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Kane smiled taking Bristol and kissing the little girl's cheek, "Hey princess." She hugged into him and Kane looked to Lindsey, "Lets go eat, get some food to go and say bye to the guys. I have tomorrow off, no classes, no practice since we won... its our reward... we lose we run laps on Saturdays." He said sighing. Walking up the stairs, Bristol was nearly asleep clutching his hoodie. "Shes perfect." He muttered looking to Lindsey before they went into the suite with the food and the rest of the team and their wives and girlfriends. There were a few kids but not many.

"This your girl Brown?" A team member asked and Kane nodded, "Both my girls, Lindsey my fiance, and Bristol, our daughter." He said showing off Bristol, "She looks like you." The man said with a smile, "My wife and daughter are over there." The man was a few years older than Kane and his wife was as well but they had a 6 month old. "Linds, lets go introduce ourselves so we at least know another parent that will be at team events."
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Lindsey grinned as she watched Kane walk toward the bleachers and stands. She headed down to the gate. [b "Hi."] she said softy. [b "I love you so much. I'm so proud of you baby, I knew you could do it!"]

She just nodded when Kane said he knew she was sceaming. [b "I was screaming my head off for you honey."] she said. She nodded when he said food and then home. [b "Bristol will need to eat soon and then it'll be time for her nap."] she said softly. She grinned as she watched Bristol reach for her daddy.

After Kane walked out after he had showered, she passed the baby to him. [b "You hold on to her when we walk up the stairs... Do you just want me to put her back in the sling?"] she asked, before she stuffed the sling into the diaper bag. [b "I forgot to wear my watch today... All those steps count for nothing!"] she said.

She held Kane's hand as they walked into the lounge. She only knew a few of the guys, so she was a little nervous. Kane had Bristol in his arms, and he seemed to be in his element. He was made for this.
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Kane walked off the field taking off his helmet and searched the crowd for her and Bristol. When he saw them he grabbed her around the waist and kissed her, "I love you, and baby... we won." The team were all smiling and happy and Kane couldn't understand how he had gotten so lucky, "In my head I could hear you screaming to run the ball but I couldn't... I got hit pretty hard the second to last play and my ribs are aching." He muttered only to her. "Lets get some food to go from the player's lounge and head home." he suggested, knowing his apartment would be their apartment in a couple of months. Bristol wanted her daddy and kept reaching for him and Kane smiled, "Quick shower and I'll change and be back."

Ten minutes later Kane came out wearing jeans and a Alabama hoodie with his white hat that he liked to wear. Other team members were congradulating him and telling him how awesome that pass was at the end. Even the coach was shocked he had threw the game winning pass. "Ready?" He asked hugging her tight. He had his ALABAMA FOOTBALL dufflebag slung over his shoulder.
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Lindsey just grinned and shook her head. [b "It don't matter. She's still one nosey baby."] she said. She watched as Kane bounced the little girl in his arms as the college photographer took their picture. She assumed that he had asked Kane's permission before hand. She didn't know. She nodded when he mentioned the buffet after. [b "We can go if you want to baby."] she said. [b "But won't you be tired after? Are all the players going?"]

She took the baby and slipped her back into the sling and sat down on the bench seat. She was glad that the sun was open on the other side, they were semi in the shade. [b "There's daddy!"] she said. [b "You see daddy out there?"]

[b "Run the damn ball, Kane! Run it!"] she screamed. She stood up when Kane threw the ball, she couldn't breathe. She squaled when the player caught it. Alabama had one! [b "That's my man!!"] she screamed [b "That's my baby daddy!!"]

Her fiancé was the first Freshman to start for Alabama, and he had won the first game! He was going big.
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Kane chuckled, "Shes never been to a football game before." He muttered bouncing the baby girl in his arms. The college photographer snapped a picture of him and Bristol... he had no idea either. The coach called out to huddle in the locker room as the game was about to start and Kane nodded. "Baby heres Bristol. I love you both and after the game we can eat, theres food for the team and their families set up in a suite up top, I'll take you there when its all over. I love you so much." He kissed her lips gently and then grabbed his new Alabama helmet and ran towards the locker room.

Once the game started, Kane was in football mode. He knew Lindsey and Bristol were watching and he didn't want to let them down. The announcer spoke, "The game comes down to if freshman, Kane Brown, playing his first college game, can make this toss... they make this touchdown and Alabama wins the game." It was the longest 3 seconds of his life. The whole stadium was silent, holding their breaths and the buzzer went off with the ball in the air and in an instant, they caught it, Alabama scored and won the game.
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It took awhile to get into the stadium, which annoyed Lindsey. Even though she had her pass. She rolled her eyes when they finally let her in. [b "Lets go find dad."] she said as she rubbed Bristol's back through the sling.

