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At the time, the Sheikah girl was still asleep in her bed.
  Aurea Eudoxia / AskTheStaff / 169d 13h 31m 17s
Versai got up, now in much better shape to go up the mountain.
  Versai Acquidia / KommonKaiju / 169d 21h 27m 42s
Aurea was still asleep by that time again, hoping to start to go up the mountain by the morning.
  Aurea Eudoxia / AskTheStaff / 173d 17h 21m 43s
Versai snored softly, waking up at midnight once more as he stared at the ceiling.
  Versai Acquidia / KommonKaiju / 173d 17h 31m 49s
"Ok, I guess..." The Sheikah said gently, shaking her head to herself a bit.
  Aurea Eudoxia / AskTheStaff / 174d 2h 1m 55s
Versai yawned, feeling sleepy again as it was getting late, "G-good night..."
  Versai Acquidia / KommonKaiju / 174d 9h 18m 15s
Aurea simply nodded in understanding, sighing a bit. Too bad they wouldn't let anyone into Gerudo Town without them being female or being...Gorons, apparently.
  Aurea Eudoxia / AskTheStaff / 174d 14h 43m 55s
"I have a contact there, so I should be fine...I think..." He looked worried.
  Versai Acquidia / KommonKaiju / 174d 21h 12m 14s
"Yeah, that's a thing about Gerudos. In their town, well...they only allow females in. Although from being there a couple times myself, they...let Gorons in for some reason. I still don't know why though. Otherwise, no male creatures can enter unless they...well...try to look like a girl, I guess. I've seen one guy do it but never told him for his own sake." She explained.
  Aurea Eudoxia / AskTheStaff / 177d 39m 30s
"Okay, hopefully I can remember it all. I've met some gerudo, they've all been really nice, but they're all female."
  Versai Acquidia / KommonKaiju / 177d 42m 5s
"I already explained my race for the most part. We're known as Sheikah but our true race is called Hylian, which is anyone with a light skin color like me. The darker-toned females either are Gerudo, or have Gerudo descent. The other race is the Rito...it's really cold where they are and the farthest from my village." Aurea said.
  Aurea Eudoxia / AskTheStaff / 177d 1h 15m 29s
"That's...k-kinda cool. What about your race? And the other one...wh-what were they called..."
  Versai Acquidia / KommonKaiju / 177d 1h 25m 37s
"Well..." The girl sighed gently, thinking about Versai's race for a few moments, before finally moving on. "Well, I told you some about the Gorons already, they just call where they live 'Goron City'. Simple but true name. They eat rocks but hate the taste of gems...it's kinda odd but interesting. Their town is next to the mountainous area leading to the top of the volcano." Aurea tried to explain.
  Aurea Eudoxia / AskTheStaff / 177d 1h 47m 22s
"A-anyway, what are the other domains like? I'd like to know..."
  Versai Acquidia / KommonKaiju / 177d 1h 52m 36s
Aurea went silent for a while, unsure of what to say regarding the male's words.
  Aurea Eudoxia / AskTheStaff / 177d 2h 1m 41s

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