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The main city; Huatli was it? Even to this day, Zosk had trouble recalling its name. However, it never failed to withhold its' title as the capitol city of Sera, not only in size but also in stature. Scholars, diplomats, warriors, adventurers from the land over came to the capitol city for endless needs and ends. The same went for the species, aswell; from Humans to Elves of all kinds to Dwarves, Lizardmen and other species of respective Anthropians and their kin. However, Zosk and his kind never failed to stand out even in Huatli.

Zosk was a Raptorian, a subspecies of Dinosaurians that held close kin ties to the " standard " Lizardmen but being starkly different at the same time. Being 8 feet tall at the standard slouched-esque stand that all Lizardmen and Dinosaurians, Zosk was large even for his kin. The same went for his length, as with his tail included he was approximately 12 feet long, which was a problem in Huatli as his size made traversing most stores and walkways difficult when things got crowded. His bulk was nothing to shy away from either, for Zosk weighed a healthy 800 pounds; easily earning the title of being the largest Raptorian, to date.

There was no blending in, being an 8 feet tall, 800 pound blue-gray lizard; so Zosk never bothered with it. As Zosk made his way to the main hall of the capitol, he took enough care not to bump into anyone or knock anyone over, exerting as much control of his physicality as he could. The voices, of the voices of chuckles and whispers as he passed through the crowd. Even after all this time, they were still the same; Why is he here? Is he lost? Where are the guards? Where is his shirt? Is he an Adventurer?

Oh right, the clothes part. Zosk chuckled outloud at the thought; a low, deep reverberation in the depths of his throat that sounded like a growl that had been cut off a few times. Most Raptorians wore strapped cloth around their lower bits for protection from the elements and combat, but Zosk was different. He wore specially crafted hide shorts with a utility belt included for necessary add-ons, with the needed straps and roping so he could get in and out of it as needed. All in all, he was certainly the strangest sight here in Huatli.

The sudden change in whispers and other nuances returned Zosk to his attention, and he stood up onto his hind legs to get a view over the crowd, going from 4 feet tall to 8 feet tall and causing the citizens to increase their distance from him. From his new height, he could clearly see the main hall entrance; steps, doors, guards and all. So he returned to all fours and adjusted his course accordingly, and of course got stopped at the doors by the guards. Always happened to Zosk, every fucking time. He could've easily swiped all 6 guards to the side and out of his way, but he was not here to fight them or look for trouble. As the Chieftan of his tribe and envoy of the Raptorian peoples, it was his duty to keep in touch with the Capitol regarding everything Adventurer-related and regarding the investigation that even after 300 years, provided no info about the demons and where they came from.

[i " State your business, Lizard "]

[b " I am Zosk. Chieftan of Raptorians. I was summoned. "]

[i " Very well. Proceed. "]

At least they were good listeners, and thus Zosk proceeded through the doors and into the main hall. As he stepped forward he took in the details and nuances. He had forgotten that in the last 10 years the Guild hall relocated into the Capitol's main hall for convenience; they kept the place tidy, and he appreciated that. Zosk stopped short of where countless bodies had gathered, and noticed that roughly 4 feet to his left an unusually short Human stood there, apart from the rest like him. Human, no that was wrong; her ears were too long for a Human. What was the name again for them.. Elf, yes that was it. Zosk observed the Elf woman for only a few moments before closing both his eyes to yawn; such a physical notion putting his mouth full of fangs on full display.
  Zosk / WolfShot / 21d 1h 36s
A black steed stood totally still in the clearing as it’s rider readied herself for the journey. Other elves were gathered in their long cloaks which veiled their faces. They were High Elves, each of them regal in appearance with porcelain skin and long hair. Mirriad stepped forwards from the crowds. Her noble steed was perfectly racked up with everything she would need to make the journey to the city guild. Others would meet her there and she knew to remain wary. There were often disagreements between the different species. Elves disliked dwarves, men were sometimes callous and deceitful, Dark elves tended to be motivated only by themselves and darkness. Mirriad knew it would be a tentative issue. But they all needed to meet.

Her bow was set safely on her back where she could easily reach it should there should anything hinder her journey. The High Elves were a peaceful people, taking into account logic in situations. Some saw them as fairly cold hearted, usually keeping to themselves. Although a few high elves had given their immortality to become mortal to spend their days with men or different races. It was frowned upon but not necessarily a crime. Mirriad nodded to her father who was in a prestigious places amongst the elves there.
[b “Be safe, my daughter. Return to us swiftly and with good news.”] he said to her with a nod. Mirriad bowed her head, her dark hair falling in front of her pale gaze. She spurred her horse into action and sped along the pathways of the forest. Her horse was fit and steady, his hooves drumming against the floor in a steady melody as Mirriad sat perfectly atop him. They were as one being as they rode together.

Mirriad soon slowed the pace as she walked and kept her good up, it would be dangerous for others to know her identity and she saw the spores of the city coming into view and she thought for a while about what she was to expect. She had never interacted with others from different places. She had heard stories of other races and how they had come together in times of hardship and conflict and she almost hoped they could do that again should their findings assure that it was happening again and things were coming to plague them. She rode into the city, a rare place where species could mix but she kept her cloak low, face disguised in shadows as young children gasped and whispered as they watched the stranger enter their midst. She made her way to the guild and dismounted. She was not as tall as other elves. Male elves tended to carry the height, females were shorter, perhaps averaging five foot six to five foot eight. Mirriad was a rather short five foot four. Her mother had been short and it was a strong belief that a human had entered their bloodlines somewhere which would have accounted for her short stature. She swooped into the guild and looked around as she lowered her cloak revealing her features. She was still guarded, naturally of course and awaited the unexpected.
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