formidable power. Without this level of control, the purchase of that large land mass and turning it in to a “wild life preserve” would've been incredibly difficult... And then turning it in to a preserve for werewolves and keeping people and the authorities out of it would be nearly impossible. But of course Sam wasn't the only one vying for control, nor was Sam the only demon with an agenda. He was fighting on a constant basis with other powers around the world in aa would-be chess match that constantly stalemated.

Of course until now.

[b “Emica Kioko?”] He was suddenly just out of her vision, and seemed to have appeared from around the corner. Sam was a man who appeared to be in his mid-twenties, with a strong jaw, high cheek bones, grey eyes, and medium length ash-brown hair that seemed to be somehow messy and groomed at the same time. At the moment he was wearing a prim and tailor black suit with a red dress shirt underneath. [b “I'm Sam Natas. Pleasure to make your acquaintance, please follow me.”] And he doesn't really give her much of a choice as he begins walking.

It was quiet for a moment as Sam lead Emica through one of the hallways, but soon enough he starts speaking. [b “So, you graduated from college not too long ago and you're already on the market? How fortuitous for me. I definitely would've thought with your education you would be working for your parents business rather than dealing with the likes of me.”] How did he know that? Short answer; he could read surface thoughts among many other things. But it could easily be chocked up to good researching on his company's part. [b “But that is no matter. What you learned in college and those you attended it with are important.”] He stops abruptly and turns on her, now very close to each other, he takes a few steps, backing her in to a closed to and leans down.

[b “I haven't been completely forthright with you, Ms. Kioko.”] His voice was suddenly quiet and gentle as he leaned in closer, the space between them becoming very personal and intimate. [b “You're not here for an interview. I looked at your marks, your attendance, and interview some of your teachers. You're the woman I want...”] He opens the door behind her to reveal a board room. There were many people in it, most of them wearing suits, but some of them in slightly more casual clothes. And there was cameras. Lots and lots of cameras. [b “To be my new Chief Financial Officer. Please beg my pardon for the deception, but I had to make sure you were the correct fit for this company; after all, we only hire the best.”] He places a hand on her shoulder and guides her in to the room, many people standing up and starting to take pictures of the two. He gives them his winning smile and nudges Emica so she will do the same. This wasn't an interview, it was a press conference.

[b “As I had mentioned before,”] Sam pats Emica on the shoulder, addressing the press in front of them. [b “this is my new Chief Financial Officer, Emica Kioko. She's hard working and a perfect candidate for this company. I'm sure my father would be proud of this decision and I know I am more than excited to see how much this company grows with Ms. Kioko.”] With another pat on the shoulder, the press begins bombarding her questions. Like, did she know she was now the youngest female CFO in the world? How did it feel? Was this everything she wanted? What were some of the changes or policies she wanted to implement within the company? How long had she known Sam for?

Sam himself sat back and watched, grinning slightly under a hand scratching at his lip. There was more to this than what meets the eye. There was [i always] more to it with Sam.
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[size13 Rolling over to the left side of her bed she grabs her phone switching the alarm off, yawning she looks at the time 6:30am, with a loud sigh Emica rolls onto her back.] [size13[b "Why on earth did they insist on the interview at 8, it's so early".]] [size13 Yawning Emica stretches out one last time before pulling the bed sheets of herself and jumping out of bed.]

[size13 Emica walks over to the wardrobe and pulls out a white shirt, black blazer and skirt laying them out of the bed and bending down to pull out a pair of black high heeled shoes. She wasn't much for heels but having and interview at the most well known company in the world she needed to look the part if she was going to be working near the owner of the company.]

[size13 The time now 7.00am she quickly made her way over to the bathroom removing her clothes along the way and stepping into the shower waiting for the warm water to hit her body and wake her up ready for the interview. Once she is done she reaches for the towel wrapping it around her reciting facts about the company in case she is asked.]

[size13 Emica walks over to the breakfast table in her apartment and quickly looks through her resume folder she had gotten ready the night before.] [size13[b "Ah good it looks like everything is here that is needed for the interview."]] [size13 Deciding to leave her hair down Emica reaches for the hairdryer giving her hair a quick blast to help it dry that much quicker. [size13 Once her hair has dried she quickly slips on her suit and shoes grabs her resume stuffing it into her bag, she decides to grab food later picking up her keys and rushing out the door, she wanted to arrive slightly earlier so she appeared eager.]

[size13 Running down the stairs nearly falling and breaking her neck in the process Emica hurries down the street. Luckily the building is a short walk from her apartment, which would save on gas and the hassle of getting on trains. A few moments later she walks through the sliding doors to a beautiful woman with long wavy blonde hair and bright green eyes sitting at the receptions desk. Emica smiles tucking her hair behind her ear.]

[size13[b "Hello, my name is Emica, Emica Kioko I have an interview here at 8 o'clock"]] [size13 she watches the woman tap away at her computer before giving her directions to the 3rd floor and the 2nd door on the right. Thanking the woman Emica walks towards the lift and presses the button on her right to the 3rd floor, luckily no one else go in the lift with her so she could go straight to the room.]

[size13 Once the doors opened, Emica gently placing her black heel onto the hard floor she began making her way to the second door on the right, she gently knocked on the door but heard no answer, she looked at her phone once more the time read 7:50, she was a little earlier than expected. Emica leaned up against the wall and waited patiently to be greeted from a member of the company who would begin the interview process.]

[size13 She looked down biting her lip nervously,] [size13[b "great what a time to get nervous someone will be here any moment."]] [size13 she whispered to herself hoping that no one heard her.]
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