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[i " Gather around young ones! I have a story for all whom wish to hear it. Come! Sit sit! You see, this world of ours used to have more beauty, until the Demon War. You see, it was a nasty one, it was. 400 years ago all manners of demons and monsters flooded our lands, slaying and pillaging all they saw. It was a hundred years of fighting before we all but completed wiped those nasty bastards out. We've all but completely recovered since then, but still have to contend with those demons, as in time they've become craftier and deadlier. Gone are the days where nearly every demon and monster was a dumb sack of fangs, teeth and matter. Rather, most of them are smarter than all of you, and some even me! But have no fear, little ones! For we have brave, wonderful adventurers and guilds whom enjoy hunting them down to keep them away from us all. And brave they are, indeed... "]

400 years ago Sera was besieged by the Demon War, where countless hordes of all manners of demons and monsters appeared; pushing Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Lizardmen and countless other species to the brink of extinction. After 100 years of warfare and intense cooperation, the balance of power shifted back in favor of the original inhabitants of Sera, whom succeeded and driving the demons and monsters back to the northern fringes of mountain ranges they seemed to poor out of. 300 years later, practically all aspects of the respective societies have recovered, with scholars still failing to find answers to what caused the Demon War.

These days, demon and monster hunts and investigations are oversaw by adventurers and their respective guilds to ensure the safety of Sera. For as peaceful as it seems, attacks in the southern parts of Sera have begun to arise, forcing the adventurer guilds to split attentions between the two poles of the world.

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18+ Themes, Combat & Language*
*With Due Respect To ES ToS
Emphasis on Literate Competency

[b Additional Outlines added as necessary here]

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Mirriad looked to theodoras as Zosk spoke and she understood his losses, she was sure everyone understood just how much had been lost. She also realised it must have been difficult to ask for help. She looked around the table in silence before speaking,
“The High Dlves will join you under the vanguard.” She said to him with a gracious bow of her head. Raptorians were very powerful allies and everyone had to unite or else they would all lose this war. She hoped Zosk found her an agreeable ally to have. Her army was strong and elves were known for their quick steps and maybe it would be a great balance.

Theodoras looked less than happy but didn’t speak. He glanced to Mirriad when she spoke and sighed. She was trying too hard to get along and she wasn’t thinking. Of course she should have asked his opinion on some matters. They did not know the Raptorians or their ways.

“We would be glad to and honoured.” Mirriad finished before sitting once again. She did not know much about Raptorians but she did know they could be quite volatile and she did not want to disrespect any of them, only to offer a joint alliance for the war. After the war she would not bother them if that’s what they wanted. Zosk was wiser than her and had already offered guidance, and it was something she needed. She needed some help because she felt like she was drowning in this ole right then.
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Zosk was very pleased when meals were presented to all whom had attended the council meeting, for he had not eaten well since arriving in Huatli. He was quick to dig in, using his hands and claws to rip and tear as needed instead of using the utensils provided, which brought attention from the other representatives around him. He didn't care however, and continued to eat as he pleased. By the time the meals were over, he had carefully cleaned his hands and face with the hand towels provided, and gave Fenix his full attention as the man spoke. This time, however, Zosk decided he would not be the first to speak on intentions and decided to watch quietly.

Almost surprisingly, the elf woman from before, Talkien was it? It seemed that she decided that she would be the first to speak today. She expressed a commitment to the fight, and had boldly implored others to commit aswell, just as he had to her. Had she learned from him? It was most unique in the sense, but the Raptorian said nothing. Many others stood and expressed commitment to the fight, with others expressing their desire to support the main army instead. Zosk and his Lizardmen kin were the last to speak this time, and thus they all stood at once. Naturally, Zosk towered above everyone else in the room as he stood, silencing all side murmurs and conversations.

