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"Its not like I didn't try and you didn't want anything to do with me... I knew the moment I saw you that I wanted to be with you, no needed to be with you but you didn't care... you thought I was trying to use you I guess... but I'm not. I wouldn't dare think of that. I love you already." he said bringing her hand to his lips so he could kiss the back of it. "I love you more than I thought I could love someone."

He walked with her through the aquarium.. "I've never actually been to an aquarium before." he said sighing. "Never been on a memorable first date but luckily this is our second... our first is kind of fuzzy because of all the moonshine but I still remember it sweetheart." he said as they walked, Dolphins near the glass in the front. Kane kissed her cheek and said, "You beautiful... I hope you know that." He didn't know what would happen when her friends got there but he was curious to see their reactions to their new relationship. She was his girlfriend and he was her boyfriend and he never wanted to change that.
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Laci blushed as she listened to Kane. [b "You're acting like that is such a bad thing though?"] she mumbled. She giggled as he realized what he had said and then said they should've stayed there. [b "We still have tonight... Not that I would be objecting if said thing did happen. I think we should shop tomorrow, and get lunch to go, then go back?"] she mentioned with a smirk and a wink.

She grinned when Kane kissed her. [b "Thank you!"] she said to the woman in the booth. She just smiled when Kane snapped a picture and tagged her in it on Instagram. [b "That was cute."] she said as they walked toward the attraction part of the aquarium. [b "Everyone's still staring."]

She took her phone out of her back pocket and pulled up Instagram. [b "best vacay ever <3"] she commented on Kane's post. [b "Thanks for coming with me, baby."] She leaned up and kissed Kane's check. [b "You realize if you hadn't of came with me, we wouldn't be together like this right now.."] she said softly. [b "It's sad actually.."]
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"If we stayed in the suite you know what would have happened today." he said with a smirk, "On second thought, your right, we should have stayed in the suite today." He shook his head when she tried to pay, "No sweetheart, you paid for the hotel, I got this honey, I want this to be something we remember... other than last night this is our first date activity ever... that doesn't involve moonshine or a bed... our relationship has gotten off to some kind of a crazy start baby." He muttered kissing her before the woman in the ticket booth asked for their hands, stamping them with a blue fish stamp.

Kane smiled and took her hand taking a picture of the matching stamps, "Matchy." he said posting it on instagram and tagging her, he would do wonders for her career with just a few instagram posts and being seen together. Kane didn't even have to try, his status now did it for him. He was a celebrity and he was dating an up and coming celebrity... with her songs she wrote, she would have a number one in no time and be giving him a run for his money.
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Laci grinned as she looked at Kane when he said she could wear his hat. [b "I actually think it might look better on me."] she said before she stuck her tounge out at him. [b "We're gonna see the fishies, fishies, fishes!!"] she sang as she slung her backpack purse on.

She held his hand as they walked out to her Jeep. [b "Thank you baby."] she said when he opened the door. She grinned and stood up on her tip toes to reach his kiss. [b "Mhm."] she mumbled.

She watched as Kane got in the driver seat, people were staring at them and taking pictures, which just drove her crazy all in its own way. [b "I wish people would just leave us alone."] she mumbled.

Once the jeep was parked at the aquarium, she noticed even more people staring and taking their pictures. [b "This is ridiculous."] she muttered with an eye roll. [b "Maybe we should have just stayed in the suite today."] she held Kanes hand once more while they walked to the ticket stand. [b "Kane! But I was gonna pay. It was my idea to come here!"] she whined.
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Kane nodded when she held up his hat and asked if she could wear it, "Of course you can." When he kissed her neck he smiled, "I mean we don't have to go out." he knew she wanted to shop and check out the aquarium though. He nodded again, "Yes aquarium first sweetheart." He loved this girl so much already. He would do anything for her and they had been official for a day. Her friends were arriving later and Kane wasn't sure what she would tell them but he was treating them all to dinner and moonshine but they wouldn't know he was paying until afterwards. Kane kissed her, holding open the passenger's side door of her jeep for her. "I can drive there, its not far."

Every time they left the hotel there were people taking pictures and their pictures were all over social media and online. Kane didn't care though, he was in love with her. The drive to the aquarium was short and he parked her jeep in a semi close parking space before locking it when they got out and putting the keys in his pocket. He paid for their tickets quickly.
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Laci smirked and nodded. [b "Yes sir."] she said as she wiggled her butt slightly. [b "I'm pretty sure no one will even glance my way, just because I'll be holding your hand.. Probably scared to death of you, just by your height."] she said. She reached over and took his white KB hat. [b "Can I wear this?"] she asked. [b "It goes with my outfit, right?"]

