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jill is moved to a new town to run a way from her past. She had no money so she has been sleeping on the street. She is also vary weak cause she has not fed since she got to the new town....

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suer ill make a new rp and me and you can rp on it will be just like this
  jill / stremdog / 10y 46d 2h 47m 11s
Can I join as Sam?
  Sam / Valkyira / 10y 51d 17h 54m 55s
"ok"she said looking at him she was falling asleep agin and she did and fell on him and she was sleeping and she put her arms aruond the man that was with her and she put her head on his chest
  jill / stremdog / 10y 57d 5h 42m 9s
kira smiled as he nuzzled her neck with his nose "nah... i rather stay with you" kira said half side effect from the bite half meaning .
  kira545 / kira545 / 10y 57d 8h 36m 43s
"you can go im going to stay here i dont like to be in the sun"she said siting in the dark with his head on her shoulder
  jill / stremdog / 10y 57d 12h 28m 21s
kira looked at her as he wrapped his armas around her "so what now?" kira asked as he rested his head lightly on her shoulder.
  kira545 / kira545 / 10y 57d 20h 44m 27s
she said "im like that but i dont got some where to liv for a long time sis that vampire that got me"she said looking up and she was in the sun she ran to where it was dark
  jill / stremdog / 10y 58d 5h 25m 38s
kira sighed as he hugged his knees and looked down at the pavement "i was evicted from my apartment and had no where to go " kira said as a tear fell "why does this always happen" kira said as scars filled his torso.
  kira545 / kira545 / 10y 58d 5h 31m 46s
"its ok"she said smileing at him and said "thanks for your blood and my name is jill and why wer you walking aruond here"she said looking at him
  jill / stremdog / 10y 58d 5h 35m 20s
kira groaned a little as he stretched his body from its ball "wh...what happen ???" kira said as he sat up and yawned as he wrapped his arms around her gently. awaking a bit more and relized what he done he quickly relized what he done and let go of his grasp. "so...sorry"
  kira545 / kira545 / 10y 58d 5h 43m 31s
the sun came up jill woke up and sall him laying next to her and she smileid aand she poket him and said "wake up"
  jill / stremdog / 10y 58d 5h 46m 50s
kira curled up in a ball as he used to when he was a child. trying to cling onto anything that is near to subsitute for a teddy bear. kira always slept like this cause all he had was a teddy bear.
  kira545 / kira545 / 10y 58d 5h 52m 49s
she sat down in the ally and put his head on her lap and she fell asleep and layd him down and she got up and layd next to him
  jill / stremdog / 10y 58d 5h 56m 56s
kira passed out from the sudden rush as a stream of blood slowed down his neck. kiras breathing slowed down to almost nothing as he dreamt of a actual mom who took cared of him.
  kira545 / kira545 / 10y 58d 6h 4m 55s
jill bit him on the neck and was drinking his blood she was geting her strength back she stops and looks at him she was falling asleep she didnit sleep for 6 days
  jill / stremdog / 10y 58d 6h 7m 52s

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