[b " The Raptorians and Lizardmen, will unite once again under Vanguard banner. But, we cannot be all of the Vanguard this time. We will need help this time under Vanguard. "]

With that being said, the Raptorian Chieftain had made known what most people probably already knew; that the remaining Dinosaurians and Lizardmen and not recovered even after all this time, and that they would need assistance in the Vanguard for this war. Was such an admittance shameful? Zosk didn't know shame, or rather he never acknowledged it. Even when he was younger, he had no fear for asking for help when it was needed. Now, one of those times had arrived once again, for asking for help. Whether the request would be answered, would be another matter.
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Mirriad has greeted the army and let them settled outside the walls of the city in great tents. Theodoras has stayed close to her, carefully placed to make sure his presence was known. But now they sat before the other great leaders from all four corners. It was intimidating to say the least, especially for Mirriad seeing as she was just new and didn’t know many of the leaders, if any. She looked to Jarod as he spoke and stayed silent for a few moments, thinking carefully before standing and glancing to Theodoras who was sat beside her.
[b “As many as you have most likely guessed, the High Elves will fight in the upcoming battles and no doubt war. It is imminent these forces will rise against us. I would will anyone at this table thinking of not joining in the fight, to think about what devastation this new enemy will cause.”] She said before sitting down once more.

She had not eaten much at the feast that had been organised, her appetite was fleeting in these stressful times. Her eyes looked around the table, almost warily. If some of the larger armies did not join them, it could have a knock on effect, causing the others to go to a losing fight. She would fight regardless because the light of the Elven folk could not be extinguished. That light she wore close to her heart, dangling from a chain around her neck, hidden behind her dress and cloak.

Theodoras watched quietly. He had become a silent body guard to Mirriad. He was there only to protect her, to make sure no harm came to her. And yes, perhaps to one day marry her as had been instructed and was expected of him. He was still unsure if their standing on such things. He watched her speak and could see her father’s strength within her, mixed with her mother’s grace. Theo knee the likelihood of her needing protection was small, but there may come a day he needed to sacrifice everything for her. And he would, in a heartbeat.

He glanced to her as she sat again and gave her a small nod before looking to the others. Some here would have fought with her father, perhaps even his brother and father in the Great War, depending on the species. He was still apprehensive about the battles and knew that it would not be clean or pretty. The forces of evil did not show mercy. And neither would he. He watched to see if anyone else had anything to say regarding the upcoming war.
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[b The Following Day..]

It was barely even midday and Jarod was already exhausted, but today was yet another necessary day that needed to be tended to. Today was more of a council meeting than anything, where all the major players; Generals, Top scholars, Guild leaders and representatives sat down to to discuss and lay out their given thoughts, plans, otherwise. For this purpose, overnight the Guild dining hall had been renovated to accommodate such a large gathering. At the head of all the tables, Jarod as positioned so that he could be heard and seen by all. His presence held more importance than he liked to admit to; yesterday had proven that. Once everyone had entered and settled, he had allowed everyone some time to enjoy the light feast he had requested be prepared overnight. After sometime and light banter, Jarod stood from his seat.

[b " Now that everyone has arrived, eaten some fill and gotten comfortable. It is time for the council to begin. If anyone has anything they'd like to say right off the cuff, please stand and do so. "]
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The thundering ricochet of sound that resulted from sword hitting metal was loud enough to bring all to attention and to wake one passed out fairy. Shaking her head to try and remove the still pounding headache, her eyes followed the masses to land upon one human man. An announcement was to happen. With a wave of her hand, she opened a rift to the Fae Realm so all her species could witness. Her green eyes saw many other tiny rifts, several other fairies were in attendance. They knew their faults, so they sent multiple emissaries so at least one would remember why they came.

During the whole speech, many emotions consumed her. The orb was scary, wondrous, terrible and a curiosity. His words filled her with dread, sadness, anger, determination and soon she was so overwhelmed, she felt nothing at all. Most of the fairies seemed to dull a little, a sign they were overloaded.

Once the speech was done, all the rifts closed, many of the fairies heading back to hear the courts. Deciding that it would be far too much noise, she remained. Coincidentally, the uproar of emotions and noise was here too and she almost regretted her decision.

Looking around, her eyes fell upon the Raptorian and the elf, but being so overloaded, he was no longer exciting. Blinking rapidly, the fairy decided to help some of those who already started. Flying over to those who started drinking, she began creating her namesake in bottles, allowing those who wanted to, to forget what they just heard, even for a moment.

She then finally sat on the window sill, looking out at the world. Many of the people outside this room have no idea the terrible news that was just given. Many will find out soon as preparations were made, but there will be a few tiny communities that will never know. Maybe someone should tell them.. She opened a rift and summoned a butterfly messenger to relay her idea to have the ones like her, the smaller fairies, to notify all the communities when the time comes. No one should be unprepared.