She grinned when she felt his hands on her waist as he pulled her closer to him. [b "Mhm."] she said softly. She grinned when she felt his lips on her neck, which sent shivers down her body. [b "Not fair, mister. We're about to go out in public. It's not nice to get a girl going and not being able to do anything about it.."]

She had her arms cuffing his as she listened to him tell her that she had saved him. She smiled weakly and shook her head. [b "You wanted to live. You wanted to get better, I just helped quicken the process."] she said softly. [b "I really didn't do anything, except listen baby."] she said. She tossed him her keys and grinned. [b "Can we go to the aquarium?"] she questioned.
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"As long as everyone who sees you knows that the 6 foot 3 inch tall man beside you gets to enjoy what you've got, we won't have any problems." He muttered kissing her gently. He was wearing jeans and a white t shirt with his black KB hat. He had brought both the black and the white one but the black one seemed to fit with his look today. He had never really cared about how he dressed before her and now he was thinking things through, wanting to look good for her.

When he was ready he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck hard, "You can pay for lunch but let me treat you while we shop, I don't know if I'd still be alive if you hadn't came over and asked me to come here with you. You saved me.." He muttered holding her. "When I didn't even know I needed it... and I never want to know another day without you Laci." The dating had started as fake but after last night they both knew that this wasn't a fake relationship, this was love... no matter how new they were to each other.
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Laci smiled softly as she listened to him. [b "Shopping with you sounds fun."] she said. [b "I need to find something for Madison and bring it back for her."] She smirked when she realized that he was pulling her closer. [b "Hi."] she mumbled against his lips. [b 'Breakfast and then shopping. We should go check out some of the gift shops on the main strip in Pigeon Forge too baby."]

She took a bite of her French toast sticks and giggled when he stole a chocolate covered strawberry. [b "HEY!"] she said. [b "I claimed those."] She nodded as he listed their plans for the day. [b "That's fine. But I'm paying for lunch. No arguments."]

After she had finished her breakfast, she claimed the bathroom as hers once more. She was curling her hair into beach waves as she stuck her head out the door. [b "I'm really really glad that you decided that come on vacation with me, Kane."] she said softly. Once she was finished with her hair, she applied a light amount of makeup before she slipped into her outfit. [b "It's so hot."] she muttered. [b "I really don't care that these shorts basically show what I got."]

[ outfit]
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"I was thinking we can hang out and go shopping at those little shops we saw in town and then go out with your friends later, maybe find something different for lunch... but yes you go shopping tomorrow and there will be more of what happened last night." He muttered pulling her close to him and kissing her lips. He had paid for room service, he wasn't about to let her pay for everything when he could easily afford it.

He dug into his breakfast, stealing one of the dozen of chocolate covered strawberries every now and then. "I love you...." He muttered as they ate looking up at her. He hadn't said it for real until now and after last night it was clear that there was no one else for him... he fell hard and fast for Laci but was there any other way to really fall in love?

Kane held her as she ate, "Does shopping and going out for lunch sound like a good plan so far? I know we are doing all the rides and attractions with your friends but I still want to be able to have time just you and me."
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She grinned up at him and simply nodded. [b "The water feels amazing."] she said softly [b "If we didn't have breakfast coming, I would ask you to join me."] she explained. [b "Oh my friends will be asleep for hours.. Maybe later we can go try out that hot tub later?"]

[b "Sounds good baby."] She nodded when he confirmed that he had ordered room service. [b "Alex wants to go shopping tomorrow morning.. I'm thinking about going, if thats okay... Maybe you and all the guys can go out or something?"] she questioned. [b "I might get a few things for you tomorrow... Or me, for you. If you get what I'm saying baby."] she said.

About twenty minutes later, she was out of the tub and in a tee shirt and panties. [b "Oh. That smells amazing."] she said as she sat down on the bed and grabbed a strawberry. [b "Thanks for ordering breakfast."] she said as she leaned back against the bed. [b "So what's the plans for today? Are we going to lay around and then go out for dinner with all my friends tonight."]
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Kane chuckled, "Brushing my teeth honey." he said smiling at her in the bath, "You look comfortable." he muttered to her. That girl would be the death of him and he knew it. He absolutley loved her even after one day officially together, he would do anything for this girl and the way she smiled at him made him melt.