She grinned when they finally made it to the bottom of the stadium. [b "Need a damn elevator up in this place."] she said. [b "Hi baby."] She looked over and hed her hand out when she realized that the man talking to Kane was his coach. [b "Lindsey Paige, and this is Bristol."] she said. She unhooked the sling when Kane took Bristol. [b "I love football, and I love that your playing for Alabama. But I miss how easy it was to get into a highschool game."] she muttered.

Somehow, they had worked it out that Lindsey had front row seats. They had reserved her two, since she had all of Bristols things. She had made her mind up, they weren't moving until after the game. She had waters in her diaper bag, it was going to get crowded fast.

Bristol was looking around at everyone in Kane's arms. [b "She's the nosiest baby I've ever seen."]
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Kane had to be at the field at noon and suited up for the game, he smiled seeing Lindsey and Bristol before game time. This was his first college game and he was the starting quarterback, this was a big deal, these games were on ESPN... he had watched them every week and now he was in one. He kissed Lindsey gently and the top of Bristol's head, "Got my lucky charms with me today." he said smiling at his girls. His coach smiled, "Brown, are these your girls?" Kane nodded, "This is my fiance' Lindsey and our daughter, Bristol." The coach nodded, "Its good to finally meet ya'll, I hope you like Alabama and if theres anything I can do, just let me know."

Bristol reached for Kane and he took her out of the sling and kissed her forehead, "Hey princess, daddys right here, I'm going to go out there and win for you." The coach watched him, "Kane if we win this game, your the freshman starting today, no one is expecting you to do well but me, I know what your capable of." He said nodding to him.
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Lindsey grinned and looked over at Kane. [b "I know. I have a hard time thinking about leaving too... But when you go pro.. Chances are we will have to move, at least during their season?"] she asked softly. [b "We can always come back here... Georiga and Alabama will be Bristols home."] she said softly. [b "I've aleady got that covered. I ordered a pair and had them shipped. Their in my bag... red ones!"]

She checked on Bristol one last time before she snuggled into Kane and drifted off the sleep.

The next day, things were crazy. Kane had to be at the Field at noon, so Lindsey and Bristol were just going to walk across campus around one, before it started at two. She didn't want Bristol to be outside anymore than she had too. She was so excited to go watch Kane play.

She was dressed in a pair of white shorts, her red converse and her red jersey. While Bristol was dressed in a pair of white diaper short things and her jersey! She had situated Bristol in her sling, Bristol loved people watching already. [b "You ready to go see Daddy play?"] she asked as she grabbed the backpack and pulled it on.

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[ sling]
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Kane smiled, "Its beautiful babe, just like you.... no I know UNLV was my first offer and it was a generous offer but I don't think I could leave the south, its my home. Even though I'm a Georgia boy through and through... Alabama is where I play and where I'm getting my degree... and where you will get your degree and since I'm an Alabama football player, Bristol will be a legacy when she comes to college and she will get her degree here too." He said kissing Lindsey. "She will need some headphones for the game, its loud and I don't want it to hurt her little ears, I can ask around for some if we don't have any."

Bristol slept in her small portable crib and held her stuffed Finding Nemo, Neo plushie. She slept with it every night and wouldn't sleep without it, it was her favorite thing in the world. Kane held Lindsey, "Did you look in the gift basket that coach left? There are some shirts and leggings I think he put things in there for you and Bristol too, he knows I have a fiance and a daughter."
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Lindsey smiled softly and nodded. [b "I know. I'm very thankful that Coach helped us."] she said. [b "Bristol and I will be up here living before you even know it."]

She walked inside the apartment and just grinned. [b "You can definitly tell that a guy decorated this... But I love it."] she said [b "I'll decorate once I get up here."] she said. She looked at Kane, confused when he told her to check the school website, but she did it anyway. SHe grinned when she seen Kane in his Alabama uniform. [b "Babe!"] she said [b "You're freaking starting!!!"]

She and Bristol were staying the next two nights, as Kane's first scrimmage was tomorrow, so at least they would get to see him play! Bristol was going to wear her mini jersey that said BROWN on the back, just as Lindsey was. She had searched and searched until she found the shirt that matched Bristol's, that the guys from Georgia had gotten him. [b "Do you wish that you had been able to accept UNLV?"]