Opening her own tiny bottle of her namesake, she took a sip. Contrary to others, drinking this brew rejuvenated her and soon her headache disappeared.. for now.
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Mirriad watched Zosk and she was in total agreement with his words. Their trees would fall, their forest would die and so would they. If she was to die anyway, she would sooner die in battle trying to push away dark forces. Their light would burn out, but if there was any chance of survival then she would take it. She watched Zosk leave and sighed. She would have to face Theodoras sooner or later. She got to her feet, striding with as much confidence as she could manage. How does anyone tell their loved one that they have to go against everything? She placed a hand on Theodoras’ shoulder as she approached him from behind, stepping beside him and letting them finish their song before speaking.

[b “I do not ask you to agree with me, but I would ask that you stand at my side this one last time.”] She said softly to him, watching Theodoras turn and face her. There was pain in his blue eyes,
[b “Please. If you do this, for me, I will free you from bondage’s of enagagement to me. I need your support, Theodoras.”] Althoigh the words were painful to spit out, because her heart belonged to him, she knew he did not feel the same. At least not right then. She looked around at the crowds that were dispersing and she knew her people would need to be summoned for battle if this was happening, they would leave their forest and come to the city outskirts to prepare for impending battles.


Theodoras watched Mirriad’s features as he heard her words. He did not wish to break engagement with her, but he did find it difficult to feel anything for her right then. Did she really believe he felt nothing for her? He nodded.
[b “I will stand beside you.”] he said finally, seeing her look relieved.
[b “But I cannot watch you die in battle, Mirriad.”] He spoke quietly and gestures for her to sit at the table nearby.
[b “I would die to make sure you make it home.”] He said to her, eyes level and he glanced over to where Zosk was.
[b “The Raptorians will fight, I would say. They are formidable foes. They have never shied away from any fight.”] He murmured and looked to Mirriad who handed him her bow with a glittering narrow.
[b “Very well.”] He said and stood, letting loose the arrow into skies, which were darkening. A piercing white trail lit the skies and that was the signal for the Elves that they had been summoned and was coming. He sat and watched the bright arrow in the skies fizzle out after some minutes. They had signed the death sentence for so many of their people.
[b “I will meet with you, with the council tomorrow.”] He said to her.

Mirriad nodded to him,
[b “We will meet with all leaders of different kingdoms. There will be no secrets, Theodoras.”] She said to him.

[b “We go to war.”]
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[i " He lost a lot, during the last war. "]

Zosk huffed irritatingly at those words. Lost a lot, did he? What about everyone else? What about the Lizardmen, his kin? What about the Dinosaurians? The Dinosaurians alone were nearly wiped out during the last war. So many tribes wiped out or in tatters, with so many species completely eliminated from the world. What an annoying notion, for wanting to bow out while the rest of the world burned. Zosk growled for just a moment, then seized to answer the Elf woman's question.

[b " We. Will. Fight. Your comrade forgets the losses we endured during the last war. Lizardmen and Dinosaurian alike were first to be hit. So many tribes lost. Many species gone from the world now. We lost so much, rallying to be the vanguard. Even after all this time, many of us still haven't recovered our numbers. We cannot be the whole vanguard once again, but we will fight. Know this, Talkien. Tell your comrade also. Your trees will not save you. Your forest will not last. Your light will be smothered by the dark. If you hide? You will only die last. Those who fight together, survive together. "]

Zosk's tone had strengthened during his speech, his status as a Chieftain becoming ever the more apparent. Whilst he was young for being a Chieftain, he did not acquire his position by accident. When his tribe befell a plague, he sought out Human help to cure it from his tribe, and succeeded. From there, he was first recognized amongst his people as a genius and an innovator, but the first attempt to give him the title was refused. Zosk traveled for years amongst the Humans, learning the language, cultures, politics and other relevant information. After spending years learning as much as he could he returned to his tribe and shared his knowledge with them all, especially in regards to the farming, smithing, crafting and otherwise. The Raptorian tribe not only increased its quality of life, but its strength and numbers aswell. Before long, Zosk accepted the mantle of Chieftain and continued to raise his tribe to greatness.