"I ordered breakfast from room service so we don't have to go out quite yet, at least not until your friends get here and want to meet your boyfriend." He said kissing her lips gently as he leaned over the tub. He put his toothpaste on his brush and brushed his teeth watching her, he was just wearing his Gray Nike Sweats and nothing else. "I wonder what your friends are going to say about your new boyfriend." he asked touching his neck. He had some love bites from last night from her but it wasn't anything that he couldn't handle.

It was about 30 minutes later that room service arrived with their breakfast, he had ordered what she wanted and he had also ordered chocolate covered strawberries as well as biscuits and gravy for himself.
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Laci groaned as she rolled over. She had one of the worst headaches in the entire world. She couldn't help but smile weakly when she felt Kane's lips on her skin. [b "Good Morning."] she muttered. [b "Did you sleep well?"] She snuggled closer to him and groaned. [b "I feel like complete shit."] she muttered.

Seconds later, it felt like her stomach was doing summersaults, she jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom, she was only wearing underwear. [b "Fuckkk."] she groaned as she emptied her stomach in the toliet, most was straight alcohol. [b "Will you bring me a tee shirt and panties? Maybe a bath will make me feel better."] she muttered as she leaned back against the cool tile. It felt good against her skin. She was sweating, but cold.

About ten minutes later, she was soaking in a warm bubble bath. [b "Yes to breakfast. I want French toast sticks and apple juice!"] she said. She couldn't help but blush when he walked into the bathroom. [b "Hi."] she said softly. [b "Whatcha doin, babe?"]
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Kane chuckled, "Do you want me or more moonshine?" He asked with a smirk before he held her hand and held the bag of moonshine in the other. He locked the jeep, putting the keys in his pocket until he got to the room. Helping her inside was the easy part, compared to him she was so small that he could just lift her without even trying. Soon they were at their door and he unlocked it. "Go on darlin'." he said shutting the door behind them and sitting the keys and the moonshine on the tv stand. In seconds he had her in his arms kissing her lips.

The next morning Kane woke up tangled in the sheets with Laci sleeping on his chest, "Good morning darlin'." he said kissing her awake. Last night had been one of the best nights of his life... even if it was all over every social media and tabloid that Kane Brown was a taken man now. They looked happy in all of their pictures because they were... it wasn't an act like most celebrity couples. He looked at his phone, it was 7 am. "Honey want some breakfast from room service?"
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Laci was looking at all the different flavors when she felt Kane come up behind her and wrap his arms around her waist. [b “Let’s just play it safe tonight. I agree.”] she said softly. She shivered when she felt his lips on her neck. [b “Kane..”] she mumbled [b “We’re still in public.”] She listened to his question and then simply nodded. She had been on birth control since she was fifteen... which was only like three years ago?

She squealed when Kane picked her up all of sudden. People were staring as he carried her out to her Jeep, but she didn’t say anything. [b “You coulda just held my handddd.”] she said with a grin.

As soon as they got to the hotel, Laci opened her door and stumbled out. [b “Hold my hand.”] she muttered as she walked to the other side of the Jeep, while she was holding onto the frame of the vehicle. [b “Let’s go to the room. Let’s go to the room.”] she sang with a laugh. [b “I’m just playing. I’m not the hat intoxicated.”] she said. [b “But I really do wanna go to the room. Now.”]
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Kane shrugged and pulled her against him as he wrapped his arms around her from behind, "They even have bubble gum flavored darlin' but we know blueberry and pineapple are safe, lets get those for tonight and get different tomorrow." He muttered holding her close to him. He leaned down and kissed her neck. "All this moonshine, I have to ask, are you on birth control?" He asked her, if she wasn't they would have to stop somewhere and get some protection before they went back to the hotel. He knew he was going to be her second and after Taylor he knew she deserved to be shown how a real man was... no offense to Taylor but he didn't know what he should do.

Kane paid for the moonshine and held the bag before picking her up bridal style and carrying her to the jeep, taking the keys from her hand. He was perfectly fine as it took more to get him drunk but she was tipsy. He was glad the hotel was close, he knew he would probably have to carry her to the elevator as she was so tipsy right now.
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