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It wasn’t more than a few minutes before Mrs. Clay gave her farewells to the fawn and turned her attention back to the class. [+violet “Alright, jumping right back in where we left off!”] The woman didn’t waste any time at all. With much the same verve she had in greeting Stella the woman continued her lesson. She spoke emphatically about the history of something or other. Honestly, Stella wasn’t paying much attention to it. She listened to the very first bit, but it seemed to be stuff she already knew. So instead the teen took the time to check out, letting her mind wander wherever it would. That lasted just as long as the ebony skinned woman droned on, maybe a little longer, as it was not until everyone started to move around her that she snapped back to reality.

Following what amounted to little more than a small herd, the tall woman out front continued to jabber away happily to the nearest student. Stella was kind of glad she couldn’t hear the conversation from where she was at, thought that wasn’t liable to last. They were coming fast on their destination, which turned out to be a pavilion sort of area. Built of a handsome hardwood, like everything else, it fit the aesthetic. Beneath its shade there were sturdy tables with long benches. It was a lot more room than a class of this size needed, but that only meant they could spread out and have their own space. Which was optimum as it seemed Mrs. Clay was in line to start them up with a project. Well, less project and more arts and craft activity. Stella was not sure how making braided bracelets pertained to history. It was more likely this was an attempt to keep in line with the camp aspect of this place. But either way that was what they were doing.

The class broke off into groups, seeing as this practically boiled down to free time they likely saw it more as a time to chat than be any semblance of productive. And so, not knowing anyone here, Stella went ahead and sat at a random table. She made sure to steer clear of any occupied by those who made it obvious they wanted to be left alone but didn’t put any thought into it passed that. Once sat down she began digging through the bin of string, picking out a collection of blues and silvers to use. It wasn’t like she had anything better to do.
  Stella Sellwood / Loxi / 1y 213d 16h 2m 23s
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[Kodchasan [Center Ela wasn't always a good girl and she was known around school a lot as the demon. She didn't know what to think of the name but she was starting to like it. She was a very... interesting but hostile character, her attitude towards others being holier-than-thou. She thought she was better than everybody just because she had amazing abilities in dealing with fire. Sometimes, they had battle training here where they'd go against other kids and she usually won those.

She was a very curvy figure, her body being both built but soft at the same time to where she would gain other boy's attention. However, despite getting all of the boys, she really wanted the girls because that's just how she rolled. She had pale skin, her skin somewhat clear and clean. She also had bright red eyes that seemed to glow sometimes along with green hair that made her look like she was in a Christmas mood.

Ela wore black tights and a long red sweater, most of her body covered up by her clothes as she was sitting on a rock. She turned her head towards Stella, gently waving before actually getting a look at the girl. She felt attracted to her but she brushed it off, not even sure if their attitudes matched or anything. She didn't bother to get her hopes up about the girl as she stared from the teacher to the student to the superintendent. She tapped her fingers together, awaiting what would happen next.

She was curious about this girl and if she had already heard about her before, if not then Ela would have to show some dominance against Stella. That's how she worked, if she pushed around people, usually they never push back.
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Sitting in the superintendent’s office was not exactly Stella’s idea of a good time, but there she was. Bored eyes staring blankly at the wall as the matching pair of secretaries out front typed away on their keyboards. The seventeen-year-old was not in trouble; she was just transferring in. Previously she had been home schooled, but after she went to live with her dad that was out the window. They tried a public school, but those were really more for kids who didn’t have supernatural abilities, so even though she could keep it perfectly under wraps, here she was.

After what felt like an eternity, the typing twins looked up and called her in unison. Standing, Stella practically dragged her feet across the perfectly polished wood floors. The door opened and closed for her automatically and inside there was a petite man. His stubby horns and floppy ears betrayed him as a fawn even while he sat behind his foreboding oak desk. The furniture and nature centered décor seemed to swallow him up, but still he sat smiling at the girl as she came in.

Their interaction went just about how the cotton candy haired teen expected it to. He welcomed her and asked a few generic questions as if he was trying to get to know her. The interest did not last long before he hopped up and they were both out the door. It looked as though he was going to give her the tour himself. Stella wondered if he was exceptionally bored or just did not have another student to pawn the job off onto.

Outside the administration building, they were surrounded by trees. Quite frankly they were in the middle of the forest. It was an obvious attempt to keep damage done by students to a minimum, but they masked that fact by calling it a camp. Though to be fair, it [i was] a pretty sort of place. There was a nice river and a couple of lakes, so Stella was excited about that. Plus all the buildings were well kept. They also had all the amenities of a place in the city, so it wasn't like they were all being stuck in tents and told to tough it out.

The tour dragged on for what seemed like an eternity, but eventually Stella was taken to a clearing out in the woods. There was a small group of students standing around listening to a large woman, who was presumably the teacher, speak. When she caught sight of the fawn she quickly switch subjects. [+violet "Oh, Mr. Cecil, this must be our new student."] The woman's hands moved about in an excitable manner. [+violet "I am Mrs. Clay, it is wonderful to have you dear. Why don't you introduce yourself to the class!"] In contrast to the superintendent, she spoke at the speed of sound.

The bright haired girl nodded unenthusiastically and turned to the others. [+darkturquoise "I am Stella."] She did the bare minimum.

Clearly it wasn't exactly what Mrs. Clay was thinking, but not wanting to make a new student uneasy she let it slide. [+Violet "Very good, Stella. We are all very excited to have you."]

Looking out on the small class, most of them looked about as bored as she did, so Stella very much doubted they were all that excited. But that didn't stop her from meandering over to the others and taking a place amongst them while the adults chatted on about something or other. The girl used this time to have a look at those around her. Based off appearances alone she could tell what a few of her classmates were, but there were those who were not so obvious. Given time, she was sure that information would unveil itself.
  Stella Sellwood / Loxi / 1y 217d 19h 10m 47s

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