For now his talk with the Elf woman was finished, thus Zosk raised to his bipedal stance and gently knocked his chest with his left hand enclosed into a fist; a sign of respect amongst Lizardmen. Having done this, he turned away from her and made his way through the crowd. His eyes picked up a few representatives from the larger Lizardmen tribes, and thus it was important that he speak with them to prepare for what was coming. It was his duty after all, as Chieftain of his tribe to protect them at all costs.
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It must have been so obvious there was growing tension between Mirriad and Theodoras. She looked to the being who spoke and she gave a weak flash of a smile,
[b “He lost a lot, during the last war. I can understand his reluctance, but it does not mean I agree with him. And the choice falls to me.”] She murmured and looked to Theodoras who was deliberately ignoring her.
[b “How do you choose between the one you love, despite them never loving you in return, and what’s right for the world you know?”] When she said it out loud, she knew how ridiculous it must have sounded to the other being. She wanted nothing more than for someone else to make the decision so she wouldn’t risk hatred and loathing from Theo, but she had to bear this burden.

She had to lead an army and yet she couldn’t make a simple choice. She She would be a laughing stock among the other armies. Her eyes had lingered on Theodoras and she looked away finally from the blond elf and back to the Raptorian. She didn’t expect anyone to make the decision for her but Raptorians grew older than the likes of men, so perhaps in his years he had learnt something. The atmosphere was so mixed, some sang together over flaggons of drink, others moped and sat in silence, others had gone to inform their loved ones that war was going to come. Mirriad was surprised to see Theodoras amongst the singing men and different species. It seemed song didn’t have barricades. She never wanted to see the vibrancy from him fade, much less see him die. Mirriad sighed softly,
[b “And the Raptorians? They will fight?”] She asked him quietly.
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The Raptorian was probably the first to notice when an individual approached the second floor balcony, having been watching everything quietly and not engaging in further conversation. Zosk was also most likely the first to lend his attention to the individual, whom soon proved to be Jarod Fenix; the Second in command of the guild branch here. The banging on the railing was painful to the Raptorian's ears, but he recognized the necessity and listened in pure silence as Fenix went about the briefing. The orb presented was most curious to Zosk, so much so that it held a strange familiarity to it. Had he seen it before? Was it some melding of older Lizardmen magica? He couldn't say, but he would try his best not to forget that feeling.

By the time the briefing was over, Zosk was lost in thought and concern for his people. The Dinosaurian species as a whole had suffered more than any other species did in the last Demon War; having been among the first to be attacked by the hordes and being the first to form the vanguard in response. Some tribes and species were wiped out completely, whilst others still hadn't fully recovered even after all this time. The Raptorians were in better shape than others, but were still in no position to make up the majority of a vanguard again. Zosk would no doubt have to return home, relay this news and do what he could to rally the Dinosaurian tribes again. This time, if they could at least be prepared, then maybe such losses could be avoided.

The Raptorian was turning to go when his vision passed over the Elf woman from before. Talkien, was it? A male Elf was departing from her side at a pace that suggested tensions, but for what? Were they split on what to do? Did one of them not wish to fight? The thought irritated Zosk, as this was no time to show cowardice or selfishness for one's own survival of their species. Did one of them not realize that everyone was in danger? Zosk wanted answers if possible, so he directly approached the Elf woman, not speaking until he was within 3 feet of her.

[b " Your comrade seems unhappy. Does he not wish to fight? Bad idea not to. Everyone in danger. Must fight to protect tribe. I know I will fight. Will make Dinosaurians fight, too. We lost so many last war. Must be prepared this time. "]
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Mirriad and her companion stayed icily quiet, watching proceedings. Mirriad was concerned for what would happen. And the orb unsettled her, she had guessed the studies would turn up some sort of demonic force in their world but she didn’t expect it to be such a threat so quickly. Her father had been alive during the first and brutal war, he had seen many comrades fall and rarely spoke about how bad it got. Still, she stayed quiet throughout Jarod’s speech, not flinching when he banged his sword for attention. Her gaze didn’t falter once but she knew the High Elves could not sit out of this fight. If they were to take on demons again they would need help. Their haven in the deep forests would not hold back forces for long.