Later that night, after Bristol had went to bed and everyone had ate, she and Kane were laying in the bed, watching TV. [b "I swear we're like an old married couple now."] she mumbled. [b "And... I might be going crazy ordering stuff from the school store... But look at this pullover! I can get one made for Bristol when she gets a little bigger and we can match!"]

[ link]
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Kane nodded, “I know, the family apartment is going to feel so empty without you but coach pulled some strings so I could get in here so we didn’t have to mess with moving during the season.” He kissed her cheek as he opened the door to their first apartment, it had touches of Alabama pride like a doormat and a football team welcome package as well as his first official jerseys sitting on the kitchen table that came with the place. Kane quickly read over the note and said, “Baby, check the school I’m on the starting roster.” He muttered shocked, freshman were never starters.

On the website it had his picture in an Alabama uniform that they had taken at training camp as well as his stats and winning streak, he had only ever lost one game in his high school career and that stood out. Plus he was the only freshman on the starting roster...only one of two on the team for the year. He was almost in tears that he was so happy. He kissed her smiling, “Your going to be here for my first game and I’m starting.”
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Bristol Paige was now four months old. She was learning new things every day, had her Mother's sass, and her Daddy's stubborness. The looks that she would give the two of them were unlike anything she had ever seen. She was her Momma's word, but she had her Daddy wrapped around her tiny pinky finger.

[b "I'm following you down there baby."] she said as she placed Bristol's diaper bag in the backset. Her car was loaded down with some of Kane's things, but mostly their luggage for the four day trip. [b "You're gonna be the best damn quarterback Alabama has ever seen baby."] she said as she kissed his cheek. [b If she throws up, you're cleaning it."]

Soon enough, they were all loaded into the two cars and headed to Alabama. It was only about a three hour drive, so it was nothing. Bristol had gotten better at car rides, she only had to stop twice, once for a feeding and change, and then for a change again.

[b "This Campus is awesome."] she said as she put Bristol in her harness so the girl could hold the baby, but help carry in bags too. [b "I can't wait to move up here."]
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Kane looked worried, “I’m sorry baby, it just scares me that I will be apart from both of you for that long, we haven’t been apart that long in our entire relationship, two days max and that was when I had the stomach flu and didn’t want you to get it and somehow you still got it anyway. I love you and Bristol.”

Four months later Kane loaded his bags into the back of his truck, “Your following me up right?” He asked seeing Bristol making grabby arms for her father. He took her from Lindsey and held her, “Daddy is going to miss you so much.” He had worked his ass off to graduate and make sure that Lindsey didn’t have to work while they were apart, he would be putting his earnings from college football in their account too. “My first game is on a Friday...I don’t know how to feel about that.” He said bouncing their little girl.

It was obvious Kane was nervous to play, he had gotten hurt in training camp but hid it so they didn’t kick him off of the team right then and there. He needed this.
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Lindsey looked at Kane as he took hre from her mothers arms. Soon enough her Mother and Raegan had gone upstairs. [b 'Nothing babe."] she said softly. [b "Just my Mother has no faith in our relationship and it's starting to piss me off."] she mutterd.

She scooted closer to Kane when he sat down on the couch, Bristol was resting on one side, so she curled into his other. [b "I flat out told my Mom the day I turn eighteen, we're moving to Alabama to be with you."] she said softly.

She listened to Kane speak about not wanting to leave his girls and she just shook her head, she wrapped her arms through his and snuggled closer. [b "You're going to Alabama. You're gonna play college football and then you're gonna go pro."] she said softly. [b "You are not going to fail, I know it. When you make it, Bristol and I are gonna be up in the stands cheering you on."]

[b "We're only gonna be apart for like two months. Bristol and I are gonna go with you when you move in, and we will come up and visit on weekends."] she said. [b "Two months will fly by."]
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Kane nodded taking Bristol gently, she had been starting to fuss in her grandmother's arms anyway, "Its okay baby girl, daddy's got you." Immediatley, she curled into his chest and quieted down. She knew who her father was. Kane looked to Lindsey when her mother and sister had went back upstairs. "Baby... whats wrong?" he asked looking to her and patting Bristol's butt as she slept. Kane was a natural with her. He couldn't have been better... but he was also rethinking going to college and leaving her and Bristol in Georgia... even if it was only for a few months... he hated it.

"Honey... what if I give up my spot on the team... stay here with you and Bristol... I... I don't want to leave my girls." He said with tears in his eyes but he refused to cry. "I love you both so much and being that far apart is going to kill me and I know it... training camp is in a week and a half and yeah you and Bristol are going with me but what if I'm not made for this Lindsey? What if I fail? Then I let you and Bristol down."
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