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I will show you I will do all the work I will be gentle I promise.” He spoke kissing him and taking him to the couch laying down. Touching his cheek softly.
  Inus Mathur / KasaiShadowFox / 184d 11h 8m 26s
Antoine let out a small surprised yelp as he was picked up, his face tomato red as he heard Inus speak, "U-ummm, I-I don't have any experience in any of th-this, but i-if you want to then i-it's a yes..."
  Antoine "Leaf" Girard / KommonKaiju / 184d 11h 15m 3s
Inus smiles watching behind him as Antoine followed him he turned the stove off and picked up Antoine. “Mmm I can not hold back any more Antoine. Can I make you mine.”
  Inus Mathur / KasaiShadowFox / 184d 11h 18m 44s
Antoine's tail refluffed as he was kissed again, barely registering what Inus said afterwards, nodding with his head obviously in the clouds. Once he came to, he started following Inus around loyally, purring loudly.
  Antoine "Leaf" Girard / KommonKaiju / 184d 11h 28m 24s
Look how cute you are.” He pulled Antoine to him kissing him softly-those mushrooms look good I’ll sauté them and cook us breakfast
  Inus Mathur / KasaiShadowFox / 184d 11h 33m 37s
Antoine was still blushing, his tail still looking like a huge mound of fluff as he walked back with more than enough mushrooms. He walked over to the counter, putting about half of the mushrooms there and the other half in the fridge. "There, now we have enough food to last us a good while."
  Antoine "Leaf" Girard / KommonKaiju / 184d 11h 44m 44s
Oh my.” He said softly and put his hand against his fur. “Love, i like that. I’ll be back.” He spoke before walking out the door disappearing and reappearing in another territory taking out a couple dear and bringing them back skinning then and put it into parts turning the fridge on putting the meat he wasn’t going to use in there and waited for Antoine
  Inus Mathur / KasaiShadowFox / 184d 11h 48m 3s
Antoine nodded and got up, the kiss taking him by surprise as he was left in shock, his fur standing up from the kiss as his face became bright red. "O-o-okay l-love..."
  Antoine "Leaf" Girard / KommonKaiju / 184d 11h 56m 18s
inus nodded. “You gather some of those mushrooms and I’ll go hunting. I’ll make a quick visit to another forest won’t take long. I’ll keep your creatures safe dear.” He said kissing the boy softly on the lips
  Inus Mathur / KasaiShadowFox / 184d 12h 1m 9s
Antoine sat up, blushing from what the god had said, "Ummm...You could always go hunting...I think there are still cooking supplies from when the man lived here, like pots and pans. There are some mushrooms by the lake that taste really good..."
  Antoine "Leaf" Girard / KommonKaiju / 184d 12h 13m 54s
Inus looked at him and sighed. “Anything about me. Well I’m bored of being a god and so I left they were fawning over me. Your the first being that I have found beautiful and intreaging i don’t want to loose you i just met you but don’t wanna lose you.” He stood up and looked around. “What do you want to eat
  Inus Mathur / KasaiShadowFox / 184d 12h 17m 22s
Antoine seemed a bit worried about the possessiveness, but didn't really care seeing as how Inus was the only other creature he met that wasn't a forest animal. He shook his head, putting his hand over the one on his thigh, "What about you? I don't really know much about you, and I'm not a very interesting runt, so..."
  Antoine "Leaf" Girard / KommonKaiju / 184d 12h 25m 43s
Inus Restes his hand on the wendigos thigh. “Your my treasure you are mine you will be the most beautiful person in my realm. I won’t let them take you from me.” He said possesivly. “ do you want to know anything else about my realm
  Inus Mathur / KasaiShadowFox / 184d 12h 33m 37s
Antoine looked really excited, laying down with his head on Inus' lap. "I can't wait to go there with you~" He purred softly, despite feeling like a runt compared to Inus, well, then again, he was technically a runt so...He shook it off, his purr growing just the slightest bit louder.
  Antoine "Leaf" Girard / KommonKaiju / 184d 12h 44m 24s
Inus looked over at him and chuckled. “My realm I’ll show you it’s beautiful the forests are always green and the animals are everywhere. It’s beautiful. I think you would love it.” He spoke and walked back to Antoine sitting next to him
  Inus Mathur / KasaiShadowFox / 184d 12h 49m 23s

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