She lifted her gaze to Theodoras, as if puzzled somewhat on what he was thinking. It made no matter, as daughter to her father, she had final say on what the High Elves would do in this situation and where there stance was. She would not risk hiding away in their white city amongst the trees and watching other kingdoms and cities fall, knowing they would be next. She turned back to the crowds as Jarod finished and dismissed the crowd. Sure enough it began to melt away but many stayed to discuss the matter at hand. Although Mirriad did not let her face betray anything, she was worried. Species and kingdoms would disagree and agree on some things. Mirriad has inherited all the ferocity of her father and his keen eye for war, but she lacked his logic and skill for speech’s. She could not rally her people the same way he could. She had been but a tiny child, a wisp of dark hair when her father had first rallied his people to war and departed the city. Mirriad had been terrified he would not return, she had wept into her caretakers cloak for days. Not this time. She was no longer a frightened wisp, but a bold flame.


Theodoras looked to proceedings and remained as unshaken as Mirriad. However, he was unsure of joining this war. His brother and father had perished in the war, he had not been old enough to follow them to such places. He kept his family name alive, at the cost of his father and brother. They had gotten involved once, and once was enough. Their forest and city would keep them safe, the light that radiated was enough to keep away thousands. He wanted their people to have no part in this but the look in Mirriad’s eyes said differently. He leant in.
[b “You cannot be contemplating such a thing after the first time. We lost hundreds, thousands.”] he said quietly to her.

Mirriad did not look at him,
[b “We are of this world, are we not?”] She replied, calmly. She accepted his questioning only because of her deep love of the Male.

[b “You would command hundreds more to die.”] He whispered.

Mirriad snatched a glare at him, switching to her Elven tongue.
[i [b “I would command the to fight, not sit in the tall halls whilst the world burns around us. My father lead us to victory. I would do the same.”]]

[b [i “You would condemn me to such fire?”]] Theodoras asked her in Elven.

Mirriad looked shocked he would even suggested such a thing, a slight hurt flashing on her features. She was still young, she had much to learn but for Theodoras to even thing that she would wish such a death upon him, it hurt worse than a wound. She turned her gaze from him and didn’t reply, letting the silence fall heavy between them.

[b “If you think that low of me, then hide in your halls, Theodoras. But I will fight with my people.”] She said, switching back to the more common language. Theodoras grew frustrated and got up in a swift movement and gave her a look as if he wanted to say something but did not, instead drawing a sharp breath and moving away amongst the crowds. Theodoras would not watch her die in some battle that could have been avoided with more discussions. He had no choice though, she was stubborn and stupid. He engrossed himself in conversation with others whilst Mirriad sat alone.
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From the shadows behind the balcony of the second level of the guild hall; Jarod Fenix watched all the adventurers, scholars, generals and persons otherwise gather in the opening as they waited. Some were obviously impatient, whilst others seemed to be enjoying themselves in the company of others.
His eyes shifted back towards the paperwork he held in his hands, going through the next few pages with an irritated look on his face. After a few moments of silence he turned to the scholars behind him and spoke, his voice a very irritated one.

[b " Somebody wanna explain to me why I have to be the one to announce this shit again? I mean, who am I really? "]

[i " Because you're the Huatli Adventurer's Guild second, that's why Jarod. "]

Jarod scrunched his nose at the fact and looked back down at the paperwork. It was true; he was indeed the second in command of the Capitol's Adventurer's Guild, and acted as the first when the First was missing. Missing.. What a word for the situation. Durand was actually dead; KIA'd in the last recon mission of the lands to the south where the demons were invading. Of course, none of that information had been made public just yet, so the duty of briefing everyone fell to him.

Jarod groaned aloud, muttering incoherently as he went over the last fell pages before handing them to the Scholar to his left; Damion, was his name? Jarod grabbed his sword; a 6 foot long greatsword with no hilt, supposedly forged with a dragon's soul trapped inside, which explained it's simple design. Supposedly, anyways he thought as he walked onto the open balcony overlooking the rest of the hall. Jarod watched for a minute as the rabble continued, totally oblivious of his entry. He sighed and slammed the flat side of his sword onto the balcony railing, a metallic smack reverberating throughout the entire guild hall, bringing all noise to a dead stop. As everyone in sight turned their attention to him, he took a deep breath and prepared.

[b " Afternoon everyone! I am Jarod Fenix, Second in command of the Huatli Adventurer's Guild branch. Regrettably First Commander Durand is unavailable for this briefing, and as such I am the one delivering it. As you know, the Scholar's Association has been hard at work investigating every bit of information they get regarding the Demons, for the past 300 years. What was discovered recently, brings more questions than answers. BUT! We have a direction finally. "]

Jarod turned sideways and motioned for one of the Scholars to approach the balcony, whom obeyed without delay. Once they stopped side-by-side with him, the Scholar raised up into his hands an object for everyone to see; a glowing orb of energy, deep red in hue and solid in state. The Scholar continued to hold it up as Jarod continued, now absolutely having everyone's attention.

[b " This orb was found in the south, in the corrupted lands that the demons started appearing in. It is pure energy, and so far has proven impossible to destroy. We have reason to believe that someONE.. Or something.. Is behind all of this once again. As the Adventurer's Guild, we have been given the opportunity to offer missions to those willing to go out and explore the corrupted lands, bringing back more orbs like this or any other items of interest for the Scholar's Association to study. ']

With that, there was a roar from the crowd; from excitement to contempt to condemnation and fear. Every possible emotion was conveyed, loudly, in an immediate instant before Jarod. He allowed the roaring to continue for about a minute before slamming his sword down on the railway again, silencing everyone. With that, the Scholar lowered the orb and left the balcony, having accomplished their part in the briefing.

[b " Understand this, the demons are coming. Again, and have most likely the same plans as they did before. If you value these lands, your family, your people and your life; You will make sacrifices for the preservation of all we know. For those who wish to react defensively, you may work with the armies for that purpose. All the connections needed are here today for that purpose. Every species representatives? I appreciate you all coming, as I wanted everyone to be on the same page. If there are any further questions, Scholars all over are here today for assistance with answering. Dismissed. "]

With that, the noise picked up once again in the guild hall, though not as loudly as before. Jarod was quick to remove himself from the balcony, and made his way through the staircases and hallways to return to Durand's office. As much as he hated discussions and paperwork, he still had more today to do. He still had generals, and the Huatli leadership to speak to directly. His day? Was only just beginning.
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Mirriad looked to the creature,
[b “I’m sure it is the same thing that brings you here. You know of my people I’m sure, that we live in the light...but a darkness is creeping in.”] She said quietly, falling almost completely silent when the pixie made an appearance nearby. Raptorians were apparently more exciting than the elves but she was silently glad about it. The less excitement, the better. She was beginning to feel cramped and she silently moved away from the crowds, watching from afar. She had no issues being in the thick of things but her preference was always to watch. She shifted her silken hair from her face, pointed ears peaking out from beneath the locks.

How peculiar it was to be in different species company. She observed the goings on and narrowed her eyes warily, of course a mixture of such creatures would bring great conflict in such a close setting. Old rivalries, she supposed. Her bow was light on her back and within easy reach. Elves preferred long ranged attacks and she was a deadly and quick shot, their blades, on of which hung around her hip beneath the cloak, was just as sharp and light but she was not as skilled for brute force. Her father was a high standing elf and apparently had a suitor waiting, one she had known since she was a mere child, Theodoras. A handsome elf with a lot of potential and one of noble standing. Things since their engagement had been odd as anyone could imagine of course. She so desperately wanted it to work but he seemed reluctant somehow.

Her gaze swept over the ever growing crowds and she wondered who else would be joining them. They had much to discuss.


As if from nowhere a swift hand upon her shoulder roused her from thinking as she paused a moment. She recognised the touch. Theodoras with his long blond hair, straight jaw and high cheekbones looked down at her.
[b “You did not think your father would send you alone.”] he said to her quietly. He stood close to her and watched, dressed more boldly, no cloak hiding his features. His bright blue eyes stood vividly against his pale, flawless skin.
[b “A raptorian. I believed they were dead before now. How odd.”] He said quietly, shifting to sit, his demeanour a lot more relaxed than Mirriad’s it could be easily seen.

He offered the seat beside him to Mirriad who took it politely and the two watched as creatures and people flirted too and fro.
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As the afternoon sun flooded in from the high windows in the stone walls, bathing all the occupants in its warm rays, the barest of breezes wafting in each time the door opened, the Guild Hall was becoming stuffy. The cramp confines as people tried to check in, representatives from around the world pack into the one room and slowly filing into the next made many grow irritable. The growing noise and restlessness was lost to a little fairy sitting on the reception bench. A splitting headache had caused her to seek solitude near the vase of flowers, her face pressed against the cool glass as she waited her turn to check in. She was mentally cursing those higher than her for being the cause of her predicament. She didn't want to be here. Not only that, she lost those she came with.

It should be known that Fairies and Pixies are so small that they do only feel one emotion at a time, but they are also so easily distracted that if they are not kept focused, they tend to flutter off to find amusement.

Opening one eye, she soon realised as to what was causing a stir amongst the populace. A Raptorian had entered the Guild Hall and he was the biggest creature she had ever come across. She managed to open both eyes and stare in awe.

Excitement bubbled up inside her. A real Raptorian!! How exciting! The other fairies told her about these creatures! They were not a part of the Fae realm so ever seeing one was restricted to when her duties allowed her to spend time on Sera.

She jumped into the air and would have flown over to inspect the beast if her forgotten headache had not caused her to plummet into the bench with no more than a soft thump and the puff of fairy dust.
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So, the Elf could speak after all, and chose to speak to him of all people. But given how they were 4 feet apart, could Zosk really even pretend to be surprised? The Raptorian lowered back down onto all fours and shifted so that he was facing her directly, it now being easier that being on all fours made it so that the average Human and Elf were taller than him. His golden eyes blinked gently as he looked her over carefully, and noting that she was indeed shorter than most Elves.

[b "I am Zosk, Chieftan of the Raptorians. We are Dinosaurian. Different from Lizardmen, but they are Kin. "]

His voice was low and rough, with his speech short and to the point. Despite having been taught the Human language by a human, most Lizardmen had issues speaking it fluently due to the complexity of it in regards to syllables and pronunciations. Zosk was no exception to that reality, but he was fluent enough to speak clearly and be well understood. The Elf had lowered her head and was not looking at Zosk directly, which annoyed the Raptorian. Despite that, he had previously been made aware that it was a custom amongst Elfkind, and so he decided it best to overlook it and take no offense in the notion.

[b " Talkien, yes? What brings you to Huatli? "]

As Zosk had learned from his mentors some time ago, conversation was usually the best form of; " Breaking the ice ", as they called it. Even to this day, that saying was still an oddity to the Raptorian, despite how much sense it made. Alas, conversation was the best way to learn, and learning was indeed something Zosk always had an appreciate for. Knowledge was power, after all.
  Zosk / WolfShot / 21d 8m 52s
Mirriad was entranced by all of the different things here. Shops and colours. She could hear murmurs growing louder and she raised an eyebrow, pretty sure she wouldn’t be the one causing this. She looked to see a beast of a creature. She had never seen a Lizard man in the flesh. There were vague writings of them and drawings but honestly she had never paid them much attention. Her father believed most of them had died out, apparently not so many that they couldnt send a representative. It was strange to her, this creature and she did wonder if it spoke. This must have been their representative for their species. She watched the creature carefully and although her demeanour didn’t quite show it, the fangs he exposed in a yawn were certainly intimidating and she didn’t quite fancy being on the receiving end of those.

She was far from home and fairly young for an elf, only a few hundred years old. Basically a teenager was the closest thing she could relate herself to. She watched him for a while.
[b “I am Mirriad Talkien. Sent from the High Elves in the northern forests.”] she introduced herself in a soft voice, it was steady though with a certain type of strength behind it. Perhaps not brute strength as her slim frame meant she would most likely be no match for the 800 pound beast but a different strength, perhaps it was intellectual strength or maybe even something else. Her size usually meant she was a good idol to go hide in shadows and move swiftly. Most knew elves were swift and light on their feet with quick reflexes. Although she was small in size, she could be the formidable foe without even realising it at this young stage. Of course she was wary of this creature because he could snap at her in a heartbeat and those massive jaws would do her some serious damage. Elves were tougher to kill than humans but they were far from indestructible. They could not heal death. She lowered her gaze, a common sign of respect or at least she hoped that was the intention. She was not afraid of him as she could stand her ground quite well but she was not stupid.
  Mirriad Talkien / Nullification / 21d 40m 38s

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